Quick fix !

Ok, no big news, just a quick update people !
Some of you pointed out some bugs in last big update (and I found some myself, shame on you, you should be first on that, muahahaha ! :p), so I made a quick fixed version.
My sponsor was out in town, so it comes a little late, but still, it’s always better to have fixes uploaded.
List of fixes :
- “Bombay B” level bug fixed.
- “Teacher of the year” level crash fixed.
- Submit buttons in map redone to work better, and fixed when needed.
- Bonus/Public poses : “next” button reversed bug fixed.
- Pants problems fixed (colors and bad covering design)
- Flashing womb bug during climax fixed.
- Yoga bra bug fixed (oldest bug ever, this one), and improved.
- Stripping upper arm glove bug fixed.
- Some font on interface redone.
- “Dog grip” pose completely redone, upon leg swapping suggestion.
- Code lines clean-up, nothing visual alas.

Thx for feedback, people !

THE LINK (reload a few times, if needed, to get the newest version)
Note : latest version of the game is only available on mysexgames.com !
It’s the point of a sponsor’s exclusivity, and it’s just simplier that way !
So don’t ask for versions elsewhere or trust other sites to have the latest one, just go on mysexgames.com !
One game for everyone, one place for everyone, easy and quick.
Now, wish time :

- Don’t hesitate to comment on improvments you like, to let me know what direction you like.
I mean, for stuff you don’t like, please spare me, it’s already a job hard enough as it is, and if something is added or changed, there’s always reason to it
BUT, if there’s something you like, tell it, because this way, I could know what to dig into.
For example, I wouldn’t have done all prego stuff or all “adult/tall girl” stuff if people had not testify they liked it, updates after updates.
And positive feedback on every details is always appreciated.
If you didn’t like or didn’t care, just continue to say nothing, silence is always the most delicate way to influence developments, lol ;)
but if you like it, tell it, dig it.

- About new sets to come : 
I got some sets in reserve, like the 2 simming pool sets I got since the beginning that have never came out, and some other to come.
Problem is they show a very late game progression, where main character’s already so influent he can fucks girls in the most public places without no one to dare say anything.
So I thought it was better to wait for them, and just add sets in a logical way (more and more “exposed” with time and less and less “private”).
But maybe most of you just don’t really care ?
So that’s my question : do you prefer plenty of new sets to play in, even if the order of appaerance is completely illogical, or do you prefer some kind of coherent releases ?
…. But as I write it, I think illogical release will be a mess to understand and enjoy.
I don’t know, tell me your thoughts about this.

- About finding alternative blog & hosters, forums, or even comissions : 
Those past subjects are not closed ! We discussed a lot of alternative sites, but nothing so far was open enough to accept my stuff.
- I’m still struggling to find a proper blog hoster that accept paypal button and hardcore hentai stuff. If you have solid links, please share, because we’re a little outlaw, here, and I don’t like this kind of Damocles’ sword.
- Same thing for sites that accept drawings. Mine are too much of raw unfinished sketches and too loli/rape orientated to be accepted anywhere. If you know sites that host that kind of stuff, tell us, maybe that could accept mine too.
- a forum for the game would be nice, but as always, I don’t have nor time neither good address for that. So feel free to open an official KoPC forum somewhere that accept extreme adult stuff, and to send me back the link so we could all have fun on it !
- I’m open to commission (paying ones, I mean). I can’t do really better or different than what I already do, but if what I draw or program is pleasing you, feel free to order me something. I’m opened to discussion about that. (I see it works a lot, on hentai-foundry, and artists are always rejecting commissions because that have far too much demands. No one ever asked me on that, (only requests for free full hentai games based on remake of existing games, lol, you silly crazies :p), but I don’t want you to believe I don’t want to give it a try!

- I would also like to thx people that donated to this game, it’s really appreciated, and sponged a little the sweat and blood invested in it.
For everyone, please continue and try to support the game as much as you can, it’s really needed, for KoPC to live on and grow to infinity and beyond ! (hell yeah !)

And now I go back to work on the next update, thx you for your time and faith !

  • Onimonipea says:

    I'd rather the plethora of locations and the randomness of them rather than a linear line of progression. That way when coming up with new scenarios people can think of new ways to string them together, rather than having the progression subconsciously laid out for them.

    And as a side comment on the improvement thing, is there any plans to add more location specific positions? So far they seem like an afterthought rather than a feature.

    Always a pleasure to see this update, as always.

  • Onimonipea says:

    Also after playing for a bit i noticed a few more bugs.

    -The backwards text still happened to me in the Bombay B stage.
    -After completing the Teacher of the Year stage, the next stage wasn't unlocked. I tried restarting the browser, but it still remained locked. I am not sure if this is because the stage reset even though it was purchased before, or if because the trigger is broken.

    And a simple request. Would it be possible to add the penis pulsing inside the girl as you cum? As of now, it remains still even though the rest of the dick is growing and shrinking.

  • Mattis says:

    For plethora of locations : it's a good argument, thx !


    Location specific positions : what do you mean ? You talk about what I call "bonus poses", like cake-fuck, lightpole, couch fuck ?
    If so, I got other poses planned, yes, but priority is given according to usefulness. Bonus poses happen maybe 5% of the time at max, so I usually focus on other poses first.
    But if several people ask for more bonus poses, yes, I will do more, of course.

    I don't understand the "afterthought/feature" thingy, though, could you clarify this and explain to me what you think would be a "aftertought pose" and a "feature pose" ?


    Bombay B : I fix that right now (but will have to wait next update). In addition, dialogs were not even right ones ! It was "teacher's bang" dialogs, lol.

    Teacher of the Year : I don't know how come I don't notice those kind of problems. I try to test everything I do, but it seems there's always big bugs that go untouched and unoticed.
    Fixing that right now.


    Pulsing penis : yeah, will note that, that shouldn't be too much complicated to do.
    In addition, I think I will work one day on several type of climax.
    Because it's something where people have very different tastes, and I think the game should offer the choice, at least.
    But I don't know how or when, like usual.

    Keep feedback and support flowing, and may the Hentai-Force be with us all ;)

  • alphacix says:

    Here's a bug that I ran into (along with some minor suggestions).

    When customizing girls in free mode, if you change a girl's outfit to that of the cop uniform, close out of the customization screen for that specific girl and click another girl on that stage, that other girl will appear to be wearing the sunglasses from the cop outfit.

    As for suggestions that you haven't already confirmed that you're already working on, I only have two:
    1. It's a bit of personal pet peeve , but when the graphic comes up after the PC has ejaculated and failed in impregnating the current girl, why are there the baby icons next to the "Big Jizz!" or "Orgasm!" pop-ups? It kind of seems like they would only be there if you successfully impregnated the girl.
    2. Another thing that bugged me was the names. I know there are far more important things to get to, but a larger variety of them (along with more race specific names, like what you did with Indian girls) would help with the atmosphere. If you want, since you probably have your hands full, I can run through a couple of name generators, compile a list, and then you can just go in and approve of the ones you'd want to keep.

    This'll be my first time posting, but I've been a big fan of yours for quite some time now–all the way back to stumbling upon "Filled-Up Girls" on a random flash game site. I just wanted to let you know that whenever you may feel as if your work is unappreciated or is going unnoticed, know that there are countless people out there who support what you're doing, but simply aren't as vocal about it as they should be (me being one of them).

    Keep up the great work.

  • alphacix says:

    Oh, and another possible bug that I forgot to mention.
    When you're customizing a girl's age or fertility in free mode, they directly effect each other (if you raise or decrease one, the other raises or decreases).

  • Mattis says:

    Thx for the bugs (cop and age/fertility), I fix that right away, should be in the next update !

    For suggestions :
    1. Logic. Will do.
    2. I did that a few days ago, lol, I was having the same thoughts about that. Still : send me list of names on my email address. But try to choose interesting and exciting ones, if it's just to make quantity and end up with crappy names it's no great use ;)

    Note : I like the way you said that, it's cool to see some people takes the time to read what I said here and there.
    That's a big gain of time and efforts, in the end ;)
    (even if I could ease the process by publishing my todo_list somehow, but I don't like having people watching over my shoulder, alas)


    For silent fans : I know, more than you can imagine ;)
    But alas, silence is very… intangible and toxic.
    It's NOT working positively, on creators' side.

    It's like adding flour to food recipe : people think they build a bigger cake/meal.
    But in the end, that doesn't add any real value, that just slowly destroys it.
    When creators eat it, the more flour you had, the less the food tastes good, it just being dilute. And you're still as hungry as before, even more, because for a same portion you feel the need to it, you just have less and less calories, the more you add flour.

    The metaphor is really working, in this case, it's really what it creates : silence don't motivate creators, it just slowly disgusts them.
    Because at the end of the day, what remains is only what haters and trolls said, and what fans have "vocalized".
    The major percent of silent people just contribute to "hostility side" of the result.
    You can have the most optimistic and strong mind, you WILL still at some point feel like you didn't do well enough, if all those people stayed silent.
    More : when people get angry or spiteful on your back, the fact silent people don't say nothing can only be considered as hostile consent from them, or a good part of them.
    If they don't feel like supporting you, in times of peace as in times of war, there's a reason.
    Even if you convince yourself there's not, silent watch just feel oppressive, with enough time.

    We are built on social and psychological schemes that you can't totally wipe out. Time do the rest.
    It's like all those starving children on earth (2/3 of all children) : you can try to not forget them as strongly as possible, you WILL forget them very quickly, compared to what you have in front of your eyes every second.

    Silence doesn't have presence, doesn't have positive impact.
    It's just flour, that doesn't help when you're in the tempest, and that feeds only doubt the rest of time.

    So of course I know it's NOT what people think, I know they appreciate. But at the end of the day, what leave a trace ? What does your neuronal memory keep in to forge its long-term impressions ?
    What is really written. And that's not much, and often not the good kind of thing, like I was saying previously about "fighting openly for what we like, to counter-balance trolls and haters effect".

    Here we are spared of that, for the moment, with only great positive people commenting here.
    Why should we stop or slow down ? On the contrary, let's rise this. Let's change the outcome.

    But first, silent people have to understand the flour concept, and that it is not impacting creation in a good way.
    Unlike what they think, a silent voice is not a voice at all. It's a ghost, it just haunts and shakes slowly the soul, even if it's not its will. ;)

    So, I'm glad you join the world of the living !
    Rise and shine, mister alphacix ! Rise and shine ! :) )

  • Onimonipea says:

    What i mean by afterthought is that the bonus poses seem implemented barely

    I mean, the stages have gotten a bunch of work, you have a bunch of poses, and costumes. But the Bonus poses haven't been updated and it just seems as if they were added but never added onto.

    Hope that clears things up.

  • Mattis says:

    The same kind of thing would be perfect, yes.
    But this one is reserved to legendofkrystale stuff and fans, alas, and as been installed on a private paying server, as far as I know (which I can't do/have/pay)
    But a similar thing for KoPC, would be nice, yes.

  • Shaun says:

    Hey Mattis,

    Great update as always.

    I just wanted to point out a few bugs.

    1. 'Teacher of the Year' works now but still doesn't unlock purchasing any more scenarios in 'Family Campaign' other than the first two in the house and the first two in the school. The third house, the third school, the photo shoot, & the dance room remain locked & unpurchasable.

    2. The fix for Bombay B works but it now apparently prevents you from unlocking the rest of the scenarios in 'The Milf Hunter'.

    3. In 'Bolly Blvd' in the 'Milf Hunter' campaign I would occasionally run into reverse dialogue. I was the Devil Futa Girl and it wouldn't always appear but just sometimes.

    Anyway thanks for the great game, you rock.

  • Mattis says:

    Thx ! It's a lot of work to achieve that goal ;)

    1. Noted, fixed, will be in the next batch !

    2. Same bug, same thing : fixed, will be in next update !

    3. Nice one, will fix it. I noticed the same bug with Bombay B dialogs (which in addition were not even the proper ones, it was futa dialogs of "teacher's bang" scenario, I think)

    For dialog disappearance (with only the little white triangle appearing, I mean), I still don't know why it does that. I reinforce the secutiry around it everytime, but I still see it appears from time to time with no reason.
    Maybe one day…

    What do you think about opening tons of sets, or about new alternative campaigns ?
    Please don't hesistate to give feedback on that too ;)

  • Louis Rui says:

    Hey! Awesome update! The new dog grip position is great <3 Thank you a lot for this change!

    But… Am I allowed to be annoying? In the new position, the hand of the girl is jsut floating just in the wrong place x) can't you make her grab her hips or the man's hand? To help herself to get ride of this grab? It will be perfect <3 Excuse me for asking you to work another on this position, but it will be the awesomest D: in front of the "deeper" position :D

    Anyway, i notice that sometimes, girls have sunglasses from cop costume and when you select them, they just have normal glasses!

    Else bug are already point out!

    Keep going, i love your work!

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Actually no, it's not lok fans only. There is creative corner where you can put your games (Mario is missing: Peach's untold story is awessoooooome! :D ) and as far as i know you don't need to pay anything. Just create topic and bam, your done!

  • Mattis says:

    Yeah, but like for the other links you erased, I was more talking of the same kind of thing, but for KoPC, because all those links are dedicated to other people and other games.
    Having our own forum, you see ?

    Because yes, we can have a small topic here and there, but that will not be enough, with time : we will not be able to open 4 or 5 topic-polls to discuss stuff, in parallel with screenshots contests, debates around future stuff or anything else, etc…

    So the point would be to have our own forum. Like LoK fans got their forum, like Konashion fans got their, etc… but for us !

    (and on hongfire and ulmf, I tried, already, even on one small topic, but there were almost no response, and no one find KoPC interesting, among the few who replied, anyway)

  • Mattis says:

    For "dog grip" girl's hands, yes, it's a problem.
    But I will try to add some ropes around, so it doesn't look weird. (easier than the rest).

    for "deeper" pose : what do you mean ? Clarifications and details, please ;)

    For cop costume glasses : I think I fixed it, but I don't know in which version.
    Wait for the next update to check if it's good or not, and if not, remind it to me, ok ?

    Thx for your support, always good to reassure it !

  • James Logan says:


    Here is some of my suggestions!

    1) Add the ability to change the color of the female's hair / body (the character that can either have a dick or a strapon)

    2) Instead of having the same 4 intros scenes (tit job and the 3 bj's) why not add more positions? So instead of having ONLY 2 titjobs then add more positions for titsjobs. It gets pretty boring when there's only 2 positions for the tits and each of the bj's.

    3) Add a section for girls on girls. So instead of the NPC's being males there are females. Even include a section where the girls are girls with "FUTAS"? Lol

    4) Lastly, i love your game and i know that it takes time to add in tons of stuff. So my last suggestion is maybe make the story line different? Or add different rooms PER location. So the warehouse will have different backgrounds in them, etc…

  • Mattis says:


    1) already exist, lol ! 6 body colors for main character-female, + 8 hair colors, I think. (just not for demon skin, where only black hair)
    You didn't find it ?

    2) For the moment I prefer adding fetish (69', titjob, footjob, fisting, licking, etc…) than detailing them for everyone to be pleased.
    Even among that, not a lot of people ask for more intros, so I just focused on what were more asked (public participation, more adults poses) and was lacking.
    But like everything : if people express themselves and ask for it, I will give it efforts !
    So, like usual : give feedback on everything everytime, not just one or two short messages per year, and help me make other people communicate too, so we can know where to focus effort !
    Will think about that.

    3) I'm not sure to understand what you talk about.
    Could you be more precise ?
    Female NPCs instead of males… you mean in "public participation" stuff ? On what I call the "y-some" poses ? (several men on 1 girl, opposed to "x-some" where it's main character with several girls)
    And then make those active-girls have strap-on or futas ?

    Anyway I'm not into those kind of thing at all, the point of the game is to decribe something completely different, whereas everyone seems to love futas and girl on girls, those days, so it's a… complicated subject.
    Didn't the "futa" campaign please you a little ?

    4) Already exist, too.
    3 or 4 alternative campaigns with completely different story line, several different backgrounds in lots of location.
    For warehouse you have the main one and the "sorority lost" one, with alternate stuff on the bunny scenario of futa campaign, if I remember well.

    It's not completely different rooms, of course, but again : I ask for feedback on stuff, and players just don't respond.
    This very post I asked again for feedbacks on doing tons of new locations or not, and how to do it, because it's not a simple topic, and only one player answered.

    It's not the first time I propose choices to players so we can find compromises and common grounds for the developement together, but each time I end up with maximum one or two answers, when any.
    If you don't read what I take the time to write, it's a one way street, lool : I answer you, but you don't answer me.
    How can this work, lol ? ;)

    So yeah, like usual, I took the time to read all this, answer to it, and will do my best.
    But you have to do yours too and help me a little, it's just fair.

  • the tongue is visable when you're in a threesome (or more) with one girl riding on the face.

    Sometimes the dialog from the guy during sex doesn't show up. There's no rhyme or reason to it. I will play out the same scene four times and the dialog will either show up or just the initial arrow from the dialog balloon.

    I do like a bit of logic. Namely, with the ages. In the mother-daughter situations, sometimes the girls are just three or four years younger than the mother.

    I don't know if can work like this, but perhaps the daughters' age range could 18-20 and the mothers' age will be the daughter's age plus 18. Thus, if the daughter is 18, her mother would be 36. If the daughter is 21, her mother would be 39.

  • Valkner Zabi says:

    Hi Mattis.

    I love this game, and well, I'ts my first time posting here… but I don't like be the "flour" so here it is, a positive feedback…

    btw, I haven't see any other bugs that the ones posted before, and, I think that logical releases will be better, but, maybe, put the ones you have already in "other campaign", like a beta of that scenario…

    oh yeah, maybe some new bonus poses will be apreciated…

    well, great game and will be expecting the next release…

    pd. sorry for my bad english

  • Mattis says:

    tongue : screenshots ?

    dialog problem : yeah, I struggle with that since ages, and still is.
    A bug can be really fixed only when it is understood and its pattern discovered.
    In our case, there's no rhyme or reason, as you saw it, that's the core of the problem, I have no clue where it comes from, for now.

    ages : I programmed something about that, long ago. The problem is still here ? Must be in a few scenario only, I will fix that.

  • Mattis says:

    Thx for your feedback !! :)

    For logical releases in alternative campaigns : I'm not sure I understand what you explain ?
    Like showing new sets in alternate campaigns first ?
    It could work, yes.
    Alternate campaign are done and contributed-to by players, not by me, usually, and their not the most adequat place sometimes (given they have a precise story, usually), but that's something to think about, anyway.

    Bonus pose : good, I wasn't sure anyone liked those enough to pursue serious efforts about that ;)

    Thanks again, don't hesitate to comment again each time ;)

  • Valkner Zabi says:

    Yes, showing new sets in alternate campaign first… that way, we could give a better feedback…

    and no, what I mean was that the main campaign is better with a logical release… I only mentioned the "other campaign" for a idea of showing the new scenario, nothing more…

    btw, great work, and thx for the response. And yeah, now I'm going to post more often here

    again, sorry my bad english

  • Mattis says:

    No problem, I'm not english too, so I don't see the problem in your english, lol ;)

  • Mattis says:

    That seems to be a solid exploration, yep.
    (that's what lacks, usually : the certainty of being able to post my fetish and having a good welcoming)
    Even if it's not perfect, I will give it a try when I come back from travelling.
    Thx you !