Porn Bastards : Holli Would!

Yep, finally figured!
What is it to say? A stunning woman, a sexy pose, an awesome vibe, and some cool, twisted story and tons of features to go with it!
Enjoy the lewd Holli Would in this new Porn Bastards game!

The link :



Other news! Well, Sexforge, sexforge and sexforge! And also a looooot of time spent searching for other artists! Which, this time, might be fruitful!
I don’t want to jinx it, though, we’ll see when we’re there and done, but it should be awesome ;)
That’s short, not that I lack time, but I don’t have a lot to say, I prefer to show! Show some dazzling flesh, inner pulsions and limitless horizons!
And that, I can’t do only with words, my dear lads, so let’s get back to bringing you the best of the best! ;)

  • Cactus says:

    Pardon me Mattis but can I get a name for the song? It is incredibly nice.

  • Skullking says:

    Hey that Porn Bastards is very good how about kagome from inuyasha or nami from one piece and how do i paid to help

    • Mattis says:

      Hi. We got a truckload of girls planned, with patreon supporters, for PB series. You might want to join the regular poll I make about “next girl”/”other suggestion” on patreon page.
      But if you want a private commission to skip the regular process and get your specific girl quicker, that’s another thing, and we should discuss that by private e-mails directly, I think.
      For paying to help, depends on what you aim at!
      I got 2 patreon pages (one for Sexforge specifically, and one for all other games), which leads to various in-game rewards (codes, bonus, etc…) and paypal donation button up there on the right of this site, too. ;)