KoPC november update!

Hi my beautiful people !

Big ass update done here, I hope you will enjoy all the good stuff that has been cooking!
Trucks of new straight ahead! Completely mixed up, but I didn’t see how to sort them out another way!

- There’s been a complete break down and do-over of the coloring system, for skin as for hairs, based on massive externalisation ! (cf previous blog for further infos, but that was just huuuuuge). But just a quick recap :
- 12 times less work when adding a new hair, or skin, or any head or face expression
- at LEAST 12 times less heavy for the game to load (supposedly)
- infinite less time of work when I add any color
- open new mmo opportunity
- side : could bring back hair ondulations

In consequences and addition :
- Complete refont of special heads & colors & body types : now you can choose male demon head on female body type with green color or any other combination without anything imposed. (added a few shortcut buttons, though)
- All girl’s hairs externalised! (head, front, back parts) Game should be way lighter to run!
- +8 new hair colors!
- Hair color sorted for randomized men. They will not have pink or green hair, for example, while you personnally can still choose them.
- +13 new skin color (2 times the existing number !), containing 2 variations for each race skin (caucasian, african, etc…) among other ones.
- Deletion of the “nipple color” parameter for main character. (can’t have everything ^^)
- All tshirt, bras, panties, pants, stockings, shoes & hats have been externalised, for girls. Game should be way lighter to run!
- “Yoga bras” system broke down. Now comes with +6 new corresponding panties !
- Fix on most ass pieces of clothes.
- +9 new gym/sports random outfits!!
- +2 new swimsuits!!
- +7 new stockings : 1 fishnet, 1 lingerie, and 5 type of socks!
- Blank tattoos ! (shoulder and ass, + random increased for guys to have a blank tattoo) (dutchlove)
- All man hairs & beards externalised! Running the game should be lighter!
- +4 new moustaches!! (dutchlove)
- +2 new beards!!
- Man upper arm design & torsos improved!

- “Dismiss” function problem fixed!
- Complete re-check of all poses, to put feet behind calfs (with a little knee connexion improvement)
- Fixes on “adult birdy” pose and a few other “reverted abdomen” poses.
- Lots of details fixed on “deeper”, “dog grip”, “dog back” and lots of other poses!
- Residual xray tongues problem adressed!
- Fixes on location problem on “fisting”, “assjob” on several other poses (that were spawning not centered at all) !
- Brand new pose : foreplay-threesome to show lesbian action! (young & adult versions) (a long-time asked one, by CS, jedijay & others)
- Brand new foreplay pose : kissing! (young & adult versions) (master)
- A fully hidden pose, ouh, secret secret!

- Problem with “swimming center” building showing “warehouse” image fixed.
- Map reorganization and arrangements, global as inside buildings.
- +4 Brand New Sets! The penthouse (special “building” location with several weather), the Movie Studio, the Lingerie Shop, and the Rich House!
- +9 new scenarios to go with them!
- Other new various contributed scenarios : main campaign “family bonds” (winter house), +1 for “end of the world” campaign, +3 for “nudist” one, +1 for “happy sex” one!

But there’s more, with Rancid that gave me material to add ton of new stuff!
- +14 brand new outfits!!! Maid, Catwoman, Wonderwoman, Powergirl, Razorgirl, April O’Neil, Scientist, Officer, Rags, Chains, Soldier, Vault Dweller, Virgin Robe, and Princess one!
- Also +6 regular scenarios, and +18 “end of the world” campaign ones!!
- A brand new special set : the Vault! (fallout lovers will appreciate, I think ^^)

So I did some personnal changes and additions regarding that, among which :
- Map and intro text background change for “end of the world” campaign!
- Also added “trashed” versions for “church”, “penthouse”, “park” and “stadium” sets! (for the ambiance!)
- Re-done customization panel, given how many new outfits and new colors we have now!

And finally, countless small visual or technical details/bugs, the list is just far too long and I just stop taking notes at some point, lol!

TO ACCESS new “threesome foreplay”, just click another girl when doing foreplay. (same as x-some, just in a different game phase!)

THE LINK (reload a few times, if needed, to get the newest version)


How to help the game easily : must read !

Usual note : latest version of the game is only available on mysexgames.com !
It’s the point of a sponsor’s exclusivity, and it’s just simplier that way !
So don’t ask for versions elsewhere or trust other sites to have the latest one, just go on mysexgames.com !
One game for everyone, one place for everyone, easy and quick.

The movie set, a place a sins and lust...

The movie set, a place a sins and lust...

One of the new set : the lingery shop!

Another one of the new set : the lingery shop!

Ouuuh yeah, new outfits for everyone!

Ouuuh yeah, new outfits for everyone!


On other note :
- A patch for the Sex Pit should come up soon ;) (bug & technicalities only, for now :p)
- Later, we could include all new KoPC engine color tweaks and poses fixes/additions in it, but I’ll wait for your throrough examination of its functionning in current state in KoPC, first.
- MMO is started! I got the overall mechanic, and commissionned the first drawings to begin building a ragdoll structure! Hope to get an alpha as soon as possible (even ultra raw :p)
- Yet, my Patreon goes really downhill since a few weeks, instead of getting the astonishing support other creators get for doing ten times less, so I really hope we can get through and give our project a chance to happen, lol. Cross fingers and spread the word on hentai forums, while I work hard for the alpha!

Anyway! Keep supporting the hard work as you can, you know it’s a team effort (couldn’t do all this on my own!) and that you are awesome and appreciated for all you already did and keep doing, and enjoy the jiggidy hoppity hentai fun!

See ya soon! Comment the hell out of this update!

  • Boombox says:

    Hey Mattis,

    i think the engine update was a big step ahead, you definetly see that the performance is better and everything looks alot better, especially the new locations and customs. All in All the graphic improvement is really good ad shows how much it was needed.

    Now to the campaign, i really like the scenarios and especially the end of the world thing, cuz it has a good storytelling which can be really usefull for MMO. Also it story makes sense and build up on itself so you really feel like you play a story and everything is connected.

    So i have to say that the complete update is a big progress, you should definetly keep up the good work cuz your games and updates are getting better and better.

    Does the patch for sexpit contain new content or is it only for bug fixing?
    And keep us updated about your progress with the MMO.

    • Mattis says:

      Hi Boombox!
      Thx for the first feedback!

      I’ll fix the post, as other people will probably have the same questions.
      Sex Pit : bug and adjustments mainly. For now. (I plan to inject as much content from KoPC as possible, later. All new color stuff, adult poses we don’t have now, clothes/outfits, and manual customizations if I can)

      For MMO : got the overall mechanics, I think, and I launched first commission to supersatan for alpha characters to start building the ragdoll engine.
      Nothing too fancy for now, but we always got to start somewhere, and I want to produce an alpha as soon as possible! (even very raw)

      For KoPC update, yeah, knowing the main story would have tremendous amount of updates, I didn’t “linked” scenarios, as I would have to re-do the story each time.
      I always planned to have several “chapters”, though, which is in filigrams since the start :
      - “the beginnings”, where the main character is discreet, on little cons and blackmails, but keep low profile.
      - “the rising agressiveness”, with daylight invasions of private locations, and more risky fraud, but still in not very famous and no public places.
      - “the organisation”, where the dude begin to have a “business” reputation, among unofficial or small official circles.
      - “the grasping”, with scenarios depicting the fact the cops and some small authorities around are being bought one by one, and the dude can get free with totally illegal stuff with more public.
      - “the kingship”, where his domination is total among authorities, and now he can rape in most public places without any legal risks, yet still unknown from the common people, and involve other person or group around in his shoots.
      - “the aftermath”, same, but later on, where everyone is susceptible to know him somehow, and he just roams his city to prey on “opportunity shot”.

      If you look closely, I try to keep the scenarios in that order, and it’s the quiet evolution of the main story ;)

      Good to know the engine tweaks is showing, though, and yeah, I’ll keep improving and provide better stuff!

    • Rancid says:

      Hi Boombox, I wrote the post-apocalypse stuff, so I’m glad you liked it.

      Mattis, thanks for incorporating my scenarios and art, the game keeps getting better.

  • dutchlove says:

    Woohoo! So glad to see this long awaited update, and it’s looking awesome. Also, thanks so much for listening to my suggestion and adding new facial hair options – the variety is brilliant, definitely helping the rp side of things for me :) Always a sign of a great creator when he actually listens to feedback. Keep up the great work!

  • SAP says:

    bug find: if you change sex poses while the pants are turned off on a girl, they dont click back on unless you: click the button, then change poses again.

  • SAP says:

    oh, sorry one more, but this has happened since i began playing a few months ago, but i remembered to tell it now. most “special” outfits (gym, police, maid, etc…) get glitched if you are in customize and click the “next shirt, next pants, next stockings, etc…” arrows and then they do not reappear.

    • Mattis says:

      Hmm, yep, technical loop.
      But can you properly play back with complete outfits or regular clothes, when clicking on “RAZ” or other outfit buttons ?

      For the change-pose-pants disappearance, hmm… not sure I get what’s happening, in my program, but I’ll definitely think about that and try to figure it out, thx!

      • SAP says:

        hmmm, well i just did a test with a “raz” outfit, it cycled thru the different jean shorts, the skirt, and the pants, but the other variations did not show up, however, the clothes themselves did not glitch and become “unreappearable”. i will do further tests.

        • SAP says:

          hmm, well i guess it appears that all “special” clothing “cop, nurse, jail, etc..” are no longer selectable in customize, unless you directly pick it in the “outfits” section.

          • Mattis says:

            It’s meant to work like that, now, yes, as they are not linked anymore to a specific “number”, so regular cycle can’t access them.
            Soo, I got lost, working on so many different stuff at once : does it mean there was no bug but just a new functionning not-known, or is there still a bug ?
            Loooool ! :D

            • SAP says:

              well theres still the bug of “special” outfit’s clothes disappearing if you try and change them, I.E. the slave girls chain bra disappears if you click “next bra” and will not reappear unless you click on the “slave girl outfit button”, which randomizes the girl anyways, so that doesnt really help.

              • Mattis says:

                Yep, and what I meant is : it’s not a bug. :)
                Outfits aren’t in the regular cycle anymore, so you can’t get them by cycling through regular options, et vice-versa, they just don’t work together anymore.
                That’s a little downer for sure, but that was a fair price for all the engine simplifications and improvements.

                That said, I may find a solution to get everything straight at some point, as usual.
                (for example I may have found some potential solutions for the KoPC regular customs cycles themselves, working on the MMO premises… it’s all a big hentai world linked together :p)

                • SAP says:

                  i understand your point about all outfits not cycling, (and youre right, just a small price to pay). BUT, im trying to say that the bug is that the clothes do not REAPPEAR after you try and click “next bra” (for example). so, i will break it down: 1.) i select a outfit from the custom menu, lets say, the maid outfit. 2.) i am curious to see if you gave the maid different selections of skirts, blouse, etc… so i click on “next pants” in the custom menu. 3) the pants then disappear. 4.) if i click on the “show/hide clothing” button, nothing happens, if i click the opposite “next pants” button (meaning if i clicked the “right” one the first time, i try clicking the “left” one, to see if i can cycle back to the original skirt. nothing happens. 5.) the pants are gone forever and will not reappear unless i click on a whole new outfit button. i hope this is more clear about the bug i think i am experiencing. :)

                  • Mattis says:

                    (that’s a big ass line of comments, lol, you may want to start a new comment ^^)

                    Technically, if we simplify, what is happening is : regular clothes are integers, and “cycle arrows” do +1 or -1 on them.
                    Pants 4 +1 = Pants 5, that works.
                    In old system, “special” outfits were stocked at pointer 40, or 80, or whatever needed to avoid collapse with regular clothes, but were still integers. So, cycle clicks worked too.
                    Problem was : it was a hellish mess to retrieve or remember, and the slightest error was breaking everything.
                    Now, regular clothes are still integers, but outfit clothes are pointed by name (”plane”, “maid”, etc…)

                    So, when you click on cycling arrows…
                    “maid” + 1 = “undefined”, at best.
                    At worse, it’s equal to “maid1″, which refers to absolutely nothing.
                    And “maid1″ + 1 = “maid11″, which is also nothing, etc…
                    “maid1″ – 1 (left arrow) = “undefined error”, at best, again.
                    Or “zero”, which doesn’t refer to anything either.
                    But I doubt that, because left then right arrow would equal “1″, which is a regular accessible element, usually.

                    It’s like adding carrots and tomatoes : how much is 3 carrots + 2 tomatoes ? Or – 2 tomatoes ?
                    3 carrots + 2 tomatoes is equal to 3 carrots + 2 tomatoes, which isn’t neither a precise carrot number nor a precise tomatoe number, so the engine can’t make anything of it.
                    And 3 carrots – 2 tomatoes = “what the hell are you asking me ?”, in the engine’s mind.

                    That’s why the moment you click a left or a right arrow on a special outfit preset, the engine get lost in limbos.

                    That said, some outfit are more twisted than others.
                    “swimming” outfit, for example, just narrow the undies integers generator to the range fitting swimming ones.
                    So that still invoke integers, so that works with cycling arrows.
                    “Naked” outfit is just changing strip options, so its effect can be reversed with strip buttons.

                    So, yes, look like a bug, but not a bug. It… doesn’t work, but the way it’s supposed and expected to not work, looool :D

                    • SAP says:

                      lol final reply to this comment….. im happy you explained your coding system. it makes sense, and i understand fully. i await excitedly the day you find good code to have all outfits run interchangably! but i still love the game. plz never quit! :)

  • ballisticwaffles says:

    Damnit Mattis, i had things to do today! I guess i can spend the next hour playing this… just an hour… yep. Great work btw, i love the new costumes.

    BUGS: The Warehouse levels in the King Ascension campaign have all of their unique stuff missing, IE the Dog, the Boyfriend, the Camera.

  • thatdude says:

    Two bugs:
    Bottles in “Bonus” ae invisible when equipped.
    After the first scene in the church is unlocked (Morning Rape), it reverts to open play once the girl is selected.

  • DragonMann says:

    As always man.. love your work,

    Had to restart (computer crash) and in replaying.. I have noticed a few bugs.. mostly with the Dialogs not showing up (only threw the 5th stage in the warehouse) and the “dog” not showing up for Doggie nights, and the BF missing for the next one.

    I would have posted at your forum.. but it looks like it hasn’t been used in over 6 months.

    • Mattis says:

      Thx for your support!

      For the dog/GF bug, cool, it was noticed by someone else, but now it’s confirmed (it’s all part of the same bug, I think). I’ll fix it as soon as I can!
      For the dialogs, I see some problems from time to time myself, but I still can’t find where they comes from, alas! (it’s been a constant chase since the appearance of dialogs, lol!)

      For the forum, it’s always funny how everyone request a forum, when there’s none, but then almost never use it, lol!
      I don’t mind, I still have a tremendous amount of work everywhere else, but hey, the forum exist, at least.
      (and btstunt, my moderator on it, do an amazing work of keeping vigilant on what is posted there, kuddos to him for endurance on checking on it almost daily!)