Year recap’ !

Oh oh oh, my dear hentai lovers!
Given all that happens this year, and moreover those past months, I think the opportunity is here to take a little look at the past ;)
(for present and future : check my other posts, it’s already full of news!)

Feel free to explore this blog to journey through the past, it’s always a fun exercise ;)

So. A year ago…

Young Teens getting Porn Pregnant…
A year ago, I was just releasing the first “YTPP” game.
My first “other” game, outside KoPC updates, already released very fast (once every 1 or 2 months) compared to other hentai creators content output.
Same speed as now, in fact, even if I release tons of additionnal games in parallel, lol, it’s freaking insane…

New sets where just starting popping out, as girls first dialogs, and bonus poses era.
And my first YTPP game. (with a second one soon after)
Yeah, really, a page was turning, there, in our common lustful history ;)

Onward to new grounds…
Then, the Offbeatr adventure, trying to find a way to make this hentai creation journey work.
You were there and present for the cause, Offbeatr wasn’t really, too bad :/
But already, the idea of making so much more than “just” KoPC (it’s insulting : it’s already a massive stuff in itself, as it is, lol!) was there, waiting its time, in the dark corners…
Forum, MSG page, donation platforms attempts, I was all over the place, trying to spread out the word about my games, and “suit-up” the whole thing to go one step further.

And then, in april this year : the Sex Pit.
To think it was just a few month ago, and we had practically nothing at this point.
Well, “nothing”, it’s a big word, but who could have guessed all that was to come ?
(aside of me, I mean, I’ve always had very big ideas hide in my brain, lol)

Stepping up the kinkyness…
That’s where I realize something : I wanted more, so much more, and I had reached the top of my capacities, at the time. The games were too long to make, too complicated and freaking exhausting, and runned too slow.
Could that be the rooftop of our ambitions ?
I know my followers, at the time, were, for the most part, completely satisfied with KoPC, and never asked for anything more. And certainly not for my split attention on other projects.
Alas, as much as people love to cuddle their pets in their cozy cages, most domestic animals need limitless fields and jungles, to really strive…
So, disappointingly more ambitious than that, yeah, I refused to stop ;)

Crazy-X came up to me, and I quickly turned his small proposition into big juicy guns : Teens in Trouble, episode 1!
He was the first one to open this new window : by employing better artists than me, I was sparing me the complete exhaustion and huge limitation of drawing the good stuff myself, while freeing a lot more time and opportunity to really get the games where I wanted them : more kinkyness, more variety, more quality!
Never perfect, never can be, but always improving.

The MMO premisses were already all in my head, and so much collabs projects I wanted to make…

The Long Hot Summer…
This summer wasn’t kind to me. Things kept coming out, and very good ones : KoPC updates, always, YTPP 3, TiTs 2, Strip Poker Slut, it’s been a toooon of very good work and improvements, there!
But everything felt so hard and full of obstacles. Glued down, all along.
My computers, freaking antics, crashing down one after another, and still barely repaired and working to this day.
Crazy-X disappearance, halfway through TiTs 2 concept art, first one of a looong serie of strong deceptions regarding artists reliability.
The KoPC engine, soooo stuck in its overloaded complex state, and freezing by ricochet the Sex Pit, using the same core.
Contribution process, very hard to get used to, and sometimes barely reliable and in need of so much additionnal work, too.
Patreon wasn’t working at all, and everyone was doing its very best, but it felt like we were so few and unsufficient.
And MMO framework negociations with MSG progressing sooo slow.

Yeah, this summer was kind of a mess, and Sex Racers was the zenith of its stress and discouragement value.

And then, Satan smiled to me…
Until… until Super Satan Son came along. Writing to several random artists found on hentai-foundry, I was in a storm of despair for all this.
Everything got solved in those past months.
I still felt especially stressed out by everything, but SuperSatan was finally the honest, efficient and reliable artist I was searching, making things sooo much easier.
And I felt I had reached a very good new step, in my skills.
And the KoPC engine made a break-through.
And the MMO negociations were coming together.
And SuperSatanSon was up for it, too, and for so much more, like me!
And patreons started showing up, as well as other donations, and the come-back of comments and feedbacks (a mouthful :p)
It didn’t happen exactly like that, but with time, it really feels it has.
We weren’t out of the storm at all, but damn, it was much better!
And yeah, it’s all because we reached (SuperSatanSon on top but not only) some kind of “team” status, all of you and I, allowing me to foresee much better what I could do, with much freedom of kinky thought, and know it will work fine and be enjoyed.

So… that’s when I reached out again, and take it to the next step of evolution, another page turning!
Sex Racers big ass game, KoPC big ass update, Sex Pit big ass return, all based covered for everyone, and the real start of a brand new awesome MMO project in parallel of all that!

Aaaaand, that’s where we end up this year, in company of the sexy Wendy christmas game, our heart full of joy, as well as our underwears!

Really, it’s been a hell of a year, all crescendo, but if all goes according to plan, 2015 should be as awesome and full of great surprises, if not better!

So, what’s left to say ?
A fucking huge smoochie kissy thank you, to all of you whom support fuelled my hard work to get you hard hentai! We would be anywhere near here without each and everyone of you! ;)
Each compliment, each joyful comment, each bug detailed feedback, each buck, each constructive answer on ideas or opinion gathering, was an additionnal brick for me to build you this pleasure house full of wonders!
I hope we keep on, sailing the kinky seas!

Happy new year everyone, see you on the other side!

  • Lazram says:

    It has been a wild whirlwind of a year, but you have accomplished great things! I want to thank you for all you’ve done and wish you a happy and properous New Year!

  • Max says:

    It’s awesome remembering the progression of these projects.

    There are a few projects I follow, this is the only porn game based one…there was another site, but my ex missus banned me from it haha.

    It’s not just because of the games themselves, it’s because of that constant striving to improve not just one thing but every little thing.

    Not many people do that, especially in porn games, many people find a formula that works and repeat it until they have 20 clones of that first success.
    Remember when it just was 1 building in KOPC?
    Now its grown into a city.

    I’m never happy with my artistic skills and I’m part of a modding community, so I feel like an outsider even though I’m fixing/upgrading parts of an old games that was overlooked for years.
    Seeing updates on this kept me going to keep improving my game, and now we have almost fully translated it, when just 2 years ago it was dead to even diehard fans.
    Thank you man, you indirectly helped another gaming community make its diamond in the rough shine.

    • Mattis says:

      Glad to know I ricochet-inspired those kind of things!
      It’s always a matter of “step by step”, I never look at the mountain, just at the one additionnal step I can quickly and easily take.
      And just like you now, I lived to know it brings us to unexpected astonishing heights, with time and patience!

      And thx or because of my nature, I will probably never stop improving, lol! It’s a 2 edged-blade, but it drives us into really fun adventures!
      Yeah, definitely remember how KoPC started with only one building, and me with nothing else to show than those 4 first scenarios.
      And now, a freaking entire city!

      Onward, and thx for your support!
      (it’s a big part of the job! Without that kind of mana, you don’t invoke big ass hentai work from the Sexy Realms!)

  • Mikecv says:

    Happy New year buddy, thank you for your games, keep on :D

  • corrupted_data says:

    Hard to believe that a year ago you were only just releasing YTPP 1. So much has changed around here in just a year. I remember when you first moved here from the old blog and you weren’t sure if you were gonna be able to do this and still have food to eat. I identified with that as I was in a very similar situation myself. I often find myself wishing I had enough money to donate, but alas I have to help my family stay afloat. It’s good to see you doing so much better these days, though. You definitely deserve it. It’s a little late, I know, but happy new year. I hope this year brings you even greater things than last.

  • Thanks a lot for your kind words! It has been a good year after all, and I’m glad we can work together. I hope we can keep creating good stuff, and getting even better at it!
    cheers!! :D