The Sex Pit v2.0 !!

Hi hentai warriors!
As some of you already know, the Sex Pit v2.0 is finally out! (yeaaahh!! All praise the Hentai Lords!!)
I was able to make the best addition I wanted for this game since the beginning : events!
And loads of them! Plus all kind of other serious additions that will spice deliciously your every day routine!
Let’s rock!

List of news :

Bug fixed :
- Perfect fuck happening only on “near” skin/hair, but not on “perfect” skin/hair : fixed.
- Visual artefact on “+XX” pop values erased.
- Sex poses “Birdy” & “Stand screw” pregnant belly problem fixed.

Improvements :
- Pop “+100″ at random location on the Bar.
- New “client served” message
- Standing animation cancelled (for engine overload).
- How many client left in the day
- Cops uniform for men (related to new “events”)
- More hair colors for girls!
- Better save of customs!

Big Cheese :
- STD put as a status, like “pregnant” or “virgin”. 5% max chance to catch, depend on hygiene, cure effect added to “doctor’s” option.
- Bribe the police (whoop whoop), and cancel all risk increase for one night.
- New event system : + 28 exclusive challenges and opportunities !!! Some very easy, some hard, but all adding to the ambiance of your brothel’s daily life!

THE LINK (reload a few times, if needed, to get the newest version)

How to help those games easily : must read !

Usual note : latest version of the game is only available on !
One game for everyone, one place for everyone, easier and quicker.


Events for everyone!

The infamous STD problem got solved!

The infamous STD system got changed!


As for the rest of news, still progressing on a lot of stuff at the same time, and still far too slow in my opinion, and on stuff that will not be really “playable”/”viewable” for everyone or soon : a private commission (buy more, I love working on those! I learn a lot of stuff trying to shape your unspeakable fantasies ^^), Lust Planet (which is a long run project, so don’t get too too impatient yet!), or Sexforge (I wish days had 72 hours each, at the very least, lol!)

But I’ll try to squeeze in some global gud game after that!

Also, regarding the Sex Pit itself, we bounced some opinions and concepts with Lazram, and there’s still really really fun stuff left to do, in this game! This dark road will keep on going! :D

In any way, enjoy the games, keep supporting the hard work, and I’ll keep making my very best (and much more) to entertain and to provide you good deeds! :)

  • wapitawg says:

    All girls look the same for me, only their skin color changes. WTF?

    • Mattis says:

      May be a corrupted save problem : try go into ‘custom’ of each of your girls a few times, play around with forced outfits and options, and it should clean the save bit by bit until everything goes back to normal ;)

      • wapitawg says:

        Thanks for reply!
        I’ve deleted my save and it’s happening again. They all have same hairtype (ponytail kind-of), they wear glasses and they don’t have any nipples. Same goes for “hunted” girls. If I mess around in “custom”, I’m able to change their looks, but I’d rather go with “stock” girls, without need for changing anything.

        Also: changing anything in “custom” (outfit, mood etc.) also changes girls faces, hairtypes and bodypart sizes which I don’t think is a good idea. To me they should stay the same until player changes it manually.

        • Mattis says:

          I’ll have to look into that hunted girls starting problem, yep.

          For the girls changing face and all on outfit or mood, it’s because of the tremendously complex (but so powerful and in advance on its time) KoPC/SexPit customisation engine.
          Whatever way we go on that precise point, for now, it will pose problem, as the engine structure have only mutually opposite states possible.
          As the community tend to prefer this way, for now, globally, a choice has been made, until I can come up with some even more powerful tweaks for this.
          But it’s on the todo_list, anyway, so keep faith, it will come!

  • AlphaCix says:

    Aside from that bug that wapitawg mentioned, the changes here are great.
    I loved the events, and having STDs become a status was definitely an improvement.
    I also liked the price increase of visiting the doctor from $200 to $400. It helped balance out the insane amounts of money that you get during the events on hard mode.
    Amazing job as always. I’d expect nothing less from the great Mattis! Long may he reign!

    • Mattis says:

      Long may he reign indeed!!
      (He’s just an avatar of myself, I’m allowed to praise him too. And if not, I can always plead megalomaniac schizophrenic syndrom anyway)
      I hope to channel the extra money into “out-brothel” activities and menus, in the future, too. (like the marvellous “Lula Wet Empire” game, somehow)

  • WC Gordan says:

    Nice… Now I will need to check it out… And fight my urges to make remarks… Well you know me…

  • WC Gordan says:

    But well I will make one remark right away… “Bribe the police”… Woot-woot! I was waiting for this, lets see how it works out for me…

  • Vespula says:

    Hey Mattis. I have found a couple glitches/bugs with the game. I hope this doesn’t make me look like a dick. I appreciate all your hard work and i know how frustrating it can be when someone finds something wrong with the work you put so much effort into.

    1) Unlimited money glitch. You can keep getting $500 for farming pregnant girls even if they aren’t pregnant you will get $500.
    2) You cant beat them up.
    3) Start a new game and delete only one girl then reset your save and start a new game. This will get rid of the one girl you have gotten rid of but keep the rest from the last save and also give you an additional 5 girls.
    4) Reset your save and start a new game. When done this at the start it will give you the same girls. Won’t change them or stats.
    5)When changing a girl to furry/raz options you cant change them back into chicks.

    Once again system i’m sorry if i disappointed you or offended you in any way whilst finding these bugs.

    • Mattis says:

      Hi Vespula!
      Thx for the kind words! It’s never really about the criticism/bug finding/suggestions, it’s about how it’s done ;)

      Just a few supporting words stating you understand how hard and long the work is can make the difference between a comment that look amazingly positive and constructive (and which will get my full attention and motivate me to pursue), and a comment that would just seem plain rude and greedy.
      So, yep, you’re in the first category, don’t worry! :D

      1) & 2) genuine bugs!
      3) known since a year, not really a bug ;) Well, it is, but it’s one of the stuff I find and left in for people to discover, because finding “light cheats” in games is exhilarating, I think, and I don’t like to “air tight” my games and leave nothing for the thrill of chase.
      4) not sure I understand that one, but may be a big bug, lol.
      5) Oops ;)

      Thx for the precise feedback, anyway, glad you enjoy the game!
      Have fun!