We need YOU right now ! KoPC Offbeatr project started !

As suggested and talked about since a few weeks/months, I finally started a KoPC offbeatr campaign !

What is offbeatr ?
A kickstarter platform for adults, to finance great projects!

What is the goal ?
To make voice for KoPC, and try to obtain the crucial funds we need to continue this project, and make it reach the next level, and the next one after this!
If this work, you will be on for a freaking amazing fun time with “KoPC reloaded”!

What do I need to do, how does this works ?
What I need you to do, my dear, is to sign up to offbeatr platform, and follow the steps for this project!
First, we need to reach 130 votes, to approve this project!
Then, we will need pledges, to ensure the campaign works out!
If we don’t reach those goals, the campaign will go off, no money spent, but also no money received anywhere, and all efforts I’ve put in this campaign would have been in vain!
If it works : sky’s the limit!!
But there’s a twist : it’s all about timing, the campaign will not be on forever (in fact it’s a matter of a few weeks), so whatever you decide, act quickly and swiftly, my dear lads!

What changes about the current way KoPC updates and YTPP work ?
If anything, you should spent your money on pledges for offbeatr campaign.
Because it’s the first priority, now, and there’s a deadline on it.
If it doesn’t work out, we will still be able to redirect your pledges into donations for regular updates, and get back to how things were.
But it’s important we try to transform it into a big success, because it would be far more easier this way, with much more possibility and freedom to do all that we dream about KoPC!
On sides, I will keep working on new games anyway, and try to update a few stuff, depending on time and ressources I have, it’s not a blackout time where everything will be suspending.
But keep offbeatr campaign in mind, for now. It’s the current crucial goal!

So, mattis hentai army is recruiting, it’s time to get dirty and glorious, people!
All aboard the big fucking train to victory, and make us all proud of your support, more than ever!

Click on “view project” button to go to KoPC campaign offbeatr page, and make it happens!

From behind the bushes !

Hi everyone, hope you doing well ?

Given the lack of response on KoPC and some personnal issues, I got a little time on my hand.
So I work out behind the curtain to provide you the next episode of my new serie : Young Teen getting Porn Pregnant !!
A lot of you have been asking for it, and I tried to consider all feedbacks you gave on the first episode.
So, it should be awesome !

Here goes YTPP 2 : JENNY’S LIVE RAPE, a brand new hentai game !


Proudly sponsored by mysexgames.com, once again, so enjoy and make noise !

new minigames, options, buttons, story, everything !

new minigames, options, buttons, story, everything !


About next KoPC update :
Funding campaign still awaits for you ! Got a lot of interesting stuff in my bag I want to develop for you (especially lots of new dialogs and save for girls preferences !), but no one seems to be here, those days, alas !
Keep a little thought for this project, people !

Offbeatr :
A little note on side, also, to tell you I’m trying to start an offbeatr campaign for KoPC developement.
Ready yourself to vote and support it when it comes out, if you love what this project have brung and could bring in the future, it would be a unique opportunity to show it and gather the world around it !

Have fun with all that, and don’t forget the forum, comments, feedbacks, and everything !
Rock on !

Wipiti wopeti woo !

Hi everyone ! (yes, even you, hiding in the corner drinking on the house :p)

Just a quick heads-up to remind you : next funding campaign is on !
As usual, the quicker we reach the goal for donations, the quicker I can get to work on next KoPC update !
And as their additionnal rewards for good samaritans, have fun with it !

Next update donation funding : 70/300$

Expected on next update :
Aside from usual new sets & poses (we got a good run on that), I will focus on lots of new dialogs & dialogs options, as well as saving options for girls preferences !
I tried a few stuff on spare free time, and it’s promising, so, help us get real on all that !


Also, the new forum is feeling a little lonely.
So be sure to drop by and discuss stuff (old or new : feel free to take initiatives !)

Forum link : The Hentai Warehouse

That’s all for now, folks !
Have fun !

KoPC January update ! (and forum !)

Hi, my superb followers !
New KoPC update is here, with a whole bunch of fun stuff inside !!!
As usual, a detailled list you should read, to be sure you don’t miss anything !
(with names of users that feedbacked me the info or the suggestion. I got short memory and you are numerous, it helps me keep tracks, lol !)

Bugs fixed :
- bug on some “scene select” buildings.
- bug on reset button, with resilient options (thx ballisticwaffles)
- bug on caucasian freckles (thx neill)
- main character’s dialogs disappearance
- in x-some : clicking on girl while cumming clones main character (kaetzer)
- when exiting stage with moaning sound playing, keeps playing until next level (kaetzer) (not sure, but seems fixed)
- main character’s hair disappearance, on some combination of tails (hookahlord) (not sure, but seems fixed)
- happy mood : eyes disappearance during climax (ruykaze)
- standing pregnant girl’s hand color not following global skin color. (ruykaze)
- adult licking penis weird cut (lola)
- main character ear’s color problem (ruykaze)
- exiting a stage during bonus poses kind of crash the game.
- clicking on a bonus pose while already doing a bonus pose crash the stage.
- all game crashing when adding new scenarios. (we reach the limit with existing system, I had to change it !)

Various improvements :
- girls upper arm (+ all clothes) redone
- gameplay : new shop button to choose your gameplay
- timing gameplay : bigger zones, lesser speed
- brand new gameplay : scratching !
- starting location variety for main character !
- new girl outfit : wet shirt.
- new girl outfit : pizza.
- new girl custom option : furry head ! It’s a test, need feedbacks !!
- main character male outfits added to female version also !
- main character : swimming outfit (forced in some water-ish stages)
- new main character female head (damn it’s hard and long to do!)

Big cheese :
- main character : 7 new skin colors !
- main character : new alien skin/heads !
- main character : alien hairs : small and big antennas, etc…
- main character : demon hairs : additionnal sets of horns !
- tons of small intro texts errors (thx kaetzer !)
- 4 new sets : loghouse, beach, asian house, & metro station ! (janko & sweetsally suggestions, and based on maatyox sketches)
- 11 new scenarios to go with that ! 2 loghouse, 3 beach, 2 asian house, 2 metro, + 1 new for strip bar, and 1 for jet plane (last one submit by player).
- 12 brand new bonus poses !!! (thx asmodean & richard) :
* beer bottle (young & adult version)
* twin whipping finished
* strip pole/candelabra (young & adult version)
* prison bucket/swimming bin (cake pose customisation)
* lifering (young & adult version)
* tables/park bin (young & adult version)
* dog ! (thx maatyox for limbs sketche)

So, a big content-oriented update, to catch up with engine improvements, and keep the good stuff going !
I know there’s always other stuff that could come up, it’s the whole point of the game, people : to add and improve everything with time ! ;)

THE LINK (reload a few times, if needed, to get the newest version)


How to help the game easily : must read !

Note : latest version of the game is only available on mysexgames.com !
It’s the point of a sponsor’s exclusivity, and it’s just simplier that way !
So don’t ask for versions elsewhere or trust other sites to have the latest one, just go on mysexgames.com !
One game for everyone, one place for everyone, easy and quick.

New Forum :
Also, with funding you help me reach, I worked and opened a brand new forum !
See previous blog’s post for all details, and here to see that forum of ours :
The Hentai Warehouse


Ouuuuuh, pole bar stuff !

Ouuuuuh, pole bar stuff !

Welcome to the beach !

Welcome to the beach !

And THAT's what we can call a crowd show !

And THAT's what we can call a crowd show !

First bestiality ahead, captain !

First bestiality ahead, captain !

First furry test. Gosh !

First furry test. Gosh !


And as usual, we can start right away the funding for next update !
The sooner we reach the goal, the sooner I can get back to work on tons of good stuff and suggestions you made !

Next update donation funding : 65/300$

Please help, have fun, and all hail to the King !

Ouh yeah ! A forum !

Hi everyone !

Just to let you know next update of KoPC should be out ultra soon !
In fact it’s already finished and sent to MySexGames.com.
I just wait for the upload to give you details about it !

Anyway, another kind of big news : I have finally put up a forum for my games !
It’s very empty for now, but I count on you all to help me rise it as it should be !
The Hentai Warehouse

Of course the point is not to let me do everything alone, or to expect me to spend hours on it everyday with you all.
I would love too, but my energy and time should be focused on KoPC and creating other hentai games, I think we all agree on that ?
So that’s why it’s very important you don’t let this forum down “just because mattis’ not here a lot”, and come up with some sense of community and self-fun on it. (self-fun is kinda our thing, isn’t it, as hentai lovers ?)
So yes, I created this forum, but no, I can’t run it by myself.

I hope you will jump on the opportunity and have fun with this new platform ;)
We will all do our best anyway, and that’s good !

Hit the road, jack !

Mattis fiction : Keeping you informed since 1856 ;) (wait… what ?)

Ok, so :
- holidays were complicated.
- got terribly sick for 2 days. (eat FRESH, mattis, FRESH !)
- had a great flat opportunity, moving out in coming days (4th time in one year… hu hu), hoping to transfer internet their in less than 2 weeks.

This and that explains why I answer very chaotically, or not at all.
Please understand, and keep commenting, all is always read and noted! ;)

That said, I still progress on next update !
Got a bunch of stuff done, looking good so far, but I hope to achieve far more. (internet or not!)
I tried the sounds stuff again, by gathering all “bonetown” sound datas (those who know the game know there are plenty to dig in !), but it doesn’t work either, gaaaahhh !! It’s a curse !!!
Keep faith, we will find a solution, one day !

Ok, I go back to work, have fun !

Work in progress, guys, work in progress, keep cool and use your imagination ;)

Work in progress, guys, work in progress, keep cool and use your imagination ;)

New year ahead, captain !

Just a quick post to send my best wishes for 2014 to everyone of you, my dear hentai folks !!!
That’s all ;)

Aside, 2 things :
- Currently progressing on next update for KoPC, of course. Going as fast as I can, as usual!
- Maatyox want some partners on making a little bondage side project, for KoPC. Contact him at treeontree@hotmail.com !

One of the coming stages, work in progress!

One of the coming stages, work in progress!

Must go, relax, have fun, enjoy life, yeaaah !!

Webless but priceless !

Hi my dear hentai lovers !
I was absent for a few days, because internet was shut down at my place.
So, got some work to catch up !

First : a new game !
But before I was cut, I was able to finish a brand new hentai game, out of nowhere, yes ma’am !
And mysexgames.com receive and release it during my absence.
So, here’s the official mattis announce :

MEETING REBECCA, a brand new hentai game !


Proudly sponsored by mysexgames.com, so enjoy and make some noise !



About next KoPC update :
Funding has been reached, I will start to work on it as soon as possible !
I would have liked to do a december update, but it’s too late, with holidays coming.
Alas, days have only 24h, and it will not be enough !
So : as soon as possible, but no idea when, as usual !

Last blog’s post didn’t receive any comments (until, like, right now :p), but I hope you’ve read it anyway, there’s still questions in the air open to opinions and suggestions !

Ok, I got to go, have fun ! ;)

So !

Hi, my little frozen hentai folks !
I don’t know for you, but damn it is cold, those days, in my region !

Ok, so, what’s up ?

Next update :
On KoPC side, the next update funding campaign is already started, and already almost finished !
Kind people gave most of it very early, but now we are stuck a little before the finish line, give it a little push ;)

Content expected :
I never know what can be expected, but “bugs fixing” is for sure (thx for your feedbacks !), as well as a bunch of new sets (because I’m still way behind ressources maatyox provided me, so let’s keep digging into that !)
Will try to work some more on main character (dude or futa) as asked by people, and because that’s an important part that was left behind for too lon, as well as new gameplays.
Question would be : do you want more little gameplays (given you will be able to choose the one you prefer, starting next update), or do you want some “big” one completely different ? (RPG will not come soon, too complicated for now, but it’s planned)

Future thoughts :
Ideas were thrown :
- Starting an offbeatr.com campaign, for KoPC. It would be partially illegal, and crappy as hell (I can’t offer a clean and shiny project description with stable ideas for pledge rewards, main lines, etc…), but do you think it would be worth a try ? Would be pledge to it ?
- Transforming “single update funding” into “trimester update funding” or “semester update funding”, with higher objectives, but allowing people to plan and make continuous funding, instead of “on/off” funding like now. What do you think about that ?

Aside work :
As next update funding is not reached, I started working on another mini hentai game, aside from KoPC.
Not much, and progressing veeeeryyy slloooowwly, but it’s just to share the info with you ;)


Static infos reminder (because there’s always people who get a little lost or miss those) :

How to help the game easily : a list of ideas !

Next update donation funding : 252/300$

Keep on and have fun ! :)

How to help KoPC easily

Because lots of people are lost along the process but would really like to help, and because these list is always more or less the same everytime, I decided to do some static post for that.
(that I will edit from time to time when needed !)
(Edit: 20 nov 14)

So, how can you help my games easily ?


1) – Financial contribution for next updates/games !
Money is free time I can buy myself to work ultra hard on new hentai games or updates!
It’s also used to employ professionnal artists, writers, to make far better stuff!
And you can even have lots of rewards for it!


2) – Extensive feedback on current games !
Liking, disliking and bugs : all that, explained in constructive details, can help a lot to understand what’s going on in your silent heads of yours ! As I’m still not telepath, silent players can’t count !
(for bugs, screenshots can be awesome, too)


3) – Moral support !
Developping all those games (KoPC, YTPP, Sexforge, etc…) and everything else, especially when you’re as bad as I am, takes lots of time, energy, motivation, sweat and blood!
Cheering the lonely programmer up is the best way to keep him going, never hesitate to do it!
(it’s not even for me : it’s just without the fragile human I am, there’s no game production, that’s mathematical :p)


4) – Spread the word, get people’s attention !
Spending all my free time struggling with codelines, graphics, blog/patreon updates : I can’t be everywhere.
Never hesitate to spend a little time on hentai forums or any hentai sites to talk about my games, most of people just never heard of them! (most of YOU heard of them very recently, when I’ve been doing this for years!!)


5) – Use contribution tutorials ! (KoPC)
You can create/complete scenarios and clothes if you like, for KoPC : use existing tutorials !
(click on buttons provided in the game or above to access tutorials)
For scenarios, specifically : try to update existing secondary campaigns !
As number of sets and possibilities grow, those campaigns suggested by players get old, and I can only work on main one (already tons of work). So I count on you for those sidelines of fun !


6) – Be imaginative and take initiatives !
Provide raw or refined sketches for new sets in KoPC or anything else.
Come up with small and easy ideas to add animations to set, or any improvement ideas on anything.
This kind of stuff can help a lot improving the game quicker, and are not that complicated to do, when the ideas are flowing and get sorted out.
Mail me the result so we can discuss it, it’s all up to you ;)
(and after that, all up to what I can program and when I can do it, but that’s another problem, lol)


7) – Bestiality, furries, bdsm, milf, asian, happy sex, and tentacles lovers : up to you ! (KoPC)
There’s lot of fetishes that do NOT inspire me, alas.
It means it’s very very hard for me to work on those, and come up with something about it.
But that don’t mean it shouldn’t be in the game!!
So, give a help with those, if you like them!!
Provide good scenarios, raw material like sketches, limbs or sets (best in .fla AS2/CS5.5).
The less I have to work to include stuff, most likely I will be able to include your stuff, after that would be quicker and funnier, for an aspect/fetish I wouldn’t do on my own!


For all material contributions, my e-mail : mattis.chastan@gmail.com
For all discussions, try to keep things to comments : this way other people can read it and jump into it, and we could more easily motivate and gather good wills !
Stay positive, stay constructive, I know my games are not the best, faaar from it, spending time talking about it doesn’t help anyone! Focus on what you like and what can be done for it!


If you have other ideas to add to this special list, feel free to say so in comments, I will edit it!