On tracks !

Hi everyone !

I was hoping for more reaction to the brand new blog, it seems you are a little off after busting your balls to reach the donation goal to produce next update, lol :D

Anyway, a little heads up on what’s coming up and what I was able to work on past week !
Already posted the “locker room” set preview, but here’s two new ones !


Private jet !

strip club

Hot coming strip club !

With swimming pool double set (public showers and pool side), that’s already 5 new sets planned for next release, and I hope to do at least 2 or 3 more !

I will compensate the time and energy spent on that by making only 1 or 2 scenarios for each new sets, I think, instead of 4 scenarios.
Because it’s already freaking huge work as it is, and I think it’s better that way :
- we can still add scenarios after that, as you know.
- it gives you sets opportunities to make new scenarios for alternative campaigns.
- it’s taking the game one big step ahead, to mark significantly the turn we began to take with “donation financing”.

Anyway sets will be improved with time, too : as they are, all “static elements” are done, but I will have a hard time adding public in it, for example.
If I’m unable to do that quickly, I will not delay the update, I will still be able to add those later. (that’s just to keep you informed)

I don’t expand to much, I go back to work, will keep you posted !
In the meantime, comment, comment, comment !



Coming update : financed, work in progress !
Release date : no freaking idea.
Expected main content : lot of new sets (1 or 2 scenarios each), + new foreplay fetishes poses !