New game School Breeding Orgy, and big update for all PBs!

Hi my beautiful ones!

The year is starting with a big sexual roar, with one of my most unique and exciting game finally out, after months of work : School Breeding Orgy!
It’s not the biggest and most interesting one maybe, but I sure loooooove to have been able to pull it out of my dreams into “twitching hentai flesh and hardcore action” reality!
As far as I know, there isn’t any other game where you can customize and fuck than many girls at once, all animated and to your liking!
(well, aside KoPC, right? We sure wrote history there, time and time again!)
So enjoy this treat to the fullest, it’s all yours!

School Breeding Orgy, a unique harem masterpiece :

And if you want to give it some more love, I’ve opened a new patreon for it, because as I was making it, a lot more ideas came to me! (”as usual”, I know)
But the game was already far beyond deadline and budget, and I got so many other projects running, so I prefer to leave the final decision to you, players & fans, to shape what tomorrow will be about!
If you love this orgy :



But wait, that’s not all!
With the experience gathered on this School Breeding Orgy massive project, I was also able to make several breakthroughs (creampie twitch, eye blinker, etc…), and update all previous Porn Bastards game accordingly!
Along with some bug fixing, smoother animations, and global leveling of everything (music handler, baby xray, etc…), that’s 6 games improved for the better, with a serious package of tweaks and features!

So, be sure to check them one more time if you loved this or that episode (or all of them), all links are on the right column of this site, and all games now have the “v1.2″ mention! (if not, empty your navigator’s cache and reload the games for newest version)


  • Adie says:

    AYYY. Sick use of that song recommendation on Tracer. Just checking back in to tell you what a great job you’re doing.

  • Future Trunks says:

    I remember you since The Sex Pit and the mighty KOPC (in which i already have 1230 breedings and still waiting the beast tittle to change haha!). And then again you bring us a jewel. You my friend are doing a great job, keep it up, i’m always checking back on updates or new games like this or SexForge (don’t remember if that was the name). This totally dark humoristic content is purely gold.
    As a writer (in my own language, not english btw), some of my characters/situations are based on things that i saw/imagined during your games, even a protagonist with dissociative identity disorder is physically the same as the big blonde guy with long hair and sunglasses, i think his name was the breeder (don’t remember).
    Have a good day my friend, you’r prolific..

    • Mattis says:

      There’s at least 5 other ranks after “beast”, you’re still have ways to go ;) (and I still plan to add a pile of babies & new icons for those titles at some point, more than ever!)

      Thanks for the kind words! People underestimate a lot how critical and powerful moral support is, even when the sky is blue and everything goes well, and/or when games aren’t the most perfect ones possible but just satisfying enough.
      It shouldn’t be personnal, it should just be about “watering the creator flowers” or just being polite, in my opinion.

      The result of such simples “thanks, keep up the good/great/fun job!” are obvious : tons of amazing creators gave up through the years, while a very unskilled one like me (at first) improved tremendously and produced more games that could ever be expected! And it’s nowhere near ending, providing more and more what people want and ask for on top of that!
      It’s all because you, my community, “just” stayed nice and grateful at every occasion. It’s insanely motivating, and fuelling all this!
      So yep, let’s keep be happy and thankful for all this great hentai given and received, and I’m glad I inspired you various stuff around too!
      “The breeder” is one top notch name ;) I got various personnal stories about “officially assermented breeders”, too (slight variation), with hopes of making it into games at some point ;)

      If you feel like writing for KoPC or Sexforge at some point, contact me, I’m still looking actively for additionnal people to have fun with me on that ;)

      Enough tchat, I got new games to make, onward to hentai horizons!

  • Peter says:

    What is the name of the song u used in this game?I mean breeding school orgy.

  • Mike says:

    This reminds me of one of my favorite h-games ever Teens in Trouble 2 : Jolly Friends’ Fuck Fest. Would love to see a game similar to that with the new graphics.

    • Mattis says:

      Jolly Friends’ Fuck Fest is also one of my personnal favorite, among the games I made! (along with Sex Racers)
      I’m sure not short on ideas and motivation to make other games like that, so keep an eye out, I could very well do more of those! ;)

  • GJ says:

    In KoPC will there ever be an option to fuck/get fucked by guys, especially when your player character has the female body?

    • Mattis says:

      It’s possible, but not planned so far.
      But it’s already developed & immediatly available in Sexforge, which benefits from my experience on KoPC, and have a much more powerful engine to start with and allow those kind of stuff!

  • Alberto says:

    Is there a bug with KoPC, King Ascension scenario? I seem to be stuck after Creamfest with no new scenarios. I have:

    5/7 Porn Convention
    5/7 Strip Club
    8/9 The Building
    5/6 Rich House
    10/11 The House

    Everything else is N/N. I don’t see any scenarios open that are unfinished, all have the “Free” option and I checked every building and don’t see a new scenario to open / buy.

    Otherwise, this game is great!