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Ok, here’s the update I was talking about in the previous post !
(already lost ? Tss, get a map :-p)

First : thx to everyone who take the time to find and explain precisely those bugs here and there, it’s priceless !!! 

Still no big big contents, but there was a lot of programming invisible stuff redone, for the big changes coming our way ;)
It makes the game a little lighter, faster, and less buggy !

List of news :
- Fix on a animation bug in “stay put” threesome pose.
- Fix on “birthday party” stage about the first girl name (need “Rebecca”)
- Fix on a x-some issue : when finishing a girl in x-some, then coming back on the first girl, guy couldn’t creampie anymore.
- Age limit : 80 yo. (bouya !)
- Goth outfit/accessories/tattoos/make-up/clothes.
- Goth stage.
- 3 new hair style
- 2 hair colors (white and black with pink dyes)
- Suck pose rectified
- Left hand graphics (for dude as for girls) instead of a right hand clone.
- Fix on some superposition issue between stages elements.
- Extended dude’s head customisation (now we have all colors on all heads, + all hair colors on all heads)
- In anal mode : no more pregnancy.
- Several options put in cookies memory (x-ray view, see preg/cream view, anal/vaginal switch)
- Condom management redone (simplify a lot the structure, which could lead to cock customisation)
- New pregnancy-splash messages, as well as situation management (vaginal, anal, condom) !
- New pose : adult suck 69 !
- New threesome pose named “topper” !

THE LINK (reload a few times, if needed, to get the newest version)

(The game is still proudly sponsored by !!)


1) Coming soon…
Aside from all your ideas I noted, some of them will be released soon :
- Prego fuck (harder than it looks, but I should be able to pull it out)
- Santa special (don’t expect a total revolution, but I work on a fun santa skin for the dude !)
- Tons of small special sex poses…. but I don’t promise anything yet, I’m not sure when I will be done with that.

2) It goes without saying…
… but as you still asking, I should clarify this : of course I will add tons of stages, scenarios, gangbangs, public participation, more dude customisation options, younger dude sex poses, and everything else ! :-)
It’s just that I can’t work on everything at the same time, so I just try to get the most work possible done, on every domain at the same time, to be able to release good and quick updates.

2) Getting big…
It’s always about a lot of small issues and additions, but as you can see, the game is getting bigger and much more consistent with time !
That’s the way it will be : never really astonishing in it’s step by step, but never getting smaller and always growing, so in the end we will have a freaking awesome huge engine, offering tons of fetish, custom options and poses !
Just count how much sex poses we already have, if you’re not convinced… I add them one at a time, but in the end we have tons of them anyway !
And those who will have been here since the beginning will be able to say “I was here when it was a crappy small game, dumbass, now pay respect to those who got onboard the adventure from the start !”
Because there’s lesser value in helping a big game than in supporting a small one.
If the game is that size today, it’s because of you, I would never had done it without your support !
So thx to you all, and let’s get back to work ;-)


Hi everyone !

Just a heads up, to say I got a new update ready to release, but I wait for some answers in a discussion with our new sponsor,, before being sure to release it !

So, it should comes quickly after that.
And during the wait, here’s some appetizers…

3 new hair styles, and 2 new hair colors  !
(white and black with pink… dies. Is that the word ?)

Goth outfit stuff (tattoos, shirts, piercing, lipstick, etc…)
+ goth stage + new dude customisation !
Of course, a new pose… and maybe more ? Who knows ;)

It’s not all, there’s a lot of other stuff, but I just listed some main contents.
And credit for a lot of those works goes for you all commentators who gave me ideas !
Well… I already got thousands of ideas, but you are good supporters of your owns ;)


And as I got time to work on another update waiting for our sponsor response, I started working on some… little special candy for the end of year ;)

Well… who is this ?


Also, be sure to read all other people comments if you want to know what’s already on my list or not.
As I usually answer almost everyone, you will know exactly what to expect or not for future updates, and what’s already been asked several times or never !

Keep supporting and sorry for the wait or development time !
It’s a one man’s job on his spare time, and as I often repeat, I’m far from a professionnal or skilled guy !


Hi there !

First : check the previous news and blog posts, there’s been a lot of changes and improvments lately ! 
The pace has gone down on improvments, last days.
Between all that has been done and all that you gave me to think about, some time will be needed to come back in top position ! ;-)

So, as I have difficulties to bring a new update as big as the previous ones, I decided to post what I have instead of making you wait.

A bunch of small stuff, so, with some unsatisfiying ones but whatever, feel free to comment and critic as always :

- +6 new types of eyes for girls.
- +2 new types of nose.
- +3 new types of ears
- +2 new types of eye shades
- +3 new faces expression for girls
- +13 new eyeballs (it seems my previous addition get erase somehow, so it’s “half new”, in fact)
- +1 new type of tattoo (go fish :p)
- +2 new haircuts (a little crappy, but still), + 1 alternate haircut (on long long hair), +3 … I don’t know the name, “fringes” ? Maybe.
- +2 new dudes head (1 crappy and one much better)
- Demon skin for dudes/futa girl (a fifth color, if you prefer)
- A climax moan for futa-girl character.
- Fix change-pose during climax sequence
- New creampie panel
- I took back the new creampie sequence on deeper pose, will reintroduce it as an option later.

The only big stuff is : the end of fivesome pose !
(it took a lot more time than I thought, lol ! Tensome will be a little hell to program…)

THE LINK (reload a few times, if needed, to get the newest version)
(new link ! The game is now proudly sponsored by !!)


Ok so for the tchit-tchat :

1) Big thx for all the comments ! They are most welcome ! Keep going on them !

2) You gave a very lot to think about, as I was saying in the beginning, so next step on the game will be to re-do the global gameplay and add a lot of fun and tweaks in it.
But it will takes time, and end-of-year’s celebrations are coming to drain my personnal time, so I hope you will not grow greedy and impatients.
Cross fingers I can figure out ways to do all that need to be done very quickly and with much inspiration !

3) I will try to do half-way news to keep you entertained, but as always I don’t promise anything (it would be the best way to disappoint you, and we sure don’t want that)

Have faith, you seen it pays !

Photo shoot

Hi there !

First : check the previous news and blog posts, there’s been a lot of changes and improvments lately ! 
Then, today’s news : 
- Fix on custom freckles (unable to disappear)
- Small corrections on dialog/pregnant panels that weren’t in the right places.
- Custom age/fertility !
- New adult stand/sit poses ! (better visual effect, lol)
- Glasses and 2 tattoos added for girls ! (in game and in custom)
- 2 additionnal hair color for girls !
- Hair color choice for dudes ! 
And big cheese : 
- Photo studio stage added, with its 4 scenarii !!
- New pose : adult top back !!
- New pose : suck 69 !! (young version, no adult version for the moment)
- Half new pose : first part of “fivesome” !!! (meaning you can have five some, but you can’t fuck third and fourth girl for the moment, it takes hours to animate those stuff !)

So, all and all, a bunch of my own ideas and a bunch of yours.
Hope you like that, and hope you will say it !

(Reload previous ‘kopc_25.swf’ for changes)

Diving down the gullet ! 

Looking great, isn’t it ?

Those hips don’t lie…



1) – Comments !!! Thousand of comments !!! (thx for those who gave some !!!)

2) – Spread the word about the game and send it everywhere you can !!! (thx for those who take time to do that !!!)

3) – I made a new creampie sequence on ‘deeper’ pose, and ask you what you think of it (do we keep it and apply to every other pose ? Do we forget it ?)
No one answered.
Please don’t skip my questions like that, it just slows down the process of making this game even better ! 
So buckle up, test the pose and answer !!!

Unstoppable !!

Hi again ! (again ??)

First : check the previous news and blog posts, there’s been a lot of changes and improvments lately ! 

Let’s skip to the point, today’s updates (a lot of good ones) :
1) – I tweak the sweat on girls, for better looking on dark skins.
2) – Small improvments on ’stand up back’ pose and ’suck’ pose.
3) – A fix on scenario related dialogs (which disappeared between updates)
4) – New scenario : ‘Family Ties’, involving mother/daughter (because I love when redshock go in shock :-p)
5) – New ’strip all’ button (the little blue bar/button near ’strip’ column), because we earn it !
6) – African/dark skin for girls !!
7) – Arabs/tan skin for girls !!!
8) – Usual interface upgrades (with new races options for custom mode. Not exactly like ’skin’ choice, because hair color or eye type can be contained in those new ones)
9) – A new creampie test sequence for ‘deeper’ pose. I will be back on that.

And for biggest stuff (because previous ones were not that small !) :
10) – New pose : ‘adult stuffed’ !! (for adult girls obviously) 
11) – New threesome pose : ’stay put’ !! 
12) – Residual girls, creamed or pregnant depending of the result of the scene ! 
Many of us thought and discussed about it, and it was hell to program, but now it works…. somehow… most of times. (but you can’t replay girls already finished)
And as everyone got his/her own taste on that, there’s a button on the bottom-left of playing interface where you can choose what you prefer to see/not see : creamed, pregnant, both, none.
So everyone’s happy.
And the button is kept in memory, also. (I know, I work my ass a lot those days on this game !)

(Reload previous ‘kopc_25.swf’ for changes)

Christmas again : africans, arabs, pregnancy, new pose, etc !

Adult stuffed… when is thanksgiving anyway ?



1) – Comments !!! Thousand of comments !!!

2) – Spread the word about the game and send it everywhere you can !!!

3) – Give me ideas for threesome, foursome, fivesome and more (up to ten-some !), with one guy and multiple girls and side view, I mean, which I could put in the game. (if you have pictures that’s even better)

4) – I made a new creampie sequence (more nervous) in ‘deeper’ sex pose, please test it and tell me if you prefer the original one or this new one !


Hi everyone !

First : check the previous news and blog posts, there’s been a lot of changes and improvments lately ! 
Even if I’m still a little sad about the very poor return from users (see last post), I pull out some news for those among you who raise their hands to shoot the contrary (that’s my special thx to jinx, irishred, ‘i have no name’, redshock, princeling and junano !)

So, today’s batch : 

- Some change in interfaces (it’s crowded, now, lol)
- A fix on the bug of wet-wombing on X-some poses.
- Now the game keep in memory your ‘dude’ parameters !
- Money bug : I try some fixing, but I don’t know if it works…
- Twin sisters stage : now fully working ! (I even copy the haircut, even if twins have no reason to have the same, because it’s mainly visual, so better go all the way)
- Bonus stage for redshock support : Teacher’s stage in School set ! I know it’s weird in the shop, but whatever, it works.
For big shiny content :

- Adult titfuck done !
- A female model added for users, opening futa and F/F actions !! May have some issue, but as far as I check it works ! (I know, you want different heads, but hey, I’m just human, so keep patience !)
- First foursome sex pose !!! A tweak of the threesome one, but don’t be greedy, it’s difficult as hell to make, and the ’stack pose’ is by far the most ‘visually effective’.
Try to figure out other ideas ‘easy to visually understand’ and with fluid impression of quick swap between girls, given the side view of the game, and will see what I mean…

(Reload previous ‘kopc_25.swf’ for changes)
One hell of a teen gangbang !

Adult titfuck, strap-on and futa stuff, now !
Work in progress !


For the rest :

- As I have ‘twin’ configuration working, I was able to pull out the ‘mother/daughter’ fantasy redshock talked about. It works, but I don’t have a stage ready for it, for the moment..

- As you can see, I’m working on a new threesome poses, alongside with others (like adults poses, I have noted you like those)

- For multiple dudes on one girls, I worked on it, but it reveals lots of problems !
Example : a pose with three dudes : main character holding the girl but not fucking her, and two other dudes fucking her.
Another example : same, but main character is fucking the girl, a secondary dude is not (just kissing for example), and the third one do oral sex.
In two examples, you got all the problems :
- if main character is not fucking, secondary dudes should not make the ‘fuck bar’ progress or be able to and the stage, right ?
- multiple guys means multiple creampie system : how to handle it ?
- if main character is fucking but you make cum a secondary dude (also a debate in itself about the controls you have), what to do with it ?
- another problem is maintaining creampie state without finishing the stage, for users who wants to do creampie gangbang. It has to be thinked before beginning the stuff too.
- if there’s oral sex, ‘cumming’ is not finishing, and I don’t even have oral x-ray or cum to begin with.
- Etc etc etc…
If the game wants to be good, it have to be opened to every possibilities suggested above, but I don’t freaking know where to begin with, in the program itself, because several possibilities are opposed !
So… maybe later.



1) – Comments !!! Thousand of comments !!!

2) – Spread the word about the game and send it everywhere you can !!!

3) – Give me ideas for threesome, foursome, fivesome and more (up to ten-some !), with one guy and multiple girls and side view, I mean, which I could put in the game. (if you have pictures that’s even better)
I don’t garantee anything but that could help accelerate the process.

Big Bulk Bastard

Hi everyone !

First : check the previous news and blog posts, there’s been a lot of changes and improvments lately ! 
For today : 
- Shop hints, to help you find some infos.
- Shop fix : when buying options/upgrades/stages, you return on the proper menu, and not always on the stage’s panel.
- Age fix : some age tweak depending if the girl is young or adult (now that we have adults)
- Lots of new names for girls.
- Fix on intro screen ‘mini-guy’ bug.
- Fix on guys ponytail.
- Slow down a little the framerate. My computer is really slow, but that doesn’t mean you’re in the same case.
- ‘Double boob’ made, now it will look less awkward !
- Fix on ‘adult hips deep’ pose !
- ‘Adult suck brute’ and ‘adult suck deep’ finished !
- And what you will probably like the most : Custom mode !
Added to freeplay, it will allow you to change almost every parameters of the girls.
Problem : it’s ‘uncap’, meaning the program doesn’t know where to stop, when you push the arrows, so try not to go too far (but you still have the ‘RAZ’ button if needed), I can’t garantee it will not bug somewhere.
Second problem : the interface panel begin too much filled-up with stuff, so… as you can see on the screenshot, the custom panel kind of mixing up and messing up with the rest of options and infos.
Sorry for the inconvenience, but for now that’s the best we have.


Aside from that, I’m kind of sad of the very poor returns and comments from you, guys.
Except a little number of you (who I can count on one hand’s fingers), no one seems to give a crap about giving some support, feedback or anything for this game.

Given the huge work done, and mostly lately, it’s a big downer.
We had more comments, energy and support when there was no game out and no improvments at all, what kind of dynamic is that ?
Even konashion adding just a pair of wings to girls’ hair (or even saying he has done nothing those weeks) has hundreds more comments than one of the first and only game on the web including threesome and x-some possibility !

I know, I know, you probably just enjoying the stuff or concluded it was not the burning star of heaven you imagined ‘before’ it was out, so it’s kind of logical there’s no small talks anymore, but it still a downer.

As you all observed, there’s not much of new stuff done those days in ‘real good hentai games’, so I’m not sure letting go the ones that struggle to comes out is a good way to change the deal.
You should be spreading this game and the word all accross internet, on every site and forums possible, and bring and write thousands of comments, good or bad, on this blog !

Instead of that…

I don’t know. Get real, guys…

I’m on fire !

As the title say, another news today !

But first : check the previous news, there’s been a lot of changes and improvments lately ! 

Today’s list of great new stuff !

- Upgrade “no birth control” fixed !
- Simplify guy head system (not visible, but it will allow lots of guy, after that)
- Upgrade “strip girl” function, to make it work in x-some. (not visible once again)
- Optionnal body hair details for dudes ! (a unfinished stuff from last news)
- 6 new eyeballs for girls ! (an alternate set of eyes, in fact, with same colors)
- 4 new eye shades !
- Fix on guys’ head sweat 
- New clothes added, appearing on specific scenarii : arm gloves !

And for the very big stuff you should like :
- New type of girls : “adult” ones ! (scenarii “the contract” && “uncle’s gift” changed with this adult version)
- 3 new poses to come with it : “adult grim”, “adult hips” and “adult suck” (this last one is unfinished, no “brute” and “deep” version)
- Threesome added !! With change of girls fucked, specific creampies, strip, dismiss option, infos and all ! Can be some bugs left, but it was a really massive work to make the program really work around it in every details and cases possible.
- 1 new pose to come with it : “threesome pack” !

Overall, I think the content and options of the game eventually at least double in a single week, lol, the amount of bugs fixed, small improvments, big modules added and program lines rewrite and refine is unbelievable !
So don’t get too greedy, I don’t know if I will be able to keep up like that, but as you can see I do my very best to make every hour counts ^^

(EDIT, thx IrishRed : hint for threesome : get a girl, pass the foreplay, and when in a random sex pose, try to click on another girl in the stage)


I love my grown-ups stuffed !

All in holes, awesome x-some, girls ! 


I don’t know for you, but I feel very great about the work done, those days.
The game is really shining like an evil jewel, now, and I’m (finally) satisfy with all this !

Some of the future scenarii will be “fun” too. I don’t know if you really enjoy them or just click like hell your way out of each stage ?

Majestic news !

Hi everyone !

Today, a whole fucking train of news !

First, I lost all my work since june, the very next day I posted the previous news.
It was devastating as hell, but I try to cope and save what I could save !
I was able to recover almost every past news, but don’t be angry at me if some stuff have changed or are not up to date, it was a herculean work.

But as it seems I was on a magic roll, I did a lot of exclusive and additionnal small stuff !
- random freckles on girls (face and arm) !
- 4 random lipsticks on girls !
- a new shirt !
- a new sari costume for indians !
- improvments on indian’s flat set !
- earings and small fashion stuff for girls in “fame and pride” and “rising star” levels ! 
- 3 new haircuts ! (I personnally looove those new ones ^^)
- a small fix on dialog box when changing position.
- dude customisation on intro page (for now it’s not impressive, but it was a huge work to regroup everything to be able to do new guys in the future) !
- and brand new intro page !
- a new pose : deep sucking !

Don’t forget it’s additionnal stuff from the previous update, 11 october, which already contained a lot of new stuff !
So, all in all, I just remove the “alpha version” note on start menu, because I think now the game has a freaking lot of quality content, it has earned the right to be called “King of Porn City”, the one and only ^^



As usual, don’t expect this much every week, but as usual, I don’t try to limit myself : if I got time and guts to do stuff, I just do and deliver, like this month.

So just enjoy and support as much as you can, that’s the best way to keep the flow coming ^^

Ho, and just to say, I begin to think about some “premium content”.
I know, I know, the concept of paying sucks, but we already had this conversation a long time ago : those kind of stuff are just energy and time blackholes, so without any financial returns it just not humanly possible to keep going forever.
The idea would be to keep 90% of the game completely free, we are not talking about some crappy cut on essential content (”demo” practice like meet’n'fuck or zone-sama work is understandable, they put great effort in their stuff, but that’s often too frustrating, right ?), but to give additionnal sugar and candy behind it.
Like premium account for other games like kingdom rush, gemcraft or else : it’s just a cheap and adorable cherry on top !

So, whatever, that’s not for now now, but just to warn you in advance there’s no fuss to make about it ^^

Behind blue eyes

Welcome again, everyone !

A few good news today !

- Automatic X-ray on climax fixed.
- Inverted ‘pregnant !’ message fixed.
- Muted music stay mute, during the same stage (if multiple girls)
- First user message added to the game : ‘today’s menu : creampie !’, by IrishRed ! (continue to send ideas to be put in the game !)
- 1 new t-shirt for girls (see pic)

- Specific dialogs for all scenariis of the first stage (Warehouse) !

- And what you will surely prefer : switch to anal/vaginal X-ray programmed !
For the moment, only the “stand up front” position got a transition animation, but the rest will come eventually, and it still works fine anyway.



And a little something I find amazing, but I don’t remember if I had already shared the link or not, sorry ^^