Turning the odds, and celebrating !

If you read this, that means you successfully read my last post on blogger !
So, let’s open another bottle of champaign to celebrate the first update of KoPC financed by you, players !!


About the new blog

1 – I successfully imported everything from previous blog, posts as comments and pictures, it seems.
There may be errors but it’s working fine as far as I know.
Note that I don’t know more how to manage blog’s administration, so please be kind if I got some comments approving problems or whatever coming next !

2 – We are currently hosting this blog under courtesy of one of my contact, with a private server.
That doesn’t mean we are allowed to do whatever we want, KoPC is still mostly illegal !
Aside, this guy would want to stay anonymous and out of what we do here, he got a reputation to keep.
So yes, smart people could find other websites on the server and stuff, but don’t start throwing KoPC parties or subtle or dumb references here and there, or we will be thrown out in a blink of an eye !
I count on you, keep KoPC in hentai sphere and on hentai websites !

Aside, enjoy ;)


About donations and updates

Given we reach the goal, I will start working on next update right now.

1 – Like every update, I just do my double-best to bring it as soon and as plentyfull as I can !
So, that don’t change the fact I work very bad under people’s pressure, and that I will do what I can and feel motivated and efficient to do !
I wouldn’t like our relationship to change, or you suddenly believing I’m some kind of god or professionnal programmer able to throw promises, release dates or whatever !
I’m still the same crappy creator as before !
So next update will come out when it will come out, and will contain what it will contain !
I will make effort to keep you poster, anyway, as usual.

2 – So what do you donated for, if not promises and striking quality and speed of programming ??
You donated for KoPC to continue existing, which is already a lot !!
Because as it was, it costs me a lot and wasn’t working !
What you gave will be use to continue the adventure as we were, we really dodge a deadly bullet, here !
We could afford a new blog less risky (so less energy spent in shivering for blog cancellation), and if I can negociate a little with my sponsor, it may also open the door for bigger updates than usual ! (given I can work my ass off behind it)

3 – Let’s be honest, too : this is the first update of that kind.
So it doesn’t mean we are out of problems, and it will require continuity, to work.
But at least we turn the tide and re-roll the dices, and build a solid base for the future !
So, the fight isn’t over, but it looks very well for now, let’s continue our road like that !



Coming update : financed, work in progress !
Release date : no freaking idea.
Expected main content : lot of new sets !

Next update after that : already 105$/300$ collected !

(I have no freaking idea on how to really handle all that, but I think this summary is not a bad idea, don’t you think ?)

As usual, comments are welcomed !

  • Zed says:

    Wow… looks like I missed a lot :S
    I’m so glad you’re getting financed for this! Sucks that your sponsor dropped out :(
    i hope everything goes well and wish you luck Mattis! Keep up the good work and never let them grind you down

    • Mattis says:

      My sponsor didn’t drop out, but he explained he would not be able to follow me any way I want, especially on bigger updates !
      Which is problematic, given how much there’s still to do and could be offer, in this game !!

      Like I said, anyway, I can’t be (financially as psychologically) in a “personnal free quest first” anymore.
      It’s a shame, but I got a too long run on that and already give the world tons and tons of quality stuff for in my previous “jobs”.
      So now it’s just up to players I continue this adventure or not !

      Anyway thank you for the kind words !
      (and hope it goes well for you too. Saw you get back on tracks, on HF ?)

  • maatyox says:

    Hey, dude!

    Happy to see you live and kicking.
    And congratulations on your new blog.

    Summary is a nice touch, later you could maybe list things you are working on for a particular update and add percentage of completion to individual items to show overall progress.

    • Mattis says:

      Not good at percentage and stuff.
      But yeah I intend to give some heads up on progress ;)
      (for now I just wait for everyone to come on the new blog and see this summary, so it doesn’t disappear under some new posts without people reading it)

      Much thx for all your support and dedication to the game ;)
      (and we both know you will be starring a lot in coming update !)

  • Sop says:

    Hey Mattis! Been wanting to say that I love what you do with KoPC…it’s awesome! And uh…I’m really sorry cuz I’m not able to support financially now…but hopefully I’ll get to that soon…

    How do we donate anyways?

    • Mattis says:

      Thx for the kind word ! Always welcomed !

      For donation, simply click on paypal “donate” button !
      (here on the blog on upper-right corner, or in the game itself, on menu screen)

      It should open paypal window, where you can send money to my KoPC e-mail address directly.
      (Need a paypal account, but paypal being the easiest, most spread, and quickest donation/web-pay system… it’s worth it :D )