New game out : Wonder Woman Fall into Porn!

Aaaaand a new game already!
Yes, I’m totally on fire since a few months, you’ve never seen a solo creator so productive, I know, I’m the best, the hentai messiah, lol! xD
(don’t worry, my games are still far from perfect, and barely bearable sometimes, I know that too, huhuhu)

This one is a commission I received last month, from one of you (ouuh, secret secret!), that I loved to work on, as a mod of YTPP 4!
And the anonymous good samaritan allowed me to release the game to public! (say “thank you” to him!)
So, enjoy it (and it’s 9 endings!), be fair, as it was a special request, so it wasn’t about being polyvalent (no bonus mode, for example), and… well, that’s it! Have fun! :)

THE LINK : Wonder Woman, Fall into Porn

How to help those games easily : must read !

Squeeze those titties! ... for starters!!

Squeeze those titties! ... for starters!!

Other news?
Other news : I didn’t gathered much, this month, on main patreon page (more than half the pledges are fake ones, alas :/), so I wasn’t really able to start new big stuff.
But I progressed on Sexforge (new quests, new features, new NPCs, new everything!!), in partnership with SSS.
And as we are both insane, we also worked a lot on his own big game project : Lust Planet.
Things are going really well, even if we’re not there yet on anything, but that’s still some productive month!

And also, I started a new KoPC update, but without much to go on, it’s just small steps here and there.

Yep, in the end, a big ass month, still, lol!
So, onward to May! (May the hentai be with you all? Rock on!)

  • corrupted_data says:

    Well, this was a nice surprise. I see you made the hole changing nice and clear for this one, very cool. The futa was a nice touch, too. I gotta give it up for the multiple endings, though (#8 is my favorite). I love stuff like that. I noticed a minor bug: after Wonder Woman takes the 5th or 6th pill, her nipples turn dark grey. Also, it would have been good to have an option to put clothing back on later. I’m a big fan of having those kinds of options and I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t included. Still, there are a lot of options, which is always a good thing in my book. It would be helpful to have a scene selection, too. Maybe you could have a screen where you can jump to any scene or ending you’ve already seen. As usual, just my thoughts. Great game, though, very sexy. Many thanks to you, SSS, and the commissioner! (great idea!)

    • Mattis says:

      Huhuhu ^^ Thx! I learned a lot of tricks with this one, it was a hard but very worthy work!
      Let’s see :
      For dark nipples : it was specifically asked ;)
      For clothes : it would have mess the thing, has the body change quite a few times.
      For scene selection : same. I tried, but it was already very hard as is. But you have an invisible “jump to next interaction” button at the bottom right of the screen, in case you haven’t found it, lol!
      For clean anal/vagina swap : always depends on the “perspective” of the game. If I don’t have to change penis position, it’s automatically a hundred times easier. (…well… maybe just 97 times, give or take :p)

      For the rest : thanks for the appreciation and compliments!
      I’ll try my best to dig more into what pleases you or other players for next games, as usual! :D

  • AlphaCix says:

    Man, this was easily my favorite of the YTPP series.
    The back and forth dialogue between the two as opposed to the guy doing most of the talking, the scene with the condom, the futa–this one had it all.
    And then there were endings 7 and up. My god. Usually the player only gets to see the girl getting impregnated and you’d have to go to the bonus scenes to actually see them pregnant, but now it was a part of the story.
    I loved every second of it. Great job.

    • Mattis says:

      Thx! And thx to the commissionner too, who got me out of my ways trying new stuff! He wanted so much stories I had to came up with this “ton of endings” idea (but also no real “outro”, no games and short sequences so you can replay it quickly enough to not be bored to death before getting most of them). And futa. And condom. And after preg sequence.

      I have to remember to do a poll about it, “W.W fip VS YTPP”.
      Maybe we found there a much better and pleasing way to do “YTPP-ish” next episodes, indeed ;)
      (given current form of YTPP had its time, anyway. Faaaar too long and difficult to do, for so few any real “content” and diversity. There’s way to do 3 times more & better with 3 times less excruciating efforts! Time for a global improvement!)

      Anyway, thank you for the feedback, it’s always welcome, as you see! :D

  • JustPlayin says:

    This was an incredibly sexy hawt game! I haven’t got all the endings just the main but will def have fun finding it hee. Great job on the cum too, looks more multi-dimentional rather thatn the standard white. Glad you could share. xoxo

  • Flamewind11 says:

    This is easily one of my favorites from you. The multiple endings, the futa, obviously the whole impregnation/pregnancy stuff, great all around, no complaints.

    • Mattis says:

      Hahaha, thx! It was challenging, but it’s nice to see people ready and appreciative for some changes around! It’s not always the case, when trying very diverse and different stuff, and improving fast!

      It seems I should definitely bury my “gameplay” focus, though, lol.
      For as much as I love/prefer those, people rarely had, and often “fav’” the games without any gameplay!
      “Argh” indeed, but hey, life is about compromises, lol xD
      I’ll find a way. Maybe by doing “one for you, one for me”, instead of those compromises, each time, not really winning the heart of anyone ;)
      We’ll see…

      Anyway, thanks for your input and mentionning what you like! Always helping, as you see! (and giving far better “direction” for future stuff than talking about what we dislike or hate! “Positive criticism” goes a long way!)

      • corrupted_data says:

        Yeah, I think the “one for us, one for you” is a good idea. I actually really like your gameplay focused games, but at the end of the day most people just want content. Doing one game with content focus and one with gameplay focus avoids the “a little bit of both is not enough of either” issue. On a side note, if the dark nipple thing was intentional, that’s fine, but it would have been more clear what was happening if it had been mentioned in the story. As it stands, I honestly thought there was some sort of color glitch, haha.

        • Mattis says:

          For dark nipple : no problem, I’m known to have bugs sometimes in my games, and a whole “special request” game isn’t wired to be self-explanatory, by nature, so it’s not surprising some stuff are… surprising (sic ^^)

          For “content” : we’re all on the same page, but I’m just surprise the “game” part of “hentai games” are often disregard as “content”, when “story” is considered being “content”.
          Both statement are equally odd, for me, as when I want “deep story” content, I just go to some of the dozens of thousands hentai animes or mangas, far better for it.
          So, yeah, now that I know not the ultra majority of people consider “gameplay” as “great content”, and that they still feel “story” is a legitimate “content” in hentai games, I adjust, but it was something new, for me :D

  • Anonymous1 says:

    This is amazing! This is sorta the Milf getting Pregnant Porn I have always wanted to see from you! I do have a few questions however.
    1) Is there no option for x-ray vision in this game?
    2) And when you mentioned that this commissioner chosen to let you publish this game for free, does that mean there have been other games you made for other commissioners that have never been released?
    3) Where or how do we commission from you? Not sure which link or where to go to commission.
    Keep up the awesome work Mattis!

    • Mattis says:

      Yep, that’s why I often ask for people’s active input, and where it’s some kind of team effort : there’s stuff I won’t do myself!
      (Milf or futas aren’t my thing, for example, so I don’t do them by myself. But as a commission, sure, why not!)

      1) Was too pricy/long to do :/, choices have been made.

      2) Very pertinent question! No, there isn’t any secret game from me out there, all is here accessible on this blog ;)

      3) By e-mail : !
      Just write me what you would like, and I’ll give you some “doability” & price idea, and then we discuss around as long as necessary to agree on something as enjoyable for you and as doable for me as possible, and that’s it!
      (For now, I don’t have a process more complex than that, it always depends a lot on what people want and their budget!)

      I’ll keep the good work, thanks for the support and the positive feedback, it helps a lot! :D

  • kalu says:

    well pleez make a game about Jessica Rabbit she is super sexy chick …and about Shiranui Mai plz plz plz i m your big fan from last 2 3 years