Tchoo tchoo, we da bus!

Yep, I know, it doesn’t make a lot of sense… or is it not ?
Anyway! MSG finally officially released the new PB : Korra game, yeaaaahhh!!
(after probably a lot of struggle making walkthrough video of it!)
Enjoy this great new Porn Bastards episode!

The link :


Other news ? Alright, quick shot, then :
- Already started working on next PB!!
- KoPC update is coming soon too!!
- Sexforge wonders keeps coming!!
- Secret project still growing!! (slow but steady)

4 times the fun, great year for hentai magnificent sexyness!

Too short of a news, after so long ? Yes indeed, totally.
It’s just I’m publishing a news every 4 to 5 days, on both my patreon pages. (it’s a loooot of work, trust me)
And the fact I’m producing MUCH more hentai, by my own self, compared to early years, is also taking a massive toll on the free time I got to explain “what I plan to do next”.
Being able to make what I plan instead of telling it sure is a nice nuance, you must admit. ;)
So, yes, I just enjoy the lust and share the gudz!

  • Zed says:

    there seems to be a problem with with the flash players…
    This might have something to do with google trying to kill flash :S

    • wayne says:

      can confirm. not working for me either. it shows the mysexgames homepage with absolutely no games.

    • Xvertigo says:

      Same Problem here

    • Mattis says:

      Hi Zed! :D
      It may be, but it’s more likely a hack or something, no ?

      • Zed says:

        Yeah, looks like the whole site had a bit of an issue for a bit.
        Might have been a bit early on the ‘google killing flash’ but be warned, they are trying. not sure how they’re going to do this, but I suspect it may affect chrome users more than anything else.

        Working now though!
        After watching the series recently, I am having a bit of a fan-boy moment from the dialogue XD Great work!

        Looks like things are all working
        (not sure if this is a glitch or anything, but when the sex starts, you can see his c0ck as if Xray was turned on, but you can’t see anything else until you fiddle with the Xray button in options. Everything seems to work fine from there :) )

        • Mattis says:

          Indeed some navigators are trying to bury flash, it’s been announced since a few years.
          But as 90% of the web interactive stuff are flash (not even talking about all the thousands of games, big stuff like “farmville” and such included!), I don’t see how they’ll justify to their users most sites won’t work properly on their navigators!
          (because 90% of webmasters/creators of those 90% sites/plugins won’t update them! The web is all about “not up to date” infos and sites!)

          Anyway : PB serie is provided both in flash and html5 (the new crappy standard), so it will survive anyway, and you can still download my flash games and play them at home, huhuhu :)

          Thanks for the feedback! I love to provide sexy pleasuring entertainment, as usual ;)

  • Xvertigo says:

    The Game isn’t shown in the page and apperas a message saying that i don’t have Adobe Flash Player but i have the latest version

    • Mattis says:

      Games won’t load for me either on the whole site.
      Maybe got hacked.
      (it doesn’t look like a “google burying flash plugin” thingy, not without any notice like that)
      Anyway, I’m not from mysexgames, alas, so it will be up to them to fix that as soon as possible! :/

  • Hi, my Name is Joe, Joe - The Magic Cumbucket says:

    Hey dude, you really know how to create awesome fapping stuff.
    The great thing about it? All these great masterpiece of art are free! Yes, you heared right mate, is fr33!!! Fuggin’ free fap!
    There are lot ouf flash games out there as well who try to be the same but in the end there are just crap and have the equal value if not lesser than the stinky dog-turd from the annoying neigbour (Sorry buddy, I am not the best in the usage of metaphors for describing other bad sex flash games….)
    I mean we all know at least one flash game who came or will come out around the next months but look like it was designed back in the 90’s or just before the invention of the wheel or human civilization in general.
    On the other hand there is fapping stuff just for Billionaires who are will to pay a shetl0ad of money only to see some 30 Fps 1080p 30 seconds animation without any love or detail……great, is this really the future of internet porn we create for future generations?
    But “cumming” (hehe, you get that….is called sense of humor) fellas like Mattis are the real heroes in the times of shameless and over-expensive p0rn.
    Yea sure the current political situation on the globe is very terrible….but hey, free porn instead of war could solve any conflict…
    But no, it’s not happen… I guess one of Illuminatis and the reptilian alien fellas masterplan is to ban any kind of free quality porn and manipulate ya mind with average and -non-personality porn!! Oh noooo!
    That being said my friends!
    MAttis, thanks pal for everything you’ve done so far with ya magic-maestro hands.
    Why do we pray do such a foolish dipshit like jesus when we’ve have mattis?
    Jesus was and is just a faker but you are the real one.
    Compared to Mattis Lucifier just look like a complete moron!
    Then we’ve have Trump….yeah that guy from midgetfucker 22
    Why vote for such a pinhead like him when we have the almighty Mattis (even more powerful than Cornholio)
    YOur flash games cause more sh00tin’ than any other gun blazin’ in shooting yards in America.

    • Mattis says:

      Hahaha, thanks for the praise! It’s deeply appreciated, mate! ;)
      Acts don’t necessarily express our hearts, but they sure speak loud in term of hentai results!
      Like I always said since the beginning : any crappy fully unknown guy or gal may be the next Hentai-Jesus, if given the chance! It’s about “potential”, patience, and living up to promises made!
      Most of the time, it doesn’t pay off, for the viewers/players, but sometimes it does!
      I’m glad my early fans or MSG gave me a veeeryyy patient chance to rise up and prove my worth! Kindness isn’t that easy, but it sure is the best way to do stuff! (or to try to!)
      You all did a great teamjob, at any time of this process, and still do, but just not shitting on stuff I try to do, and take them for what they are : not perfect, but sure better than nothing and shared with heart and guts!
      It’s all because of you, that those games exist!
      So thank you deeply, for proving countless times it just works better like that!

      • Hi, my Name is Joe, Joe - The Magic Cumbucket says:

        I hope evrything is fuckin’ fine with you and your future will allways be stable.
        It’s really a great gift when your games give me and otan other people all around the world “the awesome boner-time”…at least you deserve an international award by the global hentai community as one of the greatest masterminds in creating fr33 p0rn 4 fuckin’ everyone…..
        Now consider it on a perspective like this: Free porn is available for every imaginable human existence….whatever it’s wealthstate everyone enjoy equal quality….that’s real democrazy here.
        Free porn always contains some liberal aspects.
        Fuck teh idotic morons within the Republicanparty or any other kind of right-wing knobhead on the globe….the real porn for the average-joe happens in the internet
        Looking for a great new well functional and effective political concept?
        Well, maybe your ideas should based on the mentality of free henati next time.

        • Mattis says:

          Lol, “politics” is another debate in which I could surprise or amaze you even more than in hentai sphere, my dear, but I won’t get into that on this blog, it drives people crazy ;) Let’s enjoy the blissful lust of hentai wonders! xD

  • D-O says:

    Great job on the game, but what is the code for the scene after Korra cums?

    • Mattis says:

      Hehehe. “Alas”, it’s “patreon exclusive” codes, as a special “thanks” for making those games financially possible. If you are a patreon, you should be able to find and unlock it in the Redeemer program for rewards ;)

  • Adie says:

    Great game man. There seems to be a problem with the game on gamesofdesire, but it works fine on mysexgames.
    Btw what’s the song you chose to use for this one?

  • Mangos says:

    What’s the name of the song?