Onward to 2019 !!

Yep, this blog went completely adrift, since quite some time!
Not because of lack of news & content, as one could think, but because of the exact opposite!
I got tooooonns of new stuff jumping out of my bag of hentai wonders!

And handling 3 full patreon.com pages, and even more factual hentai games & updates on a regular basis behind that, is a big work!
The output went from “an update every 2 months” to “5 updates & one full game per month” (ish. Sometimes more)
So, yes, planning that many news, a constant flow, + the real hard work behind that, is just massive, and amazing!

But that doesn’t leave a lot of time to add a blog’s management on top of that!
So, I prefer keeping it to minimal, by updating the games list on right column.
That’s where the magic happens, lately.

And for everyone who wants more, well… join me on patreon.com, and see the process of shaping all those magnificent booty & boobies unfolds!

Onward to sexier tomorrows!

  • James says:

    I cannot progress in King of Porn City. At “The Chalet” in the King’s Ascension scenario, there are no more options to buy scenes after I got the second one. I also cannot buy the last two scenes in the Suburban House.

  • Some people only want to view the xrated content without the themes of rape. Please offer a consensual theme and label your projects better giving more warning to viewers who may not enjoy rape style content.

    No one else is regulating your content other than yourself. In accordance to new legislation about the internet, your website will have a harder time being viewed, meaning less patrons, less income for your work.

    Take responsibility when offering adult content, many young teenagers will be exposed to your website and content. Do not encourage the development of more rapists in the world.

    • Mattis says:

      That’s a very interesting comment, thanks for posting.
      I got a lot of stuff to say about it, but don’t take it personally.

      1) “Some people don’t want rape content”.
      I confirm. 90% of hentai lovers.
      And 99% of games don’t have such content.
      People are free to go litterally anywhere else but here to enjoy what they prefer.

      2) “Please offer consensual theme”
      I prefer to offer a bit of originality, and my biggest project (Sexforge) IS consensual, anyway, on top of being the first (and almost only) LGBTTQQI–P friendly game. (not “asexual” friendly, though I do know and appreciate asexual people to)

      3) “Label your projects better”
      I don’t label my games as “rape” indeed.
      Beause rape is fully illegal, as well as hentai and porn, in ALL countries in the world.
      Did you knew that ? Because I do. I’m even almost the only one explaining this to my supporters, from time to time.
      There’s no legal difference, facing a judge, (again : in all countries in the world, I’ve checked) between drawing a hentai picture and having a porn picture of real people.
      And having money involved in any kind of sexual act is (in various lenghts) illegal too.
      As well as depicting unprotected sex.
      And so many other things you wouldn’t even suspect, maybe, because we usually think “because it happens and there’s plenty of it, it must be legal”.
      It’s absolutely not, and I try to explain that on occasions.
      So, yes : hentai and porn are illegal.
      Most hentai would be considered rape, legally speaking, anyway.
      (there’s always one of the character involved that was a bit shy to begin with, and don’t say “yes” at everything that’s happening. That’s legal definition of rape, I’m sorry)
      Agreed : my work is more extreme.
      But if I was to label it better, I would disappear from the web completely, so, yes, it’s a choice.

      FIY, though : my fans are some of the most open and sensibilized people I’ve seen, regarding rape, and the barbarism of porn and modern society.
      I’ve never seen any of my fans mistreating any of the fictionnal characters I depicted. Ever.
      I wouldn’t have tolerated it, anyway.
      Though there’s plenty of machism and verbal abuse on other games and websites.
      And I think there’s a reason for that : mainstream stuff is where really cruel and machist people are.
      They don’t need to go deep down here on my game to express themselves. They can go on any real porn abuse video of real guys slapping the hell out of real girls for that.

      Many young teenagers may indeed be exposed to my work.
      It’s terrible for what it says about how phones and computers are wired those days (it’s THEIR responsability to natively block such content depending on users!)
      And terrible for what it says about parents.
      Terrible for what big porn industries are infusing into their cravings, too.
      My responsability in all that is tiny as hell, though real, I agree.
      And I’m one of the few independant creators still putting disclaimers in his work, in the end.
      AND I’m the only one explaining in those disclaimers, and at the top right corner of this very website, to boycott porn, to condemn violence against women, phallocracy and so on.

      Am I really the best target, here ?
      Because I know a lot of rape victims personally, I am more than well informed on the law, on statistics, on feminism struggles and fights.
      And I am convinced on all this. I often donate and support a lot of feminist activist associations, in my own country.

      And that’s why I think I can say my games do NOT encourage the developement of more rapists.
      Rapists are, in 80% of the time, someone very close to the victim, and almost NEVER an obscure hentai fetichist.
      Rapists are people rooted in real porn culture and confused by IRL proximity.
      They aren’t here, playing weird hentai games lost on the web.
      They are in family reunion or in dorm parties, watching their cousins or their long time girl friends with a confused look.

      In the end, I don’t disagree with anything you said, on the contrary.
      I just take this opportunity to tell more about what my intentions are, and what I think is the real problem and dangers around.
      My games aren’t inoffensive.
      But there’s probably merely knives on a battlefield full of tanks, bazookas and heavy shell artillery.
      As long as real porn actors will be called “stars” while slapping girls, and as long as porn will be considered “fun” and mainstream, I will be ridiculously negligible quantity, and worried about this world, yes, as you are.
      We’re fighting the same fight.
      And I’ll try to fight better for sure.

  • yukiko says:

    You fucking suck mattis you said your games are free but in order to get codes we have to donate to your patron account! I don’t have fucking money to donate! I LOVED it when the old cheat codes worked and I get to play different scenarios without waiting to get the money for it. I don’t mind waiting I can be patient when getting the money. It’s just I saw the new scenario I wanted to try it right away but couldn’t since the old code for the money didn’t work. I know I’m not the only one your trying to please and have a life. I’m sorry that I was rude in the beginning and I apologize. Have a great day

    • Mattis says:

      Well, that was a rollercoaster, lol :D
      My games ARE free.
      1 – You can play them without having to pay anything.
      2 – You have access to 99% of their content without having to pay anything.
      3 – You have stand-alone stories / core content without having to pay anything.
      4 – AND all that comes with a professionnal quality.

      Most professionnal quality games don’t comply with any of those points : you can’t play them (at all!) without paying.
      When you can play them, they are either demos without core content / story end, or they have a whole lot of locked content (more like 60% locked, and not 1% like me), hide behind paywalls, premium accounts or insane grinding.
      If you want to judge my work, please consider my games in comparison to other productions & creators of the same size as me, you’ll see I’m (alas !) the most generous one around!

      You seem to just have stumbled unto a bug, maybe ?
      Because I NEVER lock away new scenarios and games, and I didn’t changed any old codes.
      But I sure have a few patches to make from time to time, to fix new bugs appearing.

  • Dush says:

    School of Breeding Orgy has a bug where the random button and pregnant button on the girl customization doesn’t work.