2 releases in one go : is it Christmas or what ?

Hi my beautiful hentai lovers!

It is Santa Hoster came up right in time in our chimney, releasing not one, but two of my late tremendous work : Sex Pit v1.8 update (fixed), and “My Wendy Christmas”, my holiday gift to you all ;)

About Sex Pit v1.8, as some of you may know, an unfinished version was released days (weeks ?) ago, alas not really working well. That somehow killed the joy of discovering everything, as most news have slipped through this precocious version.
Yet, try to forget you saw them, and rejoice with me of this now official release!

List of news, in this huuuge update :
- STD appearance reduced by algorithm statistic shrink (should happen 33% less time in same conditions)
- Fix on girls eye-blinking and several side bugs!
- Reset button ask confirmation, now, and do a much cleaner delete.
- Loads of customs! (portage of every KoPC current ones)
- Lots on new poses! (same : transfer and conversion from KoPC current ones)
- Brand new customisation panel, accessible when selecting a girl in “stock” menu (myke)
- Possibility to rename girls on the fly, in custom panel (john)
- Hair & skin requests work on “approximations” and races, now, to fit the numerous additions without changing the game balance.
- Hardcore mode added ! (DK)
- Complete do-over of saves : now works, + saves all your girls customs!
- Complete do-over of game system : “drag & drop” fully replaced by “select-clik then target-click” (DK)

So, mainly : every KoPC clothes/colors/adult poses, full save, and custom mode!
That was big work, thx again to Lazram for his ultra cunning eyes, time and special support, and to all of you for your patience in giving me back faith in this game! (it’s all thanks to you and your patient dedication, really!)

THE LINK (reload a few times, if needed, to get the newest version)


How to help the games easily : must read !

Usual note : latest version of the game is only available on mysexgames.com !
One game for everyone, one place for everyone, easier and quicker.


Ooooouh boy, long awaited custom panel!


And as the second main event of those holidays : the Christmas minigame!!
It’s been years I miss every good opportunity to make something seasonnal, due to my lack of planning and constant over-work.
In case some of you haven’t notice, I’m doing alone, every month and with very very little money and skills 5 times what some “professionnal team” do in 6 months with all they have!
The day the word may spread and every one out there give us the same means as those teams, oooh man, it’s gonna be a festival of sex like you never seen, lol!!

That said, I triple-shifted and squeezed out a very nice “narrative” game out of my holiday remains.
As usual, it’s something “different” from what I did before, but it seems story-telling is more likely to please you, given it’s what you massively voted for in polls, so… Christmas story!
Be sure to comment on it if you enjoyed it, so I can know what you like better!
Branching choices, several ending, secrets, and ultra cute art by my awesome man SuperSatanSon (an artist worth seeing and supporting : http://www.hentai-foundry.com/pictures/user/Supersatanson )

MY WENDY CHRISTMAS, a brand new game :


Time to reveal some seasonnal curves!

Time to reveal some seasonnal curves!


And for the rest of news :
- Sex Pit : There’s a last huge update coming : “events”. Which should be a big ass module to program, and mark the “2.0″ firmly.
No date planned on that, unfortunately, I intend to finish the MMO first, which can easily take us months.
But it’s not going anywhere, and knowing me, there’s always a chance I do it out-of-nowhere the next week because of unpredictable context. So, hang in there!

- KoPC & YTPP : I started a big ass MMO project all by myself, and was able to release patches for last november update, and 2 massive stuff in between also (Sex Pit v1.8 and Christmas game), all that while preparing the holidays. I’m sorry, but I really earned a good break, for now. :D

- MMO : now that the Christmas game is done, I’ll resume on progressing on the alpha version for the MMO, still my main objective, for now.
That said, given it’s a long, exhausting and costly project, I might squeeze other minigames like I did with the Christmas one, in between development phases for the MMO, to keep things fresh and going.
I need to find a good rythm, to keep productivity to the maximum without exhausting myself.
But as for now, we are still progressing on it with SuperSatanSon.
The Christmas game in itself is a test, to check my narration skills and how to implement it, engine wise.
Your response on it, as players, will also help me trace the future MMO stories/quests guidelines.
(everything is always connected and some way of testing and improving myself, lol)
We also work on promotion material and concept ideas, but it’s too soon to reveal anything.
It’s no massive stuff, but it’s critical anyway.
Overall, yeah, it’s progressing, even during holidays, lol ;)

- Other collabs : I got some plan on a SuperSatanSon personnal project, too.
He really saved all our asses, at the critical turn of Sex Racers.
Since then, the quality of my games doubled (at least), as well as the productivity, and horizon of possibilities.
Time to work on big KoPC AND Sex Pit update, AS WELL as side games, PLUS the MMO wouldn’t be even considered !? It’s all thanks to him, a reliable and efficient artist (which is very very rare, you have no idea!).
He’s not working for free at all, and he shouldn’t.
But I still want to give him the kind of opportunity he gave us, by being here for an awesome project of his.
I don’t know where or when all that will take place, but it will.
And then, we will all have another hentai wonder to enjoy, anyway, hell yeah! :D

That’s all for this end of year!
I might try to do some global recap of the year, just for fun, in a few days, but anyway, hentai kisses for everyone, enjoy the games & the holidays!
Merry christmas, fap and keep well!
Oh oh ooooooh!

  • corrupted_data says:

    Looks like Christmas came early this year. Can’t wait to check this stuff out. Mattis my friend, you are a miracle worker. I was totally content with the idea that the Christmas game was unlikely at best, but you wouldn’t have it. Not sure why I’m surprised, though. You never fail to go above and beyond. I’ll drop by later to let you know what I think about the games. I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to say: you’ve done it again, way to hustle, and happy holidays!

    • Mattis says:

      Yep, good way to splendidly spice up your end of year ;)
      That said, it was an insane amount of work those past months.
      I hope people will remember it, in case I seem “off”/half-satisfying for some months, at some point, just getting back to “normal sustained run” instead of “crazy sprint”.
      Getting satisfied on small expectations is the best way to get good surprises, anyway, and avoid bad ones!
      People following me for long enough know I’m always irregular, but rarely in a bad way…

      But, for now, I don’t plan on any break (even if I should, IRL-social-life-wise, lol), it’s been a very nice kinky year and an astonishing last third of it! Rejoice!

      • corrupted_data says:

        Really like My Wendy Christmas. I love the branching story. I replayed it like six times trying to see all the possible scenes. The artwork was pretty cool, too. Thanks for throwing in more gender benders. It’d be cool to see something like this with more going on in it. Maybe alternate girls with different fetishes and personalities. Although, the evil twin was a nice touch. I honestly thought Wendy was either lying or crazy the first time Wanda showed up, haha.

  • Gneal1 says:

    This christmas game is awesome everyting we love about you bro, (I love the wendys work Arc it like you love wendy for who she is right now) awesome story bro

    • Mattis says:

      I tried to provide arcs for every taste, and get them nice ;)
      Good thing it’s appreciated!
      (that means I’m not as bad as I thought as writer, and players aren’t as bored by those branching stories as I thought either!)

  • DK says:

    Really cool to see the new fully working version of Sex Pit up and running.

    I’ll probably have more to say once I’ve played it for a while, but for now I’ll just thank you for the early Christmas present.

  • dk2 says:

    love the wendy game, nice mix up from the other games, so far i’ve only got 3 endings, are there 5?

    • Mattis says:

      There should be 4 endings. (story divide into 5 plots at some point, but some converge, in the end)
      How is that a mix up ? (I lack external point of views on all those past months of stuff)

  • Christopher says:

    Wonderful games. Just the right balance of twisted and sexy at the same time.
    Also like that you do not shie away from some of the more ‘controversial’ themes in a sex game, such as forced pregnancy and rape.

    • Mattis says:

      It was a good opportunity to bring stuff to satisfy everyone. Good surprise here! :D
      Writing the controversial themes in the Wendy game wasn’t easy, though.
      I’d like to hear what the prime KoPC fans think of it, compared to what they liked in other games or KoPC itself. ;)

  • DumpYourPupsInHer says:

    Marry x-mas Matt,
    Hope you had a good holiday with lots of eggnog.
    Listen, just wanted to know if you had any plans for that Strip porker game that we talked about a few months back? TTUL

    • Mattis says:

      Hahaha, thx!
      No I don’t drink alcohol (don’t like the taste, the price, or having my perverted thoughts disturbed by messy mental blur), but I got revenge on milk and cookies!

      For strip poker game, if I had plans, I would say so. ;)
      (been busy with a tremendous amount of new stuff, lately, as you saw, compared to my usual amount of productions!)
      That say, keep refreshing my mind about it from time to time, so the idea don’t fade away, and I could try to squeeze it somewhere!
      (and take the time to recap’ what we talked about, when you asked those kind of questions. With the thousands things I got to remember and handle, I can’t even remember what I ate yesterday, lol, you got to help me ^^)

  • Masturminator says:

    I love the red christmas dress and garter. Thanks a lot

  • Onyx says:

    I am not sure if its my browser or what, but I’ve tried SP 1.8 twice. Both times it bugged right away. All the numbers became undefined early on night 1. Also, its tricky to choose a girl for the client. You have to click that red button on the tooltip it seems, but the tooltip disappears when my mouse goes off the girl. The only way I could find to keep the tooltip up was to click and drag the girl onto the tooltip and then click the red button. Could that be what is breaking the game and making all the values undefined?

    • Onyx says:

      Well, I think the dragging was the problem. Also, I should have figured out earlier that to match the girl you have to click on her first and then on the thought bubble of the customer. After I got that it seemed to run just fine. The game has lots of great improvements. I love the new costumes and customization. Great work! This game has really come a long way.

      • Mattis says:

        About clicking : yep, the importance of reading the changelog I make in “new release” posts, or the game’s tutorial/helps, huhuhu ;)
        About the undefined numbers : did it solve itself ? If not, try a hard reset of everything (using in-game button made for that), it should get things straight.

        Thx for the compliment, anyway, enjoy the new versions and all your new options!