Informa-shun, sir !

Hi my beautiful ones, how are you doing ?

Little heads-up on everything, as it’s been a little time, now.

First, I see you quickly noticed the new poll system I created.
It’s just a personnal attempt, and it’s not bullet-proof, but it seems I can do better than anything I found out on the web, by myself, in a few line codes, anyway, so…
Elegant way to get my answers, and you are answering, so, that’s really nice ! ;)

Next game in line : a racing collab game !
(Remember the poll came only a few days ago, lol)
Right after I finished the poker game, Denzel-crocker, old friend of mine, was really motivated by a collab.
Years I tried to motivate him for that, and as I was having no money for next KoPC update nor answers for the mmo yet. So I gave it a try !
As usual : should have been a week work at most, but I got caught in making an very polished engine since then, and “artist disappearance” (denzel vanished a few days later, I’m cursed, lol)
As for now, the game engine is almost finished. Just lack… the sex content, lol !
I spare you all the adventures behind the scene, but it’s getting back on track and I should now more in a week max.

Vroom vroom !!

Vroom vroom !!

After that ? KoPC update !
I’ll wait for Patreon september revenues, and use them for next KoPC update, should be enough to pull a good one !

About the MMO.
I had the idea of converting the Sex Pit or KoPC into the MMO.
I mean, I acquired the tools to develop a mmo BECAUSE of Sex Pit expectations to be bigger and better, and KoPC always aimed to evolve big way.
So I was thinking : the mmo could be the Sex Pit evolution, or the KoPC evolution.
You know, like “next KoPC update : being able to confront other players and show your pregnancy score !” or “next Sex Pit update : competing with other players fame to drain more client”, and start like that a slide, step by step, from solo game to mmo game.

But alas, I think it’s NOT the good way to go for the MMO.
Yes, it would be a tremendous headstart, content-wise and engine-wise, but we need to not forget KoPC and Sex Pit GRAPHICS are utter crap and really heavy, and really don’t convince ANYONE, outside our community.
(see how manga-style games gather thousands of dollars on patreon, where we barely get a hundred !)
At least not as a strong foundation for it.

That doesn’t mean Sex Pit and KoPC should not evolve this way one day, but one thing at a time !
First, we could really do with a mmo that could potentially bring a little money to expand and improve ALL our future games.
And second, we should really try a mmo “from the scratch”, with a good partner artist, so I can focus on players wishes and something new, for now.
This way, we got all cards in hand to really try that out and figure out where it leads.

And that’s a big thing, already : I now know the mmo will NOT be based on the Sex Pit or KoPC, and should go its own way.
And I also know I really want to develop online tools for KoPC and Sex Pit, and start to have motivation back to work on the Sex Pit, with what I learn in my other collab games and new perspectives.
That’s… huge work. But you know me : if you keep support coming, and we can gather money for this, I will definitely be up for the task !

Another little late thought about gameplay : it’s a very small details, but I got the idea of a “ressource gathering” aspect, for the mmo, that would consist in fucking girls !
I mean, whatever the mmo is like and based on, just going at some point into a forest, to have sex with a bunch of wood elves for some time, to collect wood ressource. Then going to miner’s base, and have sex with the gorgeous techie female boss, on and on, to collect stones.
Or developping your own base, with guys/girls of specific kind having sex in specific location, to automatically gather specific ressources.
Isn’t it a really nice of idea of adaptation of ressource gaming ?
Anyway ;)

Sex Pit : see above.

Advertisement wise : I’m opening a topic on LoK forum (in “creative” -> “discussion”. Should be up later today), seem like nice guys.
I’m making demos to put on hentai-foundry and newgrounds, too, to bring people home.
On HF, people are silent but seems to enjoy.
On newgrounds, people seems ultra harsh, as usual, even if some are wonderful. It’s “frozen hell or burning love”, it seems there’s nothing constructive in between, alas.
But that’s lots of work for me. Keep helping me on that if you can : talk about those games when you can, on all hentai forums and sites, in a constructive way. (don’t lie, don’t spam, just share the simple love ^^)
You’re awesome, thanks a ton !

YTPP : unfortunately, this got pushed back a little.
I would have like to do one right after the poker thingy, but as you see, other stuff are coming in-between.
But as I contacted other artists, to help me finish the racing game as well as for future projects like the mmo, I may obtain material to build a future YTPP.
I mean to “test” the artists, I usually ask a rape scene involving Rude. This way, I see if artists are “cool” with this kind of extreme stuff, if they can draw my main character, if they can draw attractive teens, and if they can express intense feelings in their scenes.
For now I got nothing back, but one is more serious than the others, and should bring me back an attempt on that… material for next YTPP ;)

Patreon : things goes well, for now.
I can keep stuff up to date, and I begin to get the gig.
There’s a lot more of previews and heads up there, I hope “bloggers only” don’t get too jealous about that, but again : on patreon, people are factually “paying” to be kept informed.
Even not much, having the infos a little in advance isn’t a bad way to reward this support.
But I keep things fair : here, we go much more “in-depth” on several topics, and in the end I’ll try to provide bonus passcodes for any future games, both on patreon and on this blog.
And different ones, I mean.
This way, depending on how fanatic you are of my games, you will be able to cumulate lots of special fun and little gifts ! Elegant and exciting ^^ (at least, I am !)

Conclusion : like you see, I’ve been working my arse off, big time.
Please keep supporting the hard work, and I’ll keep providing my best possible, and improving for you all !
Have fun and enjoy hentai !

  • Break says:

    Hey Mattis,
    Great to see your plan for MMO.
    I’ve read comments in your previous post and understood more background such as your opinion on card game.

    So, i’ve a rough framework for you:
    Roughly like other MMORPG, even traditional D&D
    Karma is dominating in this world, work as experience in other RPG
    Players’ Characters are adventuring to improve their Karma Level, thus gain a few Karma point at each level-up to allocate on attributes, just like strength and endurance etc…
    Resources, Equipment and Skills can be also obtained from quests

    Main differentiators are always quest and battle system, in addition of Harem for a sex game:
    Quests are not for kill but for mate or sexual therapy…so maybe the world should be some post-war scenario where men are rare.
    Battles in quests are depending on Attributes and Equipment/Skills, can also refer to old RPG, just change physical attack to xxx and magical to oral or something like that, you know…but skills, such as positions, are used to cope with different targets more efficiently according to their preference, and equipments can be toys or potions to help the process…
    Specific quests may provide your harem with new girl, even some legendary ones, which are unique in entire server;
    Player can build harem with certain resources, spend resource to keep harem girls healthy, happy and beautiful, and level them up, but legendary girls will wonder off after some period;
    Player can use harem to practice and gain Karma but nothing more, harem girls’ status/level will impact result, offline workable(Harem can open to friends if player agree);

    Then about PVP:
    PVP is almost asynchronous, may has 4 forms: Cooperative Quests, where need more than 1 players to complete in certain time; Time Race, same quest for all guys, only who finished first will be rewarded; Ladder/Arena, complete as many quest as possible, or series of boss fight, winner get awarded. Last one is more complicate: Battle for Clans, if player can team-up by clans, then there’s possibility to battle between clans, bonus/penalty maybe legendary girls and other harem girls.

    Easy task for you i think.

    Ah, why i’ve a feeling the game can be named as Troy…

    • Mattis says:

      Hi, Break !

      Some interesting things, here.
      Maybe not the way you intended them to, but still interesting anyway ;)

      A first precision, though : the game will have to be open to everyone, with a growing demand for gay or futa stuff, so it needs to be thought in a way it works with every combination.
      That doesn’t invalidate anything you said really, but that’s just to make a precision.
      For example, I think it can be summed up with those traits :
      - general gender : male or female
      - sex gender : penis or pussy. (dickgirls are classic, but pussyboy will be a new thing, I think ?)
      - preference : male, female, both (will decide what you encounter in the game)
      - position : dominant or dominee (not sure for this last one, though)

      With those 4, you can shape the whole game right away.
      General gender doesn’t really affect anything technical, it would only be visual. And the rest would just decide for the catalog of poses, in-game : dominant penis, dominee penis, and special poses for pussy-pussy (not sure penis-penis affect the poses, it just cancel vagina penetration and breeding), and that’s it !
      (dominant penis and dominee pussy is the same pose, it’s just a question of “what end of the stick” you are placed, same thing the other position choice around)

      Not sure about the equipment/quest thingy.
      Yeah, it’s a classic, but it’s a classic way to have huuuge amount of work to pull out, with tons of visual for equipment catalog, or big engines requiring lots of story or automatisation work for questing.
      Easy peasy when you are 20 pros, with 4 full time graphic artists and a few hundred thousands dollars budget to go on with, but I may suffer a lot on my side, alone and with a 100 dollars.
      Especially by comparison. If your game “looks like” a classic rpg, players will expect classic rpg content, and wonder why the hell are all the stuff and replayability. Very easy to forget you don’t deal with a professionnal team with ressources. And when you remember, very easy to see you will obviously never be able to compete and bring the ball home enough.

      That said, just swapping all “kill” system by “sex” is as obvious as elegant, yes. I didn’t formulate it that way in my mind until now, but it’s definitely the way to go.
      (but I would like to kill stuff anyway, somehow, huhuhu ^^ But afterwards, maybe)

      Swapping class/attributes/attacks with sex fetishes didn’t seemed a very powerful idea at first, but as I read it again and again, it may be more subtle and efficient that it looks.
      It would be a matter of categorizing fetishes, which is uneasy, but it could work out nicely afterwards.

      Also, staying on my idea of ressource-gathering by sex (I really love that one, I think I’m cristallizing on this), it can cumulate with that, and form a global picture, in relation with clans and players also.
      For example, we can imagine each ressource corresponding to a race (elves, orcs, farmers, schoolgirls, spacemen, whatever), and each race have a basic fetish to work with, + additionnal ones, separating among sub-clans in this race, and that you can gain for your pool.
      For example, I’ll say complete unthought non-sense, but elves could have everything foreplay related, with “69″ as basic fetish, but depending on sub-clans, some could have footjob, handjob or kissing fetishes also.

      The player and his harem could try improving into any fetish (but more importantly basic ones) to improve their gathering efficiency, but also learn additionnal sub-fetishes, to be better with this or that clan, or just to have fun and “specify” his own clan.
      Players could after that gather or oppose on those fetishes catalog they farm and choose to develop in priority.
      You could coop or fight more efficiently a player with same fetishes as you (or opposed fetishes, work both way), or form guild with players sharing at least X fetishes with you.

      I don’t know, it’s just thought, but tainted the game with fetish progress to obtain and link that to some kind of class system is elegant, yeah.
      (as well as allowing me a progressive development, where fetish can be interesting updates to include with time, instead of just “fun”)

      I’ll keep thinking about questing.
      I note down the legendary thingy, I was wondering how to put that in the game, indeed, so people don’t always have the same “supposed unique” characters.
      (yep, a little greek like indeed, but that’s a good spirit to go on with ^^)

      I probably didn’t answered to everything, but I read your comment several times and wrote a lot of stuff on my notes, don’t worry ;)

      Thx for sharing your thoughts and suggestions !

      • ShiroSeigi says:

        Hey, just wanted to make a quick reply.

        I’m sure you already know, but I wish to caution you about making fetishes classes, or key in gathering or what have you. (i.e. vital to the game from a mechanical perspective)

        My main point, I wouldn’t force fetishes (all or some) upon your players, let them decide which fetishes they wish to use and don’t penalize them for it. (checkboxes? or by design)

        For example, if we’re doing classes and you make Futas a Berserker (random, I know) but let’s say I don’t like futas for whatever reason, this means that I may be lacking the berserker class, or I may force myself into something that isn’t fun/comfortable/etc for me.

        The above example isn’t true, but the point should be clear.

        In another example, gathering, if only furries can gather lumber the same thing occurs. I, as a player, then have to choose if I want something as basic as lumber, or deal with furries. (we all know resource games can’t be won without lumber)

        And, in a way, the same can be said about sex positions.

        So, yes. I agree that you should try to appeal to a wider audience.

        But be aware that if the player absolutely needs a little bit of everything ‘to be the most effective’ in the game, then maybe your real audience are (only?) people who like everything?

        Also, I’m not sure how far down the rabbit hole you’re going to visit, but not everyone can get into tentacles/bugs/monsters/scat/beastiality/vore/amputations/water sports. Based on your previous work I’d say you’re fine with rape, but like I said, not everyone can get into that.

        I didn’t mean to toss a bucket of water on your fire, I just want you to be sure what you want. So when you decide what you’re doing, you’ll be doing it on purpose (at the very least).

        Keep up the great work!

        • Mattis says:

          Hmmm, no but you’re right, that’s a valid point too to keep in mind.

          As for now, it seems really fun to link the sex specifity to the mechanism, it’s really giving a great feeling to the game, but it’s absolutely true it will alienates everyone that doesn’t like everything, alas.

          Maybe adapting dynamically.
          Just like gender/preferences will dynamically adapt to provide only ‘good’ partners in game.
          But that would need people to define as many “main fetish appreciated” as there are ressources, for example, but in the end it would unlessly complicate the whole thingy.
          No possibility of any tech tree, for example, if any skills should work for “tentacles” as for “handjob” : that implies no named skills, no puns, no dialogs (or ultra complicate ones), etc…

          Valid point, as I said.

          So, a game that doesn’t depend on what sex you precisely do, and clans not racially specified ?
          Or… or you shouldn’t be penalized for the fetish/clans/ressources you go for. Meaning being able to build working economy whatever clans/fetish/class you choose, with just maybe different styles.
          Hmm…. * big thinking *
          Yeah, I don’t know more for now, I’ll think about all that ;)

          Thx for the input !

      • Break says:

        Don’t push yourself too hard into “doing” now, and start only after you have a clear framework in your mind.

        Then keep going !

    • Is dz alive? says:

      Is Denzel Crocker alive? He’ll be back doing stuff?

      • Mattis says:

        I don’t know, lol. It’s been years I try to make stuff with him, but he gives up in a couple of days and disappear everytime.
        I just moved on, personnally, and SuperSatanSon is a gift from Gods, compare to my previous collaborators.

        That said, I’m growing angry to see all those hentai creators hugely supported without doing anything for their fans, where we struggle so much while providing tons and tons of reliable and regular amazing content, here.
        It’s insulting, somehow, and I don’t know how the players don’t feel insulted. :/

  • John Markos says:

    Hey, nice to see that the MMO is taking a more defined shape!

    Just a thought, though: If I were you, I’d avoid making the setting generic fantasy, like it was in your example with elves and the like. There’s a lot of fantays hentai crap already, and it would mean that your game would have a really hard time standing out. Why not something that doesn’t get much love?

    Superheroes would be fun (who doesn’t want to be a supervillian?), and would mean you had a load of material to draw on for ideas. You could even keep your resource system idea: Fuck millionaires/business ladies for money, babe scientists for research points, celebrities for fame/reputation points, aliens/monsters for DNA samples, all while cops/superheroines try to stop you.

    Anyway, just a thought. I’m worried if you take this to kickstarter or wherever that a fantasy-based idea would just get lost in the shuffle. Looking forward to seeing more about this project!

    • Mattis says:

      Valid concern indeed !

      Being european, we’re more attracted to fantasy settings and display, in general, just like america always been more attracted to sci-fi.
      But finding the right compromise between “standing out” and “being too far fetch from mainstream” is as uneasy as important, anyway !

      Superheroes, I don’t know. Quite the opposite : there’s tons and tons of games on that topic ! Asynchronous, mmo’s, card games, figs, steam, and in hentai as much : it seems everywhere I look, it’s zombies, vampires and superheroes, lol !

      I may be interested in bringing up all real superheroes and superheroines on a plate (I mean, who doesn’t want to do batman or psylocke, among many others ?), not the “build your own superhero” trend.
      But it would probably be an error because 1) if we get “too much famous” (lol, what a concern, right now ! ^^), I’d be in deep trouble, and 2) what’s the point if we can’t build our own superhero ?? It’s cutting right through a major interest !
      It would be more fitting in a hentai comic or minigame.

      So maybe with more manga fuel : schoolgirls clan, nurses clan, maids, etc… I’m really more inspired by the fantasy ones, but this one would be more “opened” for evolution, as well as more ‘mainstream’.
      (I know it sounds really bad, especially given the energy I’ve put so far to “go fresh & original” in my approach. But I really can’t continue “playing the underground creator” without any kind of balance and smart thought behind that. I NEED to just “try”, at least, a big mainstream popular stuff, if I want to have the mere possibility to finance the other more fun/specific/original ones, you can’t build on sand all your life ^^)

      Anyway, thx for the heads-up, smart comment, point taken !

      • John Markos says:

        Yeah, you’re probably right. Superheroes was just my attempt at finding and example of something that wasn’t overused (that’s really hard to do, huh?).

        Generic is probably the way to go, you’re right. Wide appeal, and it does let you expand all you want, since anything would fit into a generic anime world: you could do a sci-fi section or a western section or whatever.

        Anyway, looking forward to seeing where this goes! Best of luck, man!

        • Mattis says:

          Oh no, lol, finding original stuff is ultra easy !
          If… you grew up during the golden period where if a game/book/comic were look even just a little like anything else, it was outcast directly.
          Now it’s the complete opposite, so I guess people have a hard time jumping out of those gigantic rails, just like I got a very hard time jumping in !

          Anyway we’re still searching, all together, so thx again for your participation, I keep the superhero idea under my hat ;)

  • Max says:

    The racing collab should be great, can’t wait to see it.

    With the MMO, I like the idea of collecting materials.

    This sounds ridiculess/ambitious but have you thought about doing a friendly version (do mini games to collect resources)
    a violent version (kill people to collect resources)
    and an adult version (fucking) of it?
    As there are different audiences for all three, you could be accumalate alot of donations.

    And are you still thinking of going with the main Leader and the 2 subleaders idea?
    I honestly think balancing a customisable team would put you on the map as a great gaming programmer due to the rarity of it in games, let alone hentai.

    • Mattis says:

      Thx for the little racing comment ;)

      For 3 versions, yeah, nothing is opposed to that.
      It would need some work around, but as long as I got donations and some artists to work with (still the problem right now) this shouldn’t be a problem especially.
      Violent and friendly versions would be probably less richer, though.

      For leading team idea, don’t worry, it was written down (with your name on side to remember whose idea it was, in case it takes me months or years to get there, which I really hope not !)
      It’s not opposed to all we discuss, if I build this as some kind of clan/base building or adventurers team you can send here and there to collect/dig stuff automatically while you’re offline.

  • bstunt10190 says:

    I’m really excited to see what the racing game will be like.

    While I wouldn’t have minded if you had built upon sex-pit or KOPC, I agree that this MMO deserves to be started from scratch.

    Regarding the MMO, I am really support the resource gathering idea, I think it is a really great way to incorporate player interaction and rewarding them at the same time. Also I really like the character cards idea. A few months ago I was playing a mobile device game called The Collectibles, and it was really fun until they stopped creating new cards. The game idea was great because it was easy and visually stimulating way to organize your loadout (characters and power-ups). I think this will also work great with your game.

    As for the Ads, I haven’t checked out the thread yet but I will soon and will give you feedback soon.

    As always, you never cease to impress. I look forward to seeing what great content you come out with next. Keep up the good work!

    • Mattis says:

      Thanks a ton !

      Support like that is always great, even just to know some players really enjoy the ideas proposed, and it’s not just about one people or two.

      I’ll continue to dig into this hentai mine, with the help of you all, and make jewels out of all those shiny rocks !

      Because I rock, you rock, we all rock, and that’s gold ;)

  • CS says:

    I also have a basic idea for a MMO-style game.

    How about the player being a trainer and manager for competitors in sexual competitions for entertainment of the masses?

    You opt in into leagues for different competitions. (Making an ingame content filter)

    Examples for leagues:

    - sexfights (obvious one. :-D )
    - judged perfomance leagues, can be any sexual act (analogue to gymnastics in RL)

    (I thought of a few more, but I can’t remember them…)

    All the leagues can be mirrored by pairing (Ex. Straight/Lesbian/Gay/Group …) and competitor type. (Ex. furries, futa …)

    The leagues can be ranked from local to global leagues to offer a game progression mechanic. They are also prepopulated with NPCs.

    The player manages and trains the competitors and owns a training and housing facility/campus for that. Upgrading rooms and buildings here are also progression options. You could optimize training, raise the number of stars you can have, raise the number of leagues you can enter, (You need a training facility to train the stars for the new league’s activity, whatever that might be…) buy land for more buildings…

    Multiplayer components: The league competitions can be made multiplayer, but I think everyone should profit (financialy) from sending competitors. The winner only gets a bigger share. I also think the total price money should be partly dependent on viewer appeal. (Ex. a close sexfight would get more viewers than a one-sided one, dependent on the league) That makes it unattractive to send overpowered competitors.

    The player should also be able to offer show matches outside of the league. Those can be taken by other players of a similar level. They would be paid on the basis of the fame of the competitors and viewer appeal.

    I would suggest leaving direct attacks on competing players out of the game (or at least make it opt-in) as I find it frustrating to lose stuff I build…

    This model would allow for nearly endless expandability in new sexual content types as new leagues can be added and the judged leagues allow activities that are normaly not competitive.

    If you are interested I can put some more thought into it to expand on the idea… (Ex. the stars would need thought on how the stats and training work, limits to leagues on the stars (Ex. human can not enter furries leagues))

    • Mattis says:

      Hmm, I really like that idea ! (not uncommon, but thinking about everything when in the maelstromm is never easy)
      Always loved the twisted aspect of sexual public display !

      You cover almost everything, but I would still add some “main character” (or officers) leagues aspects, too, where you would compete for… I don’t know… maximum impregnations in one session on NPC’s ?
      Looool :D

      Very interesting on multiplayer, too, yes, as pacific competitions !
      Just like cooperative questing, the leagues could just be joignable by X players, each one just showned as participant, with the pose & characters they chose to join the league.
      Up to NPC or other players to give points to best/most coherent display, after that. (but probably more NPC. I can program an auto-regulated and very efficient player moderation&judging system, already did that, but it’s just easier to understand and accept when it’s all computer algorithms)
      Entrance is always free, and even last player get a little something, that’s easy to balance.
      And based on random characteristics or defined stages, yes, and given the limited amount of characters a player have, you have to chose which one you lock into quests or competitions like that, and get on with it.

      Building and training aspects are good too, of course, to provide side fun content.
      And as the game evolves, including scoring on different minigames instead of just basic participation can be top notch.

      Yeah, don’t go into details, I won’t either, I just agree this has definitely a lot of value, and could offer the multiplayer and daily-fun framework to the game !
      (as it’s not opposed to the rest at all !)

      Thx for sharing your thought !
      Great progress here !

      • CS says:

        I decided to go into detail anyway. I couldn’t get the idea out of my head so I had to write it out. You are free to pick what you like and ignore anything else. :-P

        About the world:

        Well, in my imagination the world of the game is just like that. Those competitions are like sports in our world. Nothing twisted about it, except maybe the in-game world itself. :-D

        Regarding the main character:

        As I said, the player would be the manager and main trainer for his … let’s call it, hmmmm … “sexual star academy” :-D . As the manager the players do not compete themselves, but they might participate in training. That is of cause dependent on the league that the stars are training for. A player with a male avatar for example can’t directly train his stars in lesbian sexfighting techniques. But a training with 2 female stars could be directed from the sidelines by him. The avatar could also go to the competition to coach the competing star or stars. (Like a boxing coach, possible minigame)

        I would also use some kind of reputation system that limits what quality of stars and co-trainers (see below) can be hired.

        Avatars could be made customizable in gender, race, looks, stats and perks. Stats and perks might be gained and lost in the game.


        I would call them co-trainers. :-D Those could be told to train your stars for you. There is only 24 hours in a day and the Player avatar can’t do everything. (Limit the avatar’s and co-trainer’s time somehow, maybe some kind of calender system. If one timeslot is used there can’t be anything else scheduled there.) The co-trainers could maybe also be sent to the competitions instead of the main avatar. They would give a fixed bonus to the competing star. (I would think sending the avatar or a co-trainer to a competition should be mandatory)

        The co-trainers and the avatar could have stats that can make them better in specific fields. Also some kind of Perk-system could be fun. (Positive like motivating coach (competition boni) and negative like homophobe (can’t train stars of the same sex))

        The Stars:

        I don’t see the stars as slaves, but free to chose who to work for and under what conditions. Pay, living conditions, maximum and minimum (equivalent to a starter guarantee in sports…) competitions to enter and other conditions might apply to a contract with the player. They also decide in what leagues they want to participate. There might be ways for the player to change their preferences over time, but that would probably really take time and effort… (Some kind of seduction as a long term strategy, maybe?)

        Not all stars can participate in all leagues because of physical requirements of the league. Females for example can’t enter gay leagues. Same with more exotic things like furries, futas and the like.

        Training / Star-Stats:

        I would use three kind of stats. Global stats like strength and stamina that every star has and that are used in every league to varying degrees, depending on the league. Some might need more strength, others stamina. Some might also be used as training modifiers, like intelligence in the training of strategy and dexterity in the training of techniques.
        The second kind of stats I would use are league specific. Things like league-specific techniques, tactics and strategy could work here. By doing that and limiting the number of leagues a star can participate in the players can’t make “the ultmate star”.
        The last type of stats would be stats like energy, health and reputation that can change quickly, can’t really be trained and can go down as well as up. A loyalty stat would also be usefull for more extreme kinds of training and side bets. (see below)
        Age should be a factor as well as you can take stars out of the game when they retire. (Except for a possible top X stars of all-time ranking, but that only needs the name and the ranked stat)


        Technically a number of skill checks plus boni from the trainer or the results of the avatar minigame, modified by a bit of randomness.
        There could be multiple kinds of competitions or events:
        - 2 stars competing directly. (RL: boxing)
        - a series of pair competitions in a knock out tournament.
        - a series of pair competitions in a league style tournament. (Ex. chess)
        - a series of pair competitions in a qualifier & knock out tournament. (Ex. soccer world cup)
        - a group of stars competing directly in a free-for-all. (skill checks against changing competitors, eleminationg competitiors until last man standing)
        - a group of stars competing for scores judged by NPCs. (RL: gymnasics)
        - 2 groups of stars competing tag team style. (Limited exchange of the active competitors)
        - 2 groups of stars competing simultaneously. (All competitors active, but team-ups possible and (depending on leagues rules) eliminations)

        The leagues of one activity could be ranked like in soccer. (Local -> Regional -> National -> International, with possibly more than one paralell and sequentional league on every level) Preseed the leagues with fixed level/stats indepentent NPCs at the start of the game.

        Payout of the events should be as I said dependent on the viewer appeal. Close matches should pay more than uneven matches. Another factor would be the rank of the league and the reputation of the competing stars. Additionally there could be a payout at the end of a season for the rank in the league.

        I also like the idea of public side-bets for non-financial gains and higher viewer appeal. Penalties from sex with the winners avatar up to breeding rights would be possible and could weaken a player temporarily or even permanently by removing the star from the roster. (temporarily (comeback after some time) or permanently (decided to be a full time mother) :-D ) All players and the competing stars would have to agree to a side-bet, but it would increase viewer ratings as there is more at risk.
        The side bets can also be used for some kind of avatar-based ranking as you mentioned. (Most stars impregnated)

  • Mattis says:

    You tournament rules are too complicated for me, but the rest isn’t opposed to anything we already discussed and planned for the MMO, yeah ;)

    But you may see all that as “the point in itself” for the game, while I would be more interested in it as just some very massive but focused multiplayer aspect, though.
    Yet it could all work out very great anyway, so, cheers ! :D

    Thx again for all this material to work on, will try to come up with all that ! Hope the project get more financial support with time, because as it is, we will not go far with what we have, alas ! But we’ll see when I’m able to pull out some visual and a little pre-alpha something so people can get a better grip on it !

    • CS says:

      Well, the basic idea of my suggestions is that the game should be very modular. I would start at the first release with only one type of league and with only one competition style. But if you write the game in a modular way you could easily add more types of leagues later. Those might need other forms of competions, so I would make that modular as well. So the competition types listed could be added some time later when a league might need them or the used animations are made. I mostly put those down to show ways to incorporate solo, pair and group (FFA and Team) events. (And therfore animations/scenes)

      • Mattis says:

        Exactly the point, yep.
        Just like KoPC, I always worked like that, knowing that stuff will come in its time, and everything must be plan a little ahead and kept open for upgrades to come ! ;)

    • CS says:

      And yes, the concept describes a game where the competions are the main aspect. But I think integrating it as a part of a bigger game would also be possible.

  • SAP says:

    wheres the next update!!?? im so anxious! give us a sneek peek at what u got cooking up

    • Mattis says:

      Been struggling a lot through toooons of unexpected problems and delays for my racing game. And it’s still not released to this day (even if the game is finished. Twice, lol ^^)
      I tried to keep track and keep people informed on patreon, but it was so chaotic I wasn’t able to do some proper blog posts about that.
      (to say what ? “It’s coming”, then “no it’s not, just a little delay, unexpected problem”, and repeat that every 2 days, drowning all other infos into pointless heads-up ? Lol ^^)

      To sum it up : it’s been putting me through tremendous pressure, even more considered the KoPC update is waiting to be started, and the MMO moreover. And I hate this state of “nothing is really DONE-done, and everyone is waiting”, while working day and night for weeks without seeing any real progress for now, even if there is progress indeed, arrghh !

      So, I’ve started KoPC update this week end, but I can’t focus on it while waiting the other game to release, to much things in stand-by occupying my mind.
      And there’s been new developments forcing me to put KoPC on hold again and to come back on the racing game 200%, so, that’s like pulling the hand-brake while driving fast, it just breaks a lot of my energy.

      *Sigh*….. ok, skip to the point, Mattis.
      KoPC update : got 1 new set and 2 half ones in progress, and also a big ass freaking major engine upgrade I figured out this week end, that will have tons of collateral impact on future works, I think, and spare me a lot of work time… after it works, because for now it’s not finished.
      Not a lot of real content to show up, alas :/

      Racing game should be up any day, now (been thinking that for weeks, lol), will have its news, then I’ll be able to start working 200% on KoPC update, and post sneek peek on it.
      Then I’ll release it, then the MMO as freaking soon as possible.
      Lots and lots of personnal pressure, arghhhh !