Fresh sunny days!

Hi my dear hentai lovers!
Just a bunch of quick news for you all!

Sexforge is still building up great! There mustn’t be a lot of you who don’t follow the patreon page, but it’s worth saying anyway!
Still have two main concerns, though :
1 – big modules to program ahead. It won’t be a problem, but it sure won’t be easy and it sticks on my mind. We will all feel more blissful when it’s done, for sure!
2 – major problems in finding additionnal team members for this project. Even in pro circuit, where I try to employ assistants, additionnal animators, writers or artists : it seems there’s no one interested or “reliable” around, and that’s a big stress for me.
+ the time invested in searching! I’ve spent dozen of hours contacting people, trying to explain them what I want, training them, giving them time, ressources and all, and still doesn’t have anyone to show for it. “Argh” is the precise word.
But hey, things are progressing, still, so it’s not bad news. It’s just I would like to be able to increase a lot more my output to give life to my ideas. (as incredible as it already is, for a “one-man” team, lol)


Other news : Jessica’s game is about to be released! I work 32 hours a day to finish it properly and sexily, lately.
And now it’s done! Waiting for host’s response, now, but it’s great news again !

That’s all for current work news, I’ve been focusing on those to free some time for the rest, there’s just so much one man can do per day!
With Jessica done, and some luck breakthrough on Sexforge teamwork, I should get a lot more time to get to other stuff!
That said, with so many projects around (LP, SexRacers, SexPit, KoPC, TiTs, YTPP, etc…), and still so much I would like to pull off (we don’t even scratch the top of my ideas and desires, lol), the only real way would be to have teammates, yes, an army of minions I could employ for all the tiny very doable tasks that would make everything progress a lot at the same time!
(so much I could easily delegate and which could do wonders for all those games… It’s just hundreds of small cuttable hours I don’t have!)
Or a cloning potion.

Talk about living with frustration, lol ;)
Let’s zen it out, and focus on progressing one step at a time!
After all, we already pull out so much together, from the humble “KoPC alpha” beginning!
A dozen games, 3 or 4 major projects, and growing!
Let’s rejoice, and keep going on!

  • Idiot.exe has stopped working (Also known as the Dude Without A Nickname) says:

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen.
    I just love your style (once again that I mentioned it)
    MY GPU gets horny and my CPU will get a boner with the langht of Paris to Tokio.
    Well, the flash player will cum like HUlk on steorids.
    You should work for Bethasda, you have da skill pal!

  • corrupted_data says:

    Yeah, it definitely seems like team building is particularly difficult for nswf projects. Don’t lose heart, though. It may have taken forever to find SSS, but it was worth it. So just keep in mind that when you do finally find the right folks, life will be sweet indeed. Can’t wait to see the Jessica Rabbit game and gluck on your search!

    • corrupted_data says:

      Sorry, that’s, “good luck on your search!”

    • Mattis says:

      Thx ^^ I can’t lose entire months like that searching in vains, though, especially when it’s been 10 years I’m trying without any definitive luck.
      All those projects that never existed because of that, the frustration is beyond belief, lol, it’s not easy every day.
      But don’t listen to me, it’s a “down” day, as I’m just human, and “up” days always come back, that’s what’s sweet with human mind, lol!

  • LongTimeFirstTime says:

    When can we expect to see a public release for sexforge?

    • Mattis says:

      Gosh, not soon, I guess, as it’s still in alpha!
      That’s why I invite people to join the patreon for it, and access the playable alpha, because when I saw all the problems encountered and how massively long it would be to develop, I knew people wouldn’t wait that much for it, and I should do something to “give back” to supporters much sooner.
      So, yeah, playable alpha, that’s the very best I can do for now!

  • z says:

    Hey, how can I get the third ending of Jessica rabbit ? I got bad (1) and good (2) endings. Should be a third (great)…. Thanks.

  • furioso says:

    por que todos los bonus codes son pagando siempre me frusta mucho el no tener dinero para poder apoyarte en tu trabajo pero aqui donde vivo no levantamos cabeza y cada vez nos recortan mas dinero y derechos

  • Anonymous1 says:

    So I finally found that Jessica Rabbit game (had to find it through SSS) and I must admit it was really slow in the beginning. But seeing that build up and the finale made it all so worth the wait! This has got to be my favorite game from you! And she’s feistier than even Wonder woman!

    I didn’t even know there were 3 endings but the good ending is more than enough for me! That…and I have no idea how to get it…I mean, that good ending is sorta the major finale of every game you made…is there like a surprise Wonder woman type ending?

    • Mattis says:

      Yeah, I try to have some kind of regularity and planning in my news accross all the websites I’m on, but it’s hard, and on this one the hoster as SSS were faster than me and went a little quick on some stuff!
      It’s no biggy, anyway, as long as everyone get to it at some point or another ;)

      For the endings, I’ll try to hold on the info a little so people can search for it, but no, it’s not a surprise thing like W.W, I can tell that much.
      It’s just WC Gordan, who wanted to insert something different than my usual favorite “grand finale” indeed ;)
      So don’t pull your hair off with it, if like me “the good ending is your ending”.

      Jessica is feistier indeed, but requires proper setting too, alas, because she’s just out of this world, and lose a lot of her aura if not installed in a well-thought context, contrary to a lot of other characters that just benefits from being misplaced ;)

      Anyway, great one indeed !

  • Mattis says:

    I already knew about them, yes. I tried to contact truckloads of artists, through time, I don’t remember if they were in the mix.
    Thanks for sharing, though, it’s always nice!