New game out : Pixie Fucked!

Hi my dear hentai beautifuls!

While still progressing on LP, and making big progress on Sexforge too, not mentionning KoPC (yep, I know, still a few crappy bugs in, alas), I made a little private commission on the side.
And the commissionner was cool enough to allow me to share it with you, as well as MSG was nice enough to host it for us all!

As Wonder Woman’s, it’s a private commission, originally, meaning I followed precise specifications, so don’t expect a seamless globally balanced thing, it’s not what private commissions are about, it wasn’t wired and created as a big public stuff, but it’s still a nice little candy to enjoy ;)

THE LINK : Pixie Fucked

How to help those games easily : must read !


Don't squeeze it too much, my dear!


About other stuff :

Lust Planet : almost reaching a ‘working demo’ status! SSS worked ultra hard on his little jewel, it should be smashing!

Sexforge : looooads of new stuff is happening there (if you’re still not in the sexforge patreon loop, lol :p)
A few pictures will show it better than I could explain it, so, here it is!




Enjoy, have fun, eat vegetables, and see you soon for more hot kinky hentai!

  • bartux says:

    thanks for your release and for the original comissioner authorization :) Nice game.
    I was hoping for a final but nope :( lol

    • Mattis says:

      Thanks for your appreciation! ;)
      Yeah, sorry for the finale, the framework & ressources were tight, we just did the best we could, but there’s definitely loads of potential for improvement!

  • ballisticwaffles says:

    Whoever commissioned the flash game, holy shit. Thank you for letting the rest of us see it.

    Excellent work Mattis and SS, i cannot wait to see what else you guys work on.

  • corrupted_data says:

    So hyped for Sexforge and Lust Planet. The screens are so vibrant! SSS’s art is reaching an amazing level of polish. Can’t wait to try the games out and see what you’ve done with the mechanics.

    • Mattis says:

      Thx!! I sure hope to deliver!!
      It’s hard to stay focus on the goal and not go overboard, on those kind of projects, lol, so I’m especially happy I was able to start pulling off some real game stuff, instead of all those really important but not enjoyable underground engine work!
      Should go better and better in the future, like usual! xD

  • PublicEnemy says:

    You’ve come a long way Mattis, been a fan since Filled-up.

    Keep progressing!!