What’s up, GG cup?

Hello my beautiful ones!

Long time no news, right ?
As usual since quite some time now, it’s because everything is going rather smoothly, and I’m focused on producing as much great hentai as possible!
Facts speaks louder than words! Well, no, or at least not always, but in this case, who cares? Hentaaiiiiii!!!

So, let’s see what delightfully twisted wonders have been released lately, right ?

Unbeatable and everwatching, the legendary KoPC gets a new update, fixing a few stuff around and adding new outfits, sets and scenarios, as always!
The link :http://mysexgames.com/games/594/king_of_porn_city


Another astonishing guds in the mix is the newest to date Porn Bastards episode!!
MSG has been keeping it secret for more than a month, but’s it’s not available for you to take care of its beautiful kinkyness, embodied this time in the beautiful Tracer, from Overwatch, thanks to patreon supporters’ votes! ;)
The link :http://mysexgames.com/games/849/porn_bastards_tracer


And as always, a long train of unbelievably great news for Sexforge, growing stronger and stronger as we go into a revolutionnary jewel of exotic pleasures, shapable at will!
Furries, breeding, partners preferences that can be set to chubby, girls, boys, futas, or any compositing you like, insane loads of quality customs, whole campaigns to explore a gorgeous world, and so on!
Who know me, you can trust Sexforge to be already awesome, and it will only get bigger from there, thanks to continuous support from the community! ;)
(this is our “magic recipe” since quite a long time, now! Positiveness & support, bearing countless lewd fruits of all tastes!)



…. And guess what ?

…. I’m planning much more, on every little free minute I can squeeze out of all those delirious wonders ;)


*disappear in a pink cloud of sexy moans to get loom more lustful plots *

  • Dumbocrat says:

    what’s the name of the song on the newest tracer flash game release ;-;

  • Amal says:

    Good stuff man, one suggestion – can you do more footjobs? Make feet look prettier feet? Thanks mate!

  • Ken says:

    Hey mattis, if your loowing at this comment, I was wondering for your next game would be and I was thinking maybe Erie Frye from assassin’s creed syndicate. And I thought it would be awesome if you did anal with it or with other projects

  • Ken says:

    Also thank you for your hard work

  • Ken says:

    Hey mattis, thank you for your hard work and I was wondering if maybeverything someday you can do a evie Frye from assassin’s creed syndicate? Thank you again for you work bro!

  • Esper says:

    Hello Mattis,
    thank you for your games, it’s fun to play KoPC and your PB games.
    I wanted to ask, if you’re continuing the YTPP’s.

    • Mattis says:

      Hi Esper, thanks for the kind words, it’s my main motivation to pursue and improve since years!:D

      For YTPP, I want to get back to them at some point, yes. I left them aside for the time being because they were technically much too hard to produce. Uuuuuultra long and exhausting.

      But there’s always a solution to find, I know it by experience, just like I was really stuck, in KoPC, at some point, not able to add more than 8 hair colors, or more than 70 scenarios, or dialogs.
      For each technical struggle I met in the past, time and experience on other games brung a simple solution that got me out of the hole, and made it possible to keep going again.
      YTPP is in that “stand by for solutions”, but will get out of the wood for sure at some point!

  • Geeko says:

    Wow, KoPC is great.
    If you take any suggestions. Have you considered something like orgy style? I mean for more than one girls and public to enable Our character to fuck one girl while public “enjoys” the other one(s) at the same time. Just a suggestion since you still develop thes game :) .
    Anyway great job and it’s obvious how much work you put into this games, congratulations :D !

    • Mattis says:

      Thanks! You just discovered it? (I’m always curious where and how players found it)
      For the orgy, you mean “The Sex Pit” ? (check all my games links in the right column, it’s in there) Lol xD

      • Geeko says:

        Yeah I’ve played the sex pit I was just curious if you’re going to include something similar in KoPC (in KoPC gangbang is possible, in Sex Pit no). I’ve found KoPC through site Gamcore, then I’ve found your blog and now I’m playing through your link, so on MySexGames :) .

  • Ken says:

    Can’t wait the for the April project, so excited. Just wondering, when does it come out?

    • Mattis says:

      It just came out for patreon supporters (as reward for making it possible in the first place, lol). For all other supporters, fans and players, it’s up to MSG, the hoster! (they have to do additionnal steps before publishing, it seems)

  • Taylor says:

    Hey Mattis just wanted to say you games are extremely kinky and overall sexy as fuck. King of Porn is so diverse in its options for sex and Im loving seeing iconic and sexy female characters like Korra and Shaudi get their due in Porn Bastards. As a suggestion from a fan in the future would it be possible to see a appearance by the iconic chun li or god forbid Catwoman? Keep up the good work.

    • Mattis says:

      Hey Taylor!
      Thanks a lot for the kind words! It’s always deeply appreciated, and my main “motivationnal fuel”, as a solo creator, to always improve and deliver more and better kinky guds!
      As for PB girls, Chun “yatta” Li would be a very nice indeed!
      And Catwoman is already both in KoPC (through a bonus code, I think?) and in “future PB girls’ pool” for patreon supporters to vote for her, so it’s just a matter for time from there!

  • Ken says:

    Hey mattis, I am so so sorry for bugging you like this I feel pretty guilty for asking you about this but I was just wondering if MSG let you know when the April game is being let out? Again I apologize and always keep up the great work. Always here to support!

    • Mattis says:

      No problem, lad!
      April’s game is already out for patreon supporters, as is.
      Alas, I don’t have a “public release date” from MSG, it’s on their side, now, to decide when and how to release it!

  • Chief says:

    Hey Mattis, great work so far. Your level of dedication is incredible.
    Something is up with KoPC. I prefer the timing mode to mashing mode in the scenes, and it’s great to have so many options. However, do you think that saving the mode in the cookies would be easy to implement?
    It’s not a big annoyance, and it seems like it would be easy to implement (but I don’t code like you code.)

    • Mattis says:

      Thanks for noticing, it’s one hell of a massive hentai game indeed! (still unchallenged, by far, as of present day!)
      I take note of the “mode saving” suggestion, I’ll try to implement that in next update!