New YTPP 4 is out !

Hi everyone!
It’s been a long struggle and a game of hide and seek but we’re finally here : YTPP episode 4 is out!!

This one’s been planned since a looooong time. I had the idea since before YTPP 2, but I never had the chance to put it in real flesh!
Thx to SuperSatanSon amazing skills, I was able to shape it the way I wanted it, both learning a few new tricks in the process, which is always good. And  now I have a new viciously colorful tale to offer you!
A few (easy) easters eggs, a nice rule34 without drifting away from the serie’s spirit, and small overall improvements on lots of stuff, + a nice twisted story as usual !
Not much to say I don’t already stated and explained in previous blog’s posts, so, time to enjoy !

YTPP 4 : #Selfie! –



So, other news ?

I got a few commissions still uncertain, but I would be glad to work on and start when I can ;) Reminded me this point was unclear, but :  I AM open to commissions.
I’m not used to them, so we always need to discuss things first, I can’t give you prices & specifications cold grids, but it’s well known I could do with more money, even if just to buy a new real computer (mines are still 10 years old broken things, ugh!), and I’m always up to put my few skills to use to give flesh to your fantasy!
So, be sure to ask!

That says, still sprinting (not “rushing”, it would implied I’m half-assing stuff, which I sure don’t!) to finish the Sexforge alpha demo, to give supporters something for their efforts.
Should be a private demo needing early access codes, given to processed patreon supporters only, though, so be sure to to get on board before the month ends if you’re still not.
And if you don’t/can’t give 1$ to the thing, don’t worry, the game will open to everyone, later, when in more advanced state. (and I’ll keep doing other games aside during the wait!)
Oh, and also something a few people asked : yes, paypal donations can work as patreon support, to give accesses or bonus codes for all previous games and stuff, you just need to inform me you want your donation to work as patreon support, and I’ll handle it manually.

Speaking of other games, Sex Pit update should be next. I put it to vote, not really knowing what you would prefer, and it came up like that, far before everything else. Should be a significant update, with events and all.
But I got noooo idea how it will goes or all it will contain, for now.
(yeah, I’ve been “kind of” working on several other projects and taking care of other stuff, lol, didn’t really had some peaceful quiet time to get deep with it and figure details, but we’ll get there!)

And now ? Now I get back to work on Sexforge, yaaaaah !!

  • bstunt10190 says:

    What an update! thank you Mattis. Always love your game style in this mini series. The art is fantastic! Keep up the great work!

    • Mattis says:

      I’ll be sure to thank SuperSatanSon for you, he sure is a wonderful and very talented artist, and I’m glad we have the opportunity to build stuff together and provide each other what we were lacking so much! (a very versatile creator/programmer from me and an awesome reliable flash artist from him!)

      And thanks for you continuous support and compliment, that’s what get all of this going and rising to unforeseen skies!

      That’s exactly what I was talking about 2 years ago, starting with an ultra crappy and microscopic first version of KoPC : “water the ugly seed, folks, ’cause “potential” is something waiting to happen, but which can’t on its own, it needs your positive influence.”
      2 years of patient and constructive support later, here we are : it was long, but I’m finally making great hentai games, all for you, and am constantly improving everything and reaching for new challenges!
      Yeaaha !

  • corrupted_data says:

    Good stuff, as usual. I would like to nitpick a little, though. I’ve noticed that when your games feature a choice between vaginal and anal, there’s usually no shift in position to show the change of holes. What I mean is the penis doesn’t move, instead the girl’s anatomy changes. I get that it’s probably much easier to do it that way, but I do feel like it negatively affects the game. Just something to consider. Also, I didn’t care for the buttons used to switch between holes in this game. I found them unclear and confusing. That combined with the odd rearranging of body parts (I.E.: the anus suddenly being where the vag just was) made it difficult for me to tell what was happening. I played with the buttons for several minutes before I figured it out. That being said, I did still love it. I’ve always liked Rosalina, so it was cool seing her outfit as an Easter egg. The mirror idea was teally neat, too. I’d love to see more experiments with perspective. Also, give my regars to SSS. You guys are quite the team.

    • Mattis says:

      Thx for the compliments and support, I always love that :D

      About the anal/vaginal : indeed it’s a lasting serious problem.
      I’ve tried several stuff, but aside choosing easier perspectives (see YTPP 2), I got no real answer for that, for now.
      Main obstacle being making a solid anal version of an animation would require to make a new one, a copy, but with different genitals (looks & moves).
      But that’s a mess, because as is, YTPP is already a huuuge amount of animation work, with often 20 entire loops.
      Looking more or less the same, obviously, but still done one by one anyway, to adjust & modify a truck loads of details.
      So, making good looking anal would require double this amount of work, more or less, and it’s just vertiginous… but partially because the work base (20 loops!!) is already some big mess.

      I think it would take some core change, switching to making only 3 or 4 main loops with REALLY different poses.
      It wouldn’t be the same game, but it’s like trying to adjust a blanket too small anyway, it’s just double the amount of work for half the result, and still with deadends like this anal switch : at some point I need to re-think the fondamentals.

      It was going like that, originally, because I had massive problems with the art section. With the presence of SSS, now we may have much more opportunities.

      Live and learn! ;)

      (and yeah, I’ll try to include more rule34, in the future, so, make a wish! ^^)

  • corrupted_data says:

    I’m sorry.

    The mirror idea was really neat, too.*

    Also, give my regards to SSS.*

    I’m tired, haha.