The Sex Pit v1.6 and other news!

Hi my dear ones!

Good news today, for all Sex Pit lovers out there : due to your continuous mentions of how you would like for this game to improve, and to Lazram great help & support on many aspects regarding it, here comes a long awaited patch!

Only technical stuff on this one, but know that I plan to incorporate all KoPC new engine tweaks back to The Sex Pit, along with additionnal poses and clothes already present in KoPC. (already said that, no ? I don’t know, I lose tracks of everything, sometimes, lol)
When, I don’t know, the MMO need a tremendous amount of focus and attention, for now (programmers and project managers will surely understand you can’t walk in and out of projects like you do of a kitchen ^^).
But I’ll make time!

That said, changelogs :

Bugs :
- “End of Night” report can go beyond 9,999$ gain, now.
- Pregnancy now appears on xray.
- Bubbles red glow problem.
- Title screen misplacement and other visual approximations fixed.
- Fame dropping by 5 every night fixed!

Improvements :
- “Client Served” bubble ABOVE sex pose, so it doesn’t mask the xray.
- “Perfect fuck” is now worth (money gain)*2. (potential combo with “virgins” for money*6)
- Chances of “perfect fuck” overrides chance of STD.
- Random anal
- Trackers for number of clients and number of pregnancies, in girls stats.
- Local leaderboard of your score (in cookie save). (if I can’t make global leaderboard work, at least you have that!)

THE LINK (reload a few times, if needed, to get the newest version)

How to help the games easily : must read !

Usual note : latest version of the game is only available on !
One game for everyone, one place for everyone, easy and quick.

Enter the den of the beast once again...

Enter the den of the beast once again...


As for the MMO : things are progressing!
Averagely, I would say. Some good surprises, some bad, but overall it goes more or less the speed I expected.
So, the objective has not change : delivering you as quick as possible an alpha version, that will be barely playable and interesting, but playable anyway, so we will be able to improve it from there!
(just like KoPC started, with only a few poses, a few customs and 4 scenarios, lol! Look where we are, now!)

Check out the “mmo current state” page, I try to update it as regularly as I can, so you know what is happening.

For now, I’m finishing main character creation segment, and then I’ll start building the very heart of the game!
(cross all fingers you have I don’t have too much bad surprises there, lol, awaiting for me in the dark!)

Step by step, ouh baby! (yeah, I know, old joke :p)

Step by step, ouh baby! (yeah, I know, old joke :p)

Keep the support flowing, you know it’s deeply appreciated and really converting into factual games and updates! I’m a complex machine, I need maintenance and combustible to work well ;)
Hentai kisses for you, and you, and you! Hentai kisses for everyone!

  • DK says:

    Thanks for the Sex Pit update.

    I’d assumed that the fame dropping each night was a feature rather than a bug. Without it the game is quite a lot easier, with upgrades for the warehouse less important to hit high fame and rake in money…

    Maybe you’d consider rebalancing it a bit, to put the difficulty level back up? Or maybe making an optional “hardcore” mode that’s less forgiving?

    • Mattis says:

      As almost everyone complains about the tremendous difficulty of the game, patches were not thought that way, indeed.
      The 5 fame drops was a bug anyway.

      But an optionnal hard mode could be implemented, yes, why not.
      What kind of stuff do you have in mind ? Decrease gains, more automatic fame drop, something else ?

      • DK says:

        To be honest I can understand why people complained about the difficulty when they first played it. The game starts out quite challenging, as you need to build up both fame and a stock of girls before you can satisfy many customers. But once both of those goals are achieved, I find that the game becomes a bit easy, safe and predictable. Then it’s just a matter of keeping health and hygiene topped up each day, preventing drained girls and reducing STDs, and raking in money each night until the risk meter hits 100.

        Obviously I don’t know how difficult any of these suggestions would be to implement, but I can think of a few ideas for making it more of a challenge throughout the game:

        Limit the time allowed to provide a girl to a client. For example, give the player 5 seconds to drag and drop a girl before that client gives up and leaves, with a loss of fame. This would encourage the player to offer any available girl, even if a better choice is busy, rather than risk waiting too long and losing that customer. As it is now, if three customers all want a blonde at the same time, I only need one in stock to serve them all, one after the other.

        Make unhappy clients potentially cause more damage to girls. For example, if they get an STD, or the girl wasn’t what they asked for, there could be a chance of her being beaten up and losing 2x or 3x health. That would make it more of a risk to offer a girl when there isn’t one that’s exactly what they want.

        Increase the cost of the doctor (to $500/10% maybe), to make hunting for new girls more cost effective than just keeping their stats topped up each round.

        Perhaps the clients with the “fist” icon, rather than wanting a girl with high temper stat, could simply be rougher customers who might do more damage to the girls?

        Maybe clients could become more demanding as fame increases? That way the girls on offer would have to be cleaner/more attractive further on in the game than at the start, where your selection is more limited.

        These last few ideas would likely reduce the number of customers served satisfactorily. With each failure reducing fame that would increase the difficulty of keeping fame level up, making the warehouse upgrades more important

        It would be cool if there were some random events too. Maybe police asking for bribes, or mafia thugs attacking girls, when your fame reaches a certain level.

        Beyond the difficulty level, one tweak I’d like to see is something to speed up the stat upgrades. Rather than having to drag and drop girls to the bottom for each 10% increase, how about just having to click a girl to select, then click the doctor/make-up/bath button to apply the upgrade? That would save quite a bit of time, especially as the number of girls in stock increases.

        I do enjoy the game as it is, and I’ve just sent you a Paypal donation as a thank you.

        • Mattis says:

          Oh, that was you ? Thanks a lot for that! :D

          For the difficulty of the game, yeah, indeed.
          Personnally, I was going for upgrading the warehouse asap, so the money became bigger, even with few clients, so I could bank up and top up the girls quickly and regain my fame after that.
          But I think several strategies work, anyway.

          The main problem was always the players try to play that game not like it was programmed, considering all outcomes different from “perfect fuck” were to be taken as a personnal failure and immediate game over, in the game.
          … Seen like that, hell yeah, you bet it was hard! It’s even technically impossible indeed!
          Just like people were trying to do the whole Sex Racers game in one go.

          Given all video games scenes are all about “try & die”, “re-run” and “roll with semi-failures” systems since decades, it must be some personnal creation design problem I don’t really get, for now.
          Still miles to go ;)

          I written down your ideas for future updates (some are really nice and could even solve sides unrelated engine problems), I’ll try them and see if it’s easy or not to implement.
          (making the client less forgiving as your fame/risk go up, though, should be too difficult/risky to implement. The theorical algorithm seems easy, but I have a hard time making the random engine work like I want, so I wouldn’t risk breaking the whole stuff, for now)

          See you soon for more good stuff!
          And thx again to give me the opportunity to create all that for you!

  • ShiroSeigi says:

    Sex pit update! Nice.

    I go plays now…

    And a mmo update! Double nice!

    Hmm, did your art change? Or you have someone helping you? Just wondering. Mainly because it doesn’t look like your normal stuff. But is still good.

    Interested to know what kind of art you want to do for the mmo.

    • Mattis says:

      Hard to keep up with all I do, right ? Lool :D

      I got too much ideas and work to do, too few graphic skills and time, it really hold me back on all I could do.
      So since a few months, I try to hire professionnal artists to do the graphics of my games, it gives me much more time to work on the rest, as well as boosting up the quality, and spares me the psychological weight of having to handle that, and think all my games in terms of “the very few stuff I can draw” (a big buzzkill)

      Regarding the MMO especially : to even “think” about doing it myself, it would have just been impossible.

      But it was a hard quest : most artists I contacted are freaking unreliable as hell, it’s a mess!
      Supersatanson, though, seems to be our great savior, on maaaanny levels!
      Inconvenient being : now it cost very fair but still professionnal money! That’s why I emphasized on the fact the MMO really need players financial support, this time it’s not a project I can deliver for almost free, just for the community fun.
      That say, we really don’t cost much, for all that’s provided, lol.
      I do with a few hundred bucks what any professionnal team would take at LEAST 5000$ to do, loool ^^
      (shame on them! I’m underpaid for sure, but they are still clearly overpaid, in my opinion!)

      So… for the mmo art ?
      I plan on having a ragdoll engine like in KoPC, to optimize at best the costs and the content result, as well as provide the “lots of customs” aspect most players wished for.
      But I would like to push it much further than before, in terms of possibilities, but also in terms of sexyness.
      But of course, it goes with all other kind of problematics and stuff to do, for the rest of the MMO (stories, new game in itself, new kind of game too, and multiplayer aspects, teamwork, new evolutive project, and so much more intrincations and challenges, lol!).
      So… we’ll see where it leads us!

  • Max says:

    Liking the MMO anime art style, will give alot of oppotunities for all different sort of stuff without it being a bitch to update.
    Can’t wait to see the women, should be great.

    So the minus 5 fame WAS a bug? shit I thought I was terrible at SexPit…now I just now I’m bad at it.

    By the way, why must you do bad ass updates when I’m broke?
    It makes it harder to throw money at the screen.

    • Mattis says:

      Huhuhu, you’re welcome, Max ;)

      For the MMO : in fact, it makes things far more complex to update!
      But it’s about going onward to new challenges given what I already know, and to provide better quality stuff, so.. here it is! ;)

      The minus 5 was a bug indeed! Tricky one, though.
      To think some would like harder difficulty, hahahaha!

  • John says:

    You still haven’t added in the feature to customize (name, look) of the girls.

  • Domino Dave says:

    Hey. First off, FANTASTIC series of updates to The Sex Pit so far! I just wanted to post that there seems to be some problem with my game where the only sex pose that the girls and clients ever perform is the “fisting” interaction (where the client merely proceeds to fist the girl until the “client served” bubble appears). This seems to be the case no matter what sort of girl the client asks for, or how I customize the girl with stats or aesthetics. Is there some sort of loop that the current version of the game is locked on? I’ve tried restarting the game many times–in different windows and everything–but nothing seems to change this. Is it a problem with something I am doing? I know it is probably a bug, but I just wanted to be sure.

    Anyway, thank you very much for all the hard work. For what it is worth, you are one of the best!

    • Mattis says:

      Yep, the new release isn’t ready yet, and got some problems with it, that I already fixed, but I wait for my hoster to re-upload the file.
      After that, I’ll do a proper news about it to declare the new update official, lol! :D

      Thanks a lot for your support, it’s always most welcomed, it’s a very hard work, both physically and morally!
      (even more as I’m not perfect, faaaaar from it, so it’s a long process of improvement! But as the past has shown it : it’s worth your patience and support!)
      The future is limitless, let’s keep making the best out of it! :D

      • Domino Dave says:

        Very speedy reply! XD

        It’s nice knowing that YOU are just as consistently dedicated as we (your fans!) try to be. I know how straining it can be to do something like this (I write fiction and comic dialogue for an underground magazine ;P), and are always driven by those who enjoy and share what I do. So, I am happy and proud to be any kind of assistance when it comes to the development of your passion.

        Thank you for your continued commitment to these projects and your website. I know you have what it takes. :)

        • Mattis says:

          I know I have too, conceptually.
          It’s just morally, that it’s very hard.
          And yeah, I can totally relate on how sometimes a single message can bring you up or down very quickly, in one-man-army stuff ;)

          I would like to give back on that, if someday I’m strong enough too.
          (that said, I already do, as much as I can)
          When things will calm down a little (after the MMO release and all), get back on me with your fiction writings, if you feel I could be of any help for you ;)

          Ok, got to get back to work, damn it! :D

  • manda says:

    Hey Mattis, is there any way (if possible) to get this version of Sex Pit? I mean v1.6. Thanks in advance and keep up the good work.

    • Mattis says:

      Well, alas I piled up improvements as I go, I didn’t saved the v1.6 after I started the v1.8, and same for

      So maybe try to find other sites that “borrowed” the Sex Pit game, maybe they aren’t up to date and have the v1.6 somewhere!
      (or maybe some players here have it and could share it ?)

      If you don’t mind me asking, why do you need a previous version than actual one ? Just curious :D

  • manda says:

    That’s ok man. Most sites I have searched in have the 1.5 version.
    The current version is very fun, being able to customize and stuff but I’m a fan of your ‘early’ work and the ‘raw’ look of the characters, before you introduced the color engine. I actually had a save of that version but overwritten it with the most recent one, so yeah :P