Spooky october, KoPC update is here!

Hi everyone!

New KoPC update is out!!
This time, full focus on playable content, with 3 new sets (subway inside, tv show set, and bdsm dungeon), their precious scenarios, and loads of new sex poses and fixes on previous ones!

To be more precise :
- bonus pose “bottle” extended (fit for red, pink, blue and white dildos!)
- bonus pose “lifesaver thingy” (don’t remember the name, lol) extended (fit for rope)
- bonus pose lightpole extended (fit for bdsm brasero)
- new bonus pose whipping (small and tall girls’ version)
- new bonus pose cross (small and tall girls’ version)
- new tall girl regular sex pose : floor back fuck
- new tall girl regular sex pose : stand screw (no leg up)
- new small girl regular sex pose : lotus

- fixes on lightpole bonus pose.
- fixes on “bottle” bonus pose.
- fixes on “stand up front” regular pose. (… I didn’t write down for which type of girl, lol)
- fixes on “stand up back” regular pose. (same)
- fixes on “lifesaver thingy” bonus pose.

Well, that and several coordinates fixes, among other!
All yours to enjoy to the fullest! Without further ado…

THE LINK (reload a few times, if needed, to get the newest version)


How to help the game easily : must read !



Also, as you can guess, tons of Sexforge news!

But not only, as my dear SuperSatanSon hook me up for some quick halloween minigame collab rush!
(which is ending up as a masterpiece, you will not believe your eyes, this guy got da skillz!)

Stay tune for more, I got to go, a galaxy of hentai energy is waiting to be mold!

Pump up the juice!

Hi back!

Electricity is here, I finally got home, at last! Just in time for winter cold times (early, this year!), and hot chocolate beverages, yeah!

Regarding news, the KoPC update is going good. Slowly, but good, with lots of new poses and sets planned.

On Sexforge, the first side campaign was released! It was something very interesting to do, and I hope players will appreciate it, lol ;) New bugs, quirks and small stuff around also, it’s a huge project coming together bit by bit.

I’m still struggling to find new collaborators, but also to plan smaller minigames, so I can release more to keep the fun flowing everywhere and for everyone.
Managing all that by myself requires a looooot of neurons and tea, lol, not easy everyday, but definitely so much worth it! ;)
(PS : I also tried to find a good vibe for 3D hentai, sometimes, but am still not satisfied by current forms of it I could work on, so that’s for later, I guess :p)

Little peeks? Ok, little peeks, you deserve it xD

One of the new kinky set, long awaited : the bdsm dungeon!

One of the new kinky set, long awaited : the bdsm dungeon!

First real campaign, introducing new NPCs, and exotic lewdness!

First real campaign, introducing new NPCs, and exotic lewdness!


Because volts!

Hi everyone!

So, what’s new? Well, several things!
First being : my electricity is shut down at home since a week, and for all this week too, “a priori”.
No internet, no food (electric cooking devices), no refrigator, no lights, no-thing. Good times ;)
(it was quite some time, since last problem of that scale, no?)
Anyway, I juggle with temporary solutions during that time, but it ain’t easy, for sure.

That aside…. v1.1 patch for Jessica’s game. Still some small problems left, but it’s definitely better.
Also : started a new KoPC update! Yeah!!
And finally : the harem building module for Sexforge is done (at least the core engine and base quests), and seems to work! So, really good thing too!

No wonder September seems like a freakingly long and hard month! Marvellous things everywhere!
Enjoy, and see you soon for more sexy miracles!



New game released : Jessica’s Flesh for Porn!

And there she is, after a long struggle!

Thx to SSS and WC Gordan (teamwork, yeah!), as well as patreons, gamcore and your support (double teamwork, yeah!), and to my cup of tea, my fork, the bakery, trees, life on earth, and…. ok, I got a little lost, there.

Steaming red hot Jessica, that’s all that counts! Enjoy the sexyness!

THE LINK : Jessica’s Flesh for Porn


How to help those games easily : must read !


Fresh sunny days!

Hi my dear hentai lovers!
Just a bunch of quick news for you all!

Sexforge is still building up great! There mustn’t be a lot of you who don’t follow the patreon page, but it’s worth saying anyway!
Still have two main concerns, though :
1 – big modules to program ahead. It won’t be a problem, but it sure won’t be easy and it sticks on my mind. We will all feel more blissful when it’s done, for sure!
2 – major problems in finding additionnal team members for this project. Even in pro circuit, where I try to employ assistants, additionnal animators, writers or artists : it seems there’s no one interested or “reliable” around, and that’s a big stress for me.
+ the time invested in searching! I’ve spent dozen of hours contacting people, trying to explain them what I want, training them, giving them time, ressources and all, and still doesn’t have anyone to show for it. “Argh” is the precise word.
But hey, things are progressing, still, so it’s not bad news. It’s just I would like to be able to increase a lot more my output to give life to my ideas. (as incredible as it already is, for a “one-man” team, lol)


Other news : Jessica’s game is about to be released! I work 32 hours a day to finish it properly and sexily, lately.
And now it’s done! Waiting for host’s response, now, but it’s great news again !

That’s all for current work news, I’ve been focusing on those to free some time for the rest, there’s just so much one man can do per day!
With Jessica done, and some luck breakthrough on Sexforge teamwork, I should get a lot more time to get to other stuff!
That said, with so many projects around (LP, SexRacers, SexPit, KoPC, TiTs, YTPP, etc…), and still so much I would like to pull off (we don’t even scratch the top of my ideas and desires, lol), the only real way would be to have teammates, yes, an army of minions I could employ for all the tiny very doable tasks that would make everything progress a lot at the same time!
(so much I could easily delegate and which could do wonders for all those games… It’s just hundreds of small cuttable hours I don’t have!)
Or a cloning potion.

Talk about living with frustration, lol ;)
Let’s zen it out, and focus on progressing one step at a time!
After all, we already pull out so much together, from the humble “KoPC alpha” beginning!
A dozen games, 3 or 4 major projects, and growing!
Let’s rejoice, and keep going on!

September rulez!

Aaannd it’s coming back slowly, despite the daunting amount of stuff and stress I’m under lately.

Jessica is progressing ultra well, Sexforge, at a good pace, and I even had time to figure out “sweat” in SFM (Source FilmMaker software) has something to do with “phong” variable. (but most models I have are broken as fuck, regarding that, so, there’s still mysteries…)

Talking about SFM, an additionnal eye candy :


Everything is going as fast as humanly possible, so let’s get back to it, I was just taking a minute to share some progress and sexy image with you all ;)

Augustus rex!

Hi my dear hentai lovers!

I guess I can’t be on fire all the time, lol, struggling to get back to my usual “miraculous production output” in vain, lately ;)
Well, not the first time I’m a little burn-out, not the last, it’s always very temporary, to gather some ’sexual mana’ to spend in spectacular bursting carnal spells some other time!

So, during the wait, here’s a thing I attempted to learn, lately, in some sidelane time : Source Filmmaker! (SFM)
For those who don’t know, it’s a free 3D software, made by Valve (steam/half-life/counter-strike/team-fortress guys), and designed for the community to be able to produce little videos and anims of popular titles.
It doesn’t took long for some perverted expert to import nude models and mechanics to the thing!

The pro AND the con of this software being : it’s very powerful.
So… it allows you to create astonishing stuff, but is also suupppeeeeeeer (franky style) complicated and complex to learn!
Here’s a little static scene I wrap up together. It’s really raw and unfinished, but it was just to test stuff.


Anyway I reached a lot of problems, as for now :
- male model having some arm problems
- I don’t know how to jiggle stuff
- I didn’t found any ‘already done sex animations’ to import
- some ‘riggings’ like juliet don’t work at all
- models’ chest/neck/heads manipulation is atrocious
- I have no freaking idea how animating all this will work out.
- I didn’t find any way to control sweat or real filters, aside some ‘bloom’ handlers.
- I didn’t find how to edit skins to add cum directly to texture or stuff like that, for now.
- Doesn’t seem to be able to “swap” models, for fun purposes.
- Render options are scarce as fuck, but it’s related to filters problem, I guess.
- no vaginal/genital handlers ??

So, yep, it’s still better than Sexvilla/TK17, as a hentai 3D software, regarding lightnings, resolution/quality, and just the possibility to have more than 3 characters. But not sure it’s the holy graal of 3D I’m searching for.

Maybe with time the sex community will build other tools ;)
If any of you know how to solve any of those problems I mentionned, I would gladly have more fun with this software, if you’re into it ;)

Anyway, that was the quick hentai news of today! Back to Jessica, Sexforge and LP! :D

Kinky curves!

Hi my dear hentai lovers!
It’s been some time I didn’t posted anything, but it’s been (and still is) a hell of a month, which caught me in some IRL storm overload of stuff, + exhausted, travelling, and so on!
It fully disorganized me, damn!

Yet, I was able to do a lot anyway!
Mostly Sexforge, with quite a lot of items, new quests, poses, features and all.
Satisfying progresses, even if there’s still big modules left for my personnal tastes!
But you got to enjoy the road, and what’s done, Mattis, so, yes : good progress!

Also, let’s reveal a little more about the next minigame : it will be some kinky Jessica Rabbit story, in modern porn era context.
Not a big ass massive game, I got enough of those to handle as is, until I can gather a team of people to help me (pose animators, writers, custom creators…), but a nice one anyway.
You know it will be very nice ;)


Yeaah, I lost the NSFW version, sorry, unintentionnal crappy pixels!

So! Without further tchit-tchat, let’s focus the man’s back, hands on the wheel, let’s make some exploding hentai!

Red hot summer ;)

Summer is at our door, my beautifuls!

On today’s news, we have :

KoPC latest patch : fixed the ‘manual ending’ crappy bug, and it’s now online! Reload your favorite game and enjoy it properly once again ;)

Sexforge : loooads of news lately, as said in previous posts, and it keeps going, with the first multiplayer interaction. (I’m ultra hot for it, but players still aren’t, until I can show you the wonders lying behind that, I guess!) Also, lots of new poses coming up! (but it’s a bigger harder game than any other, so it’s long to do!)

Next minigame : started a new one! About a certain lady in red married to a certain cartoon bunny… could you guess whom I’m talking about?

Lots of commissions or other work under discussions too, but I got nothing to show for it for now, so I prefer not mentionning it until it becomes truely fappable material for the fest!

That’s all folks, keep well, enjoy all kinds of bouncing parts!


New game out : Pixie Fucked!

Hi my dear hentai beautifuls!

While still progressing on LP, and making big progress on Sexforge too, not mentionning KoPC (yep, I know, still a few crappy bugs in, alas), I made a little private commission on the side.
And the commissionner was cool enough to allow me to share it with you, as well as MSG was nice enough to host it for us all!

As Wonder Woman’s, it’s a private commission, originally, meaning I followed precise specifications, so don’t expect a seamless globally balanced thing, it’s not what private commissions are about, it wasn’t wired and created as a big public stuff, but it’s still a nice little candy to enjoy ;)

THE LINK : Pixie Fucked


How to help those games easily : must read !


Don't squeeze it too much, my dear!


About other stuff :

Lust Planet : almost reaching a ‘working demo’ status! SSS worked ultra hard on his little jewel, it should be smashing!

Sexforge : looooads of new stuff is happening there (if you’re still not in the sexforge patreon loop, lol :p)
A few pictures will show it better than I could explain it, so, here it is!




Enjoy, have fun, eat vegetables, and see you soon for more hot kinky hentai!