Majestic news !

Hi everyone !

Today, a whole fucking train of news !

First, I lost all my work since june, the very next day I posted the previous news.
It was devastating as hell, but I try to cope and save what I could save !
I was able to recover almost every past news, but don’t be angry at me if some stuff have changed or are not up to date, it was a herculean work.

But as it seems I was on a magic roll, I did a lot of exclusive and additionnal small stuff !
- random freckles on girls (face and arm) !
- 4 random lipsticks on girls !
- a new shirt !
- a new sari costume for indians !
- improvments on indian’s flat set !
- earings and small fashion stuff for girls in “fame and pride” and “rising star” levels ! 
- 3 new haircuts ! (I personnally looove those new ones ^^)
- a small fix on dialog box when changing position.
- dude customisation on intro page (for now it’s not impressive, but it was a huge work to regroup everything to be able to do new guys in the future) !
- and brand new intro page !
- a new pose : deep sucking !

Don’t forget it’s additionnal stuff from the previous update, 11 october, which already contained a lot of new stuff !
So, all in all, I just remove the “alpha version” note on start menu, because I think now the game has a freaking lot of quality content, it has earned the right to be called “King of Porn City”, the one and only ^^



As usual, don’t expect this much every week, but as usual, I don’t try to limit myself : if I got time and guts to do stuff, I just do and deliver, like this month.

So just enjoy and support as much as you can, that’s the best way to keep the flow coming ^^

Ho, and just to say, I begin to think about some “premium content”.
I know, I know, the concept of paying sucks, but we already had this conversation a long time ago : those kind of stuff are just energy and time blackholes, so without any financial returns it just not humanly possible to keep going forever.
The idea would be to keep 90% of the game completely free, we are not talking about some crappy cut on essential content (”demo” practice like meet’n'fuck or zone-sama work is understandable, they put great effort in their stuff, but that’s often too frustrating, right ?), but to give additionnal sugar and candy behind it.
Like premium account for other games like kingdom rush, gemcraft or else : it’s just a cheap and adorable cherry on top !

So, whatever, that’s not for now now, but just to warn you in advance there’s no fuss to make about it ^^

Behind blue eyes

Welcome again, everyone !

A few good news today !

- Automatic X-ray on climax fixed.
- Inverted ‘pregnant !’ message fixed.
- Muted music stay mute, during the same stage (if multiple girls)
- First user message added to the game : ‘today’s menu : creampie !’, by IrishRed ! (continue to send ideas to be put in the game !)
- 1 new t-shirt for girls (see pic)

- Specific dialogs for all scenariis of the first stage (Warehouse) !

- And what you will surely prefer : switch to anal/vaginal X-ray programmed !
For the moment, only the “stand up front” position got a transition animation, but the rest will come eventually, and it still works fine anyway.



And a little something I find amazing, but I don’t remember if I had already shared the link or not, sorry ^^

Travelling time

Hi everyone !

Got some time, so, here it comes : 2 whole new sets, with 4 scenarios each ! 
I could list the detail, but play them, you will see by yourself what’s in it.

Also, I found an interesting ways of adding elements to sets, so that’s not visually revolutionnary (aside from “birthday party”, maybe), but it’s a plus for me to quickly improve and add stuff :-) )

Notice a little change in the pregnancy bonus money, in stages.
On 2+ girls stages, it was really bringing too much money, no fun !


A little color  and a lot of girls on the set ^^

2 new sets, 8 more scenarios, hurray !!!


For complementary notes :

- I tried to program anal/vaginal switching, like said in previous news, but I’m stuck on some major bugs so… nothing for the moment !

- I test the birthday party myself, and yes, it’s possible ! Not my fault if your computers are too fast, lol :-)
(but I will add some upgrades that reduce difficulty rising rate, someday, don’t worry)

- Your help could be appreciated, on some stuff. Like chalkboard messages in school stages, sets of dialogs for each scenarios, maybe, or your opinion on some of the stuff I ask/asked you from time to time (but as I don’t really received hundreds of feedback on that, I suppose you’re not numerously interested, for now, lol)

- I will work some day on customizing girls, in freeplay mode, yes, and on group stuff, one day (that’s the main objective, lol), it’s just that I’m slow as hell, this year, as you noticed ;-)

Whatever, enjoy nevertheless !

Everlasting ways

Hi everyone !

A bunch of interesting stuff today !
- First set of standard dialogs completed (meaning : text bubbles for suck action, brutal suck, deep suck, titfuck, normal fuck, brutal fuck and deep fuck)
- A second set of random standard dialogs added.
- Dialogs for the first scenario added. (meaning : text bubbles more specifically linked to the first scenario)
- Uterus graphic improved
- Shop interface changed, for additionnal sets and scenarios to come ! (working on it right now ^^)

And the most promising :
- Slipping in/out/poking added, for “stand up front” position (you can test it in freeplay mode, the fourth button for this pose)
That’s promising because I will add that in the standard gameplay to obtain a more fluid link between fuck steps when playing, that will be more fun.
And it’s promising a second time, given I will be able to add ‘anal’ stuff and ‘anal/vaginal switch’, thanks to that !



Aside from that, here is two awesome soundbank provided by IrishRed, a great thanks for sharing that !
(will be added in future KoPC version, of course !)

Note : I’m still in search of male sounds, brutal and dirty moans. If you got some, please tell me and share them !

Enjoy !

Slow-mo Summer.

Look who’s back in town !

Okay, folks, some news today.
It’s a one shot, no promise for the future, as usual, but it’s still something.

- Add sounds, enjoy (If someone got small proper male rough moans sounds, feel free to share !)
- Add dialogs. Still not completely effective, and need to add scenario related ones, but hey ! ^^
- Cock remade.
- Improvments on “suck” and “deeper” sex poses.
- Added two new clothes…. I think. (I already forget if that’s new or not o_O)
- Fixes issues on freeplay timer, cock’s transparency, ponytail on some poses, etc…

- And I try a new presentation for the very first level (but only this one), tell me if you like it or not, so I can now if it’s worth working on it or not.


Reference inside…


Aside from that, not much news.

You will see I added a paypal donation button, because one of the main reason news take so much time is because I need to work a lot, IRL, to pay bills. Dozens hours I can’t spend on hentai games, you know the drill, nothing new on earth !
So it’s facultive, but it’s there, just sayin’…

And just for fun, some magnificiently funny animation ^^
(nothing to do with the rest)

Have fun !

Wut ?

I know, I know, no news, that’s a fucking shame !!!
Try my best, free game, no promises made, no responsability can be charged on me, but still it’s just frustrating, I know.

So, no news yet, but don’t drop the stick : ever heard of “Wet : the sexy empire” ?
A game old as hell, but good as hell, believe me, I just discover that.
It’s just soooo like what I try to develop here, with kind of the same atmosphere and all (ok, not as sick and as hardcore as my work, but still).
You must try to install and play it (both task are difficult as hell, I must warn you. But I think it’s so worth the pain I talk about it, so that must be fun, right ?)

Just do your research and enjoy to forget how pitiful I am for not having found time to make some improvements on KoPC ^^
(PS : all the desert city is only the first “stage” on three, those who hang on will see how exciting it could be to imagine a flash-sick mattis-version of this game ^^)

Freeplay ?

Hi everyone !

Found some time, so now you have, in KoPC demo :

- Music
Didn’t find a lot of good loops, so if you find very interesting but light ones, share the link !

- Freeplay mode !
You have to impregnant all women in a stage, to unlock freeplay mode.
Still need some work, there’s bug and all, I know, but at least we got a base to work on it.

- Some invisible fixes
Lighten the suck/titfuck animations, rebuild the reset button, etc…)



For gossip, this night I had a dream in which I found a great flash hentai game.
At first it was just fine, but I discovered, exploring, that it was exactly what I try to do with KoPC and my games !

I was just so glad ! I was saying to myself, in the dream : “gosh, there’s just every options I need, there, and the graphics are so like what I try to do ! The ambiance is so greatly twisted and fucked up !”

Exploring deeper, I finally conclude that in fact, this game were so complete I didn’t even have to make my own, which was a little sad, but it was so great I didn’t have any doubt left : too bad for KoPC, but I HAD to share this link with everyone, the guy behind this game just deserved to be much more notorious.

And then… I woke up.
Noooooooo !!!!

I was just so great, I wish you could have seen it, argh !
But as every dream, it’s just vanishing from my memory, as the hours go by, and I’m incapable of drawing and doing the same quality stuff, for now…

So now I’m just a bit demoralized by the huge gap between what I see in my dream and what I’m capable of, but this gives new perspective, and I will work on them.

For now I’m just afraid you just get bored with the very poor rate of improvment of the game, and the fact it’s basically the same game, evolving very slowly… something I oversaw too quickly, I think ^^
….. anyway, I just can’t go faster, so it’s not like I could do something about this, and in life, you can only do your best ! ^^

Enjoy anyway !

Nearby and updates

Nooooo !
Forum’s down, because of a “no porn” policy !
We’ll need another one, work on that, guys, I can’t be everywhere ^^

Regarding the game, I made a lot of small and not-so-small improvements.

Be sure to reload it to have latest version ! (hint : it’s the one with today’s date on main screen ^^)

I will not list all improvements, I already done that on the now lost forum, it’s long and no one reads it, so just play and discover !
(note : yes, I know, progression’s been erased. that’s part of the process : you cannot benefits from former bugs and easy money, you will have to start over, from time to time, when I judge it necessary. Yeah, I know, I’m a fucking tyran, forcing you to play hentai game, right ?)

Same link as always :

First rows

Hi, folks ! 

So, first demo of KoPC has been released, you realize why I was warning you about unfinished stuff, some first improvments were made, and todo_list begin to grow exponentially, etc, etc…
If you missed it, the link : (which can be found on the right column if needed)
And Jinx finally create the forum I was asking since days, now, so we will be able to put some flesh on those bones ! 
I am still blocked with a lot of IRL stuff to do, but as always, I will try to come back at you and the game as soon and as often it can humanly be.
During the time, enjoy first bunch ! 

Finally comes to life !

I dodge my family’s bullets, jump to cover, and finally found some little time to finalize the alpha ugly incomplete release of the game !

Say you love me !

Then play the game, be disappointed, remember every warnings I gave you (or read past messages if you forgot), and wait (raaahhh, again ??) for main events : updates !

Usually, it’s better to release a game only when you have some weeks ahead to handle the first big waves of critics, bug reports and suggestions, in order to put in motion great, quick and numerous updates, to keep up with the joy of first impression and build on it.
But in our case that would push the release back for weeks at least, and you already wait too much for this. So : I know it’s frustrating, but at least you got some alpha version to fap on ^^

Here goes nothing :
(download and open 1024*768 for better view)

Time for flowers and rotten tomatoes.

EDIT : bunch of fix : game is slower, progress is faster, ‘impossible click’ acceleration fixed. 
Keep reading all comments and edits if you want to be informed.