New YTPP’s out : Mating with Emma !!

Hi, my magnificent ones !

Guess what ? New ‘Young teens getting Porn pregnant’ game is out !

This time, it’s up for a simili-Emma Watson !
Yes, of course, how could it be otherwise ? The diva’s of teen star comes to hentai life under my magic hands !
(or at least I tried, lol !)

Hope you’ll enjoy it, this one with particularly difficult to finish !
You’d think it would get easier with time, geez.
TiT episode 1 was a very similar ‘YTPP 3′, but I thought it would be better to have a proper following in numbers, so, think TiT becomes ‘YTPP 2.5′ or secret stage, somehow.
Anyway, enjoy this last-to-date YTPP installment, fap fun, good times !

Here goes YTPP 3 : Mating with Emma !

Sponsored by, once again, enjoy and spread the word so we keep going on !
(and discreet thx to Lazram too, hey !)

Things always get so serious, with Rude !

Things always get so serious, with Rude !


Other head’s up for my dear ones :

1) – KoPC update is next in line.
I was submitted a massive campaign by Drake (I think you’ll like it), and woof-woof lovers made their voices heard since some time, so I’m on it, now.
We didn’t reach funding goal, far from it, so it will probably be a small update, compared to others, but it will be exist anyway.
Feel free to donate to raise the bar, in coming days.
As usual, the more you give, the more I can provide back, and the race is starting right now !

2) – Next TiT : no news back from Crazy-X, think he got abducted by aliens.
We were working on a nice installment, and he showed me promising pre-production work, some times ago.
Hope he’ll get back to mother earth, so we can follow on, but for now it’s in stand by !

3) – Sex Pit update : still waiting for some special tools from my sponsor. Not that it will directly impact the Sex Pit, but it may open a new field of developpement possibility that could get me back more easily to massive management games. It can be beyond imagination, or not. For now, I’m just waiting for those tools to get my hands dirty trying.

4) – Next YTPP : not planned for now. Given how hard this one was, I’ll take some times to try other stuff, for now.

5) – Other projects : after KoPC update, and given I want to breath a little, I might try other hentai games, not related to any serie, and potentially ultra fun (and may be ultra hard too). Like a small “castle conquest” game, with hentai all around, for example.
But too soon to speak.

6) – Needing new PC : on sides, I got a big problem of computer, since the beginning, as a lot of you know it.
I program my games on an ultra old pc (10 years old), very limited, which graphic card just died, and with windows xp trying to shut down my license the-hell-knows-why, or alternatively on an almost as old laptop. (laptops being great for graphic creation, as every graphist could ironically testity :p)
It’s a mess, it takes me 15 full minutes to save anything, each time (with potential crashes deleting everything. Remember some of my old posts on this blog ? It was already problematic a year ago), 2 full minutes to test any change, ‘CTRL+Z’ takes 15 whole seconds so I just don’t use it anymore, selecting body parts for animation just lag so much I can’t handle more than 4 characters on the screen, etc…
So, it’s ‘not cool, man’. I feel like a disabled person trying to go uphill. It works, yes, but it’s very tiring.
I took the decision to buy a new proper one, to become Quicksilver again and be able to work, godammit ! :) )
Now, I just have to saves money for it… (yeah, I know, but buying a new electronic device is always a massive decision, in my life, stop mocking me, lol :p Took me 4 years to buy a e-reader, and I think I will never get a cellphone, it’s far not worth it for me)
I don’t think it’s your place to provide that, “but”, if some of you want to help, you know you’ll be paid back with nice hentai games and some special wishes granted, of course ! ;)
I’ll go humble, I think about a lower “first price” PC, 300 euros in France (450$ something).
I already have 150$ saved for that, that leave 300$ to scrape together.
It’s really not some “beast computer” price range (check out the “magnificent PCs” you got with that, in France, lol ^^), but it should do the trick, compared to a 10 y.o without-graphic-card dinosaur or a mumbling laptop.
Again, I’m still able to work without it, and I don’t think it can really be a part of support process to help create good hentai games, but if you want to give a hand, well, you’re welcome !

As usual, tell me what you think about all that, give positive feedbacks, support or detailled comments about anything (what did you eat for breakfast ? I want to know !), eat vegetables before they eat us, make a petition for Crazy-X to be released by aliens, and have fun !

Peaceful sunday…

No real news, just to say.

Working on YTPP 3, in progress…

Crazy-X’s working on TiT2 artworks, in progress…

Noted the KoPC bugs, but will fix them later on.

Still working on some media expansion with sponsor for future games.

Thinking about everything else on free time between all that ;)

Hope you’re doing well ?

Also, do someone have a pair of 3D blue & red glasses ?

I would like to see what 3D hentai look like. Not the 3D-3D, the 3D with goofy glasses ^^

Yep, nothing to say. Let’s get back to work instead of saying crazy stuff, lol !

New stuff coming up!

Hi my beautiful ones!

So, let’s sums things up :

The Sex Pit : given the passion it unleashed and the support it gathered also, I might get back on this project, in the future, to develop it some more.
For now I got other stuff on my plate, so it will stays as it is or a little time, but know that your campaign have been heard, and that this door is not closed anymore for me.

A new game and KoPC : that aside, I got 2 stuff growing side by side.
As I was saying, I started a new hentai game with the help of someone. I’m currently peeling my fingers off to progress on it, and it’s going great, but it’s not finished yet.
Parallel…lelaly… (I don’t know the word, people, I’m not englishborn, lol).
Alongside, KoPC funding campaign has almost reached its goal, thx to a lot of you saviors, but I didn’t start working on it yet.
So…. I have 2 games to do at the same time, now.

I don’t know how I will handle that, but who cares : let’s make hentai !!

I said I was gettin help... looks freaking nice, don't you think ?

I said I was gettin help... looks freaking nice, don't you think ?

The Sex Pit 1.5

Hi again, my beautiful ones !

So, yeah, Lazram gave me a very special and amazing kind of help, with a marathon of motivation, support and testing to squeeze the crap out of noticeable problems of this game, and now you have the second set of improvements to make it more worth it.
I won’t list everything, but you got some save system, now, access to the end game, and lots of safety stuff to avoid the worst combos or “approximative” stuff.

Still, lots of “suggestions” are just misunderstanding of the game general goals and systems.
Don’t fall into the common mistake of trying to play a game in another way the one it points you to, and you will spare yourself a lot of headaches.
For example, the point is to make the best score in a limit, that’s all, and if some prices are cheap and other very expensive, there may be a purpose behind that.

That said, I’d like to thx everyone’s consideration and appreciation for my work and efforts.
I know no ones mean bad (at least on this blog… it seems on other sites it’s not the same deal, lol !), it’s just too much excitation sometimes expressed a little roughly.
Thanks for those who understands that and try to make it more… glamorous and kind, lol ;)

Enjoy second fixed version on mysexgames (they uploaded it very quickly), still the same url : The Sex Pit

Sex pit heads-up

Hi, my beautiful ones ! ;)

Ok, so, yeah, you seems to “enjoy” my latest game, The Sex Pit !
Let’s wrap this up !

“The Sex Pit” was a little side project, I didn’t planned to make it some big ass KoPC adventure out of it. (at least not for now)
I was trying to make a game a little more “complicated” than usual, because that what I was good at, in my previous job, and wanted to see if I could transpose the fun I used to have, years ago, in nowadays hentai flash games.
Turns out it was far more difficult and less fun than I guessed it would be.

On top of that, you were very vocal about how “imperfect” the game is, right upon release, and drop on my head a big santa list of wishes/suggestions/requests/complains (depending on people) right away.


So I still did a little quickie update with some fixes.
Namely :
- “beat up” now cost health, not money.
- virgin girl put some blood on dicks, and get *3 multiplier on money gained.
- girls info panel got some fixes
- some details I don’t bother you with.
- and mainly : getting rid of timer everywhere except pure sex (which was the highest claim). (now nights end when there’s no client left)
(check on mysexgames for update, same url : )

We lose something, but we gain a little more, yes.
That being, I really don’t like that, because that creates a dangerous precedent, where “you shout”, and “I do”.
That’s how my previous job drifted, with time.
And on this path, there’s no light at the end of the tunnel : people are more and more convinced their wishes should be my order.
They convince themselves I have some kind of “obligation” to be at their command and to comply to their requests, because their requests seem “fair” or “good”.
(like it has anything to do with the thing : it would be fair and good we all have billions of dollars and can have anything we want. It would be fair and good people stop beating their children and wives. Do the world comply to that ? Of course not! Without a real tangible lever, ‘intentions’ on other stay wishes, lol!)
Or they convince themselves that somehow, aside from them, I feel the need to pursue the developpement of a game, that I’m bound to it, morally, and I will accept their guidance because I’m chained to the boat anyway.
No, absolutely not. Once game : this are some free amateur games, done and shared only because I receive something positive back from you.
Creators are not bound to anything, they can give up anything they want, whenever they want.
Of course, mutual respect can create constructive framework and all, it’s not my point here, but community of gamers always go straight to this reef of thinking creators HAVE to pursue the road and do what THEY ask.
They don’t, don’t make that mistake, that ends badly, in my personnal experience.

So yes, I programmed a few fixes for the Sex Pit, and will program some more, because of Lazram, Valkner, and all of you who cared about what I was feeling about all those little ‘complains’, and because I still have some masochism and pride in me (even after all I’ve been through, lol).
But I really don’t like the path it’s taking, so, let’s just focus back a little and keep things straight ;)


That aside, thanks for all the support, yes, because I know it can costs you also.
Me still here and trying new stuff and keeping quality stuff going is the result of your common effort on that, and giving me somehow positive feedback where my games are far from perfection and high quality.

Sorry about the speed of my games, too. I got an ultra slow and old computer, compared to most of you, it seems, so when I program and test those games, they run ultraaaaa sloowwwww on my machine, and it’s just very very frustrating and long to do anything.
So I try to keep them that way and not “speed” them on my computer, but I work blind, on that.
Maybe one day, I will have enough money to buy a proper computer and get back to you on that.

Also : we’ll try to test out these leaderboard system, it’s the most important thing from “The Sex Pit”.
It was ultra crappy hard to program, and it seems it still doesn’t work, but it would be nice if we could make this work. (because KoPC pregnancies leaderboards, yeah !)

Ok, got to go, have fun and bounce titties!

How to help KoPC easily

Because lots of people are lost along the process but would really like to help, and because these list is always more or less the same everytime, I decided to do some static post for that.
(that I will edit from time to time when needed !)
(Edit: 20 nov 14)

So, how can you help my games easily ?


1) – Financial contribution for next updates/games !
Money is free time I can buy myself to work ultra hard on new hentai games or updates!
It’s also used to employ professionnal artists, writers, to make far better stuff!
And you can even have lots of rewards for it!


2) – Extensive feedback on current games !
Liking, disliking and bugs : all that, explained in constructive details, can help a lot to understand what’s going on in your silent heads of yours ! As I’m still not telepath, silent players can’t count !
(for bugs, screenshots can be awesome, too)


3) – Moral support !
Developping all those games (KoPC, YTPP, Sexforge, etc…) and everything else, especially when you’re as bad as I am, takes lots of time, energy, motivation, sweat and blood!
Cheering the lonely programmer up is the best way to keep him going, never hesitate to do it!
(it’s not even for me : it’s just without the fragile human I am, there’s no game production, that’s mathematical :p)


4) – Spread the word, get people’s attention !
Spending all my free time struggling with codelines, graphics, blog/patreon updates : I can’t be everywhere.
Never hesitate to spend a little time on hentai forums or any hentai sites to talk about my games, most of people just never heard of them! (most of YOU heard of them very recently, when I’ve been doing this for years!!)


5) – Use contribution tutorials ! (KoPC)
You can create/complete scenarios and clothes if you like, for KoPC : use existing tutorials !
(click on buttons provided in the game or above to access tutorials)
For scenarios, specifically : try to update existing secondary campaigns !
As number of sets and possibilities grow, those campaigns suggested by players get old, and I can only work on main one (already tons of work). So I count on you for those sidelines of fun !


6) – Be imaginative and take initiatives !
Provide raw or refined sketches for new sets in KoPC or anything else.
Come up with small and easy ideas to add animations to set, or any improvement ideas on anything.
This kind of stuff can help a lot improving the game quicker, and are not that complicated to do, when the ideas are flowing and get sorted out.
Mail me the result so we can discuss it, it’s all up to you ;)
(and after that, all up to what I can program and when I can do it, but that’s another problem, lol)


7) – Bestiality, furries, bdsm, milf, asian, happy sex, and tentacles lovers : up to you ! (KoPC)
There’s lot of fetishes that do NOT inspire me, alas.
It means it’s very very hard for me to work on those, and come up with something about it.
But that don’t mean it shouldn’t be in the game!!
So, give a help with those, if you like them!!
Provide good scenarios, raw material like sketches, limbs or sets (best in .fla AS2/CS5.5).
The less I have to work to include stuff, most likely I will be able to include your stuff, after that would be quicker and funnier, for an aspect/fetish I wouldn’t do on my own!


For all material contributions, my e-mail :
For all discussions, try to keep things to comments : this way other people can read it and jump into it, and we could more easily motivate and gather good wills !
Stay positive, stay constructive, I know my games are not the best, faaar from it, spending time talking about it doesn’t help anyone! Focus on what you like and what can be done for it!


If you have other ideas to add to this special list, feel free to say so in comments, I will edit it!