Summer time, sexy time.

Hi, my beautiful sunshine people !

Just some updates about stuff to come !

Next KoPC update is finished, since some time, already.
I had some time on my hands, and without more donations coming in, I decided to go with what I had, instead of waiting weeks or even months before giving you something.
Alas, my hoster doesn’t respond, for now, to upload it, so… should be any day, now !
(also : WC morgan : I got your scenario suggestions, but it should be in next update, sorryyyyy !)


New sets are coming soon !

Aside, my hoster not being here, I didn’t progress on my tools & tests, still need him for some crucial linking questions. Next KoPC update should be a beta test for some of those aspects and a milestone on that, but as it is, I still can’t tell you about all that, I still don’t know if I can go where I want with that, it could still be a total dead-end. (I hope not, of course !)

My main collab’ project got stuck in very slow progress mode, because the guy got health problems, so he isn’t able to provide all graphics needed to complete it. So, that’s delayed too, arf ! ;)

So… I got back on last stuff Crazy-X sent me for TiT2, and try to work my way out with that.
Because I don’t like unfinished stuff, and he already had done a good portion of body parts needed for it.
Hope he will be back, some day, because I really liked working with him, snif snif… :(
But anyway, it should be finished soon, I push myself really hard this weekend to progress on that.
(and be happy, Lazram, I went for something completely different than the ‘ball’ thingy, lol !)


A new game's boiling up in mattis kitchen of wonders !

Finally, I got back to patreon, seeing they still didn’t threw me out.
And I was surprised to discover some people were making thousands of dollars a month with very… well… not really complicated hentai projects, lol !! But also very surprised I was making…. less than 10$ a month with my KoPC patreon page !!!
There’s some really shitty voodoo behind that ! It’s my curse coming back all over again !
Or maybe it’s just I really try much too hard, on stuff too far from players’ expectations.
It poses daunting questions…
If I were to make a few hundred dollars, or those guys a few hundreds, it could still be a question of pure randomness and luck. But a factor of difference so tremendous ?? It’s not 10 times, not even 100 times the difference ! In some case, it’s 10.000 times ! My project brings absolutely NO ONE, and there’s bring killing amounts !

So, feel free to put 1$ on my patreon page, if you want to contribute, just to bring some more attention on what we try to do here and there.
And on my side, I may try more “classical” games, in addition of what we already do. More manga like, with some dating sim stuff, etc.. It’s really not my kind of stuff, but I deeply question my worth, discovering that, and it’s worth putting some nerves into, if it could help us continue on our special stuff, aside !


Anyway, thx for your continuous support to our games.
It’s a team effort and success, I wouldn’t be here and gone as far with so much quality improvements and contents published if it wasn’t for you and your donations, feedbacks, positiveness and support of all type to this adventure !
Let’s drink to humble beginnings, and to deliciously perverted sexy future !
May it continue like that forever and ever !

  • Anon says:

    Might wanna advertise in other sites other than try Legend of Krystal forums

    • Mattis says:

      Anyway it’s not about “just make the game known”. That we already have : there’s loads of views on tons of hentai sites, for KoPC.
      It’s about promoting donations to it so I can keep going on, which I don’t think LoK or ‘open sources total free’ forums will like !
      (and can’t blame them : who would ?)

  • jack says:

    please dont make the game for pay version please a i look the pics and the game is very good please dont make the game for pay version

    • Mattis says:

      Loool, I’m not talking about making the game a paying version, don’t worry!
      I’m just talking about public patronage, which is a much more open-minded, respectful of everyone and less violent way of surviving and living, in our modern world, regarding production of any kind and unavoidable bills.
      You got more control on “what” and “who” you pay for, “when” also, “why” and “how much” too, with much more transparency and the result and the global process.

  • Raziel says:

    i would donate again, but i´m in some trouble right now… plus, i would like to hear more about sex pit new game >.<

    • Mattis says:

      No problem, hope you figure out a way out of your trouble !
      (life ain’t easy, that’s for sure !)

      About Sex Pit, it’s more a question of… medium.
      I mean it’s like adapting a book in comics, or a comics into a book : I’m currently working on expanding the field of possibility, in my work, in a way that would allow a different approach, a different way of thinking stuff.
      So it’s not about the game itself, but how I could bring something players liked in Sex Pit using this new field.
      It’s where the metaphor end, because it’s not THAT different, it’s still some flash animation thingy, it’s more an “addition” to it than a change, so it’s the same stuff, but with additionnal core possibility.

      But as it is, I just don’t know if I will be able to explore this new field or not, or what it will bring me !
      I can “suppose” and “sense” some stuff, but I have no real idea, given it’s a totally new field of work for me.

      So that’s why I’m so mysterious about it : it’s because I really don’t know!
      And the relation to the Sex Pit is I could be able to develop some ladder, or comparisons between players using a database. Not direct multiplayer aspect, but somehow an interaction (like I try with a leaderboard)
      Or maybe real multiplayer, I don’t know!
      And maybe I will be able to implement it in existing Sex Pit game, or using KoPC, transforming them into a next step of evolution.

      But all that, I don’t know, maybe it’s just impossible to do, or so difficult it will not be worth it at all, and force me to just create new thing from total scratch.
      I just…. don’t know.

      All I know is it’s “databases” related, which means I can handle more datas more easily, and “persistent” ones, so I can save shit loads of
      informations, about players or what they do in the game, which opens new possilibities to master.
      And in the Sex Pit game or KoPC one, one of my main problem is the shit loads of info to save and load, which is ultra crappy to do in pure flash like I do.
      So, yes, that’s why I “think” (but I don’t know) it could unblock some of my current problems in those games, and maybe bring them to a new level.
      But again : maybe not.
      So I don’t want to bring anyone hype if I’m to say “yeah, forget it, no can do” in a month, you see ?

  • Masturminator says:

    Hi. Keep up the good work. Please don’t leave this job.

    • Mattis says:

      Hi Mast’ !
      I don’t intend to, it’s just I would like to make a some money out of it. Because as it is, it’s not a job, lol, it’s bear-grylling my way through it, eating ants and drinking rain to go further !

      It would be ok if it was the same for other creators, but when you see your neighbours doing less and living in five star hotels drinking mojitos while watching “my little pony”, there’s questions you must ask yourself ! ;)

  • jack says:

    but sex pit 2 is only for patreons sorry for my bad english please dont no make the game you want to play you donate for play sorry but because there are others in this situation if I include myself that the economic situation can not play can not even donate $ 1 I have no pa pipes thanks sorry i use translate google thanks and sorry for disturbing

    • Mattis says:

      Lol. Try using ponctuation, too ;)
      But I understood, don’t worry : and no, the games will not be only for patreons, of course !
      Even if patreons will have some special attentions for their efforts to the cause, of course, but I don’t intend to “block” anyone out !

  • Lazram says:

    Somehow, I missed that you had a Patreon set up. I just joined it for $10/month.

  • SHAA says:

    Have you thought about trying to add more mainstream games? Yours are pretty intense, and cater to a lot of kinks, but I can see how the level of rapeyness could put people off. KOPC is the only game that caters to so many of my kinks (not all of them, but yaoi isn’t everyones cup of tea. I wouldn’t mind the option to gender swap the King or the actresses, but I won’t be holding my breath for that update, it’d be crazy complicated anyway.) Anyway, trying a more mainstream game might get you some extra bling that you can funnel into other projects (after completeing the promised mainstream product of course). If the difference is as big as you say, and you can obviously make high quality games with little money, then getting extra shouldn’t be that hard. I wouldn’t mind a game by you that was more seduction than rape.

    I Played the newest update, haven’t gotten to any new levels yet (I’m sure they are awsome as always), but the new zoom function is all sorts of fucked up. It will randomly change, zooming too far out, or too close. It seems worst on the levels that have more girls, so I think it compiles over time. Could we get a debugger code to fix it? Just a reset, or a return to the old style? I really like the idea of zooming out just a little, or just a little closer, but bounds would be nice.

    • Mattis says:

      Male/female extensions in KoPC (males on males/females on females/females on males, transgendering, etc…) has been asked since a long time, and I keep thinking about how to do it ;)
      Just like gangbangs, which took me months to figure out how to tweak and improve the engine so it can handle it without crashing everywhere.
      Not my thing, though, but currently in the brain squeezing tank anyway !

      For zoom : lots of feedbacks on that, yes. Weird, it was working perfectly for me. Will try to fix this quickly.

      For more mainstream games : problem is it’s not inspiring me at all, which can be very very painful to do, lol ;)
      But yeah, I came up with the same conclusion as you anyway : seems my “original” projects don’t inspire people by themselves, so, as it’s meant to bring me a little money to survive, I will try inclining my ways toward more “classic” stuff, see what I can do.

      And in the end : thx for the kind words ! I always appreciate support, it’s the fuel I run with !

  • Mattis says:

    Thing is I already tried that : on ulmf, LoK, hongfire, 4chan, etc…
    It gets me nothing but bans, insults, harsh critics, and people feeling offended I use their forums to promote my games. (which I totally undestand)
    I just… don’t see how I could do that, without having my ass kicked properly again, and with all reasons in the world!