Alive and sexy as ever!

Hello my beautiful ones!

As usual, I’m very (very!) present in hentai spheres, lately, but I’m just focused on making truckloads of gud stuff, and publishing news every 4 or 5 days on both my patreon pages!

As I’m doing alone every week what other 6-people studios can’t do in months, and as we’re still unable to stretch “24h days” into “357h days” : choices have to be made!
That always has been my method, to pulll out so many stuff, and one of the biggest advice I could give to anyone wanting to achieve stuff in their lives : Choose. Your. Battles!
When you do it cleverly… well… you end up being the most productive and magnificent being you could be! ;)

So! No news, but loads of news ;)
Tooooonnnns of new stuff around for Sexforge, with all “tier 1″ campaigns & harem minions finished, breeding module pushed several steps further, every fur tails/hands/feet/patches packs finished, and loads of new customs and features all around!

Also, a brand new PB game! Yes my dears! This time, welcome a kinky boundless story about the colorful and inspiring April O’Neil!

The link :




I’ll got back to work, now, because I got a MASSIVE project, that should have already been released by now, but I just didn’t finish it in time!!
So, quintuple shifts of work to get it done, onward to exhalarating hentai wonders!!

  • FeelsBadMan says:

    Will there be more updates ? Like not every 6 months… love your work !!! , and I mean updates on this page

  • Ishim says:

    Do you have an estimated time of realease for when sexforge will hit beta and be open to non-patreons?

    • Mattis says:

      Alas, if experience as told me anything (times and times again) is that I’m very bad at estimating any release date. (a week ? A month ? 30 years ?)
      Regarding Sexforge, it’s even more complicated, with the project evolving with people’s wishes, obstacles and opportunities met, and still lack some crucial modules like “combat” or “skills” system.
      “As soon as inhumanly possible”, as usual, is my answer. I’m always doing my 2000% best to release stuff sooner than later. The rest is History ;)

  • quarzo says:

    hi! a lttle question, you are thinking continue working on sexpit? is posible for this game enable select sex poses like kopc (or double-threesome scenes)?

    this game have very potential(add personal fame to the girls if fail or success the client recuest). ty very uch for making this games and sorry my bad english

    • Mattis says:

      Hi, yes, I will continue to work on Sex Pit, like all my other games!
      It’s just I’m alone, to work on AAAAALLLLLLLL those games AND websites at the same time, so I have no idea “when” I’ll be able to work back on them!
      But each time I do a game, I gain experience, discover new tricks, and get better and quicker at making things.
      It often solve problems I had with previous games, and make me able to improve them much better.
      So, it’s more of a “global work” anyway.
      But be sure I’ll work back on Sex Pit, there’s a lot of ideas to improve it and make it bigger, yes!

  • Michael says:

    Hey Matt, what’s the name of the song you used in the april flash? Thanks in advance