King of Porn City scam!

Hello my beautiful ones!

First of, a reminder : I’m still – as always – super active, but on my patreon pages!
Go there for tons of news & truckloads of hentai content!

What brings me today is, a funky website that… has nothing to do with me, the solo creator and only developer of this massive game, lol!

It was bound to happen. Every creation can be easily stolen or misused, on the internet.
I’m just surprised it took so long. (and will have so much fun bringing it down, lol)

I will share more about how funny it sounds to me in some patreon news later on, but anyway, my point is : don’t get caught in such stuff.
Even if the website pretends the game is free, I “strangely” (no) wasn’t able to access it, even just a super outdated version of it.
Sounds shady as fuck, lol, and definitely boring anyway.

And Sexforge or SBO or PB games might probably be re-branded and used as a scam this way too, at some point.
Given how internet is complicated, and constantly evolving, making us (you and me) moving around all the time, publishing updates here, then moving elsewhere and all, we’re bound to confuse newcomers or returning long-time fans, from time to time.

Not sure there’s a miracle solution there, aside making this post, in this old dusty blog, to tell you I’m still on, still publishing my hentai stuff only there (as far as I’m concerned. But maybe someone is reposting my games elsewhere, I don’t know), and anything else you might found on some obscure forums or professional-looking website is probably waaayyyy behind in terms of content and updates anyway, lol!
So be sure to have the fresher and most source-material good stuff around, if anything ;)

A good tips is that I’m a solo amateur creator, just hiring freelancers here and there from time to time, and I love working that way.
So anything claiming stuff about my games that looks professional, or announced itself as a “big team work”, or have a clean studio name (I hate that xD), or doesn’t give away a link to my games right from the start, is probably a repost/disguised scam or whatever.

Be safe, have hentai fun, and see you around, my beautiful ones ;)