No, the new version is not ready :D

Since a few days, an unfinished and barely playable version of the new Sex Pit update is uploaded to mysexgames. Players went to play it, and obviously find massive problems in it.
It puts us in a weird but interesting position I should talk about : no, the Sex Pit hasn’t been updated yet! :D

Did you see any post on this blog or patreon about the new update ?
If anything is released officially, I just say so, and it works for every game or update.
If I didn’t said it, that means it’s not ready, simple as that.

So yes : when you play an unapproved version, it’s obviously not the real thing ;)

That said, why the v1.8 is on MSG ? Because I thought it was ready, and send something in advance to the hoster to release it as soon as possible.
He came back days later, and uploaded the file, and then I realised there was some massive bugs left.
I fixed them, and re-send the file to him, but he didn’t responded and uploaded yet, and now I got some “bug report” from some players because we’re stuck between 2 versions.
That’s part of the problem of having the file hosted somewhere I don’t control : I have to wait without being able to do anything about the fact people are being disappointing by playing to a flawed version, already patched since days. :/

That’s why, for the future MMO, for example, I negociated for 6 months, with my hoster, to be able to have directly access to the game files, so I can do real maintenance and avoid those very uncomfortable moments.

Now about the “official” news : some people seems to think I keep playable and ready-to-launch versions waiting for days behind my back, sometimes, to wait for release somehow, or just because I forget to make a news.
No, it’s never the case : the very SECOND I think the game is good to launch, I send it to my hoster, so you people can have it as soon as humanly possible.
And the very SECOND I see the game up, I test it in situation one last time to be sure there’s no problem left, and I do the news right away, top priority before anything else.

But if you thought otherwise, you haven’t been paying good attention, because my games and updates are known to always have a few bugs left in them. A sign the games are released sometimes too quickly, and anyway we can work together to fix them afterwards A.S.A.P.

In conclusion : the games and updates are released the very second they’re ready (at least on my end), and signalled by a clean post here in this blog and/or on patreon.

If there is no news here, don’t worry about checking anywhere else, or to run on feedback (even if it’s always appreciated, for the intention!), wait for the post here and then see! ;)

(that said, I won’t blame you for trying to get stuff in advance, lol, of course!)

  • Mikecv says:


    buddy, Sexpit 1.8 have lot of improvements, dumb that we all have to wait for host. Funny, as now (at least me) have only fisting, poor girls and thier vaginas, they never be same again lol. :D We can enjoy “fisting fest” till :D

  • Max says:

    I found it weird with the fisting, but everything else, great.

    I LOVE being able to customize the girls though, it felt complete.
    Its odd how great the feeling is searching for the girl with the right hair and skin color, cleaning her up, then customizing her until she suits what you want to see, its alot of fun making copy cats of celebrities, characters and lovely ladies in life.
    Brings real replayability to it.

    Also found a bug to make easy money, do you know about it or do you want me to message it to you?

    • Gneal1 says:

      could not have said it (also like to inculde former conquestst and by that i mean all the girls i have liked that didn’t like me)

    • Mattis says:

      It’s really awkward I can’t make the news for something some people already half-saw.
      It will take out some of the fun the day I can, grrrr.
      But it’s not in my power to do something about it, so, yeah, it’s a freaking great update indeed, with lots of fun to have with it, glad you enjoy it fully!

  • Passive says:

    I understand your situation, and hopefully you can get things sorted out soon.

    We all appreciate the incredible work you put into these games, and I’m sure we get impatient waiting for the upload. :)

    • Mattis says:

      This is an awkward situation indeed, lol, but it’s not in my power, so, I try to make the best of it. :/

      Thx for the kind words! I’ve been pushing really hard those past months, yeah, I’ll probably burn out at some point and take a little rest, but at least we are having loads of fun, those days! :D

  • sexpit 1.9 says:

    Why not call the working version Sex-Pit 1.9 and send it again to Maybe that is the fastest way to make them update the file.

    Anyway, thanks a lot for your games, spent quite some time …