Cooking in the oven…

I don’t do a lot of news anymore on the blog, lol.

But that’s because I prefer releasing games, instead of just babbling around, for you to enjoy!
On patreon pages, it’s something else, I try to keep people informed, and it helps me pushing forward to efficiency, though.
Which is good thing toward the end goal : more and better hentai for everyone around! Our twisted fantasies made flesh and lust!
I got hundreds of messages to attend to everyday, also, which isn’t really easy to get to!
And finally, I have magnificent projects I’m dying to get to, but I got to finish what’s at hand first, so I’m prioritizing games production.

That said… next Porn Bastards game is currently in developement!
It will depict the infamous Korra!

Enjoy a sneak peek, while I go back to hard working it to life!


  • dutchlove101 says:

    Ooooh Korra! Awesome, can’t wait to see how it turns out :D Any chance that it, and perhaps further Porn Bastards episodes, will feature oral? Would love to see our sexy young Avatar with a cock in that sassy mouth ;)

    • Mattis says:

      Hahaha, it should awesome indeed!!
      For adding more scenes/positions to Porn Bastards, not really.
      The point is to make much more simple games than YTPPs and such, so they can depict much more girls, by allowing me to produce them in less than 3 months each! Easier, faster, better in the end!
      (as is, there’s already much more options than it was supposed to in the beginning, lol)