Sweet sweet 2018!

So so ! What’s new under the sun, you might ask?

Those posts really are too spreaded accross time, but with so much output, it’s not like I have a choice, alas!

Sexforge news, School Breeding Orgy updates : you name it! Tons of them!

And the rest? Like review that via a few pics!

A new KoPC update, with loads of new poses, outfits, sets and fixes? Yeah, sure, you got it!

Some X-mas delight? Alright! Futas codes all around, (KoPC as for all PBs), and new Santa sets, outfits and scenarios!

2 new PB episodes! Starting with icy lonely but sexy Elsa!

... and the infamous gorgeous Princess Peach, caught in a weird race!

And last but gloriously not least to date : a SexPit superb update, tiyng up a looooot of loose ends since last time!

There’s always more hentai around, the arousal never ends!

Enjoy those threats, they are all free to play! (except Sexforge and a few rewards for supporters, of course, but it’s only fair!)

  • dutchlove101 says:

    Hey Mattis,

    Fantastic work, as usual :) Especially excited about seeing a brand new campaign make an appearance in KoPC. Question though – For some reason all of the girls seem to have a random little grey patch on their bodies, usually around the neck, clavicle or breasts. Any particular reason for that? Is there a way to get rid of them? Also, sometimes the girls will start with stuff covering their breasts, even if I haven’t selected them yet. Possibly related?

  • dush says:

    Hey Mattis, could you do PB but with 2 or more girls instead. Characters i am ok with any like femshep and liara, or wonder woman and super girl.

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