The Sex Pit 1.5

Hi again, my beautiful ones !

So, yeah, Lazram gave me a very special and amazing kind of help, with a marathon of motivation, support and testing to squeeze the crap out of noticeable problems of this game, and now you have the second set of improvements to make it more worth it.
I won’t list everything, but you got some save system, now, access to the end game, and lots of safety stuff to avoid the worst combos or “approximative” stuff.

Still, lots of “suggestions” are just misunderstanding of the game general goals and systems.
Don’t fall into the common mistake of trying to play a game in another way the one it points you to, and you will spare yourself a lot of headaches.
For example, the point is to make the best score in a limit, that’s all, and if some prices are cheap and other very expensive, there may be a purpose behind that.

That said, I’d like to thx everyone’s consideration and appreciation for my work and efforts.
I know no ones mean bad (at least on this blog… it seems on other sites it’s not the same deal, lol !), it’s just too much excitation sometimes expressed a little roughly.
Thanks for those who understands that and try to make it more… glamorous and kind, lol ;)

Enjoy second fixed version on mysexgames (they uploaded it very quickly), still the same url : The Sex Pit

  • Lazram says:

    I was my pleasure! I hope everyone plays and enjoy this game. Mattis put a lot of hard work into it.

  • Adam_beast says:

    You are great, thank you for such good work.

  • try says:


    Your games are simply great!!

    I was going to track some bugs i’ve noticed playng “the sex pit”…but i’ll wait after a new game with the new version. But i want to say that is a good and funny game (but I still prefer Kopc!!). Keep on with your great job.


    … and sorry for my english

  • bstunt10190 says:

    Excellent work Mattis

  • Nonny says:

    Absolutely marvelous game. Truly one of your best yet; I love time management games, and this one might be my favorite ever. Just great!

    I’ve played a few times now and love that each time has been a radically different experience.

    If you’re still taking suggestions (and I completely understand if not), it would be cool to purchase a “police bribe” or something that lowers your accumulated risk. Some games I’ve had bad luck with early STD’s that I might have liked to correct later. Plus, it could be a fun chance for a ‘bonus’ scene that involves police gang bangers (or just police clients).

    In any case, I shall be sharing this game among my interested friends! Kudos to you for such an engaging, delightful creation!

    • Mattis says:

      Lots of thx for the support, it’s most welcomed !

      And yes, there’s tons of stuff I can potentially add.
      Police gangbangers being only one of the many ideas I personnally have ! For example special “red-head” days, “bring your daughters” day, etc… Got dozens of this ^^

      I’m still juggling with all games and struggling with my lack of skills and all the problems it brings me with flash programming/drawing.
      But with this kind of support, appreciation, donations and all, there’s no way I’ll quit bringing you those games and try to improve them for you!

  • aztlan says:

    Like the new game – thanks much.

    The main “bug” I encountered was that if I hit the Restart button I kept my stock and it added some additional ones making for a much easier start. (At least I assume it ws a bug in the sense that you did not intend it – still I’m not sure it’s necessarily a bad thing! It’s sort of like I flee the city taking my best stock withme and start over in a new city!)

    I’m not sure if the “Too Rebel” thing is working the way you intend as I find it odd that somene who wants a fighter would object to them being “Too Rebel” – but I’m a bit fuzzy on how that’s suppsoed to work anyway.

    I know it’s not your intent but I do wish there was a way to reduce Risk and allow the game to keep going.

    Anyway, thanks for a great game and I hope you develop it a bit more.

  • WC Gordan says:

    Well if the point is maximum score then it is too hard for me to reach Risk 100
    I will never do that on purpose and as I have mastered the game I would max out everything when I have risk below 40 and soon it just becomes plain boring and repetitive…

    Some random events would be beneficial.

  • lebac says:

    Please add ability to max out attributes somehow with one click only. It is tedious to drag & drop it 10% at a time (when you have the money ofc).

    Excellent work btw!

    • Suggestion says:

      If you drag a girl’s portrait off the screen and back in, you can put it anywhere, including on the wash/heal etc. buttons. Then each time you move your mouse over the button it reacts, speeds it up a lot especially with new girls.

  • Oric says:

    Some Glithces :
    - some of my girl are gone after restarting the game.
    - no virgin indication
    - Risk always goes up
    - so hard to get the fame

    • Mattis says:

      - hard to fix, I’m still a crappy programmer and don’t really understand how stuff works, but I try ;)
      - probably bug, yes.
      - not a glitch. :)
      - not a glitch. :) )

  • Oric says:

    I mean some of the girls are gone after reload the game…

  • xoxo says:

    Can you add some girl without shoes but with stockings?
    and i have a suggestion for the future if you can add the possibility of choise the wear clothes of the girl in Sex Pit please ;)
    Have a nice day and you do really nice work ! :)

  • manda says:

    This game has the potential to be a great sex sim, if not the best. Great work.

    I’ve got 2 questions:

    1st: Will ’small’ type girls be added into the game? I kinda like their animations more to be honest.

    2nd: Will anal be included sometime in the future?

    That’s all. Keep on rocking!

    • Mattis says:

      Thx, will try ! ;)

      For anal, yes, it could probably be included.
      I would need to import all technical functions and do test and randomization on the sex pit engine, but that’s likely to work, after some standard “struggle, sweat and blood” little dance, lol :p

      For small girls, oh, I wasn’t sure it would have its fan base.
      Usually people always wish for more tall girls stuff, so…
      But yeah, could theorically work.
      It’s…. it would take me pages to explain the exact problem and solutions I’m studying to solve it.
      But for now, we can just hope and keep faith, alas, I have nothing solid to chew on ! :/