Summertime ahead !

Hi, my beautiful ones !
How are you doing ?
Just some updates to keep you posted !

About a new PC : no comment from anyone on this topic, so I suppose you’re not fond of it.
That’s alright, I will keep save up myself for that.

About Sex Pit update and future special project : my sponsor gave me some of the tools I need. I was able to make the leaderboard of Sex Pit worked in a closed system, for example, which opens some ‘players interaction’ possibility. But I don’t have everything and all answers in my hands yet.
It’s technical jibber-jabber, skip to the point : it’s progressing, so that’s good, but that’s not matured enough to tell you more, for now !

About next YTPP : still left on side for now. Unless you specially want a new one, I’ll keep aiming for other stuff for now.

About Collaboration projects : still don’t have gathered enough signatures for the “release Crazy-X, you bastard alien abductors” petition. Still no news from him for TiT2 alas. (which is a shame, given the ideas I had for it were amazingly fucked up, I think :/).
I contact another artist, too, which is very motivated to try to produce new games with me, on another kind of amazing visual style. More news will come as it progressed, of course !
And if any of you want to buy his own special little game, or want to seriously participate to one and make a few bucks with team efforts, I’m all ears, of course ! Mattis likes to eat and pay his bills (well… not really liking paying bills, but eating is nice and fun, though !)

About solo projects : I got several ideas, but I can’t decide which one to try on, and they’re all very complicated and time & blood consuming. I try to figure out how to simplify them, and motivate me, but for now I didn’t really start anything.

About KoPC next update : up to you, my beautiful ones !
Next funding campaign is already started : need to reach 300$ so I can grant all your wishes !
The sooner the better, and we already have 80$ for it !

Have fun and cheers for everyone !

(PS : little note : I made lots of fixes for last KoPC update regarding your amazing feedbacks, but my sponsor seems to have disappeared a little again, so I don’t know if it’s online or not. I guess not. But it should come !)

  • Lazram says:

    Hello my friend! I am sorry you haven’t heard from me. Life has been busy (and a little expensive)! I just donated $50.00 to help you with whatever you may need it for, like a new computer. I’ll send more when I can. Keep up the great work!

  • DumpYourPupsInHer says:

    Hey Matt.
    Good work on the bestiality section. I did notice that during the X-ray scene, that when it’s off, you can still see the dog’s cock in her. I take it that’s a glitch.

    Also, you should make a great Dane model too. Dat be awesome. And the humping scene needs to be more like how the guy does it to the women. Clicking each time to the next level. For example; Building sperm, building fertile, reaching climax. You get the idea.

    Keep up the work, love it. As soon as I get my check in, I’ll help you out.

    • Mattis says:

      The cock residual xray should be fixed, now.
      (been noticed long time ago, but my sponsor wasn’t here to upload it since then)

      For bestiality improvement, that’s too much of a ‘niche’ for now, too few players want it for me to put lots of work into that (especially as it’s not my stuff at all, that doesn’t help :/)
      But I’ll try to, as I did before (already proved your support and patience are fruitful, or we wouldn’t have bestiality at all in the game, if not, instead of having them + several versions + cream + puppies !)

  • bstunt10190 says:

    Thank you Mattis for your hours of bug fixing, new scene creations and overall hard work. I always look forward to new updates. I hope you are able to link up with those artist and potential collaborators because I know you guys will make amazing stuff!

  • Mattis says:

    Lol :) )
    I’ve known kickstarter for years, now ;)
    Problem is it’s absolutely not for adult stuff, especially “illegal” ones like I developp.
    Still, there’s an adult version of kickstarter : offbeatr !
    And if you dive into blog’s previous posts, not a long time ago, you’ll see I tried that option, and you’ll see it didn’t worked at all for me. (because of numerous reasons I explained in those posts)

    It’s still an option, if I really fall down too much.
    But as for now, we have a direct and easy way of gathering paypal donations to help the process, without any limits, fees or collateral problems to ambush the road, for players to support the games and make their personnal wishes directly to me, so, I think it’s better, no ?

    Still, thx for the suggestion, it’s good hearted, I appreciate !

  • DumpYourPupsInHer says:

    Well there’s another one called “” it too might help. I don’t know all the details but at this point, you can’t be picky. As I said before, don’t tell them on what kind of games you’re working on, just tell them that you’re a game developer and your running low on funds. If they do require some form of evidence of your project, you can give them a front, or cover project, (something that’s not really what you’re working on) to show them. I’ve seen people donate money to others so they can make potato soup. v.v …. Really, potato soup.

  • Mattis says:

    Lol, I admire your beliefs in the matter !
    Alas, that doesn’t work like that AT ALL !
    Before even being able to show any kind of page, you must provide tons of personnal informations, on those sites !
    And all your links are observed & explored on several levels before any kind of primary potential acceptation ! (for example if you link to a site that can link to a site that have porn ads, you’re thrown out, on most system)

    And all that is just to sign in.
    If you want to gather any money, you have to provide lots of personnal information ! Passport, ID, bills, bank account, all that being checked to prove your real identity so you don’t run with the money.
    You must sign several contracts, (I really just rewrite what I already explained before, there) that authorize the site to puncture your bank account without possibility of blockage from your side (or shut down your page if you bank account balance ever go under what you would have gathered, so they make sure they can take anything they need to refund everyone if needed), and that authorize any pledgers, or the site itself, to sue you in case you don’t fullfill your engagements as soon as you can, with all suing fees paid by you, etc…
    All is done in concrete so they make sure they don’t have problem, and not a single penny can be earned before they made sure you WILL deliver. (I’m surprised they don’t kidnap one or several relatives, in the process, before you can start your project)
    It’s their purpose, and it’s why it works so much, since a decade : it’s MADE so no one can run with even a single penny, and to be sure no one can slip under the carpet !

    So, trying to make some ‘ninja funding’ with a cover on those sites is just really funny, when you know them, because it would be like trying to sneak in in plain desert, with clear daylight weather, chained with 10 cannonballs, in the middle of 200 surveillance cameras, and a thousand people all looking precisely at you every fraction of second.
    I dare Houdini to even try, lol !

    Anyway I will not fall down this path again.
    I tried for 10 years, this spiral of promoting what I do, taking suggestions of countless tips and funds sites, losing so much time and energy to sign up in them, and maintain the circus in vain, without any real results, again and again and again.
    I lost all blood and hope, and always, there’s a new site, always, it doesn’t work out at all, always, people are convinced the next one is different and claim it will work, of course, and they will donate, of course. And never it happens, and you just lose all your energy into that, and don’t produce anything real, in the end, spending all your waking hours in making updates, new posts, new accounts, to try to gather a few pennies to keep up.
    It’s an infernal circle, very very very easy to be lost in.
    I even got caught again, with this kickstarter/offbeatr/gofundme thingy, patreon or paxum : always the same crap, always weeks and weeks of work for nothing but less freedom, less productivity and more obligations without any real money behind.

    No, I can’t go on like that, it’s killing me, dude, you have no idea how a hell machine it is.
    Better dead than getting back to that.
    I got paypal donations buttons and kind words almost everywhere already. If people want to donate, they have all they need at hand.
    If they don’t and prefer deflect, that mean they don’t really want to, vox populi, I won’t protest, I can’t protest.
    Feel free to try yourself, and redirect donations to my paypal (take your commission as you want), but I just can’t, not anymore, I’ve been through it too much.

  • DumpYourPupsInHer says:

    Oh, sorry Matt, I didn’t know all that. Geez… I was actually thinking about going to do that myself. But now after hearing that… Noway I’m doing that. I think I can go through life without that kinda hell. I just keep hearing people talk about it all the time, and thought that it was a legit site.

  • Mattis says:

    If you really don’t have any other solution, or you are a small society or team without marketing funds or any visibility, it IS legit.

    In my case, some of my games are ALREADY out, on a site agreeing to host them (and even elsewhere, as hentai games spread very quickly and easily), with in-game and out-game donations buttons, and this blog explaining how my process work and why people should support it.
    So I just cut the grass under the foot of everything those sites could bring me.

    Main problem is the confusion and unclearness of this all (outside laws forbidding adult stuff almost everywhere on the net, which I understand and respect, but which doesn’t help our case ^^).
    Offbeatr is a model, for that. It’s really BADLY explained (if at all) what you have to do, or what you’ll have to provide, after the votes step. Same for patreon, with new ridiculous policies, or for every google stuff (blogspot, etc…), very very unclear !

    But still, for people having nothing to show or promote, it’s nice to have this.
    I personnally don’t like the system, because it “forces” you into deadlines and promises, where you already are so weak you don’t have personnal promoting and markerting campaigns !
    I mean if you already can’t promote yourself, what are the chances you are skilled enough to be sure you’ll deliver on promises and deadlines ?
    If you were experienced enough to make those promises, you wouldn’t have nothing to show for it, see the paradox ?
    And those sites gives everything people need to sue you back if you don’t deliver. What a great ambiance of work.

    Of course, it assures there’s no one running loose with the money.
    But for people like me, that just “do their best, and always delivers, even if it’s not exactly what people asked, or when they expected it”, it doesn’t work.
    I like to be able to say “I’ll try !”.
    But in those sites, it’s “do or do not, there’s no try”.
    I’m sorry, master Yoda, I know my best is not enough… and yet, I’m one of the most productive hentai game creators nowadays. Should I really not exist, and all those games disappear, because I never make promises ?
    Come on, even Yoda needs to fap, so be kinder than that, little green boogers ! ;)