KoPC update W.I.P ! (and new poll)

Hi everyone !
‘Been working hard lately (as usual those past months ^^) to keep the great news, games and updates coming!

First, notice the new poll, for the coming MMO, because I would like to get it right, right from the start!
Too much ideas, in fact, I think we will HAVE to do more than one MMO anyway, to extinguish our lust and creativity!
But we have to start somewhere, so, tell me where!
(also : there was a small bug in the vote, too bad no one told me before! :p)


Next : KoPC update is progressing very well !
I started working on it as soon as Sex Racers was out (and between patches for it), to gain as much time as possible. It will contain a little of everything, as usual, but also a major and critical update on the engine!

Thing is, I was able to “externalize” colors, and body parts!!!
Before, when we wanted any part to have a different color (hair or skin), I had to DRAW this part, with this color.
Meaning adding one hair color, for example, implied drawing a clone of EVERY existing hair parts, to put this new color in it.
As well, adding any new hair meant adding one of it… plus as many clone as there is actual colors !
Imagine that for every nose, every ear, every hand, thigh, calf, type of boob, tails, etc…
Tremendous work.

Now, with this revolution, I can affect a color directly to a basic part.
Meaning the process isn’t related anymore. If I want to add colors, I can just add colors, without multiplying the work on parts, and vice-versa.

In the same way, every character were containing, as for now, every single custom possibility, in itself.
Talk about engine overload : that’s probably one of the reason the game was so slow, on some computers.
Because you “saw” one character, but every hair, clothes, sizes and colors for EVERYTHING was there to, to allow fast access. (how do you think I was carrying the customs from one pose to another ?)
I took the necessary huge time to break all that down, and now you only have what you really see ! (well… mostly)
And customs are just imported right on scene to fit specifications!
It was hardcore work beyond imagination, but it’s saving me even more future work!

oooh boy, lots of new colors to come!!

oooh boy, lots of new colors to come!!

The “pros” are awesome :
1) It’s just, basically, dividing all work by at least 12 (for hair or skin colors, for example).
For most of it, it’s not so much it divides the work, but more it “unlocks” possibilities.
I could always had any hair I wanted, before, but that meant hours of work, so I just didn’t do it.
Now, I CAN plan to add things without getting into depression, lol! :D
The engine isn’t getting any more pressure from it anymore!

2) It may be dividing the visual charge when running the game by the same amount.
I don’t feel such a difference when running it, but working on it definitely is a lot lighter and less laggy !

3) The workspace is now much more efficient. I could change what some arms looks like, for example, without having to re-do the changes 12 times over! I got every externalised part, color or clothes properly re-adjust, and was able to fix countless details during the process!
Clean start!

4) It will definitely impact, in a MAJOR way, on my future games, MMO in front!
I was already thinking “gosh, if I want to do a new ragdoll system, I got to think about “characters multiplied by heads multiplied by hairs multiplied by colors”, etc…
Now, at least the color is right out of the equation, it becomes very simple !
That doesn’t solve everything, far from it, but that’s a big relief for me. Now I know HOW to do all that!

5) I tried to externalise the whole ragdoll engine, as motivated as I was, so I could use it in any future game separately (Sex Pit could have benefited from every KoPC update, for example), and have every game improved at the same time when improving the customs engine !
And it….. fail miserably.
…well, you can’t have it all. :/
But I will try again in a year, lol, who knows ? :D

6) You’ll see it brings back side stuff, too, like the hair animation, for example, lol.
(will not work on that for the coming update, though, already have enough on my plate as it is ^^)
Or the hair dye (it brings up weird & fun colors, I need to dig into that)

So !
Conclusion ?
I’m freaking happy and exhausted at the same time.
The bad news ? I don’t think it’s visually showing at all.
I mean, when I add new colors and all, yes, you see the new content, but the engine change in itself is just… one of this backstage thing, alas.
But still, great news ! And new colors there are, to celebrate all that !

Now I get back to work : new sets, poses, scenarios and all to finish in order to release the update!

Keep supporting the hard work, financially when you can, I love you for that, and you know it’s worth it : games and stuff comes out for everyone to enjoy, and I always loved to listen to your wishes and include them in our games when I can!

(PS : Sex Pit is on the table again, Lazram and a few other keep asking for it, be sure to do the same and show your worth!)

  • DK says:

    Sex Pit is easily my favourite of your games (I like the management side of things rather than button bashing action) so I’d definitely be interested in seeing an update for that. It’s a fun game as it is, but there’s definitely a lot that could be improved or added to it. Thanks for creating your games.

    • Mattis says:

      You bet there is a lot we could improve !
      That’s the problem : there’s thousands of things we could do, in hentai games, and so little time and skills and support and ressources to do it !!

      But fortunately, sometimes, we build an amazing community like we have here, and we can try making the best out of it for everyone’s pleasure !
      So, I hope I will be able to deliver, on Sex Pit future updates ;)

  • Boombox says:

    Firstly, the MMO, your plan sounds really good and i´m really looking forward to the result, but how much time to you think it will take?
    Cuz it´s sounds like a complex and time consuming thing.

    Now to KOPC, i think the improvement on the engine and on technical things in general is pretty importent even if it doesn´t effect the game itself that much and i think your on a good way, cuz your games alrways good and with a better engine and better technics they will get even better so keep up the good work.

    • Mattis says:

      For the MMO, it will take a tremendous time and effort, of course, but it will be an evolutive project, like KoPC. Step by step, brick by brick, it will start very very small, and grow into everything we like and want for it.

      That’s why I try to start it right, with a real artist, and a writer, and some clear idea of what you should go for and what we should keep for other project or later, so we don’t mess it the foundations from which this wonder will be growing from!

      For KoPC engine, yeah, it’s important and good people understand that.
      In my previous game creator job, people didn’t get “making other games & things” contributed to my general skills, and solved much more efficiently and quickly all the problems encountered.
      They didn’t understood it was the same man behind all that, and that if I was not to do what I liked and wanted, in order to progress and keep my mind fresh, I couldn’t deliver on what they liked !
      That’s how they exhausted me, with constant complains and destructive harass and fights. Thinking I was a giant army of programmers to beat up to make them do their requests.
      No, they just killed an innocent man, and lost me. :/

      But bright side ! Now I’m doing hentai, and people are much more joyful, constructive and clever ! And they get me doing tons of amazing games, updates and projects I would never thought I would do in the first place !
      Some mule works with sticks, but I definitely work much better with carrots !

      Forward to lustful and amazing future times ! :D

  • Flame says:

    When I tried to vote for the new poll, it said I had already voted, is that the bug that was happening?

  • corrupted_data says:

    That’s huge! Very exciting news. There’s so much less work to do now. I don’t think everyone will quite understand what a great step forward that is. The math is a little overwhelming, especially when you consider the fact that this will literally pay off every single time a new object or color is added. This will save incalcuable amounts of time and effort. I’m glad to know you’re life is getting a little easier, haha. Great work, my friend!

    • Mattis says:

      Thanks ! And yes, vertiginous consequences for the future of all of my games, lol !
      It’s still some basic stuff any “pro” would laugh about, but the games pros are making, we usually have to wait ten years to have anything to chew on, so, yes, let’s be proud and have fun together :D

      • corrupted_data says:

        While it’s true this technique is considered standard for pros, I feel it’s still praise-worthy. Pros do it because it’s smart. Besides, you are but one person, working in spare time, on a sub-par computer. So the fact that you’re doing anything the pros do is pretty impressive.

  • Buz says:

    Hey Mattis, could you please improve the Sex-pit game aswell? you have enough resources and great strategies. But could you make the hair type (not color) selectable manually? aswell as Lip types and color and eyes etc. That would be great in a way the make up can be customized then. Please let me know. Thanks! looking forward for the future games!

    • Mattis says:

      I see what you mean, yes, I will add that to the “todo” list of the Sex Pit!
      I can’t promise any date for it, but I’ll definitely look into it!
      (there’s already a patch planned, even if it should not be about physical stuff, for now)

      Onward to good times and future games!