Dancing interlude

Hi everyone !

Just a quick “in-between” word, as everything is in progress but nothing is complete for now.

For the MMO : check out this page, and suscribe to my patreon page, to get latest infos and screenshots of it, and to support the projects so I can concretize them (and the MMO especially). ;)

For KoPC : quick fix for november update is up!
- Lightpoles / warehouse first levels elements bug should be fixed!
- Beer bottle bonus pose fixed!
- Demon horns and aliens antennas too! (and ears. Were doing wonky stuff)
Same url as usual, empty cache & reload a few times if needed : KoPC link

For the Sex Pit : while straightening things up on the MMO, I’m working on sides on a more “physical” update for Sex Pit, as promised, based on latest ragdoll engine improvements! Stripping options, customisations, a new clicking system, and maybe a few more things if I keep receving so much requests and support, lol!
(I may keep “events” for a later update, though : it might be a colossaly fun stuff, if done well, so I prefer to wait to have proper time and a free mind to get it right!)

Because I’m completely crazy, I might add a christmas minigame somewhere in all this, because I really wish I could provide some seasonnal fun from time to time! But that’s a big “if”. ;)

Happy winter, see ya soon for more news!

  • corrupted_data says:

    A Christmas game would be cool. I don’t know why, but I’m a big fan of holiday themed porn.

  • kRONIC says:

    Can you give me a hint about the hidden pose? Pretty please?

  • Vanguard says:

    I’d love to see a Christmas themed YTPP game!

    • Mattis says:

      I would love too!
      Alas, with so much stuff going, it will not be a YTPP game, I don’t have the time.
      It usually took me a month, to do a YTPP episode, and only if I work full time on it.
      KoPC update, Sex Pit update, MMO going on, already the 6 of december, christmas to prepare, it’s just too much. :/
      Yet I hope you’ll enjoy what I will be able to produce, in the very little time frame I have!

  • CoyoteLounge says:

    Dude! I am psyched about an update to Sex Pit. I freaking love that game! Girl customization would be amazing! The old Sim Brothel and all of it’s failed offspring has got nothing on Sex Pit! Boosh!

    • Mattis says:

      If only your words could spread on the internet, lol! :D
      It seems almost no one has heard about any of my games, on most popular hentai forums, it’s impressive!
      And you players should definitely talk far more about them! How a game like “sim brothel”, without any upload anywhere and done by a small obscure (but brave, I don’t judge) creator, can be known by everyone, while two years of constant KoPC updates aren’t ?
      Spread the word!

      (and update is coming indeed, I think you’ll love it! And it’s not over, I plan more stuff for it too, in the future)

      • Leon says:

        It came out in a different time, there are more things available now, so fewer rise to cult status. Just a guess. Though I have the same experience with Sim brothel and attempted spinoffs. Unfortunately I don’t frequent any discussion boards where it’d be appropriate to share your games, but they’re still amazing.

  • Snow says:

    Is there a place to post bugs for sex pit? I’d rather not put anything redundant.

    • Mattis says:

      Oh, anywhere you want, don’t worry, I get e-mail notification of everything, and I still have very few comment, so I can still keep tracks.
      But you should wait just a couple of days : new release is out, changing several stuff.
      Maybe the bug will have disappeared, now. ;)

  • N7 says:

    Heyya Mattie did I ever told you that are Genius ??? I love your Games more and more every day. Those Updates are the best stuff I’ve ever seen so far. About the new Sex Pit Update uhmmm is it just me or do I have to do some hidden things becourse they just Fist the Girls.

    • Mattis says:

      Hey! I don’t recall being call a genius, lol, so thanks a lot! :D

      About Sex Pit : if there’s no new post announcing a game or an update, it means it’s not there, or not ready yet ;)
      I’ve also noticed the problem, and I sent the fix for mysexgames.com to upload! (with a bunch of other bug fixing, too)
      As soon as it’s done and I have checked it, I’ll make the news for it, and you’ll know it’s ready for fun!

      Keep supporting the man, it’s been a very very hard work, backstage, since august, with very very scarce ressources, to deliver all that to you, people, lol!
      But it’s a big pleasure anyway to see you enjoying all that is done, with heart, fun and spicy lust! ;)

  • Mikecv says:

    Hi Mattis,

    KOPC and is the best, but others are good too.
    A like Sexpit but what I rly miss is if we could see “customers” finishing in the girls like in KOPC, ll be superb lol 8) ;)

    I have some tips for you :

    body type for small guy like dwarf :D
    dirty skin for man like homeless or something like that :D
    old guy skin :D
    what a opinion with size of balls? :D
    2 penises for aliens ? XD
    what a opinion for pregnant girl have twice, but every baby with another father? like guy and puppy? lol :D
    What a “knot” for dog inside of girl ? :)

    All are extreme stuff, but ll be rly cool have them in game. ;)

    All of these could implement in Sexpit too, ll do game better, I m sure.

    I d like have to report errors (for improve game what we like so much) :
    Dogs are not same (idle and sex), when I have for example dalmation, girl fuck with by grey dog. And puppy should be same as “father” lol, not only brown on lol. :D

    Keep on my friend, thank you for all what you do for us. ;)

    (sry for my poor english)


    • Mattis says:

      Hi Mike !
      Your english is indeed terrible, but don’t worry, I appreciate the effort, and writing is never easy for anyone, even in your own langage sometimes! So that’s ok ! :D

      For your ideas :
      - dwarf type : problem is it won’t work with all existing pose, I would be forced to create new poses for everything. It’s not impossible, it’s very long and hard, that’s why I didn’t do it, for now. But someday, who knows ? ;)

      - Dirty skin / old guy skin : I could try something, someday, yep. I will work on stuff like that for the MMO game, maybe I will learn some “tricks” to do it on KoPC too.

      - Ball size : doable. I’ll add that to the list!

      - 2 penis for alien : maybe too hard, I don’t know, I need to think about that, hahaha :D

      - Twin different babies : maybe too complex for now, but one day, yes!

      - “knot” for dog inside of girl : I didn’t understand that one. Could you explain more ?

      - Puppy color bug : yeah, for now we just have one color. I’ll do the right color a little later, it’s technically a little complex, for now.

      Anyway, thanks a lot for your appreciation, and your support!
      It’s always needed, and always welcomed!
      See you soon on more games and cool updates!

  • ian says:

    The sex pit has been updated and there is one glitch, the only position that they do is fisting and after a while it gets kind of boring but everything else is great love the new update

  • FT says:

    I have the same problem as ian, can’t get more than one sex pose with sex pit on mysexgames, not sure what’s wrong

  • Mattis says:

    I don’t answer to everything, sorry.
    Some points are too complicated, or already have answers you will see by yourself later. Or simply because I have a tooooon of works and just have to choose what I answer too.
    So, sorry when I miss some stuff, I do my best ;)

    Aside : I don’t have real personnal problems with showing other sites, when it’s justified to explicit something.
    And as long as you ask politely and let me judge if I have to erase the link or not, we’re good, don’t worry :D

    That said : real bestiality is completely illegal, that’s why I had to erase your link, it could make this entire blog banned, lol!

    Personnally, moreover, I invite people to boycott real porn, of any kind. Even if it’s an official position, and I know unofficially people will keep doing and watching stuff, it’s important we try to “play the game”, at least, by not feeding “real porn” links.
    (especially when there is soooo much good hentai to pick from!)

    On another note, it seems several people don’t have any idea of what is completely illegal and what’s not, regarding pornography.
    It kinds of worries me.
    For example, sometimes I saw people not knowing lolicon is strictly illegal, hentai or not, as well as rape depictions, hentai or not once again.
    Just like real bestiality IS judged as animal cruelty, whatever the situation and the context, there’s no exception to that!
    After that, it’s up to anyone to decide what they like or not, watch or not, do or not, but it’s important at least people are informed, about that!

    So, I hope you know all that, on your side, lol :D

    My e-mail is on the right column of this site and available to everyone : mattis.chastan@gmail.com

    About knot and creampie : I’ll see to that, but it can be complex!

    See ya soon, and thx again for your support!

  • Mikecv says:

    Thx Mattis,

    I m just blind man, good now I know email. :D

    Yes, I don’t want do problems to anybody, well bestiality isn’t forbidden where I live, so sry. (But I know thats extreme stuff etc.)
    I just tried chose best way to desribe whats going on for help you to understand. Don’t worry.

    I have to say that I m against any kind of violency, doesn’t matter who do what, Its just for sure. ;)

    I m still tunned on, looking forward to future :P