Expected delay and other craps

Hi folks !

2 bad news today !
(always tell bad news first ! Even if that brings down the good news afterwards, at least you get rid of the least pleasant things right away and can focus on solutions and shiny rainbow poneys after it)

First : my real life moves in concordance with murphy’s law, with maximum shittyness in the smallest amount of time. Good thing is turbulences will be over soon (early november if all goes according to plan), but it still takes its toll on my focus and freetime capability.

Second : I was planning to code a big “girls archetypes” module, as some of you know, but it happens all the sounds and voices I’ve been gathering for that since weeks just sounds like shit, after being included !
I planned 6 archetypes (screamer girl, grumpy girl, happy girl, etc…) on 3 “tons” (young high-pitch girl voice, regular girl voice and milf more deep girl voice), with 9+ different sounds each !
That should have been 6*3*9 = 170 new sounds for girls, a must !
Pirated from fighting games like Marvel vs Capcom series or KoFs, I took and cut among characters voice packs (”hurting” sounds mainly, did the trick!) and gathered not all the 170 sounds, but most of them.
And in the end ?
Sounds like freaking crap, like some butthumped crazy chickens ! (even delayed or folded in lots of way, you bet your tiny toochie I tried to salvage it the best I could)
All that for nothing, geeeeeeeeezzzz !!!!

So the rest of this big module seems to work, but it’s a whole bunch of news I was counting on to nail the next update into a big new step.
That + the very unfortunate delay (because as in life, it’s all about timing : I really wanted to release a fucking huge update in a fucking quick time!), it’s been a crappy week for KoPC, yes…

I just focus on adding the tons of small details always waiting to be included, for now, before getting back on horse.
I think I will try to add another big module to replace the archetypes amputated one, but all those stuff takes time.
Feel like I had to keep you posted, keep faith, we will get there ! (but damn does it take long!!!)



Girls dialogs, yeah !



Coming update : work in progress !
Release date : I don’t know, a matter of weeks, alas !
Expected main content : lot of new sets (1 or 2 scenarios each), + girls “archetypes” with new dialogs & sounds + new foreplay fetishes poses !

  • jb1 says:


    I wanted to just mention, the “cumshot engine” idea from your previous comment was GENIUS.

    I’ve tried SuperDeepThroat a little bit, but after the first “Load”, it KILLS my framerate, and even slows my whole computer (I have an i5-2500K, 8GB RAM, and a 1.5GB graphics card). The maths behind it and all of the particle calculations that flash does is just too much for my machine. Or maybe I just need to upgrade my RAM.

    The approaches you’re thinking about (detect arm/leg/appendage and automatically drip appropriately) could the right course of action…at least until we have 16-core desktop computers then maybe the SDT approach would be worthwhile…

    I have a minor suggestion: a slow motion mode where the visuals happen in slower motion (so we can appreciate boobies bouncing in slow motion). This option would sit at the same level as X-Ray & Zoom In/Out options.

    Another suggestion: timing/stroke/exact moment when “go for the cream” is hit, Affecting the odds of achieving preg, or causes minor variations in the “fill her up” anim.

    Another suggestion: condom sometimes accidentally breaks

    You’re already on the path of future gush/drip with your cumshot engine comment.

    A general question about things that we should or should not give feedback on:

    Does us sugesting “general” things that affect “every” position/scenario make it easier for you to implement the suggestions (that is, if the suggestion is even worth doing to begin with)? I can see how adding additional scenarios/scenes/art/fetishes is a little time-consuming (but cool, I’ll admit).

    Is the ideal situation for you do add global variations (girl type, as you described above, for example), as you described:

    6*3*9 = 170 variations


    Do you prefer just doing additional scenes/scenarios (like the plane and pizza shop pictures you posted)?

    What is your opinion on both?

    I do agree that more variations does increase the replayability and “fun” of KoPC some…though the balance that currently exists between the number of scenes/scenarios and “activity” variations is great too. I can’t wait for your archetypes to be added.

    I’m a programmer myself, so I totally understand “modules” type of thinking as your girl archetype comment describes.

    1. These are just random/crazy ideas/comments.

    2. I don’t presume to think *I* know what is best for KoPC, I infact will go as far as to say that I think that I and EVERYBODY else who plays and posts here trusts you Mattis 100% in whatever direction you take with KoPC. We trust you. You are *our* king!

    I’m at 412 pregnancies and counting… :)

    • Mattis says:

      SDT work on cum is a genius idea, yes, a wonderful pioneer.
      People that know how to draw never had the problem : they just draw the cumshot and that’s it.
      But working on something more global and automatic is pure jewel for hentai future.
      (just like video games evolution, in fact : starting with “drawn” everything, and developing “physics” engine with time)

      I think developing something like that will go through very heavy engine first, like SDT, and then we’ll find ways and compromises to lighten the stuff.
      Because yes, flash overload computers like hell, in the end, so it’s a big work. But fallouts are priceless ;)


      Slow motion mode : thought a lot about that (given MnF games with different paces), never found how to do it without having to multiply every animation.
      Will keep thinking about that ;)
      (in the meantime, my computer is crap, so everything is already in slow motion, for me, muhahaha)

      Other suggestions : I don’t develop on it right now (too much or too few to say, must focus on next update!), but it’s noted, don’t worry.


      For global or precise suggestions : no real rules, as I don’t have real rules to work either.
      A little of both is good.
      Little ideas can be programmed sometimes easily to add variety or fit in small work session when I feel uninspired or energy-less.
      Sometimes they’re just too tricky, and will just offer “outside the box” roaming ideas, that could gather together and “click” me one day on a whole new subject, or just offer one by one a blurry idea of “expected metaphoric hentai landscape” players want.
      And global ideas can have the same feats : sometimes easier to do because you can chain-work everything and add mountains of new stuff in the game, sometimes just too big and tricky to do anything right now, or offering perspective or way out of other problems in the future.
      No rules, everything’s good.

      Only suggestions I don’t like is “conformism mow-mow” : suggested to do something just because everyone else did it.
      Re-doing an existing game, doing stuff that already exists everywhere on the net (like furry, bondage, happy sex or futa), doing an RPG or a dating game because “because”, etc…
      Doesn’t mean I will not listen to it or do it in the end, but the complete absence of thinking/observation that motivates those suggestions just outrage me and put me to boredom-sleep in 2 seconds at the same time.
      I understand and respect the fact it pleases people, but I’m not wired to play along with conformism, when there would be so much funnier and magnificient original stuff to do, sorry ;)


      For 412 pregnancies, great number, lol !
      I think I made “levels medals” (those little text at bottom of the shop) until dozens of thousands of pregnancies, lol, you still have a good way to go !
      I think about adding a ladder, somehow and someday, too.


      For “knowing what’s best for KoPC”, this has been a great useless debate I had with former communities of players, on my previous job, for years.
      I’ve never been able to make them understand I respected them, but this notion they feel is a complete non-sense, in every dialectic and conceptual way.
      Doesn’t mean it should be ignored, but… I don’t know, I’ve never been able to explain it, as I said, it’s too much obvious to me, it’s kind of a “cogito ergo sum” case, lol !

      Anyway, thx for this feedback, I appreciate it !

  • timeboy says:

    Don’t worry too much about the sounds, that will all work out somehow.

    The way I see it, with the scenarios increasing dramatically what should be your priority is making sure they don’t get repetitive too soon.

    variety in actions is one thing but for me personally the stage-specific dialogues are usually what makes me play them over again. Unique positions (the cake, the sofa,…) also improve things enormously.

    You could also consider slowing down the upgraded click buttons ( but maybe not their points system ;) ) so things don’t end in seconds after a while.

    Oh and please make some new scenarios give decent rewards, i’m getting tired of grinding the bunny photo shoot mission for credits ;p

    Keep up the good work, it is appreciated!

    • Mattis says:

      Yeah, you sense what I sensed since months ago, already : we can and have to go far beyond what we have, now, in terms of “game walls” ;)

      That’s also where my lack of professionnal skills and one-man-team foundation show up badly, by not making all those essential and so obvious stuff happening fast enough !
      Some kind of neverending “proto-game” feeling.

      That’s where your hard work begins, as players/supporters.
      You have to endure and stay faithful and supportive.
      I know by experience I/we will get there, with time.
      But “with time”, alas, so much time, too much time!
      Cope with me, because you will suffer, yes, but it’s your worth it, trust me on that !

  • Randomguy75 says:

    It would be great if you could add a customize girl’s name ability in free play if possible, but keep up the great work regardless.

    • Mattis says:

      Thx for the support ! Always needed !

      For those kind of personnal customization, it will come.
      It’s just it’s a huge module, it needs work.
      But it’s planned, don’t worry.

  • FCDandyton says:

    When I was working in Flash, I got some VERY SHITTY sound quality UNTIL I discovered that Flash will automatically lower sound quality when it publishes, unless you tell it to do otherwise.

    Maybe this isn’t the problem you’re having? But I just figured I’d share that with you.


    • Mattis says:

      Thx for the advice, I will look into that!
      But that’s more the general feeling of those new sounds.
      It’s “one shot” sounds, so with looping sex animations, it just feels weird, too weird, lol!

  • LokiHale says:

    ok soooo ive been playing your game for a very long time now and for some reason the part of “activate codes” i have NO CLUE what it means,
    i must be like retarded or something cuz i havent found any “codes” anywhere. mind telling me what it is about? or the purpose for it? it would help me from being a moron and typing random stuff into the box lmfaooo


    • Mattis says:

      Thx for the compliment, always love that ;)

      For the codes, it may be because I’m unclear about the terminology.
      A common invisible problem : finding the right “words” to describe a thing, in a game, and always using the same one so there’s no confusion anywhere is an underestimated science !

      “Codes”, “passwords”, “cheat codes” : same thing, here, it’s a word/expression that you can write in the box and that activates special stuff in the game.

      There’s very few of them, in KoPC, and “cheat codes” is a bad choice of words in our case because none really “help” with the game itself.
      (maybe just one, but just a little)

      I usually don’t give them to anyone when asked, because they don’t really do big stuff anyway, and because I prefer people to search for them (a matter of principe !)
      Because they ARE on the blog : from time to time, I list them in the news, directly (like “passwords are : xxxxxxx, yyyyyy, zzzzzzz”, etc…).

      So, in the end, they CAN be found on the blog.
      They’re not even hidden.
      Very easy to be found if you systematically read the news and posts I take the time to write. (hahaha, that’s the point !)
      A little more difficult if you don’t, but still manageable.

      It serves my purpose : making people search a little for them, and rewarding people that follows me with zeal.
      But I will probably re-list them in the news on next update release, because it seems a lot of people have a very hard time finding them !

  • Tayle says:

    Fun game and thank you for all the work you put into it!

    I have a naïve question too: Why is the guy’s penis drawn to look like it has a red hex type pattern on it? Is that supposed to represent veins?

    I feel stupid asking that :P

  • Jack says:

    Been watching playing for a long time, I love the game
    And the graphics are great compared to ones from
    the first update, so keep doing what your doing

    :D .

    • Mattis says:

      Interesting development, isn’t it ?
      And mind-blowing thing is I knew even before starting this game where I was going and was able to bring, with time !
      And we are still far from what I imagined at the very beginning, there’s still magnificent times ahead !

      But it’s pure luck we got this far, because all this depends mainly of how people support my work (morally, financially, etc…).
      If the game hadn’t receive great support from the very beginning, I wouldn’t had been able to sustain the effort of developping it (I’m not some kind of lonely masochist crusader willing to sacrifice himself just for fun)

      So, keep going forever, and I will keep too ;)

  • Mark says:

    Hey I just recently discovered your game and I just want to say I absolutely love the work you do. Please keep it up! I’m dropping a few dollars into it next paycheck.

  • RedShocktrooper says:

    Just as a thought, while I might not be able to offer very much input for KoPC, any chance you might make an updated version of FUG and taking turns?

    • Mattis says:

      Hi RedShock !
      Depends, what would be an updated version of those games, for you ?
      (because for my part, I don’t really have ideas, for them, right now)

      • RedShocktrooper says:

        Well, for one, talking girls, for two more customization and bits (For instance, edits upon the existing position for “against a wall” and “against the table” for FUG, and cumming in/out options for that Taking Turns one).

        Basically more or less taking what you’ve learned making KoPC and sort of back-adapting it to your older games.

        • Mattis says:

          Problem is survival, and money.
          I spare you my long story and unrewarding past (already developped here and there on the blog), but fact is I would love improving old games, write big novels, do tons of drawings and all kind of stuff like that, but it wouldn’t bring anything to eat on the table.

          Maybe one day, when I will be so rich I could eat 3 meals per day, or even 4, and everyday ! (I know, I’m a big dreamer, lol)
          Then my life will less be about survival and I could get back to doing stuff like improving old games, lol ;)

          But it could always be suggested as next donation program, who knows ?
          If we can gather lists of some easy and fun features to add to old games, fix some price to it and ask people, maybe they would like to help bringing back some new life in those fun early works ?

  • HookahLord says:

    Hey man,
    fan of your work from Czech Republic, i just wanna say that I played lots of hentai games, but in the end, i always end with KoPC. :)
    So, im gonna donate you with my next pocket money, I would love to donate more, and more often, but im just a poor student, and your game gives me much appreciated unwind, so keep up the good work, and if I pick up some job I may be able to support you financialy more often. :)

    • Mattis says:

      Thx for that, it’s always appreciated !
      And even for art and game theme aside, KoPC’s worth it.
      Because :
      1) – it’s not finished, and even always improving.
      2) – it’s open, I mean A LOT !

      Of course, it doesn’t often go the way people’s want, and it’s not really perfect, but it still means whatever you have in mind, it can end up in the game, eventually, and there will never be a point where you can say “I don’t like that, and it’s never gonna change, ever”.
      Limitless possibilities ! … with time and sweat, but still ! :) )

  • Valkner says:

    sup mattis…
    maybe your game is not perfect, but it’s great, and that is what make it perfect, at least for me
    btw, sadly, i don’t have money even for pay internet, but trust me, the next time i’m gonna donate you, maybe a little, but it’s the last thing i can do…

    pd1 sorry for my bad english
    pd2 greetings from Chile

    • Mattis says:

      Yeah, Chile ! We got a lot of people from a lot of countries, lol, it’s really nice !
      Don’t worry for your english, I’m not english-native too, so it’s ok for me !