Offbeatr update and… cold feet ?

Hi my dear hentai lovers!

An update to celebrate the success of the first step of our offbeatr campaign to support KoPC project!
(yeaaah !!)
Thx to everyone for the quick voting to this project, it was sure appreciated a lot!
Cheesecake for everyone, wouhouuu!!


That said, going to the next level is kind of… worrying me, about how it’s done.
First : you don’t have any built-in “buttons” or interface, automatic or not, to go from “vote stage” to “pledge stage”.
I was a little surprised, as I already had to fill in tons of forms and personnal & financial infos just to get there and publish my project idea, in the first place.
So, I try to search for infos about that in the FAQ, in developer’s interface and all, but no message nowhere about it.

Finally, I wrote to them directly.
And now they send me back another form, a contract, where I got to fill-in again all my personnal infos and bank account infos.
Along with authorizations to directly take money on my bank account, for several situations and under no clear conditions.
I mean, it’s all about locking-in the creators in case they don’t fullfill the goal or rewards they promised.
It’s all detailled about how creators will be prosecuted and able to get sued by any pledgers if they fail to deliver, and how they will be forced to pay by automatic withdrawal on their bank account for every legal action taken against them, etc…

Don’t get me wrong : I can totally understand the principle, but how it’s put into action begins to worry me and scare me.
I mean, obvious way would be to have things (projects & rewards) transiting through their site, as a double-check before allowing money to come and go. Or just to built on some kind of “commercial trust”, like big services sites like ebay or paypal do, where they just make sure you don’t get robbed, but don’t interfere into how products end up.
And in 99% of case it works perfectly fine.

But there, it’s all about collecting everyone’s bank account infos, along with authorization to withdraw money from it without your future consent.
It’s very invading and risky. In case anyone from offbeatr want to withdraw your money, they would have the legal right to do so, in fact, and you to just shut up.
In case anyone breaks in their database (as past internet history proved even the biggest companies can have that kind of problem), we would all be in deep shit, with all our financial infos and authorizations right there, waiting to be used. (because I think pledgers don’t “magically” get funds on their account and have to give infos too)

Also, fees are about 30%, on everything, everywhere, and I would also have to pay BEFORE being authorized to gather “pledges”. (which is not real money : creators gain nothing until the very end, and only if the campaign is a success, and after offbeatr took its 30% comission. If anything fails, no refunds for fees previously engaged by creators)

It’s a detail, but added to the global picture…. yeah, I am getting some kind of cold feet, about all that.
I gave it a try because it was definitely worth it, but how it goes along, I discover it’s not as straight-forward and easy to handle as it seems.
Interface could be really worked out (very uneasy to access my creator panel), links appears changed (if you put your facebook page, for example, the links will show facebook itself instead of your page… guh ??), project stages are neither automatised nor informed when reached, and all those infos to give away and fees to pay….
I don’t know, guys…

At this point, no one has paid nothing.
So maybe it’s an opportunity to take just a little time to think about all this.
What do you think ?
Do you think we would be better off with our paypal donations system ?
Do you feel like pledging a lot to make this work, and feel it’s worth going through all that ?
Do you think I’m making a mistake ?
You tell me!

KoPC in march! (and other important stuff)

Hi, my beautiful hentai people!
KoPC update is here, completely by surprise!
We didn’t reach the funding goal, but I use what we gather anyway to pull out a little something, instead of waiting months and months without nothing.
(as we started an offbeatr campaign, anyway, we need an update showing a link to that, so the information spreads!)
Let’s skip to news’ list :

Bug fixed :
- Music stoping after first creampie (hookahlord)
- Reverse dialog on table/chair bonus pose (hookalord)
- Pole/candelabra bonus pose : don’t reset when exiting stage and stay disappeared (ballisticwaffles)
- “Dismiss” button when twin whip scene (ballistic waffles)
- Happy mood not here for “Happy Sex” and “Family” campaign. (ballisticwaffles)
- Potential money bug on prego fuck button ? (CS)
- Bonus points per pose and scene (CS)
- 4-some adult feast : reverse belly on third girl fuck (CS)
- Table (right) bonus pose stopped on small girls (CS)
- Multiple names of girls in freeplay (CS)

Improvements :
- Engine simplification on game functions
- Big work on main page, loading symbol, blog & paypal buttons
- Asian house building visual improved.
- Baby alien for blue/grey colors on pregnancy (ballisticwaffles)
- Scratcher timing
- Bonus pose : timer max with bonuses, instead of basic 500 sec. (CS)

Big cheese. (lots of stuff, a little mix)
- New bonus pose : log house couches / park bench / swimming pool chairs. (work on left & right direction, small and tall girls, so, 4 poses in total)
- New main male character hair style : “johnny bravo”, lol!
- New swimming shower scenario : The Swimming Cousin (secret santa)

- “Supporter” code decaps! (works countless times, now)
- Refined code interpretor with a trim function, should be less problem with all codes, now.

- New girl mood : “submissive” (face & dialogs).
- Need code “ilikeitrough” to be activated (type again to cancel), or can be choose in freeplay mode. (you can do scenarios with it, now, if you want)

- Big step forward : possibility to save/load 8 girls preferences (complete data : clothes, body parameters, name, age, etc…). Need refinement, but works as it is!
- Work by cookies, like the save system. (I’ll work later on improving this)
- Can be edited only in freeplay mode. (special button on the right of custom panel)
- 10% chance for each saved girl to appear in place of a regular girl, during the game.

- Main character tattoo customisation ! (ass cheek and shoulder)
- 6 new tattoos : siren, demon head, reptile, cross, anchor, tribal
- Lots of new female main customs : glasses (work for males too), “vanity” (for hair gadgets & hats), boobs size, nipples, lips color, mouth size, nose

- 5 new girl dialogs categories : free 2, response 2, foreplay, foreplay response, and no condom dialogs. (already written and added on every mood, of course)
- 3 new main character dialogs categories : foot, fist & alternative fuck dialogs !
- Dialogs can now be manually triggered, during the game ! (4 buttons under “score” : girl dialog, generic dialog 1, 2 or 3 for main character, and scenario specific dialog)
- Scene with specific dialogs are now notified, in stage selection (CS)
- And to go with that, the biggest work of this update : 32 complete “scenario specific” dialog packs, for main character! (with new categories included and all)

So, it’s kind of a big step forward, once again, but who thought I would go backward, hu ? (show yourself, so we can punish you like the little jerk you are! :p)

THE LINK (reload a few times, if needed, to get the newest version)

How to help the game easily : must read !

Usual note : latest version of the game is only available on !
It’s the point of a sponsor’s exclusivity, and it’s just simplier that way !
So don’t ask for versions elsewhere or trust other sites to have the latest one, just go on !
One game for everyone, one place for everyone, easy and quick.

Lots of new customs, weeeee!

Lots of new customs, weeeee!

Bonus pose and... johnny bravo!?

Bonus pose and... johnny bravo!?

I SAID I would work on missing dialogs, didn't I?

I SAID I would work on missing dialogs, didn't I?


There’s also a bunch of side important news :

OFFBEATR campaign for KoPC :
As you may know, I started an offbeatr campaign for KoPC (some kind of kickstarter for adults).
It’s our primary objective and target right now, and for weeks to come!
So, focus all your attention on it, please : What you need to know , KoPC campaign page

Mattis MSG page :
We discussed some stuff with MySexGames, and now I have a special page growing up there.
Feel free to check it out : Mattis in mysexgames

The Forum :
Still here, and I still activate manually anyone waiting after signing in.
Feel free to drop stuff, projects, discussions and comments about anything, in there : The Hentai Warehouse

Ads & paypal fun facts :
I try to put ads on the blog, to test a little (some of you “saw” it, lol)
Result is : with a week of high testing and clicking, we gathered…. 0.4$ with it.
Next time someone tells you “ads pays loads of money ultra easily, it is known”, punch him, hard. ;)
About paypal, I had to change some stuff in it (new regulations).
If a link is down somewhere, please inform me!!

Stay tuned for the rest, focus on offbeatr, please help, have fun, and all hail to the King !

We need YOU right now ! KoPC Offbeatr project started !

As suggested and talked about since a few weeks/months, I finally started a KoPC offbeatr campaign !

What is offbeatr ?
A kickstarter platform for adults, to finance great projects!

What is the goal ?
To make voice for KoPC, and try to obtain the crucial funds we need to continue this project, and make it reach the next level, and the next one after this!
If this work, you will be on for a freaking amazing fun time with “KoPC reloaded”!

What do I need to do, how does this works ?
What I need you to do, my dear, is to sign up to offbeatr platform, and follow the steps for this project!
First, we need to reach 130 votes, to approve this project!
Then, we will need pledges, to ensure the campaign works out!
If we don’t reach those goals, the campaign will go off, no money spent, but also no money received anywhere, and all efforts I’ve put in this campaign would have been in vain!
If it works : sky’s the limit!!
But there’s a twist : it’s all about timing, the campaign will not be on forever (in fact it’s a matter of a few weeks), so whatever you decide, act quickly and swiftly, my dear lads!

What changes about the current way KoPC updates and YTPP work ?
If anything, you should spent your money on pledges for offbeatr campaign.
Because it’s the first priority, now, and there’s a deadline on it.
If it doesn’t work out, we will still be able to redirect your pledges into donations for regular updates, and get back to how things were.
But it’s important we try to transform it into a big success, because it would be far more easier this way, with much more possibility and freedom to do all that we dream about KoPC!
On sides, I will keep working on new games anyway, and try to update a few stuff, depending on time and ressources I have, it’s not a blackout time where everything will be suspending.
But keep offbeatr campaign in mind, for now. It’s the current crucial goal!

So, mattis hentai army is recruiting, it’s time to get dirty and glorious, people!
All aboard the big fucking train to victory, and make us all proud of your support, more than ever!

Click on “view project” button to go to KoPC campaign offbeatr page, and make it happens!

Wipiti wopeti woo !

Hi everyone ! (yes, even you, hiding in the corner drinking on the house :p)

Just a quick heads-up to remind you : next funding campaign is on !
As usual, the quicker we reach the goal for donations, the quicker I can get to work on next KoPC update !
And as their additionnal rewards for good samaritans, have fun with it !

Next update donation funding : 70/300$

Expected on next update :
Aside from usual new sets & poses (we got a good run on that), I will focus on lots of new dialogs & dialogs options, as well as saving options for girls preferences !
I tried a few stuff on spare free time, and it’s promising, so, help us get real on all that !


Also, the new forum is feeling a little lonely.
So be sure to drop by and discuss stuff (old or new : feel free to take initiatives !)

Forum link : The Hentai Warehouse

That’s all for now, folks !
Have fun !

KoPC January update ! (and forum !)

Hi, my superb followers !
New KoPC update is here, with a whole bunch of fun stuff inside !!!
As usual, a detailled list you should read, to be sure you don’t miss anything !
(with names of users that feedbacked me the info or the suggestion. I got short memory and you are numerous, it helps me keep tracks, lol !)

Bugs fixed :
- bug on some “scene select” buildings.
- bug on reset button, with resilient options (thx ballisticwaffles)
- bug on caucasian freckles (thx neill)
- main character’s dialogs disappearance
- in x-some : clicking on girl while cumming clones main character (kaetzer)
- when exiting stage with moaning sound playing, keeps playing until next level (kaetzer) (not sure, but seems fixed)
- main character’s hair disappearance, on some combination of tails (hookahlord) (not sure, but seems fixed)
- happy mood : eyes disappearance during climax (ruykaze)
- standing pregnant girl’s hand color not following global skin color. (ruykaze)
- adult licking penis weird cut (lola)
- main character ear’s color problem (ruykaze)
- exiting a stage during bonus poses kind of crash the game.
- clicking on a bonus pose while already doing a bonus pose crash the stage.
- all game crashing when adding new scenarios. (we reach the limit with existing system, I had to change it !)

Various improvements :
- girls upper arm (+ all clothes) redone
- gameplay : new shop button to choose your gameplay
- timing gameplay : bigger zones, lesser speed
- brand new gameplay : scratching !
- starting location variety for main character !
- new girl outfit : wet shirt.
- new girl outfit : pizza.
- new girl custom option : furry head ! It’s a test, need feedbacks !!
- main character male outfits added to female version also !
- main character : swimming outfit (forced in some water-ish stages)
- new main character female head (damn it’s hard and long to do!)

Big cheese :
- main character : 7 new skin colors !
- main character : new alien skin/heads !
- main character : alien hairs : small and big antennas, etc…
- main character : demon hairs : additionnal sets of horns !
- tons of small intro texts errors (thx kaetzer !)
- 4 new sets : loghouse, beach, asian house, & metro station ! (janko & sweetsally suggestions, and based on maatyox sketches)
- 11 new scenarios to go with that ! 2 loghouse, 3 beach, 2 asian house, 2 metro, + 1 new for strip bar, and 1 for jet plane (last one submit by player).
- 12 brand new bonus poses !!! (thx asmodean & richard) :
* beer bottle (young & adult version)
* twin whipping finished
* strip pole/candelabra (young & adult version)
* prison bucket/swimming bin (cake pose customisation)
* lifering (young & adult version)
* tables/park bin (young & adult version)
* dog ! (thx maatyox for limbs sketche)

So, a big content-oriented update, to catch up with engine improvements, and keep the good stuff going !
I know there’s always other stuff that could come up, it’s the whole point of the game, people : to add and improve everything with time ! ;)

THE LINK (reload a few times, if needed, to get the newest version)

How to help the game easily : must read !

Note : latest version of the game is only available on !
It’s the point of a sponsor’s exclusivity, and it’s just simplier that way !
So don’t ask for versions elsewhere or trust other sites to have the latest one, just go on !
One game for everyone, one place for everyone, easy and quick.

New Forum :
Also, with funding you help me reach, I worked and opened a brand new forum !
See previous blog’s post for all details, and here to see that forum of ours :
The Hentai Warehouse


Ouuuuuh, pole bar stuff !

Ouuuuuh, pole bar stuff !

Welcome to the beach !

Welcome to the beach !

And THAT's what we can call a crowd show !

And THAT's what we can call a crowd show !

First bestiality ahead, captain !

First bestiality ahead, captain !

First furry test. Gosh !

First furry test. Gosh !


And as usual, we can start right away the funding for next update !
The sooner we reach the goal, the sooner I can get back to work on tons of good stuff and suggestions you made !

Next update donation funding : 65/300$

Please help, have fun, and all hail to the King !

Ouh yeah ! A forum !

Hi everyone !

Just to let you know next update of KoPC should be out ultra soon !
In fact it’s already finished and sent to
I just wait for the upload to give you details about it !

Anyway, another kind of big news : I have finally put up a forum for my games !
It’s very empty for now, but I count on you all to help me rise it as it should be !
The Hentai Warehouse

Of course the point is not to let me do everything alone, or to expect me to spend hours on it everyday with you all.
I would love too, but my energy and time should be focused on KoPC and creating other hentai games, I think we all agree on that ?
So that’s why it’s very important you don’t let this forum down “just because mattis’ not here a lot”, and come up with some sense of community and self-fun on it. (self-fun is kinda our thing, isn’t it, as hentai lovers ?)
So yes, I created this forum, but no, I can’t run it by myself.

I hope you will jump on the opportunity and have fun with this new platform ;)
We will all do our best anyway, and that’s good !

Hit the road, jack !

Mattis fiction : Keeping you informed since 1856 ;) (wait… what ?)

Ok, so :
- holidays were complicated.
- got terribly sick for 2 days. (eat FRESH, mattis, FRESH !)
- had a great flat opportunity, moving out in coming days (4th time in one year… hu hu), hoping to transfer internet their in less than 2 weeks.

This and that explains why I answer very chaotically, or not at all.
Please understand, and keep commenting, all is always read and noted! ;)

That said, I still progress on next update !
Got a bunch of stuff done, looking good so far, but I hope to achieve far more. (internet or not!)
I tried the sounds stuff again, by gathering all “bonetown” sound datas (those who know the game know there are plenty to dig in !), but it doesn’t work either, gaaaahhh !! It’s a curse !!!
Keep faith, we will find a solution, one day !

Ok, I go back to work, have fun !

Work in progress, guys, work in progress, keep cool and use your imagination ;)

Work in progress, guys, work in progress, keep cool and use your imagination ;)

New year ahead, captain !

Just a quick post to send my best wishes for 2014 to everyone of you, my dear hentai folks !!!
That’s all ;)

Aside, 2 things :
- Currently progressing on next update for KoPC, of course. Going as fast as I can, as usual!
- Maatyox want some partners on making a little bondage side project, for KoPC. Contact him at !

One of the coming stages, work in progress!

One of the coming stages, work in progress!

Must go, relax, have fun, enjoy life, yeaaah !!

Webless but priceless !

Hi my dear hentai lovers !
I was absent for a few days, because internet was shut down at my place.
So, got some work to catch up !

First : a new game !
But before I was cut, I was able to finish a brand new hentai game, out of nowhere, yes ma’am !
And receive and release it during my absence.
So, here’s the official mattis announce :

MEETING REBECCA, a brand new hentai game !

Proudly sponsored by, so enjoy and make some noise !



About next KoPC update :
Funding has been reached, I will start to work on it as soon as possible !
I would have liked to do a december update, but it’s too late, with holidays coming.
Alas, days have only 24h, and it will not be enough !
So : as soon as possible, but no idea when, as usual !

Last blog’s post didn’t receive any comments (until, like, right now :p), but I hope you’ve read it anyway, there’s still questions in the air open to opinions and suggestions !

Ok, I got to go, have fun ! ;)

So !

Hi, my little frozen hentai folks !
I don’t know for you, but damn it is cold, those days, in my region !

Ok, so, what’s up ?

Next update :
On KoPC side, the next update funding campaign is already started, and already almost finished !
Kind people gave most of it very early, but now we are stuck a little before the finish line, give it a little push ;)

Content expected :
I never know what can be expected, but “bugs fixing” is for sure (thx for your feedbacks !), as well as a bunch of new sets (because I’m still way behind ressources maatyox provided me, so let’s keep digging into that !)
Will try to work some more on main character (dude or futa) as asked by people, and because that’s an important part that was left behind for too lon, as well as new gameplays.
Question would be : do you want more little gameplays (given you will be able to choose the one you prefer, starting next update), or do you want some “big” one completely different ? (RPG will not come soon, too complicated for now, but it’s planned)

Future thoughts :
Ideas were thrown :
- Starting an campaign, for KoPC. It would be partially illegal, and crappy as hell (I can’t offer a clean and shiny project description with stable ideas for pledge rewards, main lines, etc…), but do you think it would be worth a try ? Would be pledge to it ?
- Transforming “single update funding” into “trimester update funding” or “semester update funding”, with higher objectives, but allowing people to plan and make continuous funding, instead of “on/off” funding like now. What do you think about that ?

Aside work :
As next update funding is not reached, I started working on another mini hentai game, aside from KoPC.
Not much, and progressing veeeeryyy slloooowwly, but it’s just to share the info with you ;)


Static infos reminder (because there’s always people who get a little lost or miss those) :

How to help the game easily : a list of ideas !

Next update donation funding : 252/300$

Keep on and have fun ! :)