Brace your shelves, update is coming…

Hi my beautiful ones!

Just to inform you I’m doing last work on next KoPC update!
It doesn’t come up as quick as I would want it too, but it’s a matter of days, now.
I try to finish up new locations, to pack up last good visible things before release, after working so hard on the engine.
You should have fun with the new stuff, and tons of new scenarios and campaigns to explore, lol ;)

That’s all folks, I get back to work!

Quickie quickie coco pops.

Hi, my beautiful ones!
Some infos to keep you posted, as usual!

First : not a lot of feedbacks on latest game to date.
Especially for Crazy-X. It’s his first game, it’s important, guys!
Think about what couldn’t had happen, if I didn’t had some fun support on my very first game, lol ! No KoPC ! No YTPP ! No Sex Pit ! World war 4 ! Alien invasion ! End of the world ! Cosmic conflagration ! Realities crushing down and… what ? Yeah, yeah, I know, it may be a little too much. ;)
So, if you missed it or just didn’t had the time to check it out, see the post and drop a little something :

Also : working hard on KoPC update !
Going great, new stuff ahead, and lots of regular content update here and there to build up the whole stuff, it seems it worked fine as for now.
I’m also focusing on engine improvement, as you may have notice the “games are too heavy & slow on my computer to work properly” song comes a lot in my mouth, those days.
So, it’s nothing really “visible”, but it’s a complete game changer for me, trust me.
As example, see the scenarios handler panel simplifications I made, right under :

Before and after... guess why my computer was running slow ?

Before and after... guess why my computer was running slow ?

Even without any flash knowledge, you can guess things looks “lighter”.
Tons of stuff of that kind, will not really show, but it took me lots of time, and it was critical.
Alas I couldn’t make poses less heavier than I would want to.
That’s still a big big thing, which block me from doing more “X-some” glorious incrementation.
But hey, step by step!

I won’t reveal too much, you’ll see aaaaalllll the rest in the update, which should come soon!
(not in the coming week, but we can still hope ^^)

Cheers !

It’s coming, it’s coming, uuughh!

Hi, my beautiful ones!

Quick note to keep you posted : next game is almost finished, should be out in a few days!
It’s an attempt on teamworking with a wonderful guy, we both learned tons of stuff doing it, but I think it looks ultra nice, you will have fun with that ;)

After that, I will get back to KoPC, it’s time for an update! (even if we are not at full funding, we’ll not nitpick, let’s have fun!)

A hot gooey mess, don't you think ?

A hot gooey mess, don't you think ?

Also, I’d like to really thank all of you for all the support, positive feedback, donations and everything.
It’s really the heart of the matter, the fuel that keeps me going, and allows me to put so much energy, time and inspiration in all that !
Too many people out there on the web forget “amateur games” are done by very few human beings (when not alone), in a very fragile balance where we (creators) got no protection or “fall back position” against harsh critics or lack of “positive motivation” that only other people can bring.
We’re not big corporations or society where “work ambiance” or salaries can compensate conditions, or where there’s a specific “customer service” and “communication staff” to handle things on one side while “developpers” work peacefully on the other. It’s all in the open, direct, and brutal, one way or another.
Too many people forget that, but not you.
And for that, I thank you.
(I thank you with games, I know, but I like to add verbal thanks. Just like “silent people” don’t count in the end, “silent creators” don’t count either !)

In addition : I don’t answer to everyone, but be sure I read everything.
I would like to answer, but I spend this time working hard on pulling out new hentai stuff, for now.

Ok, get back to work.
(and a little teaser screenshot)

New stuff coming up!

Hi my beautiful ones!

So, let’s sums things up :

The Sex Pit : given the passion it unleashed and the support it gathered also, I might get back on this project, in the future, to develop it some more.
For now I got other stuff on my plate, so it will stays as it is or a little time, but know that your campaign have been heard, and that this door is not closed anymore for me.

A new game and KoPC : that aside, I got 2 stuff growing side by side.
As I was saying, I started a new hentai game with the help of someone. I’m currently peeling my fingers off to progress on it, and it’s going great, but it’s not finished yet.
Parallel…lelaly… (I don’t know the word, people, I’m not englishborn, lol).
Alongside, KoPC funding campaign has almost reached its goal, thx to a lot of you saviors, but I didn’t start working on it yet.
So…. I have 2 games to do at the same time, now.

I don’t know how I will handle that, but who cares : let’s make hentai !!

I said I was gettin help... looks freaking nice, don't you think ?

I said I was gettin help... looks freaking nice, don't you think ?

New game : the Sex Pit !

Hi, my beautiful ones !
After a lot of trouble to make it work, last hentai game to date is here !
Using animations from KoPC, I make my first attempt in business/management games ! (it was freaking hard, lol !)
Come to town, and build your little business in an abandonned warehouse.
Make tons of money, get your reputation to sky limit, and get the hell out before the cops get in!

business going very well !

Here goes THE SEX PIT, a brand new hentai management game !

Proudly sponsored by, once again, enjoy and spread the word !

(sorry, forgot to do some screenshots, with all the fight)

Have fun with that, and don’t forget the forum, comments, donations, feedbacks, and everything !
Excelsior !

Starting blocks !

Hi, my beautiful ones !

A quick post to say alternative donations systems should work, now !
Bitcoin, paxum and patreon seem to be up and functionning, so if you don’t want/can use paypal, feel free to test them !

Also : my new game is finished, but I’m waiting for sponsor response, for hosting and details.
So, should be available and released in coming days, if everything run smoothly !

After that, I will try to get back on YTPP 3 , which will not be a YTPP, in fact.
It should have been, but I’m not sure now, I may try something else…. I know, it’s confusing, but I will keep in touch with you about that.

KoPC funding goes well and up, will be able to start working back on that too, if that keeps following this path.
So great news here and there !

Keep supporting the hard work !
Love you.

Paypal, donations, news and spring!

Can’t wait for the sun to come back!

Hi, my beautiful ones!
Didn’t work anything out for April’s fool, too bad, I would have liked to. :/
But got too much work on my hands, so maybe next time.

Next game :
Currently finishing some new game, using some KoPC content, but bringing something completely different on the table.
Will see how you like it and what you think of it ;)

Donations :
KoPC donations are coming up, that’s very good news!
I’m still working out other systems (paxum, patreon, etc…), but it’s taking time (administrative crappy stuff & infos), and the point always been to work on games first, don’t lose sight of that!
So, if we reach the funding goal, I will focus 100% on KoPC, I don’t have any personnal interest in working on making wonderful sites or affiliations, it’s just to occupy time between updates funding!

Side paypal news :
Tenebrys got a little surprised Patreon donation site got a huge problem/change because of Paypal bullshit. (ok, may not be the right formulation, but that’s the idea, right ?), and same thing for Fenoxo.
But Paypal never bullshitted anyone : it’s clearly stated in its policy it DOESN’T allow adult content or funding, in any way.
So it’s just a game of “hide & seek”, like for illegal downloading and everything.
The day you get caught, you get caught, that’s all!
The same goes for me and my games : we just make the best out of Paypal, until they find what I do with it and ban my account.
Fenoxo and Patreon made hundreds of thousands of dollars with it, so I’m not even a little fish, compared to that, but that’s still something to keep in mind.

Is it worth it, so ?
Freaking yes! Paypal is a hundred time easier for everyone, during the time. For me, for you, for fees, for everything! And I surely don’t make the mistake to let money sleep in it, so it won’t slip.
We just got to make the best out of it, like for youth, sun during summer, nice ladies/boys willing to cuddle us and everything else in life : as long as it works, just enjoy and use it!
(with moderation, for youth, though, but not for paypal, lol)
If something out there works better and easier, anyway, I’m all ears.

Thumbs up for sums’ up

Hi, beautiful ones!

As promised : improved rate for new posts, to keep you updated on stuff more often.
For offbeatr “conclusion”, see previous post!
Let’s get going on some infos.

KoPC next update :
With offbeatr drop, we get back to usual : I’m waiting for your financial support to start of the next update!
I don’t know what I will work on, this time, we got several new and interesting ideas, here and there.
There will be new content anyway, like new set, poses and dialogs, given you seems to really enjoy it.
Oh, yes, I remember now : I will try to fix the save system! I may have an idea of why you lose your save, so I will try to develop a system to trace it back, somehow. With “girls preferences”, it’s mandatory, anyway!

YTPP news :
Currently working with someone, offering his drawing skills, on a new YTPP.
Can’t promise anything at this point. It should be awesome, but I don’t want to oversell without knowing exactly where we go, so, will see!
For updates of previous YTPP : funding campaign still on! Didn’t bring lot for now, but it’s still open!

Side game :
I’m also working on something else. As usual, I thought it would be done in a matter of days, and as usual, it’s taking me weeks and weeks, gaaaaah!!
It’s something… different. Still hentai, though, so you’ll probably enjoy it. (if I can finish it before year 2056, grrr)

Donations :
Still working on that, still counting on you!
Paxum is eating my toochie on some validations, doesn’t work for now.
Bitcoin, should be working, you try and tell me, lol.
Patreon : working on that too, will keep you posted!

That’s all for now (it’s already a lot), see you soon, my dears!

Offbeatr… off !

Hi, beautiful ones!

Offbeatr drop :
Ok, let’s wrap things up a little : I give up on
Like I explained in previous post, I already had cold feet about given this site became more and more odd, from my point of view.
Lately, on top of other problems I had already discovered, I find out Offbeatr also don’t accept Paypal or have problems with some credit cards, and that the “30% if success, no money if fails” isn’t a standard at all, and is pretty expensive, in fact, compared to other funding platform site!

Offbeatr voters :
I know there will probably be people coming directly from Offbeatr feeling embarassed, frustrated or offended by my decision of not pursuing the KoPC project on, but you have to understand it’s not my intention at all, and that it’s not because I want this project to work that I will accept what I think are “crappy developpement conditions”.

KoPC project funding :
We already have a working system : paypal donations!
It’s not clearly authorized by paypal, but for now it works perfectly.
People wanting the game to improve can suggest anything they want, donate, see their donations showing on the site, don’t have a time limit, and I can use the money without being cut silly amount on it “because fees, mothafucka!”
Fans come back since years on this blog site and can testify no bullshit ever happened.
And at least it’s more like what it is in reality : a human one-man-army odyssey.
I’m no professionnal, I’m no big team, I’m no rich gangsta trying to bullshit money out of people.
Just a guy trying to make a way for some “original” (ambiguous word at the very least) hentai games and ways to do it, and a few bucks to survive.

Where do the money go ?
That’s also another point, raised on some external sites I visited : what is the money for ?
Music ? Professionnal drawings not showing off ? Hosting or technical consultant ?
Nope, sorry. It’s too little money for all that, even if I was to know how to hire those kind of help. (at least for now)
Money is used for me to eat, survive, and ultimately to reward the work done.
Like I explained some times ago when I open those paypal funding campaigns : I used to work for “art’s beauty” (like we say in my country), for free, and for “hope that someday, someone will donate, or notice me and hire me”.
I did that for 10 years. Didn’t bring anything.
People just overlook a little detail : this kind of work don’t magically happen.
What do you think the process is ?
I work my day job, go back home, watch some movies, play video games, go off to see friends and families here and there, on nights or week-end, and then KoPC update just appears out of thin air ?
It would be awesome!!
But no.
When you come back home to have fun, I struggle 3 or 4 hours to create a new skin and a bunch of new mods for male character on KoPC.
When you have fun going out with friends all saturday, I “have fun” creating a new set or pose all saturday.
When you sleep until noon on sundays, I wake up at 6 AM, to work all morning on fixing nagging bugs.
When you meet your family to share a meal, I try to avoid mine to come back to dialogs, save system, or try to make a new fetish I don’t even like, lol.
When you freshen up with a drink and a nap, I drop my last sweat answering mails, comments, making new posts and trying to fight for what I want to do.
Of course, it’s not always like that. It was, for 10 years of my life, lost forever, along with everything else (you DON’T fix 10 years of not having been there for friends, families or fun).
Now I try to make some room for everything.
But the day have only 24 hours each, and I lose a lot of them struggle for details.
So, what is the money for ?
The money is to make room, in hours spent in day job.
That’s where there is room available. Each hours you can get paid doing what you do, you can substract it from having to work a shitty job to pay for food and light.
So I’m really sorry things can’t happen magically. I really wish it could, lol, and that “results” wouldn’t automatically mean “human sacrifice”.
Please warn me the very minute “magic system” happens ;)
Until then, it’s just about logic and realism.

So… KoPC ?
Let’s not lose focus, and get back to conclusion : offbeatr won’t make it. Too bad, but that’s just a road bump.
KoPC will continue as it was : living on your donations.
It’s not over at all, and it was going perfectly fine, so let’s continue like that!
Like last updates, I will try to focus more on what you like & want, from now on.
(as I can get some kicks out of YTPP and side games, even if that’s just “during the wait for KoPC funding”, each time)
I don’t know where it will bring us, but you show me!
I will try to open new donations options (some people ask it), just in case.
Feel free to drop something, or suggest other donation systems, but only if you use them or want to use them personnally! (because there’s hundreds of systems, out there, and people always do name-dropping without any follow-up on them : it’s waste of precious time!)
I will also try to make much more posts, about everything more or less hentai related.
I thought making fewer posts would bring more feedbacks and comments, by giving you some time to discuss stuff, but it seems it’s doing the exact opposite, lol ;)

So. Road bump, let’s forgive, forget, and move on!
Excelsior, lol!

Offbeatr update and… cold feet ?

Hi my dear hentai lovers!

An update to celebrate the success of the first step of our offbeatr campaign to support KoPC project!
(yeaaah !!)
Thx to everyone for the quick voting to this project, it was sure appreciated a lot!
Cheesecake for everyone, wouhouuu!!


That said, going to the next level is kind of… worrying me, about how it’s done.
First : you don’t have any built-in “buttons” or interface, automatic or not, to go from “vote stage” to “pledge stage”.
I was a little surprised, as I already had to fill in tons of forms and personnal & financial infos just to get there and publish my project idea, in the first place.
So, I try to search for infos about that in the FAQ, in developer’s interface and all, but no message nowhere about it.

Finally, I wrote to them directly.
And now they send me back another form, a contract, where I got to fill-in again all my personnal infos and bank account infos.
Along with authorizations to directly take money on my bank account, for several situations and under no clear conditions.
I mean, it’s all about locking-in the creators in case they don’t fullfill the goal or rewards they promised.
It’s all detailled about how creators will be prosecuted and able to get sued by any pledgers if they fail to deliver, and how they will be forced to pay by automatic withdrawal on their bank account for every legal action taken against them, etc…

Don’t get me wrong : I can totally understand the principle, but how it’s put into action begins to worry me and scare me.
I mean, obvious way would be to have things (projects & rewards) transiting through their site, as a double-check before allowing money to come and go. Or just to built on some kind of “commercial trust”, like big services sites like ebay or paypal do, where they just make sure you don’t get robbed, but don’t interfere into how products end up.
And in 99% of case it works perfectly fine.

But there, it’s all about collecting everyone’s bank account infos, along with authorization to withdraw money from it without your future consent.
It’s very invading and risky. In case anyone from offbeatr want to withdraw your money, they would have the legal right to do so, in fact, and you to just shut up.
In case anyone breaks in their database (as past internet history proved even the biggest companies can have that kind of problem), we would all be in deep shit, with all our financial infos and authorizations right there, waiting to be used. (because I think pledgers don’t “magically” get funds on their account and have to give infos too)

Also, fees are about 30%, on everything, everywhere, and I would also have to pay BEFORE being authorized to gather “pledges”. (which is not real money : creators gain nothing until the very end, and only if the campaign is a success, and after offbeatr took its 30% comission. If anything fails, no refunds for fees previously engaged by creators)

It’s a detail, but added to the global picture…. yeah, I am getting some kind of cold feet, about all that.
I gave it a try because it was definitely worth it, but how it goes along, I discover it’s not as straight-forward and easy to handle as it seems.
Interface could be really worked out (very uneasy to access my creator panel), links appears changed (if you put your facebook page, for example, the links will show facebook itself instead of your page… guh ??), project stages are neither automatised nor informed when reached, and all those infos to give away and fees to pay….
I don’t know, guys…

At this point, no one has paid nothing.
So maybe it’s an opportunity to take just a little time to think about all this.
What do you think ?
Do you think we would be better off with our paypal donations system ?
Do you feel like pledging a lot to make this work, and feel it’s worth going through all that ?
Do you think I’m making a mistake ?
You tell me!