Sex pit heads-up

Hi, my beautiful ones ! ;)

Ok, so, yeah, you seems to “enjoy” my latest game, The Sex Pit !
Let’s wrap this up !

“The Sex Pit” was a little side project, I didn’t planned to make it some big ass KoPC adventure out of it. (at least not for now)
I was trying to make a game a little more “complicated” than usual, because that what I was good at, in my previous job, and wanted to see if I could transpose the fun I used to have, years ago, in nowadays hentai flash games.
Turns out it was far more difficult and less fun than I guessed it would be.

On top of that, you were very vocal about how “imperfect” the game is, right upon release, and drop on my head a big santa list of wishes/suggestions/requests/complains (depending on people) right away.


So I still did a little quickie update with some fixes.
Namely :
- “beat up” now cost health, not money.
- virgin girl put some blood on dicks, and get *3 multiplier on money gained.
- girls info panel got some fixes
- some details I don’t bother you with.
- and mainly : getting rid of timer everywhere except pure sex (which was the highest claim). (now nights end when there’s no client left)
(check on mysexgames for update, same url : )

We lose something, but we gain a little more, yes.
That being, I really don’t like that, because that creates a dangerous precedent, where “you shout”, and “I do”.
That’s how my previous job drifted, with time.
And on this path, there’s no light at the end of the tunnel : people are more and more convinced their wishes should be my order.
They convince themselves I have some kind of “obligation” to be at their command and to comply to their requests, because their requests seem “fair” or “good”.
(like it has anything to do with the thing : it would be fair and good we all have billions of dollars and can have anything we want. It would be fair and good people stop beating their children and wives. Do the world comply to that ? Of course not! Without a real tangible lever, ‘intentions’ on other stay wishes, lol!)
Or they convince themselves that somehow, aside from them, I feel the need to pursue the developpement of a game, that I’m bound to it, morally, and I will accept their guidance because I’m chained to the boat anyway.
No, absolutely not. Once game : this are some free amateur games, done and shared only because I receive something positive back from you.
Creators are not bound to anything, they can give up anything they want, whenever they want.
Of course, mutual respect can create constructive framework and all, it’s not my point here, but community of gamers always go straight to this reef of thinking creators HAVE to pursue the road and do what THEY ask.
They don’t, don’t make that mistake, that ends badly, in my personnal experience.

So yes, I programmed a few fixes for the Sex Pit, and will program some more, because of Lazram, Valkner, and all of you who cared about what I was feeling about all those little ‘complains’, and because I still have some masochism and pride in me (even after all I’ve been through, lol).
But I really don’t like the path it’s taking, so, let’s just focus back a little and keep things straight ;)


That aside, thanks for all the support, yes, because I know it can costs you also.
Me still here and trying new stuff and keeping quality stuff going is the result of your common effort on that, and giving me somehow positive feedback where my games are far from perfection and high quality.

Sorry about the speed of my games, too. I got an ultra slow and old computer, compared to most of you, it seems, so when I program and test those games, they run ultraaaaa sloowwwww on my machine, and it’s just very very frustrating and long to do anything.
So I try to keep them that way and not “speed” them on my computer, but I work blind, on that.
Maybe one day, I will have enough money to buy a proper computer and get back to you on that.

Also : we’ll try to test out these leaderboard system, it’s the most important thing from “The Sex Pit”.
It was ultra crappy hard to program, and it seems it still doesn’t work, but it would be nice if we could make this work. (because KoPC pregnancies leaderboards, yeah !)

Ok, got to go, have fun and bounce titties!

  • Thex says:

    I enjoy your games. I never have any intention of making any gameplay suggestions, but I just want to say that it comes across to me, personally, quite poorly that there are many posts complaining about people’s input.

    Do what you want, but other than white knights, I don’t think many are all that moved by your complaints. You’re obviously doing all of this of your own free will and for little – if any – monetary benefit. If you don’t like someone’s input, then ignore them. If you do like their input, then don’t ignore them. They’re not likely to get any more or less annoying to you as a whole.

  • Your games are great. I hope you expand the sex pit way beyond the 1oo limit as it stands now. New strategy would keep the cops away and this excellent game could continue.I hope you expand it. King of Porn City is outstanding as you know, and I can only hope for more great stuff from you. R CRUMB PLEASE MOVE OVER AND MAKE WAY FOR THE KING!!!

  • JulianQ says:

    Just discover the game last night, is wonderfull, im just in love whit it, cool idea, nice gaming style (love both genres, hentai and strategy lol) so keep it up the great work!

    In my opinion you did again… another jewel aside KoPC, congrats!

  • Lars R says:

    Great improvement, I already liked it, now I love it :-)

    You get lots of feedback, a lot positive and a lot negative, and people (me included) bury you in suggestions (good and bad). So I think it’s great you talk about how you feel about that. I guess it’s true that some people think you somehow own them to make a game, and that’s just silly. We should all just be extremely happy that you do this effort. And we should all be thanking you and sending you money all the time. I think a lot of people that really appreciate your work just shut up and enjoy it.

    I think most improvement suggestions are a form of positive feedback. Even though they are somewhat pushy. Your fans see a raw diamond, and they want to help make it better. They want to help improve it, and this is a way they feel they can. But I do realize this flood of improvement suggestions can be too much. And off course, you are completely free to do with all feedback whatever you want. You owe us nothing, and we’re thankfull you make these games!

    I actually always feel bad for giving feedback. It feels like critisism, while I just want to say how great your games are. So my suggestion to all my felow fans is: Feedback is good, but ALWAYS remember to say how much you appreciate what is already there, and what you find so good about it. First show that your feedback is from a fan that appreciates all the effort going into making these games!

    Again, thanks for making great games!. This one is another amazing addition! Great work! Thanks a lot!

  • corrupted_data says:

    Lars R makes a fantastic point. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of what you think a game could potentially do. It is important to remember that all of this hard work is done with no payment requirement. Mattis, my friend, thank you SO much. I truly appreciate it.

  • Butts says:

    Very awesome game. I actually think this is a better game than KOPC.

    I know you said you didn’t really want to make this a huge project but I want to share some ideas with you in case you change your mind.

    If you want to make the hunting part of the game more interactive you could check out Disco Zoo. It’s an app for iOs and Android and has a pretty neat hunting mechanic that might fit with this game.

    You could change the Vigil stat on your crew to affect how much time you have to search and the longer you go over the search limit the more likely you are to get caught and increase your risk.

    There’s also potential for upgrades in the girl stocks. You could load them up with fertility pills so they get pregnant more often. Or a shower room to automatically increase their cleanliness by a certain amount each night.

    I don’t know if you’ve already done this but you could also make the amount of damage done to a girl based on how different she is from what they requested.

    Sorry if this is the kind of list that irritates you, but I’m very excited to see where you go with this game. I hope this game helped you get back in the creative groove you enjoyed from your previous job.

  • WC Gordan says:

    Well some feature requests:

    1) As I said in comment to previous post, an obvious but very expensive way to reduce risk (like “bribe the cops”)
    2) Also a way to upgrade stat up to 100% in one go, it is just annoying to drag every girl to the buttons 10-15 times… Just a second buttons would do.
    3) Also a way to end night beforehand… basically kick out all the customers… Maybe lose fame, but sometimes it is better to lose fame than lose you favorite girls because they are exhausted =)

  • WC Gordan says:

    Oh sorry I didn’t notice that end night button is there in latest release… Though losing fame for it might be reasonable like…

  • Evgeny says:

    I very like this game.

    The latest version (1.5) has a bug which causes loss of fame every night for no reason.