Getting started !

First, one of my early work : “F.U.G” (for Filled-Up Girls)

I did a lot of other stuff before this one, but nothing really “playable” and complete enough to be released, so I skip directly to this !

The game :  fill_up_girls.swf

This one is dedicated to Raddacus, creator of one of the “April sex game”.
I discuss with him : really cool guy, too bad he doesn’t do more stuff like that ! And too bad he decides to close his page !
April sex game :

And this game is also dedicated to, a website that provides hundreds of games (hentai or not) since years.
Activity and quality has dropped down those days, and people start to flame this website.
It’s really unfair, regarding the astonishing work his owner (Petr) did for years, week after week after week !
The hentai page :

  • Hershey's says:

    Great game.

    You know what was gone be awsome too for a future project? A sim brothel game, they are awesome.
    You hire girls, buy houses, train your girls, earn money, expand…
    A great mix of porn with a RTS game where the goal is to build your own Brothel, where you can see your girls fucking in various sex positions, change their looks, train them to take more clients and manage the brothel.

    Make that hapen and the game would be awesome!!

  • You mention people flaming,

    well they're entirely justified. Recently it seems like games are being recycled over and over again. Old games that have been around forever are being passed off as "new games every week". For a time the weekly updates stopped, and even though they seem to have resumed another issue is "Petr" is not listening to people when they say things like "no demos". You'd think Meet n' Fuck would have been black-listed from so many complaints, but no. Instead of something like material from Zone, we get that crap. I say flame away.

    However so far your games show promise, so keep up the good work. Just a minor bug I noticed, but even if you "change girls", the cum remains from the last.

  • Mattis says:

    Hershey's : those games already exist.
    No point in spending months in trying to develop a pale copy of something already existing ;)
    I prefer going with stuff I can handle and with a little originality (not much, just a little)

    Gingerliscious : Petr can only post what people send him !
    If no one send him anything, and with full games' securities being harder and harder to hack every day that pass, what are his options ?
    If he didn't post demos or recycle games that disappeared since years from the main page, we wouldn't have anything new since months, and that's not his fault at all.
    And even more : he host a free site with not dozens, not hundreds, but THOUSANDS of games, for most part "complete" (at least they all works. Not all site give a damn about this !)
    With the traffic he have, he must pay fortunes in hosting bill, and I doubt anyone payed for full premium games or clicked on a sufficient amount of advertising to pay even 20% of his monthly bills.

    So yeah, I find very rude to flame him for trying his best with cards he have.
    Years of great and continuous service, and one of the biggest hentai game database available and working on the web : all nullified in a matter of days, for something he cant control at all, without the minimal courtesy of not complaining for something that is basically FREE.

    I am in some kind of web hosting job too, and I would not be able to suffer half of what people throw at him. I would have closed the site months ago, if it was me : losing my money and time to hear people treating me like shit and complaining about stuff I'm not responsible of, after years of perfect service, that's just depressing.
    It's like you achieve nothing, you're as good as the first unknow man crossing the street.

    It will only leads to destruction of funny-games, and after that, no one will try take the next shift, knowing how people behave when you miss only one step.
    Those who will try will never be able to do even half of it (obviously), and will so be treated even worser than petr.
    A spiral of demotivation and self-destruction, by the very community that pretend wanting better, but do nothing to build this expectation.

    You have a demonstration right here : I don't even try to publish hentai games, because when I see how people vomit on games and sites far more better than what I could do, I just know deep inside it's not worth the work, and I better expect downside and trash instead of any hope and support. So I don't even try, and keep my games for myself !
    A few years earlier, when people were more open-minded and supportive, I would have loved to publish demos, in order to receive motivating critics and try my best to do complete games and improve them again and again.
    Now I just don't even believe that a complete game could do more than a few good comments, and trunks of flaming.
    What's the point, if only one error or a few bad weeks could make you lose all you bleed to obtain and build ?

    That's basic psychology.
    A child do a drawing : if you cheer him up, all children in the class will try to do better. If you slap him each time because you expect Van Gogh paintings, they will just give up trying.
    "gnagnanga, but there's a whole world waiting behind !"
    Yeah, you think ?
    How many good hentai games comes out, nowadays, all world wide web gathered ?
    There were dozens of sites like funny-games, and dozens of new games everyweek, a few years ago.
    Now we just fight for one or two Zone stuff, and a few dead sites.

    Conclusion : you bring this to yourself, young gentlemen, don't try to drink my whiskey to forget this ! ^^
    Who plant flames will only harvest lava and cinders…

  • idwafb says:

    yeah people flame petr without stopping for half a second to think that he's put together the best collection of flash games in the world and he does it for free

    the internet is full of lazy idiots who just talk and talk, and most times they can't even talk properly. Let's just ignore them

    and going back to my previous point, what i like about this mini game you've made, compared to many similar ones, is that you can see inside.

    I know that in this case you did it because it was dedicated to raddacus, but I think you should definitely include this feature in all your games, i think it makes a game much better!!

  • Mattis says:

    On ignoring "stupid" people : I prefer tolerance and talking.
    Dividing humanity and give up mind education will not bring anything to anyone.
    I don't force it if people don't want to listen or explain themselves, but if they do (like gingerliscious did), I think it's just fair to try, or at least to try to understand their point of view.

    Call me utopist, but if no one talks or open up, nothing will ever change, that's all ^^


    For x-ray view, I totally agree ! (you must like John K Peta a lot, right ? ^^)
    It's a fetish, but I like it a lot, so you WILL see those kind of stuff in all that I make !

    In "King of Porn City", you have a X-ray view option, during sex scene.
    It was very hard to put together, but it works.
    (not looking perfect, like all I made, but it works !)

  • idwafb says:

    Of course I do!!!
    (easy to guess haha)

  • idwafb says:

    man I'm looking forward to your game then!!