Heads-up !

Hi everyone !

Just some heads-up!
Got a lot on my hands last week and this one, didn’t really have the time to progress as I wished on next update.
Still a huge work to do, I don’t think I’m halfway through it, but I keep going on, there’s no need in contemplating the mountain, it’s uselessly tiring, lol ;)

I try to get on with all the raw material, but there’s tons of work and details in linking and making all that material, afterwards, and of course the big bad “testing & debuging” phase in the end.
A nightmare, given my lack of skills. That’s usually where I discover nothing work and I completely broke the game, and I don’t have the slightest idea why ;)
Then I struggle a lot, tear up the last hair I got left, and find solutions, with time and sweat.
(the rest you know : I become very proud of my perfectly working update, I release it, you immediately find dozens of new bugs, I cry for days and nights, and so on… :D )

I don’t get into details, it may spoil the fun (I don’t know, you tell me!), and I don’t like people to know exactly what I’m doing, it feels like having someone looking over your shoulder, it just unfocus me, lol ;)
(I hate previews and teasers, also, but I make the effort for you, guys! Hope you like it! :p)

Anyway! I go back to work!

pizza time !

pizza time !



Coming update : work in progress !
Release date : will try before october end !
Expected main content : lot of new sets (1 or 2 scenarios each), + girls “stereotypes” with new dialogs & sounds + new foreplay fetishes poses !

  • Razer says:

    Hey man, I’ve been thinking your having a really hard time and all and i’m learning to computer program, yes i’m over the age of 18 but i don’t know if this will come in handy but i could help with programming and stuff or simple debugging or spotting errors. I’m a really big fan of your game and its pretty awesome here are some advantages of letting me help you:
    - Your work gets done quicker and with less time
    - You have less stress as i will be helping you
    - Less time to produce a product will leave you with more happy
    - I am really big fan of the game and i would really like to help you
    as i know how hard you work on this project
    - I could gain a few skills whilst helping you (it doesn’t even have
    to be a big task you give me but ill still have it done on time).
    - You would feel more happy as i will be supporting you.
    - I have not made a single spelling mistake so i am quite literate in
    English so i can double check the text in the game.
    - You do not have to let me know whats going to happen in the game, i
    like surprises :D
    - I can test bugs and find them properly before you release the
    product so you will have less fans complaining
    - You do not have to pay me, i am willing to volunteer my own time in
    to this project so its free help!!

    - I can’t think of any!! :D

    Please, please, please post a reply below whether you think i can help, thank you very much and sorry you had to read so much :D

    • Mattis says:

      No problem, thx for the offer !
      You really get the idea of what I try to pull out, so that’s good (because it’s the main source of problems, usually, not being on the same page !)

      Just 2 very little adjustment notes :
      - I don’t have “customers”, I try to avoid like hell any relation between me and players where they could be tempted to corner me in some way.
      Considering “you are a professionnal and offer a product to customers” is one of the dead-end to avoid. To have experienced it in the past, I know that end up badly (at least for me :D )

      - We have the astonishing chance to not have anyone “complaining” about the game, on bugs and releases.
      My sponsor, some donators or yourself often believes there are “pre-release versions” of the game, before each update, which they could intervene on in different ways.
      In my way of working, there’s not !
      I just do things as fast as possible, then test what I can, then send the game to be uploaded on mysexgames in the very next minute.
      As the game works on regular updates, it’s all the people in the world, that “beta test” each update, after that.
      Funnier, easier, quicker, honestier, and with tons of other advantages, in my case and for players. ;)

      Anyway : yes, I could need a hand on some module I have to work on, and on which I would have to invest dozen of hours of sweat and hard labor where you could spare me all that with some magic tricks of yours.

      As I see it, I will not give you the source, to be clear.
      For several reasons, but mainly because you don’t really need it to give me a great help, and I already had problem with other peoples with that, lol :D
      (that doesn’t keep me awake at night, but it’s still bothering)

      3 main axis you could work on :
      1 – most important : cumshot engine.
      Like the thing konashion did, at beginning of superdeepthroat project, and which we would desperatly need for KoPC.
      As I see it, it would be a group of flash functions, that makes a liquid drop appear, move and have a possibility of crash and end when touching flesh/limbs.
      We could discuss it in depth in a mail, but any idea and module handling that would be very nice.
      And main points are to have something that can handle all chaotic poses of KoPC (so, not an animation, but real physics functions that find where is the ground, handle gravity, etc…), and to have something very very light (konashion engine is perfect looking, but heavy as hell ! Given how KoPC is already very heavy and slow on most computers, we need a very simplified version of that !)
      There’s already big work there, but it’s worth it on many levels, and would work far better as a side project to attached to the game only afterwards.
      (and for yourself, providing a simplified engine of that kind could bring a new age of hentai everywhere, with your shiny name on it, lol !)

      2 – facultative but mind bothering : the meet’n'fuck games boobs bouncing engine !
      How the hell can they handle this gravity/speed bouncing system ??
      As for cumshot engine, I don’t wish for something perfect or heavy, but anything really simplified and emulating a bouncing effect would be nice.

      3 – for later : ways to optimised KoPC programmation.
      I mean, tutorials on what to to and what to avoid.
      There’s nothing of that kind anywhere on internet, and still it would be “flash programming 101″ : how the hell some minigames can show hundreds of moving units without a lag, where KoPC just crash any PC if we put more than 15 static girls on screen ??
      There must be simple rules, simple ways, generic stuff, that people just never share or talk about.
      So if you can come up with “noob advices” on the matter, for yourself you could obtain a lot of fame with some tutorials on that, and for KoPC it would be nice anyway.
      (possibility of studying the source code together, at this point, but that would be later, for now the game works, and cumshot engine don’t, so, priorities, lol ^^)

      4 – any personnal module to improve KoPC you could think of.
      I usually have no problem to watch a game and think “they could improve that. If I was to do it, I would program it like that and that, on that point”.
      If you find the same kind of stuff on KoPC, I would be glad to discuss it with you, especially if you can handle the core work after that, lol ^^

      It’s vague, but I have myself no freaking idea what I do and how I do it, so don’t expect anything less than blurry, lol, but help is always very appreciated ! ;)

      Sorry for the long post !

      • Razer says:

        Hey man, thanks for replying.
        I’ve only had a couple hours practice with flash but it doesn’t qualify me to be working with it heavily. Errm i was thinking along the lines of basic tasks such as spell checking, scenario writing, designing new sets, possibly characters, the engine seems quite complicated and i think i know how to do the bouncing tits like Meet’N'Fuck games but ill test that out. Sorry for saying customers, ‘players’ is the word i should of used. This is going to be one ‘hard’ (:P) project to work on but ill try my best. And i am a computer programmer and the best advice i can give is try to make all you scripting/movements as efficient as possible because the smaller the code is for a example it will be quicker to run than a code that does the same thing but its 5 times longer. Find the easiest laziest way of doing things and it will reduce the game size drastically also it will be more smooth on computers that are less able to run it. Sorry for the confusion in my first post i meant to say small – medium tasks. I don’t know if it’s much help for you and i have a greater understanding of what you want. Thanks

        • Mattis says:

          Oh, ok !
          That stays anyway : if at some point you find out how to help me on the point I suggested, feel free !

          For programmer advices on lazyness : helpful indeed, even if I already knew that. (but that’s still something we don’t heard anywhere !)
          But for example I notice that putting codes INTO movieclip is heavier than calling functions defined in first frames.
          That’s the kind of “obvious advices” I would have liked, along the process, instead of having to change everything afterwards when discovering that.
          On flash programmation sites, you only find advices like “use xlksfksh library on included proxy with metaphysics event listeners AJ-4865″… yeah, great, like I have any idea what that means, thx for nothing, lol!
          You get my point ;)

          For spell checking : doesn’t need stunning skills for that, feel free to note everything you see and send me list.
          (wait to have the more errors possible, it’s easier to correct a hundred spelling errors in a row than 30 one by one by one)

          For scenario writings : feel free to use the tutorial and make your own.
          If you want to do it on a “helping the game” way, try completing alternate campaigns. With number of sets or options existing, updating those can be good for overall quality.

          On the same subject : completing lacking dialogs on main campaign is a must.
          Tons of scenario, barely no “scenario specific dialogs”. Try, test, adapt, take initiatives, whatever, any help fitting the atmosphere of the game is welcome.

          Designing new sets could be good too.
          On this matter it’s trickier, still, and it would require some testing before.
          Try to make one if you feel inspired.
          If it’s easy on your part, I will look at your prototype, probably suggest some improvements.
          If it works out good, prototype could be adapted to the game, and after that I could share with you some sketches of sets to be worked on and we could build on that.

          You can try making clothes, too.
          There’s a tutorial with templates, feel free to use and try stuff.

          Overall, it’s always a question of inspiration and initiative : I don’t have the time or skill to build some team or teach people how to help the game.
          And still there’s plenty of work everywhere for everyone.
          So in the end it’s all about taking the initiative to try stuff on your own, only when and on what you feel inspire and with no pressure attached, and see if it could fit!

          • jinken says:

            I don’t mean to intrude, but seeing Razer offering help gave me the push to answer here. I usually just lurk around. I’ve had thoughts of picking up some scripting in flash.

            I’m no pro. I used to mess around with AS2. I am kind of interested in helping out with errors in coding. I remember back then, flash would show some errors that did not make any sense, so i’m feeling on finding out on those things.

            Perhaps i could offer to write a situation on something you are trying to get done and i will send you an example in a fla file so that you could see how i do it.
            Not sure how that would work out, but i don’t think anyone needs to see your source code or files if you see how someone else codes something.

            The engine thing is kind of out of my league right now. Small steps at a time i guess.

            We can mail if you feel like it.

            Oh i and i wont take your money. Just like Razer, it’s free.

            • Mattis says:

              No problem, public discussions are made to be joined and commented !
              And as for Razer’s, any help is good !

              Don’t hesitate to take initiative and try stuff, yes !
              Making it aside in small fla files is the best way to do it, anyway ! (and that’s how I work too !)

              Because anything you program, you first need to be sure it works on his own, before including it with the rest and maybe experience bugs !
              If you program directly in the game source and it bugs, you just have no idea if it’s on its own or because of interaction with the rest.

              So… have fun and get back to me if you obtain something ! ;)

      • Searph says:

        Suggestion call it extra cum when you have this option on there so much fluid it spills out the girl leaving a large pool under her while using her, if anal her belly get swollen but its all white inside

        love the game looking forward to seeing more places and what not

  • maz says:

    Is there a way to save the game and come back to it???