Happy new year 2016 !!

And there we go, a new year has showed up, full of exotic and sexy hentai mysteries!!
Are you ready for it? Because 2015 was even more awesome than 2014, with Sexforge alpha growing up so fast, and soooooo many new games and updates!! If 2016 brings even just half of it (but we could very well double the wonders up too! Who knows!), it will be an awesoooome year!
Brace yourself, here we go!!

And to celebrate the new year, a news I didn’t had the time to announce on the blog : a brand new game is out! Porn Bastards : Ino Yamanaka!

It’s a (wannabe) start of a new serie, based on characters patreon supporters suggested/voted for, and meant to be focused on one animated loop only, no ‘minigames’ inside and all, to allow me to bring them much faster to you. (and without getting fully exhausted like the other games, too huge for my sole shoulders, which is never good in the long term!)
Also : those games are in basic flash AND html5 versions, on MSG, allowing smartphone users and modern web navigators to show them instead of bugging.
So : new challenges! I let you enjoy the magnificent result! (because I went overboard on the planning, as usual)

Porn Bastards : Ino Yamanaka


How to help the games easily : must read !



Other news? Well, I just got back from holidays, so give me a little time to catch up ;)
That said, always check out on Sexforge status, there’s news almost every 4 days on it, it’s a massive cornucopea of hentai fun!

  • Zed says:

    well, from what I could see it was nice… but this swiffy thing is throwing up all kinds of problems… can’t seem to find any help on it either. some kind of swf converter run by google? either way, it’s getting in the way for me. sorry dude

  • Mattis says:

    Swiffy is some swf converter indeed!
    But it’s not something you meant to have as users/viewers, it’s something I used to create the file, and MSG host both regular swf version and html5 version, theorically.
    What got in the way on your side, what did you saw/encountered, mate?

  • N7 says:

    Hi there just wanted to wish a belated Happy New Year.

  • John says:

    Hello Mattis!

    Just wanted to say amazing work on this one with Ino!

    Artwork is great, nice customization options with both him and her; especially love the clothing options and how you can penetrate her right through her panties.

    I also love how you can fuck her repeatedly even after cumming all over her. Oddly, that’s not a very common thing these days. I guess it’s difficult to animate when there’s a bunch of fluids added onto her? Because of this, I do love how you managed to include it. More porn should have this type of stuff, multiple climaxes and roughly fucking them after they’re already drenched in cum.

    And if I may add a suggestion for the future? Is it possible to have RGB color customization? There are already many colors available in your works, but I sometimes I feel dissatisfied because I can’t quite get the desired blonde or blue or tan skin tone. An example of what I mean would like in Super Deepthroat, how you can set exact RGB or Hue, Saturation, Luminosity values for each piece (clothing, hair, skin, eyes, even the cum itself).
    I’m not sure how difficult this would be to implement, but I feel it’d be a great addition, allowing people to try and select the exact color they want instead of cycling through a selection.

    Also, would love options to include high-heeled thighboots or elbow/bridal gloves and the ability to color them.

    • Mattis says:

      Hi John!
      Thanks for the kind word, it’s appreciated! And it’s nice to know people are enjoying a lot all those stuff you mentionned, it was indeed some hard work ^^
      (too much : the game should have been “simplier”, on paper, so I could do a lot of girls with far less time and exhaustion than usual. But I got excited, you know me :p)

      For RGB customisation, yes, it’s something that has been around since a decade, but I never figured how to do it! It seemed ultra complicated and static each time I tried, and in the end you still have to provide lots of preset colors for all people (like me) who can’t make good colors, so that’s triple the mess.
      That’s something I tried, anyway, but didn’t found satisfying enough to work with.

      For other clothes and all : I try to invest those additions on “big games” like Sexforge or KoPC, where it “lasts” and is useful, more than spending additionnals weeks of development, each time on each minigame, without being able to provide satisfaction to even just 1% of players anyway. (because everyone got his little thing : that glasses, that ribbon, those fishnets, that panties, that rimming action, that face expression, etc, etc..)
      Until the day we have thousands of game creators & artists for only hundreds of wishes (for now, it’s more about a dozen creators for millions of players & ten times the wishes), we’ll have to make hard choices, alas!

  • Mattis says:

    You’re welcome, I try my best to answer everyone, when I can ;)
    For my “big games”, didn’t you played KoPC or Sexforge?
    Sexforge is in private alpha for supporters, but KoPC is free to play and all around the place, it’s a nice demonstration of the amount of tweaks and fetishes we can add in a single game, lol, it’s a blast! :D

    For the color picker, yep, I’ve seen those stuff around, but it requires importation, classes, and is hard (or at least not easy for me) to apply to every little body parts.

    Biggest problem being the “demo palette”, like you say.
    I didn’t mean “just” pre-programmed colors, but coherent pre-sets of flesh colors/composition.
    Most people don’t know how to pick themselves a good set of colors for a good looking flesh or hair. Even me, I still don’t know how to do that, if it wasn’t for SSS provided art or years of tweaks in KoPC. Most people will set the skin to pure candy flashy pink, because “skin is said pink, right?”, and end up with aliens girls without wanting it!
    And “blonde” hair? Geez, I’ve never been able to find what color is that! I always end up with fluorescent yellow!
    So you go out for a meal in a restaurant, and you end up having to do the dishes yourself before being able to order, and most people aren’t even provided with the sponge and soap! It’s mainly a buzzkill. :D

    So, to please everyone, it would require for me to re-do (not “do”, but “re-do”. Good use of little time, lol) what already exist : a set of pre-programmed good looking colors, for skin and hair. And on top of that, the rest of the feature.
    For now it’s just too much of an investment. But agreed, it would be the most versatile way to go, and it’s not said I will not make the transition one day.
    (just like I was making 8 to 13 versions of each body pieces, in KoPC, before coming up with my current dynamic coloring system, which made for a this game to be heavier than the solar system!! But at one point, I found the time and the elegant solution needed to transition to a better thing, and there we go! So who knows, keep faith!)