Red hot summer ;)

Summer is at our door, my beautifuls!

On today’s news, we have :

KoPC latest patch : fixed the ‘manual ending’ crappy bug, and it’s now online! Reload your favorite game and enjoy it properly once again ;)

Sexforge : loooads of news lately, as said in previous posts, and it keeps going, with the first multiplayer interaction. (I’m ultra hot for it, but players still aren’t, until I can show you the wonders lying behind that, I guess!) Also, lots of new poses coming up! (but it’s a bigger harder game than any other, so it’s long to do!)

Next minigame : started a new one! About a certain lady in red married to a certain cartoon bunny… could you guess whom I’m talking about?

Lots of commissions or other work under discussions too, but I got nothing to show for it for now, so I prefer not mentionning it until it becomes truely fappable material for the fest!

That’s all folks, keep well, enjoy all kinds of bouncing parts!


  • Anonymous1 says:

    Ya know what’s the bad thing about using a bunch of hot fictional characters consecutively one after the other? Soon, we’re gonna run out of them…

    That being said, I am definitely looking forward to that delicious character, featured in “Who framed Roger Rabbit?”!

    Oh since I can’t access my email in another country…yes Kavu Titan, one of my favorite cards, back from by Magic the Gathering craze days. Now, I’m into some other tabletop game.

    • Mattis says:

      I thought too there was a finite amount of hot fictionnal characters.
      Then I saw the ’super deepthroat’ creator’s list of suggestion for R34 characters to make, or the ’sex arcade’ series of hentai pics, or Aeolus’ work.
      So I know there’s in fact a plethoric amount of R34 to be made, and a lifetime wouldn’t be enough, even with 1 character per week and a single use of each of them. ;)
      If you happen to do a serie, for one or several precise character, or ‘what if’ alternate stories (like Crimson ring was doing with Nami for some time, or SSS do currently with Mario princesses), or even just make combination of 2 or more of those characters, well… it’s even 3 times more limitless!!

      (and I looove tabletop games too. Such wonders lying everywhere! :p)

  • Vec123tor says:

    Great work! If you get a chance you should update your “submit scenarios”.

  • N7 says:

    Like I wrote before you are a Genius. I love your new Sidegames and the new KoPC updates they still rock. I got an idea for KoPC why not give us the Option to get our Hero himself a bit smaller or even more taller ;) and if I could Donate for that ofcourse, but my Bank account doesn’t allows me to do that :( , but anyway Keep up the great entertaining Games looking foreward to Sex Forge and other awesome stuff from your endless Genius.

    • Mattis says:

      Thx a lot, lol!
      I’m not that much of a genius (except for a few game mechanics/concepts) but a very well-organized and efficient amateur!
      And I do most of what I do fuelled by people moral support (and a bit of financial help, which pleases my bills and landlords) .
      It’s a big thing really overlooked, in those kind of ‘independant one-man-army’ run!

      About sizing in KoPC (or Sexpit and Sexforge for that matter), it’s alas a toooon of work! Not in itself (”select”, “resize”, done), but to be included in everything else.
      SuperSatanSon, employing me for is own game projet, caught me into doing that, into his own engine, and it’s been a hell of a ride since, tremendous amount of headachy problems to solve!

      I would prefer doing poses specific to other sizes, just like we already do between tall girls/small girls.
      It’s a big ass job too (lots and lots and poses to make, one by one, frame by frame), but at least we can make it work properly!
      And if some day I can have the help of a proper animator to handle it, we should be able to produce much more poses that way.
      Anyway, just sayin’ xD
      But yeah, it would be a very nice addition indeed!

      For your donation, you mean you tried opening a paypal account, and your bank can’t put a little money on it?
      (because it’s usually how it goes : paypal account, credited a little through bank transfers, then donations/payments through the paypal account : safer, quicker, nicer)

      See ya around!