Sweet sweet 2018!

So so ! What’s new under the sun, you might ask?

Those posts really are too spreaded accross time, but with so much output, it’s not like I have a choice, alas!

Sexforge news, School Breeding Orgy updates : you name it! Tons of them!

And the rest? Like review that via a few pics!

A new KoPC update, with loads of new poses, outfits, sets and fixes? Yeah, sure, you got it!

Some X-mas delight? Alright! Futas codes all around, (KoPC as for all PBs), and new Santa sets, outfits and scenarios!

2 new PB episodes! Starting with icy lonely but sexy Elsa!

... and the infamous gorgeous Princess Peach, caught in a weird race!

And last but gloriously not least to date : a SexPit superb update, tiyng up a looooot of loose ends since last time!

There’s always more hentai around, the arousal never ends!

Enjoy those threats, they are all free to play! (except Sexforge and a few rewards for supporters, of course, but it’s only fair!)

  • BlackEsper says:

    Hi Mattis,
    keep the good work up!
    I really like KopC and School Breeding Orgy. That are two really kinky games ;)
    Is there a chance that the YTTP Series is getting more parts?
    Also, I really would like another game like the Jolly Friends. That were games with other mechanics and still with good stories and art :)
    Thanks for the good entertainment and keep the good work coming!

    • Mattis says:

      Thanks a lot, blackesper!
      It warms my kinky heart to see such love!

      As for your questions : PB games are a continuation of YTPP series, somehow.
      But I agree it’s not the exact same stuff.
      I might do more in the future, or updated graphics for existing ones (now that I know a few artists), it will depends on how other projects go.

      For the Jolly Friends, I always LOVED that one. (along with Sex Racers)
      But it wasn’t really appreciated at the time, alas.
      I’ll definitely do more stuff of that kind in the future, yes, it’s in my mind and plans since years ;)
      (just like a big orgy game like SBO! That’s a personnal achievement here too)

  • dutchlove101 says:

    Hey Mattis,

    Fantastic work, as usual :) Especially excited about seeing a brand new campaign make an appearance in KoPC. Question though – For some reason all of the girls seem to have a random little grey patch on their bodies, usually around the neck, clavicle or breasts. Any particular reason for that? Is there a way to get rid of them? Also, sometimes the girls will start with stuff covering their breasts, even if I haven’t selected them yet. Possibly related?

  • dush says:

    Hey Mattis, could you do PB but with 2 or more girls instead. Characters i am ok with any like femshep and liara, or wonder woman and super girl.

  • dush says:

    What the hells wrong with your website. The archive is just dates. I cant play your new School breeding orgy game because the links gone.

  • Ronin says:

    I love all of your works. Mostly PB and SBO. I was wondering when the next PB episode is coming out.

  • Ninja says:

    I love all your works especially Porn Bastards and Sex Racers. I was wondering when you will update Sex Racers for the bonus girl. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thank You!!

    • Mattis says:

      Sure, Sex Racers, YTPP and other past games are all in my mind, for some graphic & content updates!
      It’s just a matter of finding time & artists to do it, but they aren’t forgotten at all!
      So, keep faith!

  • OG Modbone says:

    I am a big fan of your PB series. I was wondering if you take any fan requests for the girls? I had few in mind such as: Miranda, Liara, or FemSheperd from Mass effect, female superheroes, Vampirella, Motal Kombat girls. Thank You!

    • Mattis says:

      Thanks! The appreciation is welcomed!
      As for PB episodes : ALL charactes are requests from fans, during patreon.com polls where they can propose/sort what character they want next.
      (because in the end, patrons are the one financing all those games for you all, so it’s only fair they got to pick what comes next)
      Feel free to join them to vote for next girls, of course.

  • Ayashimi says:

    Hello nice this of peach and other in the serie titles porn bastards have in future add other version of rosalina or daisy