Sexforge mmorpg summary

Sexforge started. Current progress :

- Core engine structure :

  • – Database global organization : members & characters first skeleton done.
  • - Technical interface & communication : taming the beast, but working good so far.
  • - Securisation : done as I go. (no ID, critical data or password client-side/travelling, + context double-check server-side on every call)

- Game structure :

  • - Main menu : first draft in progress.
  • - Log-in, sign-in, disconnect : first draft working.
  • - Main character creation : starting context working, custom skeleton done, first useful draft in progress.
  • - Main game menus (central ressources/cards/accesses, options, custom) : first draft done.
  • - Travel menu, locations, NPCs, dialogs menus : first draft working!
  • - Upgrade menu, options menu, intro : first temporary versions done & working.
  • - Tchat menu : prototype working!
  • - To come : finish main parameters (player & main character), & other game menus (quest-journal, sex catalog, den/base).

- Gameplay :

  • - Active/passive click fuck system : first dynamic tests done and working.
  • - Staging fuck through quests : first draft working.
  • - Optimisation : huge slowdown observed, first attempts on simplifying the fuck engine charge.
  • - Fuck level progress : working so far on basic functionnalities.
  • - Interfacing fuck on entry, exit, + database entry & exit, & various game engines : working so far.
  • - First temporary version of upgrade menu :  done & working.
  • - To come : developpement on fuck bases (functionnalities, options, complexity, test-drives, etc…)

- ‘RPG’ engine :

  • - Basic structure of all quests/missions/dialogs/stories : modulary open skeleton done.
  • - ‘Quest’ creation/writing engine : first deep draft done & working.
  • - Game interfacing with quests/stories (dynamic locations & NPCs & topics & dialogs) : main first draft working.
  • - Fuck stage definition & calling : first draft working.
  • - Automatic ’save state’ and rpg engine pointers : working so far.
  • - First batch of special actions working : starting point, end dialog, accept quest, end quest, fuck stage.
  • - First overall simplification/centralisation of every tools, datas & interface done.
  • - To come : quest creation interface depths (privileges), quest journal, all reward system, refining npc staging designs.

- Character engine :

  • - New ragdoll engine : first draft done.
  • - Import engine, dynamic generation, definition and posing : first draft done & working. (gasp !)
  • - Linkage with database & core game engine : first draft working. (double gasp !)
  • - Dynamic modification/update : working.
  • - Dynamic parts importation first draft done. (complete library sort-out and AS-export)
  • - First strip options to test stuff : working.
  • - First tweaks for mood & looks imperatives, bases for attitudes : first draft done.
  • - Location “tinting” for better visual inclusion : reshape of the whole engine & first draft working.
  • - First NPC inclusion : temporary one done / in progress.
  • - First simplification & centralisation of custom infos. (more to come)
  • - Gender change & partner preference working
  • - First key concepts on “emotion engine”.
  • - Various thing : new colors, custom completion & debugging.
  • - To come : deeper linkage with core, face/emotion engine, second/secondary character handling.

- Artworks :

  • - First generic ragdolls : naked male and female’s done.
  • - First poses tests done.
  • - Alternate body types & fixes in progress.
  • - First clothes and underwears done, first batch of basic customs.
  • - Game teaser done (first pose, clicking system).
  • - First NPC concepts.
  • - First background concepts.
  • - First NPC done & included.
  • - Game menu design
  • - Symbol design & graphical charts.
  • - Intro story artworks.
  • - To come : first batch of NPCs, second batch of customs, faces, problematics solutions, rest of menu designs.

First alpha version completion : done! (be processed/charged at least 1$ on patreon page, or make a paypal donation here, to get access!

Alpha v2 objectives : new sex poses, one full round of NPCs (one for each color), new quests. first multiplayer interactions ?

Alpha v2 completion : just starting! Timeframe unknown!


If you missed the beginning : I’m trying to create a rpg (with potential multiplayer), using my previous and current solid experiences, as well as some help, from my sponsor (for hosting), and for players (through suggestions, and donations to finance the project !).
It should be both a flash game and a php/sql game. Meaning great looks and animations, and deep persisting world datas behind it, with lots of RPG, management or multiplayer interactions and tremendous game possibilities for the long run.
A few posts already been made to explain my intentions, and a few answers has been made to get the think-tank started, so we could came up with what players seemed to like the most.
So, this page try to summarize all this to get everyone to page.
As it is, it’s mainly “guide” concepts to just give you some ideas of what the game could look like, everything is moving, changing, improving and detailling as I (and will) develop it.
(Note : I made players comments mine, just for clarity purpose, but it’s a team reflexion for sure, don’t get me wrong!)


About the development and release :
- I plan to go like KoPC, for this game : starting very very small and unimpressive (but releasing it right away, you won’t have to wait months or years to see it !), but building it up with regular updates, until it becomes a monster beyond measures and for all pleasure!
If you don’t trust this process, just read all this blog : it’s a more-than-a-year long testimony and proof how reliable I am and constantly improving on those kind of “evolutive development”. I’m no quiter.
- For finance, it’s a project all up to players : I have too many projects, too few ressources. If I can get my money behind it, I will, as usual, but it’s mainly up to you to support it and fuel up updates. Especially so because we’re hiring “real pros”, for this game : artists and writers and so on, to jump up the quality !
Also, I don’t eat air nor live in a box on the street with 48h of free time per day, for those wondering where this money goes. Anyway you’re not forced to anything : the game updates can be slow, if support is scarce, it’s not the end of the world. And if support is tremendous, full speed and full power on it, of course!!

About technical problems : server, traffic, cheaters, scripts or global balance issues.
-> Don’t worry, I got some experience in making amateur mmo in solo, it was my previous job.
Game should be hosted on MSG server, big and secure enough for millions of views, we’re good.
Cheating and scripts are about exploiting unadressed flaws in the game. Often, making sure your game is well-though in advance prevent LOOOOTS of problems, and making constant updates and keeping communication with the players take care of the rest.
For global balance, I’m a noob-lover and a versatile creator if there’s any, I take care of everyone, and so, don’t tend to create one-sided systems or to keep issues in the game “because you’re too dumb, just play better”.
That said, nobody’s perfect, me even less than other. You’ll have to deal with the fun of glitches and bugs. (because yeah, can be fun ^^)
And if really all hells get loose, well… at least we would have tried, and we have tons of other projects, minigames or not, to fall back on !


About gender/general approach : straight, gay, futas, etc… ?
-> Game should address those stuff, asked time and time again : sex for everyone, choose your preference anytime.
Easy peasy : at character creation, you’ll have to define 4 traits :
– general gender : male or female
– sex gender : penis or pussy. (dickgirls are classic, but pussyboy less common)
– preference : male, female, both (will decide what you encounter in the game)
– position : fucker or fuckee.

4 traits to please them (almost) all, without changing the game : everything will be dynamically adapted to those traits : the people you encounters, and how poses you have work with them.
Trust me, not that hard, just need works.
Next paragraphes are in a “fucker male with penis liking females” perspective, but keep in mind it can translate to every other combination in a single click (even along the game), if you feel left out.


About the gameplay :

Card game : card visual presentation is fun, nice, simple, very open and powerful tool.
The game will probably use that somehow, as well as collectible aspect. (NOT influencing pure power of players and create balance issue)

Ressource gathering through sex : the game will be some kind of “build up your ressources” thing.
Instead of having peons harvesting them with pickaxes and hatchets, it will be about having sex with people/at specific locations.
Example : go to forest and have sex with elves to gather wood. (increase your level in forest skills or affinity with elves to gather more and more quickly)
With time, you could recruit people at your base, and develop automatic in-walls sex to gather stuff.
Problem was raised that linking races or fetishes to specific ressources could alienate players that don’t like those races/fetishes in particular, and handicap them in the game mechanics as a result. Don’t worry : they will not be directly linked. You will be able to have any fetish on any race with any ressources. (it will be 3 paths/”branching trees” in themselves, but separate)

Clicker mechanics : lots of deep clicker games proved it can be a very versatile and rich way to go. Even aside allowing touchscreen users and easy-to-get gameplay, playing on various color matching, RPG combat stuff like attack/defense/HP/dodge/critical/special skills, and active/passive clicking offers loads of possibilities for everyone.

Breeding, of course : you know me, impregnation is my big thing (since 2008 d-z ‘get laid with tsunade 2’ game, lol ^^), this will be big part of the game.
Main idea is : breeding is the only way to ‘level up’ on some basic characteristics, but would be a ‘control variable’, for example by erasing parents in the process, or as big quest reward.
This way, it would keep leveling on a leach, as well as expurging unecessary characters as it goes, and proving worthy of something.
Do you breed your warrior and magician to create a powerful dual combat-mage heir, or do you keep them a little more ?
Do the other player will accept to breed his powerful character with yours, so you both share the offsprings, or does he asks for a better ‘deal’ ?
Will that legendary queen accept to be impregnanted by your main character so you get a powerful score of Leadership skill out of her participation ?


About multiplayer aspects :

General idea : the game will be “asynchronous”, meaning you’ll not directly live play with other players. (at least not that I know)
But like any facebook game, or web-based ones like or lulaonline or sexgangsters, that doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t interact at all !
The comparison stops here, I got my own ideas after that, do NOT worry about having nothing to play with nor being stolen while your away, the game ought to be fun !
So, probably coop questing, private battle between clans (with different but equivalent bonuses for everyone), ladders, special and limited fields/aspects for confrontation not impacting on main crucial ressources, etc… there’s plenty solutions, it will come in its time.

“Sports” competitions : leagues could be open to players, at random, requiring/comparing specific characteristics to sort the winners.
Free to enter, prize depending on number of inscriptions, even the last one could have a little something, so, always worth it !
Every competition would stay open a few days, and showing players already signed in, having the sex activity they choose (or imposed by the competition) with the character(s) they pick and lock for this.
Simple, “eye candy” for everyone, balanced : you don’t always have the perfect girl/guy available to sign in, or are not interested in the field displayed, but anyway you don’t lose anything, you just win, even a little ! ^^
As the game evolves, ’static inscription’ and ‘results based on specific characteristics’ could be agremented with competition consisting in real minigames scoring.
Sexual fights, speed massive impregnations, poker, race, strategic stuff, button masher, whatever !

(more kind of multiplayer content to come, of course)


About the background : as someone mentionned, not an easy question.
I am pleased with fantasy setting, because it “talks” more, with a ressource-gathering system, questing, etc…
But it could incite people to compare my mmo with others. And there’s already tons of fantasy mmos with far more budget, resources and fame. Not good for us.
Same goes for equipment and rpg elements and matters : I CAN’T compete, not even a little, with all that is out there, and people that understand that will be sad anyway we can’t have everything they have, and other will force-compare. Better not go that way.
Could be superheroes, mafias, cartoonish, there’s really a lot of ways to go.
In the end, we went for a sci-fi context.
Because there can be all the rest in it : discovering a planet full of superheros, or working into medieval settings, mechas, space nurses, etc…
So, for now, we will go with the story of one distant populated colony, diving into a strange sex powers ascension, will lots of secrets around that and a big universe still to be discovered around.
It fits every imperatives and every objectives, without closing any door.
(but that said, there’s matter for dozens of MMO, anyways, don’t put their realisation on my sole shoulders, even if given the opportunity I would gladly do them too)


Miscellaneous ideas :

Playing a “head” team instead of one character : you may play a “general”, but with other main officers, and also a “clan” of active followers, in addition of your harem. Pyramidal, opening to several possibilities of gameplay.
For example, harem people could be at risk of disappearing, being stolen/lost, but if you make some of them gain enough levels, those chosen ones become ‘followers’, up for simple tasks and not going away. ‘Officers’ will be the only ones to send for true game/quests, and ‘General’ only one with persistent glorious capacities. (like breeding without any death or malus, lol)


But the plot ? The general idea ? The screenshots ?
All that can be found on the patreon page, or will be left to be discovered in the game, of course !

Didn’t put everything here, it’s not the place, it’s just a “summary”.
Will edit it as we progress !

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  • ShiroSeigi says:

    I like this, putting all the information in one place. Easy to find, easy to post updates.

    I’m liking character creation as well, I didn’t realize you were going to make the hero character a part (major part?) of the game. Cool.

    As far as the fetish and resources go, would it be too complicated to have drop down menus? I know a lot of game use the checkboxes, where you check if you like the fetish and no check (or X) for not wanting. But I think dropdowns could also work.

    For example, you could have the list of resources or classes and next to each you could have maybe 2 drop down menus. the first could be race and the second could be trait (futa, big breast, etc) unless you make the traits built into the race, then it would only need 1 drop down.

    Also, this way a player could choose to put ‘high-elf’ on EVERY category, if this person only wants to play with elves. And it would remove the irritation of having your favorite ‘fetish’ as the end game resource. i.e. let’s say platinum is mined by space-kittens(ppl or whatever) then you’d have to wait to get to that part of the game before being able to get them.

    Unless all resource types are available from the beginning? Not that I would have a problem with that, because I wouldn’t. I just don’t know how one would need to alter the mechanics of the game for that to work.

    Ok, that’s enough about resources.

    About breeding, if we’re going to lose or ‘expend’ the parents to achieve a child, should we not call it something else? Like sacrifice (but this might suggest dubious powers at work) or fusion?
    I personally like fusion. …. Fu-shion…HAAAA….. Ok, no dragon ball z, I get it, I get it.

    I guess what it’s called is up to you in the end so …

    I think multiplayer is moving in the right direction, it’ll get ironed out as time goes on.

    The biggest issue right now, I see is background. So … do you absolutely want a general theme? Because, if you did a complete ‘cross-over’ style, you wouldn’t need to worry about it.

    That would be my solution anyways. No need to choose a set universe when you potentially pick all of them. Also, it would mean you’d need less ‘uniformity’ in the game overall.

    But I suppose if you’re trying to go for story line or plot this may not work …. hmm. Especially if you’re wanting the game to be super serious about itself.

    But just think, players could vote on what ‘worlds’ the game starts with and which to add as time goes on. And if a ‘world’ doesn’t meet the standards then it can get completely removed from the game without actually wrecking the game at all.

    Personally though, if I had to choose one I’d agree with you. I’m with fantasy all the way. Not a huge fan of superheros, not a huge fan of mafia (but only because I haven’t seen one get the work it needs to be good), and sci-fi could be good but it’s also more difficult.

    But yes, in my personal non-professional opinion, having a little bit of everything would make more sense, similar to how you’re having (or going to have) mulitple fetishes. Everyone probably won’t like EVERYTHING, but everyone should like something.

    If this happens:
    I will probably get the wild-west girl for completion’s sake, but western themed areas annoy me for some reason. Yes, I really do have to catch ‘em all. On the other hand, I am going to love the shit out of the ancient japan area. samurais, ninjas, geishas, rice hats …. omg.

    And the final bit, ‘playing a “head” team instead of one character’, while I do like certain aspects of this … I feel like it may be against the ‘doesn’t lose anything in pvp’ notion you were saying earlier. Or have you changed your mind about that?

    To say the least, it certainly sounds like an interesting idea, but I can’t really make any judgement on it until I understand how it would be implemented. Because it could easily control the feel of the game. And therefore, ‘make or break’ it.

    Well, that’s all I got for now.

    As always, keep up the good work.

    p.s. if it isn’t obvious, I voted for the mmo. lol

    • Mattis says:

      I can keep track, as I get notices, and as I read everything and always takes notes as I do, but yep, could be pretty damn confusing for everyone else, lol ;)

      Lot of thx for your positive statements.
      At first I thought you were digging deeper into every little subject and offering counterpoint, but no, you were just saying what you like, often.
      And THAT is moral support, motivating as well as informative about what players like (like really, like a little, whatever) and how they see things.

      Anyway, quick comment :

      - About fetishes : still jungle thought-territory. Will be clear out with time. (but yeah, checkbox could work. I’m not against the idea, anyway)

      - About ressources : same thing, but I don’t think it will be as malleable as fetishes. We’ll see.

      - About multiplayer and pvp : yeah, will come soon after, and will be fine, don’t worry. ;)

      - Fuuuuuu-shion ! (glad someone else think like that, lol ^^)

      - For background, as well as general impression : problem is, it will be theorically impossible to please everyone, or anyone. (especially given the context). Please don’t chase colossal shadows of a “perfect total game”.
      Trying is good, always, but as any philosophy, it’s all about measure between aspiration, reflexion, and concrete action ;)

      But as it is, having a general impression is hard mainly because, yes : there’s no background to fix us ! A game is not its mechanism and gameplays, moreover in hentai where the point is to be aroused !
      “Oh yeah, fap on this wisdom score opening a new tech tree !”

      For me, if anyone. I’m NOT aroused by algorithms. I need pictures and virtual flesh to get inspired, and be able to think “ok, that’s where I want to go, the feels I want to obtain and share with everyone. Now how do I get there ?”
      If I can’t picture it, I can’t create it. (or ask artists to draw anything for me to start the thing !)
      And on this, mafia wars or “no background at all, just total patchwork” don’t get me enough mind pictures to go on.

      At this point, and for other big reasons (like the promotion of the mmo outside, which is needed to bring people that could financially support it so the MMO can exist, simple as that ^^), it’s more or less the time to compact infinity into some background lines.

      And on this, scifi works, and would allow us this complete patchwork of themes anyway. (think “mechquest” or “Dr Who” : good examples of how completely versatile scifi is)

      Hmm… I feel I’ll begin to make less and less sense, lol, I’ll end it here for now, got a KoPC update and a racing game to finish, anyway.

  • John Markos says:

    Hey, have you looked at Marvel Avengers Alliance? It uses a system for combat that’s really simple for them to create and extend (low graphical requirements), but works really well for indepth combat – and might be convertible to your card based format (the game has you collecting different heroes and gear, which might as well be on cards – they’re just images).

    Anyway, just a thought. Looking forward to this. Liked the racing game, btw.

    • Mattis says:

      Hmm, I didn’t knew it, but it looks like a “Heroes of Might & Magic” / “Final fantasy” turn based combat system, right ?
      This could be interesting, yes.
      I was thinking more about a real-time gameplays, though.
      Because … reasons, let’s not go into unecessary details.
      But yeah, turn-based combat isn’t to be overlooked, it’s a powerful very well known system, I will think about that.

      Thx for mentionning it !

  • WC Gordan says:

    Mattis if you don’t mind I will talk my main ideas by e-mail. I just don’t want them to be hanging out in the open for everyone to steal, I do wish to collaborate a lot though, i helped a bit with KoPC but that one was already in stage where i couldn’t affect it much =)

    Here are just general ideas about what is written in the post above and comments on how it can be improved and some personal preferences.

    1) Well there is not enough fetishes to my taste mentioned.
    2) I would prefer to have it as an army making through breeding thingy, and to balance out fetishes, it should allow to reach same benefit with a few different ways. So you give a choice rather than forcing people to do something.
    3) And even if you do force them to do something, it can be done in background, like they don’t have to watch the video, they may choose just to see a status bar, because of the fetishes.
    4) I want to have a free market. I can help design a really good one, all the ideas on how to do it i will mention in private if you are interested (you must be, good free market is what most of the MMO games are missing, especially those on facebook, and that is a shame)
    5) And last but not least. Paying players should not be overpowered, well you probably want people to pay, but I think as you don’t want to force them to see fetishes, you shouldn’t force them to pay, actually benefit of paying should be tied into market system I think, I know at least 1 very successful MMO where they have done exactly that. (more details in private again)

  • corrupted_data says:

    I like the sci-fi idea, as it does make a good catch-all category. However, I also have another idea that could be used similarly and would be, I think, more original. You could use a sort of combination of the mob wars and sci-fi by making a post apocalyptic world similar to Fallout, where there’s no traditional government, but rather, territories with different rules, races, fetishes, and landscapes. Each territory could be ruled by a different gang or militant group, each with their own theme (sort of like the movie Warriors). There could be a medieval fantasy group, a carnival group, a cyberpunk group, a biker group, a feudal japan group, a superhero group, the sky is the limit. This allows the patchwork world idea while still having a consistant overall theme and world. Just an idea I had, feel free to use whatever parts you like and discard the rest. I’m confidant you’ll make this MMO the best it can be.

    • Mattis says:

      Lol, you’re not the first one to propose the “dieselpunk” universe (like VintageBass described it).
      But I see Fallout/dieselpunk stuff everywhere, as far as I’m concerned, so I don’t feel like it’s that original. :/
      And all zombie wave of those last ten years is… well, different, nowadays, but flirting with that too, in my opinion. A few more hurons and 80’s music and we’re there ^^

      Still an awesome universe to play in, though!
      But I would incline more toward “Akira” punk / shadowrun / mega-corporations scifi, for the MMO.
      Not the very same taste, but much more colorful and versatile (junk nations AND spreading pop culture or high-tech lords), which would adapt better to some “color-driven” mechanics and visual identification of this patchwork we aim for.

      Fallout universe tend to have a “dirty”/”stinky” aspect I have difficulty to work with.
      But scraping up Sex Racers engine to remake the Mad Max 2 truck chase, hell yeah! And KoPC seems to develop a lot on that, with late Rancid awesome contributions on Icarus campaign, so, maybe saving that universe for this module. (just like I tend to save “mafia” aspects for potential future Sex Pit developments)
      That said, I will start to have second thoughts, if people keep suggesting it naturally, lol.

  • corrupted_data says:

    Actually, I was thinking much more colorful and comic book style than Fallout. I just meant similar in the sense that it’s post apocalyptic and therefore there would be a logical explanation for the chaotic state of things. I definitely agree that the dusty, grimey look of Fallout is neither your style or the way to go. In terms of art style I was thinking something closer to Sunset Overdrive or Saints Row: crazy, zany, outlandish, and definitely colorful. Again, it’s just a thought. I’m sure whatever you do will be awesome. I’m definitely a fan of the space noir idea.

  • Elsa says:

    Will there be non consensual events in the game that can happen to the player? Would really like that.

    • Mattis says:

      You should play my other games, you’ll have your answer ;)
      But that said, as I already explore a lot those kind of stuff on my other games, I may try to be more consensual on Sexforge. At least just at first.
      With time and support, of course, I will probably develop all kind of more specific or different stuff ;)

  • RedShocktrooper says:

    Will it be available for non-patreon users? Paying with my Paypal is kind of the only way I’m willing to pay, and using it to pay for an H-game’s patreon might well get it suspended.

    • Mattis says:

      Hi RedShock! How are you doing ?

      I can produce for people accesses to the Code Redeemer program (a central place to exchange codes for all my games, previous ones included), or to Sexforge alpha, yes, through a paypal donation using that blog’s button.
      But you’ll have to precise it in the donation additionnal message.
      Like “Hi, it’s redshocktrooper, can you put 20% of this sum for Sexforge, and the rest for the Code Redeemer ? Thx”
      This way I’ll know who and how to sort the thing out.
      (it’s of course repeatable and all and offer lots of freedom : it was the whole point of making some complex automatic engine about that)

      Have a good day!

      • RedShocktrooper says:

        I’ve been alright.

        I’m not sure I understand what you’re getting at. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you said that by using the paypal donation button on this blog, and leaving a note for you, that would clarify things?

        Sorry, but I am wary to openly mention Sexforge in the paypal notice. Would simply saying “It’s RedShock, 20% goes to the Patreon, and the rest is for Code Redeemer” work?

  • Garrett says:

    When does this game come out, and Where can I get/play it?

    • Mattis says:

      Good question :

      1) No idea when it will come out, I’m the worst at guessing that. (one way or another!)

      2) But the alpha is already out since some months.
      Accessible only to patreon supporters, though, as they are the one who are making this game possible by financing it, and it’s at an ultra raw early stage of development when there’s basically no stuff to play with. (aside a few quests, but that would merely take 5 minutes to go through)
      Click the ’sexforge’ banner on right side of my site to get more infos and aboard ;)

      • Decker says:

        i’ve been thinking on pledging one bug to get the access

        but i’m a little concerned about the development progress
        could you give a rough description of how much progress you make
        per week (or month) on this game?

        • Mattis says:

          Well, I’ve been doing one news every 4 or 5 days since a year, now, lol!
          Though how much progress is made per week/month isn’t in any way a criteria for quality, fun or sexyness. Any big business can make “daily developement breakthrough”, news and all.
          They’ve been doing that for decades. Yet we’re still waiting for a any real big good game!
          Just check on patreon homepage of the project to see sneak peek, check on public comments & responses, and you’ll see.
          Or just pledge 1 single dollar, read all the news you can/want, and cancel your pledge if you don’t appreciate what you saw.
          (pledges are processed only at the end of the month, you won’t be charged anything until then, that leaves plenty of time to check stuff around)