Getting started !

First, one of my early work : “F.U.G” (for Filled-Up Girls)

I did a lot of other stuff before this one, but nothing really “playable” and complete enough to be released, so I skip directly to this !

The game :  fill_up_girls.swf

This one is dedicated to Raddacus, creator of one of the “April sex game”.
I discuss with him : really cool guy, too bad he doesn’t do more stuff like that ! And too bad he decides to close his page !
April sex game :

And this game is also dedicated to, a website that provides hundreds of games (hentai or not) since years.
Activity and quality has dropped down those days, and people start to flame this website.
It’s really unfair, regarding the astonishing work his owner (Petr) did for years, week after week after week !
The hentai page :

First post, blog opening !

Ok, people, I open this blog because I’m always working on various hentai projects of my own, and it seems no  can’t find any place to publish it and talk about it on the web !

So, here we go…
If you got something to say, feel free to do so !