Sexforge FaQ

What is Sexforge?
A massive online RPG game, with tons of revolutionnary features and contents. (I spare you the details, all present on the page)
As a game that huge and profuse couldn’t magically happen, it’s counting on you to exist, through crowdfunding, via a support page on (this page)

Is the game censored, like in screenshots ?
Absolutely not! It’s because have blurry rules for hentai work. So I have to censor all the various pictures from it.

Where do I get it?
The game is web-based, meaning it’s not downloadable, and there’s nothing to install : you just go on a specific website and log-in to play it! (yes, even on smartphones! With a flash player app if necessary)
For the time being, the game is in “closed alpha” status, only crowdfunding platforms contributors can have the url and access the game to play it in current state.

How do I get the url/become a patreon contributor?
1 – Create a account, and go to this page.
2 – Pledge at least 1$ to it, fill/check your payment infos to not have it ‘declined’.
3 - Be charged by for your pledge, in the end of current month. (”pledges” aren’t charged at all, on! Not until end of the month!)
4 - Patient until the 7th of following month, time when send me all the processed results and I can create accesses.
5 - Check for the patreon private message I send you the same day, with Sexforge alpha’s url (if you haven’t been declined, of course). I always post a news this same day to tell people accesses were sent, so keep patience.
6 – Go to the url provided, register in the game using your e-mail. (the game will check you’re a real contributor to avoid cheaters/url thieves)
7 – Have fun, you’re in!
(ex : if you pledge 14th of May, you’ll be charged the 30th or so, and receive access the 7th of June)

And for suscribestars or discord-donation contributors ?
I’m still new in those platforms, but I’ll probably manually add you somehow, and/or install the same kind of process there!
Write me!

What do I get for my contributions?

I convert each month (the 7th. Everything happen on the 7th) your support into “in-game reward credits”.
You can then use those credits any way you want, to redeem various rewards and bonuses. (furry races to unlock, various perks, ressources packs, different boosts, etc…)
It’s a better system than the regular one, which is forcing a specific reward on you, and only once usually.
With this better “in-game reward credits” system, you can save your support for later, change it from month to month to get more credits if you need, and choose yourself what reward you want and when!

Why the game is in alpha?
Mainly because the database is not optimized enough. If we open the game to public now, the amount of player will completely crash the server.
I’m alone handling this project, and not skilled enough to compensate for that.
Also, the game lacks some crucial features, which would make the game feel “really incomplete”. If we go “beta” or “1.0″, players will just say “why this game is in beta/1.0? It’s incomplete!”
The closed alpha is just fully justified as is.

Why don’t you “charge upfront”, on, so we can get in sooner?
Because changes and adds features regularly, and I can’t follow up and change my whole system too, each time they decide to add or remove an option, alas.
Aside, it would require tons of additionnal manual “check-in” of new supporters and all (on top of an already time-consuming process), I wouldn’t have time left to develop the game!
We got the best solution already in place, until provides more automatization for creators!

Other questions?
Ask them on page or by e-mail (my address is on the right)
Remember to tell me what game & topic you talk about! (I got tons of e-mails about tons of different games, and I don’t have a fortune teller crystal ball yet!)

—————————— pitch page recap

(note : real game is fully uncensored, of course!)

In a galaxy of wonders and lust, raise your banner and kink your way to the ultimate throne!
In a distant future, you are a newcomer in a lewd group of colonies ruled by sex, gifted with rising strange sexual powers. You will discover their mysterious ature, learn how to master them, and get to know the exotic inhabitants to turn them in your favor, in this world of sensual conflict between major factions. Unleash your fuckgasm to make your way to the top!

Achieve your goals by gathering, breeding & mastering your inner fuck powers and harem, and have fun using rich and innovative ressource-management-by-sex gameplay!

Explore a deep and colorful story full of characters, races, factions and interactions, learn and perform loads of sex positions, collect customisation gizmos, or compete and cooperate with other players in sex leagues & quests!

Features :
- a never-seen sex orientation freedom : male or female genitals, bodies, prefered partners : all independant from each other, and the engine will adapt all the NPCs & stories to your choices! Finally a game for everyone!
- loads of custom options : hair, clothes, boobs, cocks, faces, eyes, hats, glasses, coloring of all sort, you name it!
- free to collect and choose the sex poses you like to perform at any time!
- loads of stories and campaigns, arcs and wonders to discover and explore, with archives and journals to follow it all!
- recruit minions for your harem, for personnal pleasure and customisation, or to be sent in missions for you!
- soon to come multiplayer fuck tournaments, leagues & coops!
- soon to come breeding evolutions and massive skill system and fuck-combat powers!

But like anything ambitious, this project can’t live up to these expectations with no support, especially when I employ a bunch of professional collaborators to give you the time and quality this project deserves!
So it’s a project for you, by you !

Thinking his is just another game that will never happen? Hell no! The alpha is already out and playable for processed supporters, and the game is improving every day, more than ever, thanks to patreons contribution! But we’re far from it yet, and I will like to be able to put my very versatile, reliable and productive experience in hentai games (check out all my stuff and links on  to rocket this project to the sky, with your help!

It’s a living evolutive project, full of hidden wonders just waiting your help to raise to amazing levels! You’ll get real update after update, while you will also get privileged rewards, accesses and bonuses for your support!

So, jump in and fly onward to kinky adventures!