A little walk in the park…

September update here you come !
It was 90% ready for weeks, but as I got to travel and finish some stuff before, it was a little delayed, sorry for that !
Enjoy ! 
Bug fixed : 
- bombay b. scenario dialogs fixed !
- some additionnal global dialog fixes
- spectators depth positionning.
- bug multiple girls fixed (thx thundermonkey/tasha)
- bug customization cop glasses (thx alphacix)
- bug customization age/fertility linked (thx alphacix)
- mother/daughter age correspondance problem fixed

Various improvements

- erase babies from simple orgasm in climax messages (thx alphacix)
- stocking sleeves redone
- additionnal names (asian, african, arabic) + name panel improved.
- improve clothe templates pic (.rar file updated) : separated limbs/layers + .bmp
- mouth and feet splurts stays (+ sponge option)
- test on moving back hair
- spank mark !
- dog grip pose : ropes added around ankles

For big cheese : 

- global map reworked (but will be again later)
- prison cell uniform + 1 new underwears to go with it
- house sets improvement
- small set improvements : mice holes, wooden floor, porn books, socks (thx maatyox)
- new happy sex campaign scenario : Candle party (thx jwd4201)
- new campaign : cosplay queen ! 9 scenarios by maatyox
- missing poses for bonus sex added : z_projo adult, z_couch adult
- new foreplay pose : footjob, adult + regular (for holyshititsme)
- brand new set : park, with 4 new scenarios (here’s for nem2013)
- brand new set : prison cell, with 4 new scenarios (here’s for jedijay)

THE LINK (reload a few times, if needed, to get the newest version)

Note : latest version of the game is only available on mysexgames.com !
It’s the point of a sponsor’s exclusivity, and it’s just simplier that way !
So don’t ask for versions elsewhere or trust other sites to have the latest one, just go on mysexgames.com !
One game for everyone, one place for everyone, easy and quick.

Continue to feedback, donate, and support the game, and thx for everything, people !
prison cell, yeah !

Delightful ambiance !


And here’s a little homework for you, as usual :
I tried some hair animation, on this specific hair cut, with this specific hair color.
Try it, and tell me what you think about it !
Good, bad, worth the effort or not, should be applied to everything else or not ?
YOU tell me.

  • luigi tayag says:

    great update..
    great hair animation…
    we like more..pls
    tnx mattis..

  • Onimonipea says:

    You have an error in the names of the girls in threesoms. RAther than a name, it says level0.panel_iom?

  • Onimonipea says:

    A great update as always, and i love how the game keeps growing and growing.

    For the Family Campaign, and by proxy the Cosplay Queen Campaign, it would suit them better to not have the random female generated. SO i was thinking perhaps something like a Favorites system, where you could save the designs of girls you really liked , and have the default female save #1 be the choice for those campaigns.

  • zed says:

    the bugs i've spotted…
    1; the hair animation never stops (looks good, but needs to be changed when she's upside down etc)
    2; when engaging in Ysome scenes, the buttons to change who you're giving some to is sometimes underneath other girls (EG, birthday party, the girl bottom left was in the way of the button.)
    3; when Xray is on 'half' (when climaxing) or off, the tongue is still visible through the girl when in Ysome situations
    4; prison scene 2 'hostage', the cop's abdomen didn't meet her legs after a public session

    what does the 'sponge' button do?

    looking forward to unlocking all these new levels! keep up the good work dude! i've missed playing

  • Louis Rui says:


    I'm soooo disappointed… T.T I'm now in a student room and there is a freaking awful firewall T.T

    But hey, the news sounds really great, i'm jealous of everyone who can play U.U

    I'll keep in touch with the news, gladly i can go on this blog! Awesome work Matt' !

  • Mattis says:

    Thx ! ^^
    Will do !

  • Mattis says:

    Already planned. ;)
    (but I don't when, as usual)

  • Mattis says:

    Thx for those !
    Noted !

    But you mix "Ysome" with "Xsome". (expression is coming from "XY" chromosoms for males and "XX" for females, so "Ysome" refers to "lots of males on one female" poses)

    The 4) one would need a screenshot, can you do and send me one ?

    "Sponge" : you will figure it out ;)

    thx for the support, appreciated and needed, as usual ! ^^

  • Mattis says:

    Will try to e-mail you about that.

    Anyway thx for keeping in touch, it's always very appreciated !!!

  • I still can't figure out what the sponge button is for.

  • Onimonipea says:

    If you keep a girl in a Blowjob pose for long enough, her mouth will be covered in white. Sponge gets rid of that and theoretically any other fluid that Mattis adds later.

  • Mattis says:

    I love how no one seems to really read the list of changes and news, lol.

    If you had read those carefully, you would have figure out blowjob AND footjob leave cum stains, after a while, yes.
    And "sponge" clean that, indeed, if needed.

  • Master says:

    I think that there should be a making out foreplay now that I think of it.

  • Cliff says:

    I really like the hair animations. I don't know how much work it is, so its hard for me to say that its worth it.

  • I want to cheat code. I do not like every part. Is it possible?

  • Mattis says:

    It takes a little time to do, but it requires this work for each color of each hair style, which would be…. tons of work !
    So that's why I want to know what players think of it before embarking in this kind of huge stuff.

  • Mattis says:

    Write "supporter" as cheat code, in password panel, to gain some money.
    But anyway, yes, the game is long and hard, as it is.
    I will change a lot of big things, gameplay and progression, in the future, to make the game more interesting and easier to custom.

  • Me again. Noticed a couple of things in free mode.

    1. Similar to how when you made someone wear the cop's sunglasses, the glasses would then appear on the next person you interacted with, it's also doing that with the bikini preset (purple and white striped panty icon) and the bikini with leggings preset (white panty with red bow icon). If you use the bikini preset and then switch to someone else, they'll be wearing a bikini; if you use the bikini with leggings preset and then switch to someone else, they'll be wearing a bikini with leggings preset.
    2. If you try to use the "milf" or "young" buttons to make someone have either the milf or young body type, it'll only change their age. Their actual body types remain whatever they originally were.

    Oh, and as a P.S., I liked that flour metaphor of yours. Consider me up and ready for duty :P

  • This is alphacix, btw (assuming I'm not the only one seeing my username as a bunch of numbers and letters).

  • Mattis says:

    Indeed just numbers and letters, lol ^^

    Noted, for the feedback, will fix that if possible.

    And thx for joining the "I'm no flour" movement !!

  • Lars R says:

    Hi Mattis,

    I just discovered your game and I love it! It's great, keep up the good work improving it!

    I've got one bug report for you: when switching between vaginal and anal, and having x-ray on, there is no switch visible. (There correctly is a switch when creaming or switching to another girl)

    I'm a programmer, and seeing your game, I'd really wish I have more free time to write a porn game myself :-) You inspired me! Alas, as you well know programming requires a lot of time, and I have few too spare :-/

    I have inspiration for a long list of possible new features (as I said, you really inspired me), but I'll just mention my top 3:
    - I'd love an option to continue after you've had all girls. Sometimes, I like to use them in other ways before I stop…
    - I'd love to see visible insertions! The first time, do the oral, vaginal and anal animation slowly. Show how you insert the dick for the first time. Same when switching between vaginal and anal, first show "extraction", then a small pause as you aim, and then slowly slide it in before starting to pump again :-)
    - I'd love to during sex switch back to the oral and foot and tittyfuck. And then come in the throat, mouth, face, on the titties, etc…

    Anyway, great game, fantastic that you keep improving it!

  • Mattis says:

    Hi fellow programmer ;)
    As you dig in the game and it's improvment history, you will probably be able to back me up when I try to explain all that takes a freaking lot of time, especially because I'm not skilled at all !
    (players never trust me on that)

    I note the bug, I will work on that.

    For ideas and suggestions, yes : if the game inspires you, imagine what MY personnal todo_list is, lol ;)

    But keep on, I was at the same place before, and then I got really too frustrated by the lack of original stuff on the net and really had too much ideas, and started my own game, arf !

    For your suggestions :
    - Resuming fuck : already planned.
    - Switching back to foreplay : obvious, I just never had the time to work on that.
    - Insertions : even more obvious. You'd love to see that. Personnally I'd love to be able to draw that ! It's just so much work, argh !
    - Cumming everywhere : same answer, alas ;)

    But hey, in the end, keep faith, we will get there, with time !
    (and… support. See my sad latest post about all that !)

  • Lars R says:

    Yes, programming takes an incredible amount of time! Experience and skill help, but it still takes a lot of time. And game programming is not the easiest thing either, even in flash (flash helps a lot in places by providing animation and graphics basics, but it is too limiting in others).
    From what I see, you're not that bad a programmer. You could use some lessons on advanced concepts, and you could learn a lot by gaining experience with some other languages and writing completely different programs as exercise. But still, I've actually taught classes how to program, and I'm sure you'd have been in the top of the class. Bad programmers would not be able to make a game like this ever. Don't underestimate yourself. (No worries about overestimating yourself, programming can be very humbling. Spending hours tracking down an obvious and silly bug will occasionally make even the best and most experienced programmers think they are bad programmers)

    I can imagine that list perfectly well. Seeing the potential of what you can achieve is the passion that drives most programmers! :-)

    I hope I will someday be able to start my game. I have lots of ideas. Problem is just lack of time, and the fact that having a full time programming job pretty much "drains" all my will to program in the free time I have. There is just a limit on how much time one can spend concentrating on programming.

    I'm looking forward to seeing new versions. And I'm willing to support, this game is worth it! (I can't promise anything yet though, I have to work out some practical things first :-/ )

  • Mattis says:

    Yeah, I know what you feel, about being drained at the end of the day.
    That's why I tried to choose manual jobs with no responsability, in the past, to counter-balance the intellectual and responsibility pressure of personnal creation at the end of the day.
    There is still so much a pair of hands can take in a day, but it helps ;)

    For programming, main problem is "programmer" is an insult, for me.
    I did programming studies, with tons of great people and teachers, that's not the problem, but it still gave me the strong conviction I never want to be part of this world, lol.

    In the end, Among 400 hundreds people I met, all doing that to learn how to program video/online/flash games, I'm the only one who really create one and developped it to the end.
    And not just one, but dozens, in fact, and some very big.
    Of course, they never missed an opportunity to tell me, like you do, how greatly better my game would be with real programming skills, more time spent on the "technics", "framework", "langage", "structure" or whatever terms or acronyms they came up with.

    But it all fuelled my inner conviction of all time : experience tend to prove the more you know, the more you drift from what's really important : we don't fucking care !
    The more skilled you are, the more you forget how to see the game like players do, and to deliver final good content.
    The more skilled you are, the less original you get, and the less you're able to realize "thinking about what's behind" is the wrong way to do a game, and the more you get lost on making the most shiny engine under your rusty car that will never eat the road.;)

    It's a personnal opinion, of course, but based on my experience and that of 400 other "programmers", all proud of knowing tons of acronyms or to be called like that.
    So… yeah, don't call me "programmer", please, even if that's probably what I am, loooool :) )

  • Lars R says:

    I see your point. Let's call you a creator then ;-)

    But really, as they have not written anything themselves, they have no right to tell you anything. So perhaps you should call yourself a programmer with pride, and deny them that title! :-)

    In my experience, the point of theoretical programming concepts is utterly lost on an inexperienced programmer. It takes a "creator" (someone with practical experience) to actually appreciate what it's all good for, when to use it and how to use it correctly.
    Inexperienced programmers with too much theoretical knowledge, build grand applications from scratch, taking a very long time to do so, only to find out at the end it not fit for the intended purpose, and has far too many bugs.

    Car analogy: you are the racecar driver that is used to drive with simple cars. They talk about all the fancy features of a formulla 1 car.. You are able to add some features to your car that would best benefit it and you are be able to drive better with these. They would build a formula 1 car with very fancy features, but a wheel missing and only a tiny fuel tank. They crash in the first corner.

    You've no doubt heard about "agile programming"? Fancy term, and too much blabla around it, but what I really like is the concept of "release early, refactor often". That's a golden concept, and that's what you are doing/did with KoPC. You release a first simple version very fast, and improve it. And along the way, you are not be afraid to "refactor", to rebuild a part of it because now you know better how it should have been done. This is one of the best ways to program, as it motivates, and allows you to spot problems very early. Grand theoretical insights in how to build an application can help a lot, but you still have to start small, and slowly build it up something big. Otherwise, it will be useless.

    Anyway, I could go on for hours. Point is, you are a programmer, they are just wannabes ;-)

  • Mattis says:

    "they have no right to tell you anything."
    Yeah, I see the logic, but I refute that, because it doesn't take any movie experience to see when a movie is badly realisez/cut/played.
    It doesn't take any game programming experience to feel when a game is bad, and it surely doesn't take any graphic skills to see when a drawing or a painting is bad.

    I've been told to be a good constructive critic, on many stuff I have absolutely no skills at, but where I just try to objectively explain what bothers me in specific domain.
    If I authorize myself to judge other people's work (with good will and diplomacy, it is), I have to accept those "theorical programmers" opinions.

    So I refute their advices not because they didn't do crap, but because I think their visions are too specific and skilled to see the thing the "right" way. (always very subjective)


    For practical experience, I unfortunately got the same feeling as for theorical knowledge : when your brain experienced too much the same road, it's harder for it to go fresh, new and objective.

    In that way, my decade of "really real game creation" experience plays against me.
    I never stop paying very much attention to the newest players opinions, because the most amazing critics and suggestions always came from them.
    And I never stop forgetting oldest players are "in theory" the less skilled to judge of the game evolution.
    All that being completely counter-intuitive and againt the actual web current, but still bringing far more constructive experiences than repeating the same mistakes again and again.
    (in the end it doesn't work well, anyway, but I don't discuss the "business" or "popularity" outcome, there, just the freshness and efficiency of creations)

    But you sum up the thing : I'm very good at theoretical insights and amazing concepts.
    It's not enough at all on almost every domain, but it brings originality to discussions, at least.

    I'm a "conceptor", I think it's the most fitting term.
    I reject any previous knowledge and way of thinking things, and just try new ways.
    It's not that I want to, or like to, but that's the way I am.
    I am unable to understand why my point of view is not obvious to everyone, and I suffer from it (see the blindness of hentai sites about evolutive games…), but it's like that, so…
    Here goes nothing ;)

  • The game get better and better but my sister was playing this and was wondering. since you can be a female with a cock why not Fu*k guys. It may sound weird for a guy too ask but How would that look?

  • Mattis says:

    The fact your sister plays it and tell you that is weirder than the fact a guy ask about fucking guys, trust me ! :D

    But anyway it's already been asked, in fact, and planned.
    A lot of girls would prefer characters to be reversed, since the start of the game, and it's a valid point of view.

    Main and only problem I got is the main character structure is completely different from the "girls" structure.
    It looks the same in the end, but alas it cannot be swapped between each other.
    If it could, there would be no problem in playing girls as main character with tons of customization, of fuck guys in the game.

    But as it is, alas, it's not possible, and for now I didn't find an easy solution for that. (I already struggle a lot with only "being able" to simply work on a new update, and on sets and stuff like that)
    But who knows ? Like the rest, it could happen !
    So stay tuned and support the game as you much as you can, it's the best way to obtain that !

  • maz says:

    What is the sponge for?

    • Mattis says:

      Good morning to you too. ;)
      The sponge is to erase cum stains on foot and mouth, when you play with “footjob” and “suck” position too much.