Well well well ;)

Hi, my beautiful ones!

So, long time no see, hmm ?
Let’s see… what’s new since the last time ?

- A brand new Porn Bastard episode : Lara Croft!
- New KoPC update!
- Loads of new School Breeding Orgy updates!
- New updates for ALL Porn Bastards games!
- New serious update for Jessica’s Flesh for Porn!
- An insane amount of Sexforge updates!

I didn’t realized it was that long since my last post here, and daaaamn, do things move fast, nowadays!
As usual, compared to how I started, with barely a small KoPC update every 3 months, check out all we came down with in just 3 months, now!
I know I say that a lot, but it’s because I was doing my absolute best right from the start, and it really jumps into my eyes to see the difference!
Things are insanely fast and profuse, thanks to you all, that are fuelling me with great support and amazing kind words for the soul!

So, enjoy the fruits of all that teamwork, you got loads of links on the right column to check out various pages and hentai games around!
Hentai is smooth, hentai is sweet, hentai is unleashed and boundless on those shores of ours. Onward to sexier tomorrows!

  • Caleb Tesfaye says:

    Nice to see you back..but the link to KoPC is still the April update. Think you could change the link to the new, updated version? If you could that would be great.

  • Could you please update the kopc link, it’s stuck on the April update.

  • CS says:

    Is the KoPC update online? The game still says Version: April 2017.

  • Lloyd says:

    It’s not a real bug, but since I saw it in v1.2 I thought it would be corrected in v1.3… In the Bayonetta’s Porn Bastards episode it says it is “Episode 5″, but… Wouldn’t it be “Episode 7″?

  • John says:

    Hey Mattis, I noticed one of the new changes is the color of the juices. I personally preferred the old color. Do you think you can make an option to change the colors of the goo, or inform me how to change it back myself?

    • Mattis says:

      Hi John. You can’t go back to old yellow color yourself, no. But I note you prefered it that way. I may include an option for that in later updates, in that case ;)

  • Ald says:

    there is a bug in PB Lara Croft

  • Ald says:

    there is a bug on lara croft pb

  • riro says:

    would kill to see some more school breeder but prego stuff

    • Mattis says:

      School Breeding Orgy IS about getting girls pregnant, and have codes and all to make all girls prego right from the start ;)

      • dush says:

        are there going to be any updates for this game like new girls or more hairstyles. Or is it only available for the patreon supporters

        • Mattis says:

          There has been new updates every month, including new girls.
          Regarding hairstyle, the main artist stopped working, so I’m looking for new ones to take the ball and produce more graphic assets like new hairstyles, yes!

      • Riro says:

        What’s the code to make them preggo from start and also I wanna see their stories continue

        • Mattis says:

          Supporters’ exclusive ;)
          Because they are the one making those games possible, so it’s fair they got a small bit of additionnal content.

  • w. Schleiff says:

    can i translate and publish at Chyoa.com text of “school breeding”
    If you want mon then means that No for me.
    Best Regards

    • Mattis says:

      If you indicate the source, so we can share the fun of the game around with more players, yeah, sure, go ahead ;)
      Feel free to add/suggest more girls/chapters, too (in your story or to me by e-mail).
      The story was never meant to stop at “just” 9 girls! (and I got several more ideas, like always, but I like to know what players got in mind too, if I can deliver them personnalized fantasies!)

  • Critcism says:

    You should make the girl’s expressions on their faces change automatically and randomly during the games. It seems like a waste and unnatural that the only way to change the expressions is to do it manually.

  • dush says:

    Is there going to be an update for school breeding orgy or is that only for the patreon supporters?

    • Mattis says:

      There has been a new update to SBO every single month, so far.
      Just follow the link to the game on the right column of this blog ;)

  • riro says:

    cant input code for kora i click to type nothing happens

    • Mattis says:

      Where do you play the game?
      (you should contact me by e-mail directly. I got hundreds of spams on this blog, it’s hard to keep track here :p)

  • dush says:

    can you add in more hairstyles for the girls and guy. i cant stand my characters edgelord hair. Perhaps even different body types. Also, hows about more skin colours like green,blue,red and many more.

  • BlackEsper says:

    Hi Mattis,
    I really like your games.
    Is there a chance that you will update this blog more?

    Also I’d really like to know if there are new games in the YTTP and TiT series in the making?

    Thank you

  • Mattis says:

    Weird. But a new update should come around in a few weeks or so, so it should set the whole thing right!

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