The Sex Pit v2.2 patch!!

Hi my spring lovers!
With a lot of crafty feedbacks on v2.0 of Sex Pit, and some ugly bugs left, I took some time to work back on it a little.
And one thing leading to another… well, you know me : lots of new features! ^^

List of news :

Bugs fixed :
- big saving problems (with new girls and all)
- furry/RAZ problem (not sure on this one. Someone said you couldn’t come back from furry custom, even with RAZ. Tried my best!)
- hard difficulty mode button overlaying.
- unlimited money “pregnant farming” glitch
- beat up option not working.

Improves :
- no more dotted/cummed penises on side clients. (+ penis coloring)
- music/sound button : crossed when off.
- quality button.
- hotkeys! Use 1 to 9 to choose girls during game! (0/+/- for girl 10/11/12)
- “skip/end animation” button during fucks ^^

A NEW LINK (beware ^^) on the disliked but alas very quick!

How to help those games easily : must read !

For those who wonders : I grow to dislike newgrounds because anytime I tried releasing something there, in the last 10 years, I receive a whole bunch of insults, ultra harsh and rude critics, and lots of “get the hell out of NG, with your awfully bad and stupid work!”, with a very few nice words drowning in an ocean of hate.
Worth thing being, I know several very good creators who got demotivated to do anymore games because of that kind of treatment too, there. So, yep, even when they are nice, I can’t help but feel very stressed when I post something on NG.
This is how some communities turn to the dark side and kill everything good, alas!

Anyway, Sex Pit 2.2, YOU are awesome, enjoy, have fun, fap well, eat vegetables, see ya soon!

  • Flamewind11 says:

    When I got into your work a year ago, it was actually on NG with an outdated version of KoPC (found the blog soon after and saw the updated game). I’ve been following ever since, NG may not be the best place but some good can come out of it. Try not to let it get to you.

    • Mattis says:

      Well, problem with NG is : there’s absolutely NO reason I should cope with it and some crappy insults I get there.
      There’s loads of far better sites! Maybe not with as much people in it, agreed. But as a creator, I’m already doing 90% of the hardest work, creating those games! So when I’m exhausted and completely drained out after hours of struggling to produce barely good (but courageous!) games (which is already demoralizing and frustrating enough), there’s no contest about posting them on a site to get insults, or on other sites to be thanked for and receive positive motivation to do more the next day! The sheer “numbers” can’t compete with that.

      And the most frustrating part is : NG hentai players try to stick in NG, where there’s barely anything hentai happening there, as all creators flew to other sites. Face to that, even “specialized” forum like LoK have every day a dozen new good potential games started or showed to everyone, receiving loads of support and all!
      NG hentai lovers are just missing soooo much, sticking to their crappy place!!

      So it’s a very bad place for hentai BOTH for creators AND players.
      It’s hard to not let that get to you, lol, but I’m trying, for the sake of saving a few people like you to make them discover the real hentai profusion and courageous attempts, outside NG ;)

      (NG itself not being involved, in what I say, and is great on other stuff, and also has a great past, ten years ago, even for hentai!)

      • aztlan says:

        Why did you publish the updated/bugfixed version of SexPit on NG instead of mysexgames if you don;t like the former?

        • Mattis says:

          Good question! ^^

          Because MSG doesn’t support SexPit or KoPC since some time, now, and just generously host it, but when he got time to put the updates online, which sometimes takes weeks!

          And on the other end, as much as I dislike the NG spirit, or some other forums, posting there is instantaneous, and it’s where a looooot of players are.
          When I see how much money and support they give to insultingly lazy hentai game creators that just treat them like crap, when we are struggling here to gather the very few ressources we have to make a hundred times more and better stuff, it’s just unbearable!

          So, we need to get the word out, about our games. NOBODY know them, almost! (see how much people JUST discovered KoPC, when it’s been released 2 years ago!! And no one never heard of SexPit or SexRacers or YTPP!!)
          If they end up not liking them, it’s ok, but other players need to AT LEAST know there are much much better games, creators and communities out there!
          If you don’t tell them, as a fan or a player, they’ll never know.
          If we want to survive and shine as we should, we need more people to support the good cause. ^^

          So, yep, I force myself to publish on some crappy sites, sometimes, just to show people there is other good games to be played, out there. :/

  • Mattis says:

    Huhuhu : like I often say, if I don’t announce or guess “deadlines” or “release date”, it’s because I’m REALLY the worst at it and don’t work like that at all!
    When and if I can, I do, that’s all, there’s no “organized delay” or crap like that. And when I say “I don’t know if it will take me 3 months or 3 days”, it’s because I REALLY don’t know xD
    When and if I can, I do, period.
    If I don’t/didn’t, it’s because I couldn’t, always, or I would have.

    It applies to the “reset save” or “overall temper outfit change” problems mentionned, for example.
    If I could have, I would have.
    That said : thanks for confirming and screenshoting some bugs, it helps. (because when a tricky bug I can’t find aren’t mentionned more than once and everyone else is happy, I tend to prioritize other much more confirmed bugs that I could try to fix)

    For always replying : I try my best, as long as people aren’t focusing on the problems/suggestions/next news instead of enjoying the game (because there will ALWAYS be problems & suggestions to make, ESPECIALLY at my amateur-ish one-man-army level!!)
    Those attitudes are the perfect way of annihiliting any motivation to work, as well as any game enjoyment.
    Alas they are the most common, but I suffer them for 8 years before doing hentai, and they just drive me into very deep depression and poverty.
    So even if they had any arguments for themselves, psychologically I just can’t deal with that kind of work ambiance anymore. :/
    I do stuff, appreciate what you can, and I’ll try to do better.
    That’s the motto, and so far we manage to apply it in this community we have here, and it worked wonders beyond everything we ever expected. :D

    So, yep, I already draw a lesson from NG-jerks, long before meeting them : these kind of attitude lead to what I call the “hentai world massive crash”.
    Like I mentionned sometimes : 10 years ago, when I got on the internet, you had 5 to 10 games like “YTPP” or “Sexpit” EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. On every single site! You had to plan your all week, hentai-wise, if you wanted to play everything that was released!
    Then, people got into that “let’s mention the bugs and make “honest critics”, and what could be better” attitude, always aiming higher and higher, until it drifts to these harsh critics/base insults classic thing.
    Alas… regarding hentai… they won : non-jerks tried to convince themselves “being silent” was taken as “compliments”, and creators, facing only bad critics, just got demoralized one by one from trying. Aspirants started to run scarce, as they were constantly met with harsh critics before even being able to become good.
    Quickly, nobody tried anymore, and has the community run dry of “targets”, they gather their harassing efforts on the biggest and/or remaining creators, making them fall as well under the pressure.
    (I personnally knew some, and saw them fall, despite our common efforts to have faith and hope. It’s a memory you can’t forget)

    Nowadays (but it got a little better since 2 years), the prize of victory is here : a field of ashes and corpses, where you are LUCKY when a single barely average game is released per week.
    Oh, yes, of course, japanese professionnal hentai is still running. But today’s people have no idea how tremendously more profuse and plentyful it was, a decade ago, before the “honest critics and suggestions” wave happened, forgetting you got to care and water seeds, as ugly as they are, before getting grandiose flowers, still fragile as hell.
    Hentai sphere ISN’T resilient. People proved it could be destroyed.
    Hell, I barely made it out my first KoPC alpha, in that ocean of totally useless and destructive elitism people walled themselves in!
    12 games down the road, I wish Hongfire, ULMF or NG’s people could see the horrible mistake they made and are still making everyday.
    But if they didn’t understood when tearing this world apart, they won’t better now.

    Well, not entirely true : a looot of people, especially those who are on this site, came to that conclusion : “daaaammn, there are really very few good hentai games! Let’s enjoy the few ones that even try! As frustrating and lacking as they can be, at least it’s better than nothing!”

    And there we are ;)
    So, yep : constructive comments, positiveness and support. It’s appreciated, and do sooo much more wonders!! :D

  • waptiawg says:

    Sorry for replying after such a long time but I haven’t time to carefully read your tremendously huge comment. :D

    I had it just a moment before and I must say that I agree with you. I’m into this kind of stuff for a very long time and, as you already said, last two years brought us a little of what we were used to ~10 years ago. I think that people grow enough to understand whether their “honest critic” is viable for the project or not.
    It happens on every sphere of life and I think that the situation will only get better and better. New developers have hard asses and minds, oldies who still catch up were forced to create some – and here we are. I’m a developer myself (though I don’t make hentai games, just text-based fantasy) and I know your feel, bro. You cannot be soft in our times, just cannot.

    …And the reasson why I asked if some bugs will be fixed or not is that you said previously that the community wants it to be like it – in this case you told me something like “changing outfit along with temper is desired by the community, but I’ll try to fix that”. It was kind of contradictory sentence and I just had to find out what you meant by that. Peace and keep up the good work.

  • Mattis says:

    Well, I’m proud to be soft, and I don’t think people “evolve” on the web. They do, but I think it’s more about “next generation coming in, knowing nothing of the past, and acting on actual situation” + a few placeholders like us who stick enough to draw lessons and try to pass the flame on and orientate the new waves in what we liked.

    But those details aside, yep, same page, same boat, and good times ahead indeed! xD

    For contradictions, you’ll never see the end of it, with me.
    But this precise one comes from the fact I adapt.
    What people wanted 1 year ago for my games isn’t the same thing as today. Their desires change from months to months, and I just adapt and try to make compromises for everyone to be happy.
    I gather opinions, all the time, and try to mold it into tomorrow’s improvements. Little bit of this, lots of that, one or several way, it’s a proteiform chaotic eternal danse of hot feelings fleshed out as best as we can, that’s all ;)