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Hi again, my dear hentai lovers!!

Still nothing new released yet, though KoPC update is finished and waiting for upload!
So hang in there ;)

Also still working on LustPlanet, it’s coming up together, it should really be a blast!
Same for Sexforge : progressing well, even if it’s a huuuge work to come up with!
And finally : a private commissionner allowed me to share publicly his command, so expect a new great little animation I’m working on to be up soon-ish!

And I’m still open to commissions, of course, as they are a very nice help for funding other projects, as well as great opportunities to learn new tricks (for me), and provide focused pleasures (for you)!
Just write me your pitch and discuss it with me at!

So, nothing really “visible”/playable for now, but it’s coming around for sure!
I’ll tell you as soon as I have something in my sack of wonders ;)

Thx for your support and presence, and long live hentai!! :D

  • a_loyal_player says:

    hey, firstly i want to say thanks for the great stuff that you have worked really hard to do, and to let other people see and play! always appreciate everything that you have put out there.

    for today, just want to say that 1: i am really keen on playing the new update of KoPC, as it has been quite a while that the last update was released. (i’m not complaining, just saying how keen i am to play KoPC again!)

    also, with the upload of KoPC, how long does it usually take before it is available to play, and it is still gonna be on

    once again, thanks for all the hard work that you do as it is really and greatly appreciated! :)

    • Mattis says:

      Thx for the kind word! It’s indeed appreciated to see people realizing NOTHING force me to do all this, and even less to share it, and for free, lol! :D
      If course, it’s more complicated than that, but that’s some basic “politeness” principle some communities alas forget.
      (just like creators answering comments and thanking players for their support : it’s not mandatory, but it’s just so much better and more respectful that way, don’t you think? ^^)

      In extreme cases, like my previous job as game creator or like some hentai creators I know ended up on, forgetting those stuff too much just break the “inherent social pact”, and make the creators slam the door on everyone’s face one day, too depressed and fed up to keep going, and just leaves everyone angry, bitter, and not understanding some simple “thank you for sharing” would have meant the whole world and avoid bad ambiance ;)

      So, yep, I’m very lucky to have found such a wonderful & wise community of fans, and it fuels me for all those thousands of hours of work invested in trying to make good stuff and get better, lol!

      About KoPC : I understand your point, yep, don’t worry :D
      It often takes one to several weeks, before the hosters on MSG check their mails and upload the games. (and yep, it should continue being primarily on it, juste like SexPit updates)
      But as soon as I know it’s up, I try to make announcements posts for it, though.
      Nowadays, I announce it on main patreon page first, as it’s the little financial support from patreons supporters that allow me to make those things.
      But I make the announce on the blog too, a few days later. (usually the blog’s fans discover the game is up before that, lol, vigilant watchers you are!)
      But so far there’s nothing up, to my knowledge, for this one update.

      I got to get back to work, see you soon for more hentai games, though!
      Enjoy and thank you again! xD

  • Marty says:

    first time commentor, long time player.

    Hey Mattis, firstly as “A loyal player” said i love your games, you really do fantastic work!

    and thats it really… just wanted to say thank you!

    • Mattis says:

      And thanks for that, it’s really appreciated, and inspires and motivates me to do more and better! :D

      See ya soon in next sexy games and kinky updates!

  • Shaun says:

    FYI KOPC just updatated recently, the May version is now avaiblable.

    Haven’t played it yet, just checked the page and saw that it was updated.

    Thanks you very much Mattis I can’t wait to play it.

  • Curt says:

    Hi Mattis, I’ve been following you for probably about 2 years at least. Love your work, love your dedication to your fans & work. Thank you for all that you have shared with us. That being said I have some idea’s, not really a critique on your current work, but some addons that might make the game more dynamic & engaging. I’ve played through a couple of times already, and checked out the chapters as well, and yet I seem to be left wanting more. So here’s my idea, and you can take it or leave it.

    Make the game more difficult… it seems to me like it’s just a click fest. Not that that’s a bad thing, I would just like to see more difficulty. So how do we go about doing that? I would say that since the objective is to impregnate all the lady’s in a scenario their fertility being the main obstacle to surmount in this goal. The fertility % should be lowered, but also give the player the ability to use the environment & other components to increase their fertility. Each environmental object should disappear after used during that particular try that way the player has to choose what percentage to boost on whichever lady they choose per run through.

    For example; in the scenario Uncle’s Gift you have one girl, and a crowd of onlookers that can be added in for fun. What if instead of the crowd serving a purely entaining purpose you made it a mechanical element. Say “Matilida” only has fertility 10% and for each person you add to the x-some it increases her fertility a set amount. Of course instead of an entire crowd maybe set it to 4 or 5 peeps.

    Another Idea I have to increase the difficulty of the game & expand on dynamics is to give “The King” a finite number of loads he can shoot before he loses potency of his own. Thus in scenario’s where a player needs to impregnate multiple girls with varying fertility % the player is forced to gage his own Potency percentage. Of course this value can be improved in the “Shop” as you score more points the King can buy better drugs etc…

    The third idea I have is in adding a mechanic to the foreplay function. In this purely fantasy game I would think that some of the lady’s in the scenario’s have a predisposition towards a particular type of foreplay or humiliation & thus the fertility level can again manipulated by selecting the correct one. Alternatively, maybe several types of humiliation are needed to advance on a particular lady in the correct order otherwise need to start over. Again as an alternative to the above idea’s and in reference to the potency idea in the fourth paragraph, maybe “humiliation” increases “The Kings” potency? Just throwing out some ideas for the future.

    My last idea, at least the last one I am going to post today, is It would be cool to see some consumables that you can purchase in the shop that you can carry with you on some levels to give you short boost to stats, or that otherwise alter the gameplay in some way.

    Again thanks so much for your sharing your work. I’m not an animator or a code writer, so I don’t know what any of my idea’s would entail as far as how difficult it would be to implement. Just throwing my 2 cents in for what it’s worth.

    • Mattis says:

      Respectful suggestions are always very good inputs!

      Thanks for sharing your love of the sexy work done, it’s always much appreciated! (doing all that takes its toll on one’s energy, lol, I’m no superman for sure ^^)

      Regarding your ideas, though, they are (more or less) exactly what I wanted to go for in the first place, for this game.
      But with time, I find out people want very very various & different things, especially in a game based on “sandbox choices”.

      First one being : hentai fans aren’t really “players” : having any kind of gameplay seems to bother all sorts of people.
      Not the same ones each time, but clicking, timing, racing, shooting, etc… : whatever gameplay I tried to program, in KoPC or in other games, a lot of people disliked it. (politely, but still)
      It’s not everyone, but it’s clearly NOT something people unanimously enjoy, contrary to customs, futas, dialogs or stories.
      I thought it was the “raw” value of the KoPC gameplays, but much deeper and refined gameplays got even more dislikes, after that, so it’s really “global feelings toward the very concept of “gameplay”".

      The second one is : hyper variety of sex poses means hyper variety of fans and sensibility.
      At each foreplay or poses I included, there happened to be someone not liking it at all, and wanting to be able to choose his/her own sex pose.
      It’s something that appeared even more clearly when trying to define “Sexforge” big mmorpg project : trying to bound a pose or a race or anything to “the game mechanics”, or its progression somehow, always encounters a lot of people telling you they really dislike this pose or that race, and it will be a curse to have to play through it to get the rest.

      The proportion of people liking or disliking is not relevant, in the end : the fact is, KoPC gathers people who like to “choose” what they do and how they look like.
      So forcing them, after that, to play a precise pose or gameplay, seems to take a lot of them off.
      There’s some kind of logic indeed, there.

      That’s all, just wanted to explain we were on the same page, but why it would not work “as is”.

      That said, the fertility suggestions are very true, and the bonus-pose link with them is a must! I’ll add that to the todo_list right away, should be as easy as elegant for the game!

      For personnal potency & consumables, might be interesting, but another fact is : I’m no animator or code writer either, it’s all very amateurish work, compensated with methodology and great kinky motivation, but still. So there’s lot of stuff I’m just learning as I go, from project to project, and I can’t really do for now and/or as is.
      But with time, it should come, one way or another, though!
      (but a lot of stuff I can’t make work in KoPC, I try to do in Sexforge and The Sex Pit anyway, which is still something!)

      All in all, thanks for sharing your good spirit, and I’ll see you around with more hentai kinkyness for sure!