How to help KoPC easily

Because lots of people are lost along the process but would really like to help, and because these list is always more or less the same everytime, I decided to do some static post for that.
(that I will edit from time to time when needed !)
(Edit: 20 nov 14)

So, how can you help my games easily ?


1) – Financial contribution for next updates/games !
Money is free time I can buy myself to work ultra hard on new hentai games or updates!
It’s also used to employ professionnal artists, writers, to make far better stuff!
And you can even have lots of rewards for it!


2) – Extensive feedback on current games !
Liking, disliking and bugs : all that, explained in constructive details, can help a lot to understand what’s going on in your silent heads of yours ! As I’m still not telepath, silent players can’t count !
(for bugs, screenshots can be awesome, too)


3) – Moral support !
Developping all those games (KoPC, YTPP, Sexforge, etc…) and everything else, especially when you’re as bad as I am, takes lots of time, energy, motivation, sweat and blood!
Cheering the lonely programmer up is the best way to keep him going, never hesitate to do it!
(it’s not even for me : it’s just without the fragile human I am, there’s no game production, that’s mathematical :p)


4) – Spread the word, get people’s attention !
Spending all my free time struggling with codelines, graphics, blog/patreon updates : I can’t be everywhere.
Never hesitate to spend a little time on hentai forums or any hentai sites to talk about my games, most of people just never heard of them! (most of YOU heard of them very recently, when I’ve been doing this for years!!)


5) – Use contribution tutorials ! (KoPC)
You can create/complete scenarios and clothes if you like, for KoPC : use existing tutorials !
(click on buttons provided in the game or above to access tutorials)
For scenarios, specifically : try to update existing secondary campaigns !
As number of sets and possibilities grow, those campaigns suggested by players get old, and I can only work on main one (already tons of work). So I count on you for those sidelines of fun !


6) – Be imaginative and take initiatives !
Provide raw or refined sketches for new sets in KoPC or anything else.
Come up with small and easy ideas to add animations to set, or any improvement ideas on anything.
This kind of stuff can help a lot improving the game quicker, and are not that complicated to do, when the ideas are flowing and get sorted out.
Mail me the result so we can discuss it, it’s all up to you ;)
(and after that, all up to what I can program and when I can do it, but that’s another problem, lol)


7) – Bestiality, furries, bdsm, milf, asian, happy sex, and tentacles lovers : up to you ! (KoPC)
There’s lot of fetishes that do NOT inspire me, alas.
It means it’s very very hard for me to work on those, and come up with something about it.
But that don’t mean it shouldn’t be in the game!!
So, give a help with those, if you like them!!
Provide good scenarios, raw material like sketches, limbs or sets (best in .fla AS2/CS5.5).
The less I have to work to include stuff, most likely I will be able to include your stuff, after that would be quicker and funnier, for an aspect/fetish I wouldn’t do on my own!


For all material contributions, my e-mail :
For all discussions, try to keep things to comments : this way other people can read it and jump into it, and we could more easily motivate and gather good wills !
Stay positive, stay constructive, I know my games are not the best, faaar from it, spending time talking about it doesn’t help anyone! Focus on what you like and what can be done for it!


If you have other ideas to add to this special list, feel free to say so in comments, I will edit it!

  • AlphaCix says:

    Woops, a typo got through.

    “That way, you can work at a steady pace without fearing that you have to cram each update with enough stuff in order for the people’s contributions to be justified or holding back additional content that **you were** going to keep on reserve for the next update.”


  • Mattis says:

    Thx for the “velvet gloves”, lol. I indeed have a lot of history of tons of people “explaining me” what I should do and how I should work. Some of them rode my back for years, on a daily basis.
    Almost none of their thousands of advices ever worked (lost everything I got along the process), none of them ever achieve anything themselves, and none of them lift a finger to help me while I was going down slowly, year after year, until I gave up on making games.
    So, yeah, velvet gloves are shitty, but needed, alas, I’m a too damaged car ;)

    Anyway : a point not mentionned : my capacity of work. Chaotic and slow to say the least.
    I don’t hold anything back, in current system.

    But I don’t really get how the #1 would work.
    I read it twice but I don’t understand it fully.
    You mean maybe fix a higher price, but for several updates ?
    Which would allow me to judge “slices”, yeah, like “ok, 400$ already here, got time to work” or “oops, 700$ late already for this trimester, better hurry up the stuff !”
    You mean something like that, to prevent too much “start/stop/start/stop” donation campaigns ?

    For offbeatr, if they don’t check their own rules, that could be interesting, yes.
    But I got secondary problems, with that, that I don’t mentionned directly because it was overkill :
    1) – time of development, slow and impossible to guess, for me, as mentionned.
    2) – guessing what could come next. “complete new sounds catalog” just underline the problem, but fact is I always work like that : I’m sure I can do something, I try, that doesn’t work, I drift to something else, work it for a half, comes up with better and fresh ideas, drift again, etc…
    It’s rare when an update contain what I planned for it at first, and rare that I guessed what would be in the update.
    Shitty working process, always been like that, never been able to change that, even a little, but that’s where I’m good.
    But in the case of a stable well-planned project description like asked in offbeatr ? I just don’t fit.
    3) – same for “contributor rewards”. It’s just freaking impossible for me to plan something sure like “rewards”.

    And in top of all that, I’m supposed to guess a fair price ?
    It’s just seems so hard to do…

    I guess I could just go with a price, telling people I will improvise everything, give some main lines and potential stuff, and mainly sum up KoPC history, to prove my case (because there’s tons of proof here for sure, about how versatile, fun, expanding and promising this game is).

    I don’t know, you tell me if you have some kind of answers for that.

  • Mattis says:

    It seems you had a great time with that, right ? ;)
    Ok, will try !
    Thx for the great support and the fun edited pics !!